tagNonHumanTo Love a Stray Ch. 18

To Love a Stray Ch. 18



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I wake to the feel of a hard warm male body behind mine, an arm rests around my lower ribs and a hand cups my breast. I tense for a moment, not sure where I am before I identify the smell of the clan toms around me, I move slightly and the arm around my waist tightens.

"Shhh, it's okay." Micah murmurs to me. "You're safe Rosy."

"Micah," I murmur softly as I roll to face him and bury my face against his chest. His hand rubs my back soothingly and it would be very easy to go back to sleep but my body has different ideas as I become increasingly aware of his hard male body against mine. I slide my hands up his chest as I press close inhaling his scent and lift my top leg to hook my thigh over his, he groans softly and reaches down to ease my leg off his.

"Micah," I murmur and trail kisses across his bare chest. I flick one of his nipples with my tongue and slide my hand down over the well-defined muscles in his upper arm.

"You awake Sweetheart?" Micah asks quietly. I tilt my head back until I can feel his breath against my face and I nibble at his chin.

"Yeah," I breathe faintly.

Micah brushes several light kisses over my lips and when I don't object his kisses become longer and firmer. I press against his body trying to encourage him to continue and I am rewarded when his hand begins to reach lower with each downwards caress until he cups my butt and presses me against him. There is no mistaking the hard ridge in the front of his boxers and I lift my upper leg to hook my heel behind his calf as I press my hips against his.

His hardness presses into the cradle of my femininity and I moan softly as I wriggle against him. His hand slips up under the edge of my t-shirt to find the waistband at the back of my knickers and he hooks his fingers in it to begin working my knickers off as he continues kissing me. The feel of his hand on the bare skin of my thighs as he pushes my knickers down my legs makes me shudder and he pauses to kiss me deeply.

"You okay with this?" Micah asks his voice raspy with arousal.

"We go to your room?" I whisper against his ear before nipping his earlobe then soothing it with several quick licks.

"My blankets and pillows are out here," Micah groans. I reach between us to run my hand up and down the hard length in his boxers.

"It's nice and private in your room ... I'll let you take all my clothes off ..." I say trying to tempt him as I close my hand around his shaft and squeeze gently.

I make the offer knowing Micah prefers to have me naked beneath his body as we have sex. He seems to delight in exploring my bare skin with his hands and lips as if he can't get enough of the feel and taste of me. I know I'll never get enough of the feel of his body under my fingertips, the way his muscles slide under his smooth skin with each movement.

Micah groans once again as I rub my thumb over the head of his cock through the silky material of his boxers. His mouth is hard and forceful as he kisses me and I whimper as he leans over me, his weight pressing me down into the mattress. His hand finds its way beneath the hem of my t-shirt and to my naked body beneath it. I open my legs wide as he trails his fingers up the inside of my thigh before his fingers dance and tease around my opening.

His lips trail down the side of my neck as his hand strokes up and down my inner thigh, I groan and run both my hands over the taunt muscles in his arms and shoulders as I arch up into his body. His hand slips beneath the small of my back to pull me up against his body and I moan in pleasure against his shoulder. I feel him let go of me with a reluctant groan and ease away from my body. I gasp in several deep breaths before getting to my hands and knees to crawl off the mattress and reach for the end of the lounge to use it to help myself to get to my feet.

I hear Micah growl softly behind me and I know he is watching me as I make my way down the mattress. Someone beside me moves their legs out of my way and I feel my face heat in embarrassment but I crawl off the mattress and reach for the arm of the lounge. Micah growls low in his throat as he catches me from behind and I giggle softly as he nuzzles against the back of my neck as he slips his hands beneath the front of my t-shirt to reach up and cup my breasts. I duck my head down giggling softly as the brush of his lips through my hair tickles the back of my neck. I push back against him to prevent him pinning me against the front of the lounge as he teases my already aroused body.

"Impatient tonight are you?" Micah groans as he tightens his grip gently to stop me wriggling against him. "Are we only going to make it into the hallway like last night?" He breathes against the back of my neck softly as I press back against the hard ridge in the front of his boxers.

