tagErotic CouplingsTire Trouble Ch. 01

Tire Trouble Ch. 01


It's a cool and rainy fall afternoon. I am driving my Camaro down a side street, to avoid the bottleneck of traffic on the Freeway. It's a winding road through a wooded area, so it is less traveled, but for my commute it is perfect. As I come off a bridge crossing, I hear that familiar BANG and my car becomes VERY difficult to control. I manage to pull over to the side of the road.

"Dammit!" I scream. The right rear tire is riding down on the rim. It's not the perfect ending to a shitty day. I get out of the car to assess the situation. I have to get the tire changed. This road has no street lights, it will be dark in about 2 hours and not many people will come down the road. Of course it has to be slightly on the chilly side, but I can't keep my sweater on over my tank top, because it will shrink and get ruined. So I slip it over my head, throw my hair up in a hasty pony tail, kick off my heels, and open the trunk. I quick set out two road flares I have behind me, so people won't hit me coming around that bend.

I lay the blanket on the ground, as that is all that will shield me from the cold damp ground. I get the jack out of the car and shimmy underneath. (And that is a tight squeeze with a Camaro.) I struggle and curse repeatedly until the jack is in position, and I start to struggle with the crank. Suddenly I hear the gravel cracking behind my car. I, of course, am a little nervous because you just never know.

Foot steps approach from the rear, and I hear, "Do you need some help?" I slide out, not realizing that my skirt is hiking up a little too far showing my pink lace thong.

"Well I am not one to turn down help, especially in these conditions." You smile and say, "You look really cold." I notice that my nipples are straining against the flimsy white fabric of my tank top, which is already damp.

I giggle, "Yeah, I guess so."

"Well let's get you on your way as fast as we can."

"Thanks, Hon. Could you grab the tire iron and start loosening the lugs? I will be completely worthless at that, I have no strength"

I slide back under the corner of the car to continue cranking the jack. "Hold On!" you tell me, "It would be easier for me to loosen the lugs with the wheel still on the ground. It will give me more leverage to turn them."

I slide back out a little and say, "Ok, I can wait. Go ahead."

I watch as you squat down near the tire and start to turn the lugs. I don't realize that my skirt has ridden almost completely up and my panties are getting rained on. Well I should say I don't realize it until I see a giant bulge forming in your khakis. "There. I got them, you can start jacking."

I decide it's time to be a little playful. "That's a loaded statement. Are we still talking about the car?"

I hear you stammer and cough. "Yeah, yeah let's just sick with the car."

"Just for now?"

"Yeah, just for now", you chuckle.

I start turning the crank on the jack. "Jacking up!" I say. I can tell it's getting to you, because you are adjusting your position on your stance as you combat your natural reaction to my teasing.

I slide back out a little more, my skirt riding way up. "There got to get into a better position. Position is a key element, when jacking a long rod like this."

I can hear you grunt. "Yeah, I suppose so."

I say, "My you truly ARE a "Good" Samaritan. You aren't even reacting to me, or am I making you uncomfortable?"

"No I am good. I just got out of what I thought was a good relationship. She apparently didn't. So I am little gun shy."

"No worries." I look you up and down. "Her loss. I don't think she was smart letting you go. Your 'gun' doesn't look very 'shy' to me at all." I reach up and give your inner thigh a soft rub as you start to squirm. Slowly I get the jack up and the wheel off the ground. I bring the spare over to you. You make the switch.

"Not often you see a full-sized spare."

"For what I am paying for this damn car it should come with someone to change it for me."

"Well I guess it did, now, didn't it?"

"Yeah, it sure did." You finish hand-tightening the lug nuts and I lower the car to the ground. I put the old wheel and the jack into the car as you tighten up the lugs. I realize now just how much of a nasty mess I am.

"What do I owe ya?"

"Nothing, just glad I could help ya out."

"Well at least let me take you out for dinner tonight. I can't abide not doing something for ya."

"That is not necessary."

I put on my sweetest little pouty face. "Please, let me take you out for dinner. You don't even have to drive anywhere, I will pick you up. What have you got to lose? I promise I look better than this, normally."

"Oh ok, I guess I can take ya up on that, being I won't win with you."

"You sure as shit won't." You give me your address and I say I will be there to pick you up around 7:30.

As we are walking apart, I holler out, "Italian or Asian?"

"Italian is just fine with me."

"You got it babe."

I race home realizing that I have less than two hours to get myself presentable and be over to your place and pick you up. I get home and whip through the shower as fast as I can. Now comes the hard part. "What to wear? What to Wear?" I start throwing clothes all over my closet until I find exactly what I am looking for: I slip on my naughtiest Victoria's Secret ensemble. Black lace push up bra; string thong; garter belt; and stockings. I slip my little black dress over my head, and pull it down and into position; smoothing it down all over my body. I do my makeup and my hair.

Now, I face the toughest decision, glasses or contacts? Finally I realize I am out of time. Glasses it is. I throw on my black half jacket and head out. I speed to your house, I love seeing the expression on your face as you take me in. "See, I told ya I look better."

