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To Iraq with Love...


To Iraq with Love; The Video Valentine

January 25, 2006

Jamie My Love,

I hope this letter finds you in good spirits and doing well. I'm missing you like crazy these days! Feeling a little less depressed now that the holidays are through. Looking forward to a new year in our new home and looking forward to seeing you walk through our door again soon.

Thank you so much for the beautiful bracelet you sent me. It really does look like something you could only have gotten over there. I love the three tones of gold and the way it's braided. I haven't taken it off since it arrived! I just wish you could have given it to me in person. But you'll be home for the holidays next year I just know it.

I never thought that I would be spending my first Valentine's Day as a married woman alone...but life throws you curves doesn't it...so a bunch of us from the support group decided we wouldn't spend it alone after all and we decided to go out to a dinner show. Not exactly the Valentine's we all wanted...but we are determined to keep positive together.

Since our last letter...or letter sex, I thought that you might be wishing for a little something extra special for Valentine's Day. So I decided to send you a few fun pictures and a DVR with your letter. It will work in your little personal DVD player...but be sure to plug in your headphones before you start it! LOL ;)

I wouldn't want to be responsible for exciting and enticing the WHOLE battalion! Just you my Valentine!

I bought you a new outfit, but I really don't keep it on too long... ;) So I hope you can snuggle up in your bunk and enjoy this tape. I'm learning a lot about myself, learning that I can do things for you that I never thought I could...and in front the camera no less.

I guess I should give you some hints since it might be a few days before you get the opportunity to enjoy the tape... well, if you turn over the last page you'll be able to see the photos of me in the new outfit. Just can't wait until you're really here to take it off of me for yourself...

Now, about the things I do in the video...here comes a little more of that letter sex I promised you...

And you have to remember that I didn't know that I had any of this in me...okay...bad choice of words. Where's an eraser when I need one...oh, that's right I'm writing you in pen! Well, what I meant by that is that I have never in my life done things like this to myself before...not to mention the fact that I am doing them for the first time with a video camera rolling. But for you my love there's nothing I won't do.

So I pulled my thong to the side...and I let my fingers find my softest flesh. While my other hand found soft breast with hard nipple that needed to be tweaked and teased.

I don't want to spoil the whole thing for you...I don't know how much I should tell you...oh, who am I kidding I can't leave you hanging like that...maybe you can have some fun with the letter and pictures first and then the video too. Three for the price of one! That's a good idea.

So in the video you'll see that once my fingers found softness, they didn't waste any time finding my clit. And as I rubbed my fingers across it...it began to swell and stiffen beneath them. I actually felt sexy touching myself for you in front of the camera, not cheap or sorted like I had expected to feel.

I remember my pussy getting so hot and wet...as I slid my finger down my slit and back up again, I let out a little whimper...it had been so long since you'd been inside of me-since anything had been inside of me that I couldn't wait any longer. I slid one finger back down my wet slit again this time letting its end inside me.

I felt so hot and wet that I let my finger dive right in up to the knuckle. I rotated my finger around in a circle and then pulled it out, I remember how you've always said how good I taste. Since I was being naughtier at that moment then I'd ever been in my life, I decided to find out for myself and I took a little taste off the tip of my finger. You were right by the way; I liked the way I tasted. And I licked my finger clean.

Then I let it dive and dip in and out again and again. It felt so good. I added another. And as I shoved my fingers in and out of my sweetness I used my thumb to circle my clit and it was no time at all before I was gasping in pleasure right in front of the camera gasping-for your pleasure.

I hope you'll enjoy your Valentine as much as I enjoyed making it for you. I can't wait to get your letter in reply. You must promise to tell me everything you thought and felt when you got the letter, pictures and tape. If you like it...maybe it will be the first of many!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day...and night baby! ;)

And remember, I love you Jamie,

Forever...and never goodbye...

Your Valentine, Kelly

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by Calli0604/07/18

So very sweet!

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