It is the third night since Lotty and her parents were here, the second night since Mitchell had went to the main house in answer to Jazzy's invitation. Each night we have all went to sleep in the lounge room. Part way through the night either I wake Micah and lead him into his room, or he would wake me and follow me there. Last night we had only reached the door from the hallway to the long sunroom when I had stopped on my hands and knees allowing Micah to do a quick scent marking that had ended in a hot session of sex.

His hand slides down over my stomach to slip beneath the hem of my t-shirt, I open my legs wider as Micah strokes the inside of my thighs and I gasp softly as I rub against the hard ridge pressing against me from behind.

"You like fingers and tongue don't you?" Micah says softly and suddenly I find myself turned and lifted onto the lounge. He spreads my thighs as he pushes my shirt up and then he is licking and kissing the inside of my thighs where they are damp from the moisture coming down from between my folds. I open my legs willingly and lean back against the lounge as his lips close over my clit and his fingers find my passage. I whimper and thrust my hips towards his mouth and a low chuckle vibrates against my clit, I whimper and grab at the cushions beneath me.

"Micah ..." I gasp breathlessly, "... too fast ... Micah!" I end on a squeal as I climax beneath his mouth and fingers. I don't protest as he turns me over onto my chest even as I try to catch my breath, I tilt my hips obligingly as he moves behind me and then he is sliding into my slick passage with ease. I groan with pleasure and lift one leg to pull my knee up onto the lounge. He grasps my hips firmly in his hands and then I am gasping and moaning with pleasure as he begins to move within me.

"You okay with this?' Micah asks huskily and I groan as I press my hips back against his.

"Yes ..."

"You don't mind?" Micah asks with a soft grunt.

"Shut up and do it," I demand then whimper. Pleasure builds quickly and I make no effort to muffle the noises I am making. I am no longer aware of the toms around us as the pleasure and the need to have Micah inside me over rides all else. It even overrides the fact that I can smell Wade where he is occupying a mattress in the lounge room rather than be in the main house where his daughter is in heat. The pleasure intensifies as Micah continues to pump into me enthusiastically then I loose all awareness of anything else except for the growing swell of pleasure building low in my stomach.

"Oh God, Oh fuck ... Micah, Oh, shit ... Ohmmm ... please Micah, Micah!" I finish on a scream as he thrusts hard against me with a shudder. I feel the liquid warmth that flows into me in a series of rhythmic surges as I press my hips back against Micah. His large body trembles for several moments before he begins to relax against me, his warmth soothing against my back.

Slowly I become aware of our surroundings once again, and the awkward position I am in against the front of the lounge. I ease my leg down and Micah groans softly as he eases from my body. He climbs to his feet and before I can move he picks me up in his arms and carries me back to his mattress where he lays me down gently and covers me with the blanket before easing down to join me beneath the blanket.

The room is quiet, too quiet and I am suddenly aware that the other toms have been woken by our activities and heard what just transpired. I feel my face begin to burn hotly and I groan as I pull the pillow over my head in embarrassment. I don't want to know what they thought as Micah pinned me against the lounge while I acted little better than some animal in heat.

* * * * *


"Rosy, you all right?" I ask softly as Rosy groans and turns away from me.

"Leave me alone," Rosy mutters.

"Hey," I say gently and attempt to ease the pillow from over her head. "What's the matter Sweetheart?"

"Leave me alone," Rosy protests as I try to cradle her against my body.

I feel Rosy push against my chest and turn her face away from me as I move the pillow aside. I can feel her body respond to my nearness, her nipples pebbling into hard nubs as her breasts rub against my chest.

"Rosy. What's wrong Sweetie?" I query softly as I lean over her.

"Stop it. Leave me alone. I don't want to do it in here. I didn't want to before," Rosy says miserably as she pushes away from me and scrambles from the mattress.

Rosy climbs to her feet and hurries from the room, my face burns with humiliation. Already she regrets my touch and my heart feels heavy at her rejection. Increasingly it is like this, I make love to her and she spurns my touch afterwards. More and more it seems like she is only after physical gratification and not the simple pleasure I find in her nearness. I'm scared our bond will fail to grow beyond this, only the physical release of sex and not the depth and richness of a true relationship.

