tagFetishTinkle Bell Ch. 04

Tinkle Bell Ch. 04

byMany Feathers©

Needless to say, the evening had proven out to be incredible. And though tempted, Bella and I both agreed that it was probably way too soon to have mom or dad finding us sleeping in the same bed together. As liberal as I was beginning to think them to be, and especially with all the sexual innuendos taking place between the two of us, I just wasn't ready yet to suddenly throw this in their faces. Especially since Bella had only been with us for a few days now.

Reluctantly, I went to my room, and she went to hers. Though to be perfectly honest, I needed the sleep. Having her in bed next to me didn't guarantee that, not by a long shot. But, I was already looking forward to the following day as my head hit the pillow. I knew a really nice secluded section of beach where a good friend of mine lived. His parents owned a summer home there, and it had always been an open invitation to drop by whenever I had felt like it. Only the owners of properties along there utilized that particular section of beach, so it was rarely if ever busy, even on the weekends. And though it certainly wasn't a nude beach by any means, not like those in France anyway...it was private enough that many people at least went topless, provided there weren't any kids playing around the area. Unfortunately, it was the best I could do. Bella however had promised to "be nice" unless we were fairly secluded. Her comment promising all kinds of things, so I was in hopes...especially after last night, that we'd find ourselves with a stretch of beach all to our selves.

I rolled out of bed heading towards the bathroom, took a pee, combed my hair, brushed my teeth and shaved. By the time I returned to my room, Bella was sitting on the bed Indian style, naked of course, waiting for me. But there was something else waiting for me as well. She had spread out what appeared to be several 9X6 photos.

"What are those?" I asked curiously walking over.

"A present...for us, something to remember last night with," she grinned wickedly.

"What?" I picked one up looking at it, stunned at what I saw. "Who? How?" The when was obvious. They were photos of us making love there in the middle of the maze.

"They're from Doreen and Andy. Apparently, they were out in the Orange grove fooling around themselves when they saw us come out. Just so happens...Andy's a bit of an amateur photographer, enjoys taking photos of the two of them. Though it was at Doreen's suggestion he get a few of us, especially as it was obviously a very special night for us. Didn't think you and I would get too upset with them watching us, or taking these. Oh...and just so you know, she handed me the camera they took them with. Said you could personally delete the images yourself, just so you know these are the only prints that were made."

"Actually, they're pretty damn good," I said smiling looking at them again. Andy had done a pretty good job, using what light there was to capture what looked to me like some rather startling images, very erotic...sensual with intermingling shadows and shapes. Had we not known it was the two of us, it would have been hard pressed to specifically identify that it was actually Bella and I standing there. "I'll down load these, and then give him his camera back," I told her. "And remind me to thank the two of them later for this."

"I already did," Bella grinned licking her lips. "Which is why I'm sort of late waking you up," she teased. "I just left Doreen sprawled out on my bed. Needless to say, she's still trying to recuperate a little," she snickered further. I stood there staring at her.

"You mean to tell me you...you and Doreen?"

"She really does have a lovely pussy. Though she was a bit reluctant at first, not too terribly sure how Andy might react to our little dalliance. I told her...that unless she said otherwise, we'd keep all this to ourselves. So, not sure you'll ever get to sample that yourself, but take it from me, if and when you ever do...it will be well worth it."

As interesting and as tempting as that was, I was more inclined to keep things a bit more simple rather than complicated. Messing around with Doreen, especially if she and Andy had a serious relationship growing between them wasn't something I wanted to jump into the middle of. Maybe a little girl-girl play wouldn't jeopardize that, but I wasn't too sure that my getting involved wouldn't. Though I freely admitted to her, I wouldn't have minded watching that.

"Maybe another time then," Bella told me. "We did discuss the fact that Andy would probably get off on watching the two of us too!" She grinned. "So who knows? Perhaps when we're all sitting around horny together, it might happen."

I seriously doubted that. But then just as quickly changed my mind. Having Bella here had already brought about things I would have never dreamed possible. She just seemed to exude sensuality and eroticism. The fact she was sitting here now, once again naked as though it was the most normal, natural thing in the world to be doing all the time was testament to that. I didn't even think about it until later, that mom or dad could have walked in on us at any moment. Though I also wondered what either one of them would have said had they seen Doreen laying in Bella's bed either.

