To Love a Stray Ch. 16


"Steven, you're allowed to sleep on the covers behind me," I mumble quietly against Micah's shoulder.

"Shit man! I didn't intend to get an invitation like this one," Steven mutters quietly as he approaches the side of the bed.

Micah gives a faint growl before cuddling me close and nuzzling around my neck. I respond with my usual arch into his body and Micah makes a satisfied sound against my neck before relaxing.

"Try to touch Rosy and you'll be sleeping in the cage," Micah warns on a low growl and Steven settles himself on top of the covers.

I lay awake cuddled up to Micah unable to get the knowledge that Steven is on the bed out of my mind. It takes me several minutes before I realise I feel very safe and secure with Micah and Steven sleeping either side of me.

I roll onto my other side so my back is to Micah and scoot back against his chest, his arm rests over my side and I move his hand to where Wynn stretches lazily. Micah nuzzles against the side of my neck with a soft sigh and I relax against him totally.

* * * * *

I come fully aware not sure what roused me. I open my eyes and look around slowly. Steven is sprawled untidily on his back with the covers down around his hips, displaying his well-muscled chest, which means the warmth curled around my back belongs to Micah. I smile to myself and stretch lazily enjoying the feel of his arm tightening over my lower ribs as I arch and wriggle against his body. He murmurs sleepily and I can tell by the movement of the bed beneath me he has propped himself up on one elbow. I glance back over my shoulder at him before ducking my head suddenly shy.

"Good morning beautiful," Micah says huskily.

"You had better not be talking to me," Steven grumbles.

"He's talking to me," I say and glance at Steven where he is watching me through half open eyes. "If Micah was talking to you he'd call you old, grumpy and ugly." I announce and send him a smile to take the sting out of my words.

"Cruel, cold and cruel. I'm wounded," Steven cries dramatically and I grin as I watch him roll off the edge of the bed.

Micah's hand moves down to rest against my stomach for a few moments before he groans and sits up. Steven is on his feet and reaching for fresh clothes and I roll towards Micah. Not wanting to be tempted into watching Steven change out of his boxer shorts I watch Micah get out of bed naked. He catches me looking and I blush as I bury my face in my pillow, I hear him laugh softly as he leaves the room.

"I'm having a quick shower," He calls back over his shoulder.

I close my eyes and relax even though I would like to get up and help who ever is making breakfast, I know that if I were to go to the kitchen I would be ordered to sit on a chair in the lounge room or be sent back to bed.

"Do you want someone to bring you breakfast in bed?" Steven asks.

"How can I be expected to be hungry and eat when I'm not allowed to do anything?" I complain miserable with the enforced inactivity.

"I know you'd rather be out there cooking but we want to look after you not only for that baby in your belly but also so you get nice and sleek again." Steven tells me gently and pauses in the doorway. "Thank you for letting me share just a little bit in Micah's happiness. He is closer to me than my own brothers."

I am still stretched out half on my belly with one pillow beneath me when Micah returns from his shower. He pauses to drop a kiss on the corner of my mouth before searching for a fresh shirt.

"We're going hunting for lunch. You want to come along and have a feed of fresh meat?" Micah asks me.

"What are you going after?" I ask with mild interest.

"If you want to come we'll go after some cattle, be sure of a kill." Micah tells me hopefully. I give a disappointed sigh and shake my head.

"Do you want to just change and go for a run? We can have sandwiches made ready for when we get back." Micah says trying to tempt me.

"We can watch for deer or maybe rabbits?" I ask with real interest.

"Whatever makes you happy," Micah tells me with a grin. I smile happily and roll onto my back looking up at him, I see his eyes go dark and then he leans down to kiss me. The sound of someone clearing their throat has Micah sitting up reluctantly. I glance towards the doorway from beneath my eyelashes as I lick the taste of him from my lips.

"Thought I'd warn you Donny is on his way in a few moments with breakfast for Rosy." Timny says from the doorway before walking past. I hear the toilet door shut and glance at Micah self-consciously.

"You want breakfast in bed or you coming out with the rest of us?" Micah asks reluctantly.

"I'll come out and eat," I tell him then smile mischievously. "But I'm not gonna have a shower first."

"You little minx," Micah laughs but soon turns serious as he looks at me. "You know all the other toms will be sniffing you."

I look away uncomfortably before glancing at him after a few moments. I give a deep sigh and pluck at the bed covers nervously.

