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To Become


Shade was a small girlish woman of 20, standing at just five feet tall in platform Mary Janes she bought at Hot Topic. Shade could be called a Goth chick but she hated labels. To Shade labels were oppressive, to her she was just a girl living in Detroit with her boyfriend and two cats. Shade started experiencing sex, good sex for the first time with Victor. Shade's friends called her submissive at first she bucked the label off but lately she wanted to tell Victor but she would never get the chance.

It was early September when it happened, when Shade Brooks lost the love of her life. She felt so traumatized, she just didn't know what to do with herself, and three years she had been devoted to Victor. In all her thoughts she'd never thought it would end like this. Her heart was broken she wasn't quite sure she'd ever recover. Erotica had become Shade's choice of reading. Somehow reading about people's sexual deviance was better than having your own. Victor had always faulted her for being too bookish and quiet. As with all things there comes a time when courage grows and sexual hunger takes over.

. Tonight was an odd night, shade was on the verge of something big and she knew it. The last few days she found herself in a stressful situation, she found herself haunting a chat room more and more seeking the comfort of strangers. Tonight shade finds herself drawn to Him. He made her feel as if he could make her heart explode even though he was probably a thousand miles away. Shade didn't care if he was dark and handsome or whatever, he just made her feel truly submissive.

After she logs off shade decides that since her new ex boyfriend is on a date to comfort herself. She gets her white candles off of her altar and lights them placing them on the floor in front of her full length mirror. Lust has been growing slowly all night; shade unzips her black lace dress letting slide free like petals off a dying rose. The reflection staring back at her is absurd, her in her Mary Janes and stockings and black bra, dolls on their shelves behind her. She drops to her knees as if pushed still gazing at herself as she picks up the doll closest to her, she looks like a little girl almost.

"That's a good girl" His voice echoes in her head "Touch your cunt for me."

Her delicate violinist hands stroke her clit softly and her eyes close she can still see the flames flickering before her mind starts creating images. Herself kneeling still holding charlotte as she's sucking and gagging on his hard cock, he's fucking her pretty little mouth while she's watching. He's fucking her garnet colored mouth as if he wants to kill her with his rather large cock and she doesn't care. The scene dissolves and picks up again with her over his lap her round ass upturned glowing red. His big hands slapping her ass harder with each swing, shade wriggled her ass keeping count in her head.

"Bad shade, naughty little whore." His voice was loud but not angry more mocking her because He knew how much she loved pain and being called a whore when they played.

By now her cunt was soaked and her fingers slid around her clit teasingly, she opened her eyes long enough to retrieve two pink plastic clothes pins and pull her nipples out of the bra clamping a clothes pin on them gasping at the pain. her mind's eye showed her next tied to a bed as He stepped close she could see the flogger a little thrill passed through her as he brought it down on her belly over and over. He then caressed her hard nipples with the flogger watching her face. Her breasts were large and full and jiggled as He struck them. True to her word shade barely made a sound as He flogged her. she was bloody but she was enjoying herself.

Before long shade was crouched rocking her hips back and forth fingering her pussy three fingers moving as fast as she could. The orgasm over took her making her whole body shake as she came all over her fingers. Shade licked her fingers clean and took the clothes pins off smiling. Amazed with how clearly she saw every detail in her head, and how excited it all made her. Shade knew this was just the beginning, her whole life was changing. She said a small prayer, and looked at herself in the mirror one last time.

She snuffed the candles and climbed in to bed with a content sigh. Shade didn't even wake up when her ex came home.

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