That concern was quickly set aside however as Doreen suddenly appeared in the doorway, anxious to make my bed perhaps. Though she blushed upon entering, especially with Bella sitting there the way she was, photos still obscenely spread out in front of her.

"Oh, sorry...I'll come back," she said preparing to leave. The fact was...it hadn't even dawned on me, that I too was naked, and slightly aroused having stood there looking at Bella along with the photographs.

"No, that's fine...come in Doreen," I told her, only then realizing my situation as Bella's eyes widened looking at me, or rather more specifically at my half-mast cock.

"You might want to close the door though," Bella offered as she did. "I was just telling David about our little adventure together," she then added causing the poor girl to blush even more furiously. She lay back, making me wonder in an instant what she was up to. "As a matter of fact...he was just asking me if I thought it was possible for the two of us to do a little repeat performance for him while he watched. What do you think?" She asked, now fondling her own breasts.

I glanced at the clock on my nightstand. It was just then after ten in the morning. I knew dad would already be off for yet another round of golf, this time with his buddies, and mom would have headed off to her weekly coffee gossip session with her friends until around noon. So that left the three of us pretty secure and alone together. Irene wouldn't come in until later to begin preparing whatever was on the menu for dinner that evening, but she never came into this section of the house anyway. And as for Andy...well, he'd no doubt be out on the grounds taking care of things there for a while. And the fact was...I was horny, though lately it seemed like I was constantly so now. But I still didn't want to do anything that would cause any major problems either.

"I would enjoy watching..." I assured her. "And I promise to do nothing more than that," I added seeing her continued reluctance, right up until I said that when her resolve seemed to weaken a little.

"Nothing? Won't you at least pleasure yourself some while watching us?" Bella asked. "I'm sure that Doreen wouldn't find that objectionable, now would you Doreen?" She then asked turning towards her, half rolling on the bed now, extending her hand. "Come...come play with me, let me play with you again and show David what it was I was telling him we did earlier," she said all but cementing the deal. Obviously...still looking a bit disheveled, Doreen obviously had enjoyed herself. When she smiled, I knew then she'd agreed. Bella sat up and then stood, beginning to undress our maid as I hurriedly gathered up all the photos, setting them inside the nightstand next to my bed. They would indeed be a nice keepsake from the evening before.

"And this will stay between us for now yes?" Doreen asked "At least until I feel the time is right to mention it to Andy?" She questioned. It seemed to be the last obstacle to her hesitation.

"Just between us," Bella assured her. "Though anytime you think Andy would love watching us, just let me know," she then added. By now, between the two of them, Doreen stood naked, allowing me a much better look at her nude body than I'd had before. Her breasts were indeed smaller by far than Bella's were, though her nipples too were dark in color, no doubt from her Latin heritage. I was also a little surprised to see the dark hair neatly trimmed between her legs, expecting otherwise perhaps. But Bella seemed to enjoy it as she playfully ran her fingers through it as though combing it, though it was far from being unruly. "Lay down sweetie...so I can fuck you," she said hotly. Just hearing Bella say that sent a jolt of arousal into my cock as it lurched slightly, throbbing. I stood patiently, excitedly, watching as the two of them positioned themselves together there on my bed. Just like in the fantasy she'd shared with me, unknowingly at the time as Doreen had stood there watching the two of us, it now began actually unfolding.

"Oh yes, you're still so wet!" Bella moaned grinding her equally wet cunt against Doreen's, legs over lapping, scissoring one another, pussy to pussy as they held hands, humping, pressing and grinding against one another so uninhibitedly. "Come David. Come closer...watch us, listen to us, listen to the sounds of our wet, juicy cunts making love to one another," she stated.

I moved closer, transfixed...watching, my hand already wrapping itself around my cock, fisting and stroking it. Below me, they continued, humping one another, slick wet cunts pressing, kissing. Doreen's eyes now locked on me as I stood there above the two of them.

"Stand on the bed, over us," Bella suggested. I complied, straddling the two of them, looking down. Grinning as Doreen's eyes continued to stare at me, locking onto my hard swollen cock as I stood there above her, jerking myself off.