"I know and I can't say I'm looking forward to that part but I want them to know things are good between us. They all worry a lot about me," I say uncomfortably. "About us."

"Clan cats look after each other remember," Micah tells me gently. I nod and glance at him again.

"I need to let them know everything is good between us ..." I repeat and shrug unhappy that I can't put what I mean into words.

Micah sits on the bed facing me and tucks my hair behind my ears before his fingers linger on the curve of my cheek for a few moments and he lifts my face gently with the tips of his fingers under my chin.

"You mean your clan's toms need to know that their she-kitt is happy and content with the way things are and you're willing to put up with them sniffing you if that's what it takes." Micah says his voice soft with understanding. I nod wordlessly and Micah drops a light kiss on the tip of my nose.

"I need a pair of boxers or track pants," I say quietly. Micah gets a pair of old soft track pants that I often wear and I swing my legs off the side of the bed letting him slip the track pants onto my legs. I stand so he can pull them up over my hips and around the swell of my stomach.

I glance towards the doorway as I hear the faint sounds of footsteps and almost smile at the look of disappointment that Donovan quickly hides when he sees I am up and dressed. I know how much he enjoys pampering me by bringing me breakfast in bed in the morning and not having to share me with anyone else for the time it takes me to eat.

"I thought Rosy might like breakfast in bed," Donovan says as Micah turns around to face him.

"Rosy feels up to having breakfast out with everyone this morning," Micah says evenly.

"I'll take it out to the lounge room for her. I helped make the muffins, we put choc chips in some and blueberries in the others." Donovan announces happily.

"They sound good. I hope you got me one of each," I say to Donovan as I follow Micah from the bedroom. I slip my hand into his and hang onto it as we walk towards the end of the quarters where the others are gathered for breakfast. Behind us I hear Donovan sniff softly several times and when I glance over my shoulder, he smothers his huge grin and lifts the tray up to show me he is bringing my food with him.

"Hey, Rosy!" Mitchell is the first one to notice me, he grins when I sit in the middle of the lounge so Donovan can hand me my breakfast. Micah heads into the kitchen to get his own food and the other toms begin to make their way into the lounge room. Mitchell sits beside me and immediately tenses, I ignore him as I bite into a choc chip muffin and lick melted chocolate from my lips.

"Hey, Micah! You don't need any of those muffins. Smells like you already had something sweet this morning," Steven calls as he sits on the floor by my knees.

"You done a hell of a lot more than give Rosy a back rub last night," Dwayne laughs as he sits nearby.

"I bet you weren't tired at all last night Rosy! I bet you just wanted to get Micah to sneak off to his room with you so Donovan wasn't trying to watch when you let Micah coax you into letting him mount you." Sam says with a laugh.

"How can you be sure it was Micah doing the coaxing?" Malcolm asks with a grin. "There has been quite a bit of wriggling and 'O's' when he's cuddled her out here," Malcolm says pulling his mouth into a startled circle as Micah comes into the lounge room with his breakfast. I glance at Micah and he raises his eyebrows at me in silent question to Malcolm's remark.

"I did have to grab his hand and shove it down my pants," I mutter red faced as I duck my head over my breakfast. This invokes laughter and whistles from the toms as Micah sits beside me. He slips his arm around my shoulders and gives me a gentle squeeze.

"Minx," He whispers softly. The screen door squeaks as it opens and I give a start as I glance towards the door.

"Everyone certainly sounds like they're in good spirits this morning," Wade says as he walks into view with Marissa and Doc close behind them.

"You're going to have to have a chat with Micah and explain to him what he is supposed to do with Rosy now they're going to be getting married. She had to grab his hand and shove it down her pants so she could have a bit of fun last night," Sam says to Wade seriously.

"Did it occur to you that maybe Micah might not have wanted to possibly make Rosy feel like she had to let him mount her?" Marissa asks angrily. "You toms are getting seriously out of hand! Rosy and Jazzy would be better off at the house than here with you lot! And you Micah, why are you letting any of them get away with talking like that around Rosy? Hasn't she been through enough without them talking like that? And her own brother as well,"

"Marissa, look at Rosy. Your outburst upset her much more then the toms teasing Micah." Doc tells her gently. I glance at him my face burning with humiliation. I hadn't meant to get the others in trouble. I catch a glimpse of Marissa looking my way but I look away quickly trying to avoid her censure.

