My first story here, so be patient. If you like it I will try again, and I will try and cross categories but keep the same characters. All players when they arrive will be of legal age. I hope you like it. Constructive feedback and comments would be most welcome. Thank-you.


Chapter 1, A Monday Morning

I want to tell you about something that happened a few weeks ago to me which was amazing. I think back to that day now and I still have trouble believing it happened to me. At the time it almost felt like a dream. But I know that it did, I know that I did not dream or imagine it, yet it was so 'not me' as the youngsters say. My name is Alison and I work for a small accountancy company in London. I am 39 years old and have been married to my husband, Ian, for 10 years now. I'm 5-8, with what everybody tells me is luscious red hair, and in pretty good shape, the guys at the office sometimes look like they're interested but I have that little ring on my left hand which I remind them of. Just normal office banter that's all, Ian and I are close. She wasn't obsessed with fitness but Ian often complemented her on her looks which was good. My work is interesting enough, I am on the consultancy side of the business and get to visit other clients. There is a fair amount of variety in what I do.

But this wasn't one of those interesting days, it was utterly routine. It was a Monday and it began just like any other Monday. Waking early with the birds as the window was open at long last spring felt like it was on its way. She was a little late getting ready for work and rushed, leaving the house for the bus at the last minute kissing Ian goodbye. The firm allowed casual dress and she had her usual smart jeans, heels, and a red tee-shirt/jacket combo on. Nothing unusual she thought to herself as she ran for the stop shouting "Bye, see you tonight." Catching her breath for a couple of minutes at the stop she thought back over the weekend. Ian had driven up from his work in London and they had spent a lovely two days together. The sun had shone and she had felt relaxed. Flagging the bus driver down when it appeared around the corner she saw the bus was half full, 'yeah typical Monday morning crowd' she thought as she sat down upstairs near the front. Glancing in the window she smiled at her reflection. 'Not bad for 39,' she thought to herself. The bus moved off and she fumbled in her bag for her book. A normal Monday morning with normal rush-hour traffic. A 25 minute journey she thought to herself glancing at her watch.

8:15am. Happily ensconced in her read she felt the bus pick up speed then slow again as new passengers got on. Returning to her book she heard footsteps behind her as someone sat down in the seat next to her.

"Hello," she nodded to the stranger. Turning her head she saw a young dark haired woman sitting there next to her. "Nice to meet you," the stranger said back and held out her hand. "Nice to meet you too," Alison replied and shook her hand.

Their hands touched. Afterwards Alison struggled to remember what it felt like. Not instantly unusual she thought, no sudden jolts. But the skin felt ... warm. Yes, warm. Anyway, she returned to her book and the bus continued on its way. And that was when her hand started to feel strange. It wasn't unpleasant, it just .. tingled slightly that was all. That was the best word for it she could think of at the time. After a moment she put her book down and flexed her fingers looking at them waiting for it to pass. But it didn't, it began to spread, and as the bus moved on to her destination the feeling moved across her wrist up her right arm. Now a little alarmed, she held her arm and massaged it through her jacket. The tingling had reached her elbows now and it felt wrong. Not unpleasant, but definitely unusual and wrong. The short walk to the office hopefully would shake it. But was she imagining it? The feeling if anything was accelerating now her whole arm was alive with the sensation and if she was honest it wasn't an unpleasant feeling. She stroked her shoulder as the tingling reached there. Tiny electric shocks coursed through her skin as her fingers rubbed her skin through the tee-shirt.

8:20am. "Is everything OK my dear?" her neighbor asked.

"I think so," Alison replied looking over at her. Her neck felt like there were small electric shocks teasing the skin.

"Don't worry dear, it won't take long," the stranger said, standing and slinging her bag around her shoulder as she began to move to the exit.

"Excuse me," Alison said startled by the words, "What did you say?"

"Don't worry, just sit. relax, and .... enjoy."

Startled by her reaction she did not respond for a few seconds. "Pardon me, what did you say?" she said quietly to the woman's back as she strode down the bus getting off. She should go after her, what if this is - I don't know. What if it's infectious? But she didn't think she could stand right now. It was too .. intense. She watched as the bus pulled away feeling the shocks reach her head. "Ohhh," she said quietly sitting back resting her head on the window. She waited for the feeling of nausea to hit her but it didn't, instead she just felt light headed like the bus and its passengers were growing more distant. Through the glass she saw the stranger stand and watch her, a smile on her face.

8:25am. The feeling was all over her upper body now. She felt giddy and a little light headed as the shocks echoed around inside her head. It had reached her breasts now and ... oh boy ... that certainly didn't feel bad. "Ahhh ," she whispered quietly to herself watching the shops pass by through the window. Those delicate electric shocks were doing stunning things to her nipples. They were hard and pressing against her bra visible through her tee. "My god," she said to herself closing her eyes and leaning her head back against the seat. It took all her willpower not to just reach up and stroke her breasts through her tee-shirt. She turned to her side away from anyone looking, her face against the glass as the shocks massaged her breasts. She could feel the sensations, tiny delicate sharp feeling all over her breasts now. She arched her shoulders together pressing her breasts together enjoying the feeling. "Oh god please," she said quietly to herself unsure what she meant, whether she wanted it to stop now.