"Oh god..." she moaned involuntarily, wetting her lips now fingering her extremely hard nipples as she unabashedly began playing with them.

"Would you like him to come on us when we do?" Bella asked. "Would you like to see...to feel David's hot sticky spunk squirting all over us as we fuck one another?" she asked hotly.

"Yes, oh god yes!" Doreen exclaimed excitedly, now grinding herself even more intensely against Bella's cunt, her rapture rapidly approaching now by the twisted look in her face as she struggled to hang on. "Hurry David! Hurry! Come with me...with us," she amended, though knowing Bella, she could almost come at will, no doubt timing herself, waiting on me as I surged ahead, feeling the pleasured release just around the corner now.

"Arrrgh!" I simply grunted, not even speaking intelligently, simply growling out my ecstasy, pumping...jacking...and then freezing still for a moment, basking in the tingled explosion deep within my balls, knowing my own anticipation, the sensation of semen even then traveling up the length of my shaft. I pumped once more, twice, aimed...and simply let go.

"Oh fuck!" Both Bella and Doreen said almost in unison. In seconds, I stood above them, torrents of my white nectar spraying wildly, squirting and splashing against the two of them, though my preferred target soon became the mesh of their twin juicy cunts still pressed together. The moment I did that, they each came...crying out loudly, though Bella of course now began adding a bit of her own frothy cream to the mix, saturating Doreen's cunt, wetting it even more so than I had, though all three mixtures now became a blend of rich frothy sauce the likes of which I had never seen before.

I continued to stand there squeezing my dick, oozing droplets of spunk hanging, and then dropping in spider-web like tendrils, one of which Doreen even opened her mouth to receive as it drooled, and then dripped into her waiting mouth. She too licked her lips, savoring the spicy flavor, even then running her fingers around and over her breasts, gathering up what traces had found their way there.

"Wow," she said moments later, once again looking thoroughly spent, exhausted...complete.

Bella giggled looking at herself, and then the two of us, though I was in far better shape than either one of them were...though my sheets would certainly need changing again after all this.

"Time for a shower," she stated, and then uncoupled herself, reaching for Doreen's hand pulling her up with her as she stood. "Come on...let's get cleaned up," she instructed pulling Doreen with her into my bathroom as I happily followed.


Entering the bathroom I stepped around the girls heading into my large oversized stand up shower. I rarely if ever took a bath, having preferred a larger shower when we'd first done some remodeling after moving in. Adjusting the spray and temperature, I turned. Bella was right behind nearly stepping in herself. Doreen however once again hesitated, and then seemed to make her mind up about something.

"I'll be right there...I need to pee first," she stated, and then lowered the seat on my toilet preparing to sit down.

"No! Wait! Not yet!" Bella exclaimed, causing Doreen to actually jump a little at the forceful command. "Hold it for a minute more," she then said a bit more softly, extending her hand once again towards Doreen as she looked towards her with a puzzled expression on her face. She allowed herself to be pulled in with us however wordlessly. I however knew, or at least had an idea what she was up to, simply shaking my head. I could almost see it already, and briefly wondered how Doreen would react to it when Bella sprung it on her...like I said, she certainly knew how to make things interesting.

Bella now began washing the woman, taking care to soap up her still very perky breasts and nipples, that I swore hadn't softened a single bit. Each one still as firm and as hard as I'd seen earlier as I splashed my seed over and upon them. She likewise soaped up the woman's furrow, taking an inordinate amount of time doing that, and yet doing so without the obvious inclination of arousing her, or trying to stimulate her. She really was just washing her, though being slow about it as she did.

"I'm...I'm sorry. But I really do need to go. I always usually do after having an orgasm like that."

"I know...me too," Bella grinned, though she made no effort to set the woman free, now pressing herself even more fully against her. "Now...close your eyes for me," Bella said. At first curious, hesitant, and obviously in dire need now as she actually seemed to be crossing her legs just a little, she however did as Bella had told her to do.

"Now what?" She asked, a tremor being heard in her tone of voice as she struggled with the obvious, and rapidly escalating need here.

