tagSci-Fi & FantasyTiptoeing - A Genetic Mutation Ch. 08

Tiptoeing - A Genetic Mutation Ch. 08


wondered how she slept in such an uncomfortable position he didn't try to wake her. Instead he quietly got out of bed, went into the bathroom and closed the door. He turned on the shower and after going to the bathroom, he stepped into the shower. It felt good to simply let the hot water flow over him and spend a few minutes not worrying about what was going to happen to him.

He was about to reach for the soap when he heard a noise and saw that Juliet had stepped into the bathroom. Through the obscure glass of the shower door he saw that she was naked and he felt an immediate tingling in his toe. He watched as she reached for the shower door and then seemed to pause for a moment.

Finally the door clicked open and she asked, "Mind if I join you."

Moving off to one side of the shower he replied, "Come on in, the water's fine."

Juliet stepped into the shower and Harry grabbed her, pulling her body against his and then bent his head down to kiss her. As his toe slowly came erect he found a real disadvantage to his "abnormality," unless he learned to balance himself a lot more, any real sex in the shower seemed virtually impossible.

He noticed Juliet glancing down at his toe and it appeared she just considered it too. Suddenly she smiled and leaning her back against the wall of the shower, she squatted down, spreading her legs wide. Reaching up, she pushed Harry at the waist until he leaned against the opposite wall. Juliet grabbed his foot and pulled it toward her.

By holding his foot up, much like the old style kickers in football, he could get his toe to the perfect angle to slide up between her pussy lips. Carefully moving his foot up, he burrowed in between her lips until his toe found her clit. He began moving his foot and toe as delicately as he could to gently massage her tiny nub.

Juliet looked up, the water dripping from her face, and said, "Oh yes, that's it."

Harry continued the slow and gentle movement, carefully caressing her clit as she soon began to move her hips, grinding herself against him. Suddenly she let her feet slip forward as she sat down on the floor of the shower. She grabbed his foot and pulled it against her as she pressed her self against him. Moaning loudly Juliet wrapped her arms around his calf and came, kissing him all over his leg and knee.

In a few moments, she released his leg, leaned her back against the wall of the shower and grabbed his foot with her left hand. As she pulled his foot to her, her right hand took firm hold of his erect toe and guided it into her wet opening. Harry felt the wet warmth of her close in over him as she pushed his toe into her soft cunt.

Pushing his hands against the shower walls, he balanced himself and began moving his foot back and forth feeling the incredible sensation as he slid in and out of her pussy. He looked down and saw Juliet gazing up at him her face contorting with the pleasure. Moving faster he could hear her moaning again and tried to keep from coming until she came again but the sensations rolling up and down his toe was too intense.

Harry pushed his foot hard against her, shoving his toe deep into her pussy as he came, spurting his cum again and again deep inside her. He felt her wrap her arms around his leg once again and then he felt her pussy pulsating over his toe. As the waves of pleasure slowly subsided, he left his foot pressed tight to her, trying to keep his toe inside her as long as possible. After a few minutes it finally slipped from her.

Reaching down, he helped her up, as they locked in a kiss. Then they both soaped up their hands and scrubbed each other's bodies until they both tingled. Finally rinsing off, they helped each other get dry and then stepped out of the bathroom.

"Something's happened," Juliet said, moving quickly to her clothes.

"How do you know?"

"The red and blue light above the door, get your clothes and get dressed, we need to get out of here FAST!"

They both quickly dressed and then moved to the door. Juliet cracked the door open and peeked out into the corridor. She then opened the door and ran toward the door into the lab, peeking through the small view window in the door.

"Damn, they've gotten into the lab," she said, grabbing Harry's hand and running past the door and down the hall. Suddenly Harry heard as strange whack, whack, whack sound and then a scream. Juliet pulled him through a doorway into another long hall.

"Who is they?" Harry called out as he ran behind her.

"Who are they? They are everyone else."

"What do you mean?"

She rushed up to a door, pressed in a code and then opened it. Pulling him inside she quickly closed it behind her. Looking around she said, "Damn, we're the only ones."

"What is going on?"

"Okay Harry, listen and listen good. This is a safe room, all of the staff knows about it and has the code. We should be safe for now."

"But what is happening out there?"

"Remember the doctor telling you about your mutation, how he believed it was either because of a virus or bacteria?"

"Yeah, he said he had to do more tests."

"He lied to you. Your mutation was caused by a disease, something you either picked up somewhere, something you ate or drank, hell it might even have been a genetic thing that simply was dormant until exposed to something. Anyway, you got it and in a short period of time, well, your big toe effectively became your cock."

"Okay, so why are we under attack here?" Harry asked.

"I don't think it is just here, I have a feeling it is all over."

"What, these people want to hurt us, why? Because of an 'abnormality,' because now I fuck with my toe."

"No, no, it's the disease."

"How can it harm anyone else?" Harry asked.

"It's not that it can harm others, actually quite the opposite. Look, something has been developing over the last decade or so. You remember the AIDS breakouts of the late nineteen hundreds and early two thousands?"

"Yes, but I thought we had gotten a handle on that."

"We did here, but remember how we abandoned the third world and regions of Africa, kind of simply ignored them?"


"Well in some of those regions AIDS went airborne."


"Yes, the disease used to be transmitted by sexual contact and contact with blood and/or body fluids, but something happened and now it can be transferred by the air. By the air you breathe," she explained.

"Okay, but that is there..."

"Just this last year we began seeing cases here."

"Are you saying I have AIDS?"

"No, actually just the opposite. Because of your disease you are immune to it, we've found that those of you with the disease that caused your mutation are completely immune to AIDS."

"So what is all that out there about?"

"You are immune, those out there aren't. Ever since we discovered the peculiarities with your disease, we've been working towards a cure, or a vaccine or even some treatment. We knew all it would take was time, apparently we are out of time."

"So what do we do now?"

"We wait until we know it's all clear."

"And how will we know that?"

"See the red light over the door?"

Harry nodded.

"Well when it shines green we will know it's all clear."

"And until them?"

"We wait," she replied. Then reaching out and grabbing Harry's foot she began pulling off his right shoe saying, "Or we can find something else to do."

Harry felt that familiar tingling in his toe again.

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