'Tis the Season


Grabbing onto her hips, Santa pulled her onto him, enveloping his cock in the same hot wet sheath. Whatever his cock had felt like as she rode it, from this angle it was an entirely different story. Every little bit of his cock seemed designed to make her scream with delight as it stuffed her.

"Oh yes." Vanessa breathlessly moaned in appreciation as she felt him begin to plunge, thrust. He was forceful, powerful, and nimble. Pounding her with relentless intensity, every thrust seemingly coming from a different, exquisite angle. Every withdrawl leaving just the head of his cock inside before slamming back in, discovering new depths.

"Please, please, yes, oh oh OH!" Vanessa came quickly, this time. While her first orgasm had seemed like a bomb going off this was like a dam breaking. Forceful pounds of pressure until she simply couldn't contain it and she gave into the pleasure he was delivering to her. Her squeezing, clamping down on him didn't stop him and just as she felt her rushing, forceful cum subside there was another.

"Another, another oh fuck, oh ffff..." She cried as another wave hit her. Relishing it briefly before entreating him to continue "More, please, oh god more."

Santa obliged. His fist was again gripping her hair, pulling her back onto him as he thrust and he didn't stop or slow down all throughout. For near 20 minutes he continued, riding her to climax after climax, each one punctuated by her request for more and for them to be delivered harder and faster, requests he was able to fulfill, jack hammering into her, causing her large, heavy breasts to buck wildly with each thrust. Neither of them bothered to count the number of times that Vanessa squeezed and gushed and squealed in delight and they were still at it as the sun began to rise.

"More, fuck, please, one more, oh god...." Vanessa moaned as she felt yet another climax coming. Santa felt his own as well and he increased his speed, pulling her back onto him so as she was almost kneeling up, with his cock driving into her from below.

"Here it comes, oh my..." He roared as he came, his cock expelling as much and as forcefully as he did when he'd first finished in her mouth. Vanessa did as well but this one was different, his seed spurting inside her felt cooling, like it was extinguishing the burning she felt. Like her entire body was being dipped in peppermint. She tried to scream but nothing came from her lips, just a small squeal of satisfaction.

"I....oh....my" Vanessa didn't have the words when her breath returned to her. The fire had been put out but in it's absence was absolute and complete exhaustion. Like she hadn't slept in a week and it was all catching up to her at once. She slumped forward as Santa gently lowered her onto the couch. She was asleep before her head touched the soft plush of the couch.


"Rise and shine sleepyhead"

"mmmmm" Vanessa moaned, deep and contented. She'd been having the most delicious dream.

"C'mon lazybones." Her mother continued, giving her a little shake "We've let you sleep in long enough. It's Christmas!"

Vanessa bolted upright in embarassment. She was naked and probably covered in.....wait. Vanessa realized she was wearing her robe. And under a blanket. And seemingly clean. As her mother left the room, Vanessa looked down under the blankets. For a moment she thought that she'd simply dreamed the whole thing but, no, she was naked beneath her robe. And the bulge in it's pocket were revealed to be her torn panties. Vanessa sat there dumbfounded. She could barely even begin to get a handle on what had happened. Santa was real? And she blew him? And he'd fucked her brains out? Even for a girl as open-minded as she was, it was a lot to get a handle on.

"Boy, how they grow up, huh?" Roy walked into the room with a grin "Used to be you'd wake us up at 6 in the morning today and beg for your presents. Now we have to wake you up at noon."

"Oh, Roy, be nice." Her mother gently chided "They have her working her tail off at that school"

"Um, yeah, exactly." Vanessa said in a bit of a haze. To her surprise she had none of her usual gross feeling in the mornings. In fact, as she checked, her breath was minty fresh. She could still even sort of taste that minty, sweet.....

"Well, either way, want to open presents?" Her father asked "You can get them from the tree for all of us like you used to."

"Sure I....No!" Vanessa exclaimed as she remembered she was naked beneath her skimpy robe. "I mean, let me go get in my pyjamas at least."

Her parents agreed and Vanessa quickly went to her room, clutching at her robe as she did. She walked into her bathroom and looked at herself for a minute. She looked a little ragged, a little worn out and she felt only a little sore. But any illusions that she may have had that it was a dream were gone. There were the faintest hints of teeth marks around her breasts and the ass he'd slapped was still red. Vanessa thought back on it now completely and smiled to herself. It had been phenomenal. The best sex of her life. Didn't regret a bit of it, even if she couldn't explain it. Thinking about it had made her want to...

But no. Not now. It was Christmas. Vanessa put her dirty thoughts aside and got dressed. She hopped downstairs and began doling out the presents. Everyone had got what they wanted. Her mother gave her father new golf clubs, her father got her mother a new bolt-action hunting rifle, Vanessa had known about these presents beforehand and gave accessories, golf shoes to her father and bullets to her mother and they were very well received. Vanessa was delighted to find a Ipad from her mother and a envelope from her father promising to pay for a trip to Europe in the summer. There were smaller gifts of candy and dvd's and such. Very much the idyllic family Christmas that Vanessa had been hoping for.

"That was great you guys," Vanessa said with genuine affection as the last of the gifts under the tree was unwrapped. Vanessa caught her parents giving each other conspiratorial smiles as they sipped their coffee.

"It was, dear, but we have a surprise." Kathleen said cloyingly

"It's not finished, Pumpkin" Roy agreed "You got our presents but I think Santa gave you a couple somethings too."

For a second Vanessa's eyes went wide.

"Um, wha...."