"You'll know," Bella said simply.

I gingerly made my way over standing off to one side, and yet between them...waiting. Bella and I locked eyes once again looking at one another, and then she winked, smiled...and began urinating.

Doreen's eyes popped open at the unexpected sensation. Looking down, she for a moment appeared shocked, almost disgusted by what she both saw and felt. She stepped back, but the shower stall glass kept her from retreating too far, especially with Bella stepping with her, keeping them close, keeping the warm stream firmly splashing against her, specifically her still somewhat swollen pussy lips.

"Don't be shocked...embrace it, feel it...enjoy it," she said looking into the woman's eyes, and then lowering her own, taking Doreen's with her as she did so. "Look at it...look at me, feel it!" She said again, almost demandingly. I heard Doreen actually moan a little then doing so, the urge perhaps part of it...but her squeamishness obviously dissipating.

"Now you may go," Bella added as her cunt came to a mere trickle, the water in the shower already having turned clear again as the drain consumed what initially began as an amber pool beneath our feet.

"Here? I...I can't."

"Yes here...and yes you can. Pee on me...go ahead Doreen, aim your pussy at mine, press it against it in fact...and just pee."

Bella now grabbed the slightly older woman's ass in her hands, drawing her even closer, pressing herself against her.

"Do it!" She said again firmly. "Let it go!"

Doreen moaned, her eyes popping open again, looking down, yet not quite able to see as they stood so firmly, so closely together. But I could see, and could certainly see the expression on each of their faces as they both felt it. "Unbelievable!" Doreen finally managed, now obviously enjoying it, shocked at herself perhaps that she was. But she stood, now basking in it...her hands likewise coming around, now firmly ensconcing Bella's tight ass as she pressed even harder against her. The floor of the shower once again a pale yellow as her hot stream of piss flowed, no doubt firmly and hard against Bella's cunt as she received it, even laughing...grinding herself against the other woman as she continued doing so.

Funny how that works. Something about running water, even though we did have the shower going. Normally I would have been 'pee-shy', especially in the past, even more so in front of a woman, let alone two. But not now. I silently laughed to myself, imaging the date, July 18th, 2011 A.B. After Bella. I walked up, closing the distance between all three of us, cock in hand, and then as though turning on a fire hose, proceeded to hose down the two of them.

It wasn't very often that I surprised Bella, though this time I had. She simply smiled however, nodding her head, and then as one, the two of them turned towards me, my continued stream switching back and forth between them as I sprayed off their breasts, their cunts, back and forth until the stream finally and quite naturally began petering out.

"There now...that wasn't so bad now was it?"

Doreen blushed, shook her head no. And grinned. "Though I'm not so sure Andy would probably enjoy that," she added.

"Who's to say? Perhaps you could mention it, say you saw something like that once, ask him what he thinks. Or...better yet, just do what I did to David the first time he felt it," and then she told her of our hot, naughty little pool-side piss-party we'd enjoyed with one another.

She laughed at that, imagining that perhaps, and even more so when we then told her what had happened out there on the stone bench in the middle of the maze. Obviously, they had missed that part under the cover of darkness and all, and it certainly hadn't shown up in any of the photographs.

"Which reminds me...I probably should go out and spray that bench down here soon. Not that you'd probably know, but I do know...mom and dad have been known on occasion to go out there and sit together some times. Not so sure that's something that either one of them would ever get into, let alone discover they were sitting in it, dried or not."

We all got a chuckle out of that, though we soon finished our shower together, dried one another off, which was almost as fun and enjoyable as the rest of it.

"Don't forget what I told you," Bella said before Doreen finally left. "Any time Andy feels like he'd enjoy seeing us together, or perhaps even be comfortable enough to have David there watching us with him, let me know."

"I will...but it might take some time, feel him out a bit before just springing this on him."

"Honey? If Andy's even half the man I think he is...I'm pretty sure he'd jump at the opportunity to see that."

Now it was Doreen's turn to laugh, and blush again as she further considered it. "I will...but like I said, I'll let you know. Now...I need to get going here. I have another bed that needs changing again, and...laundry to do," she further added. "Lots and lots of laundry to do," we heard her giggling all the way down the stairs again.

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