"Marissa, I seem to remember a young she-kitt parading around all day without having had a shower the day after our engagement so her brothers and other clan members knew exactly what had went on the previous night." Wade scolds gently.

"Well if these young toms get out of line they'll be answering to me," Marissa says forcefully.

"Yes Ma'am," Wade mutters and I glance his way uneasily to see him trying not to laugh or smile at Marissa.

"Anyway I came over to congratulate you Rosy and welcome you to our family," Marissa says easily as she comes around to stand in front of the lounge as toms move out of her way. I look up at her warily and see her eyeing my breakfast with a slight frown.

"Please tell me they did not have you cooking breakfast," Marissa says dryly.

"Malcolm, Timny and I made the muffins. Rosy told us how to when we made them one of the other times," Donovan says sounding offended. "Rosy's not allowed to cook. All she's allowed to do is sleep, eat and rest."

"I hope visiting Jazzy is on the allowed list because Jazzy asked if Rosy could visit for a little while this morning so they can chat about the wedding." Marissa comments.

"Of course it is otherwise I'll sneak out when no-one's looking," I say with a grin. Micah, Sam and Mitchell turn frowns on me and several of the other toms laugh.

" No one encourage her," Micah growls. "Of course, you can visit Jazzy just make sure you let one of us know when you are going so we don't worry at your sudden disappearance."

I take a bite of my blueberry muffin and catch Wade watching me or rather looking at my stomach with barely concealed longing deep in his eyes and I remember talking to Micah about Wade being able to touch my stomach before Donovan and I were taken by the strays. I remember how he had asked permission before touching my belly when I had been pregnant with the twins I had lost, how not once had he made me feel pressured to let him touch my belly or had even asked with this pregnancy.

"Micah, hold me. Hold me tight," I say pressing into his side scared by the direction my thoughts have taken.

"Rosy what is it? You're shaking," Micah says, with concern, as he tightens his arm around me. He puts both of our plates aside and wraps both arms around me as he rubs his cheek against my head as I bury my face against his neck.

"Your father wants to touch my belly," I say against his neck.

"I'm not going to touch you Rosy," Wade says gently. "There's no reason to be scared of me."

Micah is rubbing my back with one hand and stills its movements for a few seconds and he nuzzles against my ear as his hand begins moving once again.

"You sure Rosy?" Micah asks softly.

"Uhha," I manage with a nod.

In the week or so since my outburst, there have been times Micah has allowed limited touching of my rounded stomach by the warriors but never for very long. No one got more than a few moments of contact and I have only actively encouraged Micah, Jazzy and Marissa's touches.

I have invited Marissa to touch my stomach several times and each time she has laid her hand on my stomach and exclaimed with delight when her grandchild moved beneath her touch. Twice before I've felt this urge to allow Wade to bond with my unborn kitt but so far my distrust of him has smothered all other thoughts.

"What is it? What's wrong with Rosy," Mitchell demands beside me making me flinch.

"Sam, get Mitchell away he's upsetting Rosy even if he doesn't mean to," Micah orders and I hear an angry growl from Mitchell that makes me flinch again even though I struggle to remain calm.

"What is it Rosy? You're not in pain are you?" Doc asks quietly from just in front of me. I shake my head without moving from where I have my face pressed against where Micah's neck meets his shoulder.

"Donovan come and sit beside Rosy ..."

I feel him sit down before Micah finishes speaking and he takes hold of my hand closest to him.

"It's okay Rosy, we're all here ... everything will be fine ... it's okay," Donovan murmurs quietly and I feel myself begin to relax slightly.

"You're really sure about this?" Micah asks as he continues to rub my arm soothingly and I can hear him breathing as he cuddles me close, I relax into him and he presses a kiss to my hair-covered temple.

"Ok Dad or should I say Grandpa, come around in front here. A while ago Rosy did say that if I held her nice and tight, so she knew she was safe, then you could put your hand on her belly where your Grandchild is." Micah explains in a low soft tone.

"I don't want to make Rosy feel scared or pressured to let me touch her," Wade says from in front of me.

"Rosy is as okay with it as she can be yet," Micah tells him.

"Is that true Rosy? Are you okay with my putting my hand on your belly?" Wade asks and he is unable to disguise the longing in his voice.