I get to my feet and follow her slowly. Hopefully she will calm down enough to come back into the lounge room to sleep. I walk along the large sunroom and go into the room we share with Steven. I am saddened when I fail to find her there and head to the doorway of the room she had claimed as her own.

"Rosy?" I call softly. There is no answer, only total silence. My heart feels heavy as I turn and head for her brothers room.

"Rosy? You in here?" I ask softly and I hold my breath so I don't make a noise. There is nothing, only total silence fills the room.

I know she has to be in one of the three rooms and turn the light on expecting to see her. The room is empty and I switch the light off before heading for the small bedroom she had claimed. I turn the overhead light on and see her sitting in the far corner at the head of the bed wrapped in the quilt off the bed, she turns her face away in the bright glare.

"I called you before why didn't you answer?" I ask with an irritation. I don't need the answer, not really. The way she avoids me after we are intimate tells me all I need to know.

"Leave me alone," Rosy says barely above a whisper.

"We need to talk about what is going on between us," I say as I move around the end of the bed. I am desperate to reach her, to fix this in some way.

Rosy gets to her feet, she hugs the blanket close but avoids looking me in the face.

"I don't want to talk about it. Just leave me alone," Rosy protests.

"We're going to talk," I say forcefully and catch hold of one of her wrists. Even as I touch her I know this isn't a wise choice.

"Leave me alone," Rosy protests and pulls against my hold. "Let me go Micah. I don't want to talk to you. Let me go,"

I am aware of her voice rising in distress but I can't make myself release her as she struggles against my grip on her wrist. I can almost feel the chasm between us opening wider and wider.

"Micah let her go! You are scaring my sister and probaly hurting her as well. Let her go now," Sam growls aggressively as he stalks into the room.

"Shut up and keep out of this, this does not concern you Sam." I warn on a low note. I need to clear the air between Rosy and myself. I need to know she wants me as much as I want her.

"Anything to do with my sister concerns me," Sam snarls aggressively as he rolls his shoulders and steps towards us.

"Let me go Micah. I don't want to talk with you," Rosy protests as she struggles to free her wrist.

"Let her go Micah," Sam orders, his voice taking on a dangerous edge.

"Keep out of it Sam." I warn on a low snarl and I can feel the aggression rising in me for this tom that would keep me away from Rosy. She pulls at her wrist and whimpers before trying to twist it free of my grip.

"Let me go. Micah, let me go," Rosy's voice is rising with panic but I am sure she would calm down if only Sam would leave us talk this out between us. If there was just the two of us I could let go and back up a step or two so Rosy calmed down but with Sam here I am worried he will whisk her out of the room.

"That's it," Dwayne says angrily as he stalks into the room. "You may be chief among the warriors Micah, but I am still your elder brother and in charge in this building and I order you to let go of Rosy!"

I growl but release Rosy's wrist. With both Sam and my one of my own brothers against me I have the choice, let Rosy go or get into a fight. I watch impotently as Dwayne, Sam and Malcolm pass her across the room to Chris who is in the doorway. He slips a gentle arm around her shoulders and guides her from my sight.

"Stop crowding my sister Micah," Sam snarls. "I don't care if you're an Alpha, you're not coercing Rosy into anything she doesn't want."

"Micah," Dwayne says calmly. "You know what she's been through, just give her time and space."

"That's alright for you to say," I hiss angrily. "It's me who she refuses to let touch her unless she decides to throw me a bone and ... I need to talk to her and work this out between us."

"She lets you get a hell of a lot more friendly than she ever did with Chris," Malcolm cuts in almost dismissively.

"I want a hell of a lot more than your brother ever did," I snap tightly. "I ..."

I take a deep breath as I clamp my jaws shut and turn my back on them. I wish Steven were here so we could change to cat form so I could run off most of my humiliation and frustration.

"Go make sure your sister is alright," I say tightly with a glance Sam's way. I hear him move slightly as if hesitating before he turns and leaves the room followed by Dwayne and Malcolm.

I take several steadying breaths before following them and pausing in the doorway between the hallway and the lounge room. I can easily identify individuals on their mattresses as the large window provides plenty of light from the full moon. Plenty of light for the toms to have seen Rosy turn away from me, spurning my affection and wanting nothing more than sexual gratification.