"Take a look" Her father gestured to the fireplace. Sure enough there was the old stocking she used to hang up that her parents would fill with candy. Vanessa tentatively approached it, a million thoughts running through her head and reached inside. There was a small gift box inside. When she finally got the bow off she opened it up with great haste. Inside was a small snowglobe with a plastic base. There was a little Santa inside, in front of a little workshop and it read "Happy Holidays". She laughed. A corny little joke of her father's, she guessed.

"Thanks?" She said, cocking an eyebrow at the two of them who continued to share little knowing looks at each other.

"I think, dear, you may want to look at the bottom" Kathleen gestured to the snow globe, barely able to contain her excitement. So Vanessa did, turning it over quickly. Taped to the bottom of the plastic base of the globe was a key. With a Porsche logo on it. Vanessa felt dizzy for a second when she saw it but quickly found her footing.

"No way!" Vanessa gleefully exclaimed. Her parents looked at each other with broad grins.

"Take a look" Her father gestured towards the window. Vanessa bound over to it and, sure enough, there was a gleaming, black Porsche in their driveway with a bright red bow on it.

"But how can you afford..."

"Funniest thing there, you remember I was telling you about that divorce I was handling for Mrs. James? Well, she really wanted to burn her ex I suppose and so she went after hard after that thing. Said he loved it more than her or something silly like that. So she got it in the settlement, which burned him to no end let me tell you, and we got to talking casually about how you were bugging me for a car all the time and you know what the crazy broad does?"

"Broad, Roy?" Kathleen interjected, her father rolled his eyes but continued. Vanessa just kept her eyes glued to the car through the window.

"Do you know what the fully independent and actualized woman with the legitimate grievance against the male patriarchy does? She offers to sell me that car, that her husband loved, that I had to fight tooth and nail with her husband's pitbull of a lawyer for months to get, for a dollar. Not even for a break on my fee. Just to really tighten the screws, I guess."

"Oh don't be so cynical Roy." Her mother said with a shake of her head "Maybe it was just the spirit of the season that got to her."

Vanessa was briefly roused from her admiration of her new, sleek sportscar to have a little smile.

"Well, you may have been watching different commercials than I have, hon, because I never heard that the Spirit of the Season included sticking it to..."

But this too was cut off by a shrieking Vanessa, bounding across the room and leaping into her father's arms.

"Iloveitdaddyohthankyouthankyouthankyou!" she exclaimed in a blur. Her father embraced her.

"Well, you should really thank Mrs. James. Or Mr. James. Or the secretary of his that started this whole mess." Her father laughed

"You really should thank Mrs. James, Vanessa" Her mother interjected, "We'll drive over there tonight"

Vanessa nodded. Drive over there. In her new Porsche.


Christmas and New Year's came and went, another lovely Holiday season passing. Vanessa had thanked Mrs. James for her new car and had agreed when Mrs. James had said that her one condition on the sale was that if Vanessa ever happened to see Mr. James crossing the street to lean heavily on the accelerator(Vanessa was 90% sure it had been a joke) but was back at school now. Back in her dorm room. Back with her roommate. Balancing classes and the lousy winter and wishing she'd applied to the University of Hawaii.

And worst of all? She was horny again. Even worse than before. And with the weird perversion of the image and thought of Santa Claus being what made her so. Sure most of the decorations had come down now so there wasn't a constant reminder of it but Vanessa had brought that snow globe with her. It was on one of her bookshelves. Even though it did add a little to her frustration it mainly was a reminder of getting the car. Her beautiful, beautiful car.

So when her roommate had gone out for the evening, to some silly party, Vanessa paced about her room. She hated it. She couldn't masturbate, she had no interest in anyone other than a mythological old mystical being and, if she was lucky, she'd get to have another good fuck 355 days from now. She felt like screaming in frustration. Instead she simply reached over on her bookshelf to the snowglobe picked it up and smiled warmly.

355 days isn't so bad, she sarcastically thought as she glumly looked at the little Santa and his work shop.

Vanessa gave the globe a shake. The snow kicked up and, again, she felt a weird dizziness. It settled down. She shook again, harder. More dizziness. She'd thought it had been her shock from the car but, no, there was something else to this. She shook, continuously and soon she realized it wasn't her head spinning, it was the room. There was the sensation of travel beneath her feet as she kept shaking the globe but it was subtle, like the spinning room was gradually changing. Eventually the spinning slowed despite her constant shaking, slowed and then stopped. The whole experience must have taken no more than 20 seconds. When Vanessa finally looked around her, she certainly wasn't in her dorm room. It looked like a mix between a ski cabin and a carpenter's shed. Vanessa was entirely confused at what had happened. That is, of course, until she looked up and saw in the corner, at an old workbench the same jolly old elf who'd so rocked her world a short while before working away at something she couldn't quite make out.

"Took you long enough to figure that one." Santa said with a chuckle as he put down what he was doing "Enjoy your Christmas, dear?"

"Mmmmhmmm." She purred, already feeling that now familiar warmth of his magic presence.

"I'm glad." Santa beamed warmly as he leaned back in his chair, his hands undoing his belt. "Shame about Mr. James and all but he was never very Christmas-y."

Vanessa walked towards him, eyes locked on his, her hips swaying exaggeratedly as she began to sing, her smoky voice recalling one of the sillier, although now fairly apt, Christmas songs she knew.

"Santa Baby, just slip a sable under the tree...for me" Vanessa's hands slowly began undoing the buttons of her blouse as she sang, the black lace of her bra peeking through.

"I've been an awful good girl..."

The End

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