"I need to let you, I need to get past this," I insist with a shudder. "On my belly? Not under my clothes," I can't keep the fear out of my voice and I tremble as I clutch at Donovan's hand tightly. I breathe in rapid little pants taking in Micah's scent with each breath.

"That's fine with me. My hand on top of your shirt no touching your skin," Wade tells me. I nod and struggle to control my breathing as I wait for the touch of his hand against my body.

"Rosy?" Wade asks softly and I turn my face towards him close to panic. "Do I have your permission to put my hand on your t-shirt so I can say hallo to the baby?"

"Can't Wade see how badly he's scaring Rosy?" Mitchell demands from somewhere near the hallway door. "Hey! I can't protect Rosy if you drag me out of the room Sam!"

"Well shut up," Sam growls.

"But..." Mitchell protests and his voice is cut off as if someone has put his or her hands over his mouth.

"Rosy, take a nice deep breath," Micah tells me and I manage to comply. "Another deep breath ... Rosy is it okay for Wade to touch your belly?"

I manage a nod and tense for the expected touch but when it comes Wade's touch is very light. I feel Wynn roll in my womb before stretching an arm or leg to push against where Wade's hand rests. A startled sound comes from him and I chance a quick glance his way, Wade is staring at where his hand rests lightly on my belly and he meets my eyes as he glances up at me.

"He moved, I felt him move ..." Wonder fills his voice and he returns to staring at my shirt-covered stomach.

Much of my tension starts to drain from me as I turn my face towards Micah for more of his familiar scent and I become aware of Donovan patting my hand comfortingly. With the lessening of tension the taunt muscles in my stomach relax and I feel Wynn stretch and kick at Wade's hand, a soft sound comes from Wade and I chance another quick glance his way. A few more moments of movement beneath his hand and Wade straightens withdrawing his hand from my stomach.

"Thank you Rosy," Wade says gently and I give a slight nod of acknowledgement without looking his way. I hear him move away and then Micah is rubbing my back before he picks me up and places me across his lap. Donovan eases his hand from mine and I cuddle into Micah secure in his presence and protection. I feel Micah's mobile vibrate against my hip before the first ring sounds and I jump nervously, he rubs my back and presses a kiss against my cheek.

"Whoever it is can wait," Micah growls softly and I snuggle close for one last deep breath. His phone has stopped ringing by the time I ease away from him to glance around uneasy and self-consciously. Wade is standing by Marissa looking very happy and he sends me a huge grin reminding me of Micah. I look away hurriedly and notice that all the toms are looking extremely pleased even Mitchell who is still being held by the door by Sam.

Wade's mobile rings and he pulls it from his pocket to glance at the screen, he frowns and heads outside.

"I got to take this call, won't be long." Wade says as he walks outside. "Yeah hallo, it's good to hear from you ..." He becomes too distant for me to hear any more and I glance at Micah who is looking at me immensely pleased.

"That was very kind of you Rosy," Steven tells me with a grin.

"It's his Grandchild," I say faintly and a touch defensively. I look at Sam as he walks around the lounge and squats down in front of me.

"You okay Miss Spotty One?" Sam asks gently. I nod and he grins at me before eyeing my stomach.

"Did you wet your pants or poop them while you were sitting on Micah?" Sam asks with a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

"No," I deny before quietly adding, "Micah makes me feel safe. Safe and protected and loved."

"Micah," Sam says seriously as he gets to his feet and I hear Micah make a soft sound of acknowledgement beside me. "I'd like to take Rosy to visit the ... her Uncle Caruthers before she gets married if you'll let me."

"We'll talk about it later," Micah tells him and I look at Micah imploringly.

"Please, Micah I ...," I start but Micah puts a finger on my lips and I fall silent at his stern look.

"I'll try to work something out. Work out the details," Micah tells me gently.

"He's that lovely man who helped Jazzy isn't he?" Marissa asks and I glance her way startled. I had forgotten she was still here.

"Yeah that's my Uncle ... well my human one," I say with a rueful smile. I glance towards the hall doorway as I hear the crunch of footsteps on the gravel outside, the screen door squeaks and we all can hear Wade walking towards us.

"Micah, Mitchell, Sam ... I need a few words with you in private," Wade says from the doorway. Micah eases me onto my feet before he stands up and I watch uneasily as the younger toms follow Wade back outside.

Steven hands me my unfinished breakfast, "Eat up. You'll need the energy if you're visiting Jazzy later," he tells me.

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