"You sure do. I feel underdressed."

"Babe, you are just fine. I hope you really like Italian, because I know a good little place downtown. I know a good place to eat just about anything you want."

"I look forward to it." I drive you downtown, and we eat at a nice candlelit, romantic restaurant. The whole time I flirt shamelessly, as I see you as my personal hero.

On the way back I ask, "So how did you like it?"

"It was absolutely wonderful. If you know good places to eat everything, I can't imagine where you know to eat good Asian food." You pause, awkwardly. "Ummm, No Offense."

"None taken. Being Asian, I do have a little inside information. You in the mood for dessert?"

"Yeah, why not, but it will be my treat this time."

"Oh no, I insist. Trust me."

As we drive down that familiar road on which we went, you ask, "Where is it?"

"Oh, not far." We pull up to my house, and up to my garage.

"Where are we?" you ask.

"This is my place. I serve up the best dessert in town." I lead you in and offer you a chair and a drink. "I got scotch, beer, or brandy."

"I will take a beer. Scotch is too expensive, and I am not too big a fan of Brandy."

I giggle, "Me either, ever since she stopped stripping, Brandy's been a bitch." I think to myself "DUMBASS! That was stupid!" But I hear you chuckle.

"Sorry, that was corny."

"No I thought it was funny." I bring you your drink, and I sit down on your lap after starting the stereo. I give you a quick kiss on the cheek. You seem to be a little nervous.

"So this dessert, you talk about?"

I slip off my half jacket. "Well I thought it could be a bit more of an intimate dessert if you don't mind." I caress your thigh.

"I don't know. I am on a strict diet."

"Well baby, you wanted to know where the best place was to eat Asian. So here I am."

I stand up and lift my dress up over my head. Letting you see all of Victoria's glory. I kneel down and unzip your fly and reach my fingers through your fly. I slowly stroke on your cock.

"I figured this dessert is the best in town."

"Well the presentation is phenomenal."

I slowly suck your cock into my mouth and bob my head up and down. Your hands are in my hair as I slide my bra straps off my shoulders. You take my cue and unhook me in the back, and my tits spill free. I keep bobbing up and down on you.

"MMM this feels so good. I am so glad I stopped to help you. But, you promised me an 'Asian Dessert' now didn't you?" I stand up and let you pop out of mouth slowly. You reach up and slide my thong down over my stockings and garters. I lean you back, kick off my heels, and stand up tall on the arms of the chair. I brace my hands against the wall, and squat like a catcher over your face.

I moan as I feel your mouth clamp on to my clit. The waves of electricity fill my body as you eat me. "Better than any fortune cookie, huh?"

"Mom-hmm" you moan. I grind my pussy on your face until I can no longer stand it. I climb down off the chair, and slide everything off my coffee table. I assume the Doggy-Style position. I see you shed your clothes all the way and position yourself behind me. I scream and moan with pleasure as I feel you press into me.

"FUCK!" I scream as you grab my hips with your left hand and pull my hair with your right hand. You fill me so completely as I push back to your every thrust. You moan and groan as I buck into you.

"I can't hold back anymore. Your pussy is just too good. I have to pull out!"

"Don't you fucking dare! You fill my pussy and you fill it now!"

With that I clamp my pussy around you and feel you shoot your big load into me. It scalds my pussy deeper and deeper. Then I know you got it all the way in there. We both moan and pant with exhausted pleasure.

You ask, "Was it good for you?"

"No complaints here. I wouldn't' mind having seconds sometime."

"Anytime you want. But only if I can have your number?"

"Seems a bit cliché at this point, but of course. Don't pull out of me yet. Just let me enjoy the feeling of you softening and slipping out of me."

"Anything you want baby."

"Has that helped you get over old what's her name?"

"Who do you mean?"

"Good Boy!"

As we enjoy the feeling of our merged bodies, there is a sudden flash, and someone says, "Say Cheese!" you see a blonde in the doorway with a camera. She says, "There I got it! Perfect finish to a perfect shoot."

You stammer, "What the Fuck?!?"

I calm you, "Don't worry. She's my Roommate."

"What the hell is she doing taking pics of us having sex?!?"

"Shh, hun. She is my insurance policy. I don't want you thinking that I am just a one night stand. She holds on to those until we determine you treat me well."

I hand you a card with a website address on it. "There are 14 galleries on there of guys who thought they could treat me like shit. I make a little over two grand a month off the site. I really don't want to add a 15th gallery. I would rather let the domain go away. So make sure to be nice."

"Oh, don't worry. I won't. You are too gorgeous, fun and sexy."

"Good answer. And if you are a good boy. Some night she can just set up the tripod with the remote clicker." I wink at you and smile, devilishly.

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by Anonymous

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by KingCuddle10/04/17


Cute banter...Surprise at the end.


Where can I get some of this Asian dessert? :+)))

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