Whilst her breasts were being seduced, the shocks inside her head started to take shape. It felt like there was something ... coming into focus inside her head. Inside her mind. Quietly, imperceptibly it grew and burrowed into her consciousness. Never painful but as the seconds passed she felt that presence inside her. Afterward she asked if she could have resisted but it was all too quick, and afterall there was the glorious feeling as her breasts were massaged and shocked and stroked. Slowly then, it took shape in her mind.

The shocks moved downwards to her navel and Alison just could not resist just reaching up and sliding a hand under her tee-shirt feeling her stomach, feeling the skin as the sensations began their work there. She held her breath.

8:30am. "This is ridiculous," she muttered to herself, "I feel like some kind of horny teenager, get yourself under control." She turned and sat straight looking forward and straightened her jacket. The bus will soon be at the stop she thought to herself.

"I can get some air and clear my head," she said out loud, trying to concentrate. But the feelings did not stop. The sense of something growing within her did not slow and now it felt like what she was feeling in her arms, neck, and breasts was this thing playing with her, teasing her.

"Has to be my imagination," she said to herself again and shook her head. "Please let's just get to the stop so I can get off."

But the shocks moved irresistibly onwards, downwards, and she felt the first beginnings now between her legs. She concentrated on ignoring it knowing this was a losing battle.

8:35am. If she was honest with herself she'd been waiting for the last few minutes wondering if this would fade before it reached between her legs. But it wasn't going to she now knew. She grunted as the first shocks ran across her cunt. "Don't make a scene," she said to herself clamping her legs together. It made no difference, in fact if anything the feeling of her thighs pressed together just heightened the shocks hitting her. They were hitting her now: sudden incredibly pleasurable shocks running over her labia teasing her, loving her. Inside her jeans, it felt like electric fingers, dozens of them finding all her weak spots. She closed her eyes and smiled loving it.

And inside her head she felt the thing move. she felt it burrow deeper, and she knew this was impossible but she sensed it smiled too.

A few seconds later she felt the first shock touch her clit. It was gentle at first just like the strangers touch which triggered this. She could not help but just smile her mind focused between her legs, waiting for the onslaught. The second came, and then the third more intense it almost felt like she was been stroked from the inside. "Ahhh," she said, not caring now if she was overheard. She turned again to the window and fought the urge to slide her fingers inside her jeans. The fourth and fifth shocks played with her clit and her resistance folded. It was that quick, at one moment she'd been enjoying but analyzing it, but the next she just relaxed and let it happen. She slipped the jacket off her shoulders savoring the feeling as the fabric grazed her breasts but her attention was elsewhere now. She turned to the side again covering her lap with it and used it to mask her hands underneath from casual observers. She quickly unzipped her jeans and slid her fingers inside as the shocks played over her clit again. They moved side to side and back further down playing with her ass now, running, sliding their feelings over her anus, her pussy, her clit. Alison's fingers moved deep inside finding her clit. Clenching her legs together she stroked, her other hand beyond caring now found her breast and squeezed it, the nipple hard under her tee-shirt grazing her bra.

Her legs, her thighs began to tremble, the beginnings of her orgasm. Her fingers moved rhythmically on her clit, it felt soaked now, coating her fingers deliciously as the currents cascaded through her sex. Alison had a good sex life at home, but this? This was incomprehensibly more intense, those feeling running through her now just could not be refused. Leaning back she stretched her legs out looking at her heels knowing that if any of those guys from the office were here now she'd jump them for sure. Any of them. All of them. She bit her lip in concentration ignoring the pain and she came. When it happened it was quick, intense and savage inside her head. Her vision blurred and she gasped. "Ohhh my god yes," she said as quietly as she could. Some of the other passengers looked over shaking their heads smiling to themselves. But Alison did not care, that had felt just so good. She zipped her jeans and stretched out relaxing after the mind blowing orgasm feeling her legs succumbing to the rippling shocks too. Her whole body felt like it was encased in a pleasurable skin now playing with her. She closed her eyes again and drifted off, dozing for a moment. At peace. In mind she thought back to the strangers words: "Sit, relax, and enjoy." Well that had certainly happened. It had felt like she was being invaded but ... wow, what an invasion.

And inside her mind, it nestled, content that it was whole and it was in control. It was deep now, deep inside her, deep enough to hide when it had to. It knew it could have her and control her when it wanted.

8:40am. Alison shook herself awake knowing the bus was approaching the stop. Had she dreamt all that? It had felt amazing either way. She made her way to the bus exit and stepped off as it came to a halt. The feelings had subsided now but there was still a pleasant warmth inside her body, a gentle throbbing which was not unpleasant. she could manage the day if it stayed like that. Her work was a few minutes walk to the left. She turned to start her walk and then stopped hesitating. Turning she retreated heading the other way reaching into her bag for her mobile. Punching the office speed-dial number she spoke to Jo on reception.

"Hi Jo, it's Alison, sorry I cant make it into work today. Just don't feel good. Must have ate something that didn't agree with me over the weekend."

She stopped wondering why she'd done that, very unlike her to call in on a Monday. Then turning her head across the road she saw the Marriot Hotel. She stared at it and looked down and watched her legs begin to move, crossing the road. Suddenly, somehow, she knew she had an appointment in that hotel. Room 237, 8:45am. Somehow...

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