"Rosy okay there?" Sam asks quietly as he walks into the room and pauses for a moment just above the mattress where Rosy is curled up between Donny and Justin.

"Yeah, she just wants to be left alone." Donovan says quietly.

"Yeah well ... you know where I am if you need me Rosy," Sam says sounding unconvinced but he moves away. Dwayne and Malcolm make their way to their mattresses as I watch from the doorway.

"Rosy I'm going for a run, want to come and we can hunt?" I ask softly.

I hope we can talk so I can understand where her head is. Maybe this is some kind of misunderstanding we can sort out. It's a slight hope; no hope at all in reality but it is all I have to cling to. The alternative is something I'm not willing to accept, not yet.

There is only silence from her. No acknowledgement or rejection of my offer. I am aware of several toms shifting uneasily. Anger wars with hurt at Rosy's snub. It's becoming painfully clear she wants nothing more to do with me tonight.

"Right then. You don't have to worry! I get the picture. I get it real clear," I snap tightly and storm from the building in humiliation. I slip from my boxers as I go. They are all I bothered to pull on when I followed Rosy from the lounge room.

Outside I ignore the cool nip of the night air as I drop onto my hands and knees and begin my change to cat form. The hurt of knowing Rosy only wants me physically burns deep and I can't help but remember all the times I have told her I love her over the last few days. Not once can I remember her saying those words back to me. Rosy doesn't love me.

Once I am in cat form I give a low rumbling snarl before loping away from the buildings, I need to run far and long to cool this pain burning inside me. I head along a track that will take me on a hard run, I head where the hills are steep and covered in shrubs and rocks. I speed up and feel the burn in my chest and legs as I head up the first slope. I want the physical pain. I want to be able to forget the hallow ache in my chest, forget my arms are empty when they ache to hold Rosy.

* * * * *


"Rosy okay there?" I hear Sam ask quietly.

I am curled up beside Donovan trying to work out how I feel. Embarrassed, no, mortified that everyone saw what happened between Micah and I. Then for them to have witnessed, heard what was said between us.

I close my eyes tightly in shame and pray that sleep will take me quickly. Both Sam and Mitchell have told me it is normal for couples to have sex with others in the same room, even Micah has told me this, but it still feels wrong to me.

I am aware of Sam and Donovan talking but I block the words out, I don't want to know what they are saying as I pretend to be asleep. If only I were asleep.

"Rosy I'm going for a run, want to come and we can hunt?" Micah asks in a soft strained whisper. I can hear the pain in his voice and it hits me with a jolt that I am hurting him - that I have hurt him.

I'm sorry. I don't mean to act like this, but I don't know how I want to act. The words run through my mind but I can't bring myself to say them.

"Right then. You don't have to worry! I get the picture. I get it real clear," The words from Micah startle me into opening my eyes and I stare at Donovan's dark form as I listen to Micah leave the room.

I realise in two breaths Micah is walking away from me, or is it from us? The knowledge sends a bolt of pain through the centre of my chest and I feel the tears start as the screen door slams behind him. I choke back a sob but more rise in my throat. And behind that more, and more, pouring from me in a torrent.

It takes me several minutes to get my tears under control. I can't help thinking of Micah outside thinking that maybe I don't care about him, unable to stand it any longer I scramble from beneath the blanket and head for the door.

"Micah would be a fair way away now," Dwayne says from just inside the doorway. I glance back over my shoulder at him startled then glance around looking for some clue to which way Micah headed.

"Hey Rosy ..." Dwayne calls after me.

"Leave me alone. Can't everyone just leave me alone," I shout back at him tearfully. My inner cat surges forward with a rush and I give a cry of pain as I shape-shift then I am racing for the trees at full speed.

I slow my pace as I drop my head and trail my nose just above the ground hoping for some sign of which way Micah went. A bush holds his scent and I slow to take several sniffs before loping off along a faint trail. His scent clings to the occasional bush beside the trail and I continue further and further from the buildings into the night.

I run but I can't outrun the thoughts that flit through my mind - so I run – not sure if I am running away from, or towards, that which I don't want to face.

I long to keep to myself, alone, always alone. The knowledge he can't hurt me when I am like this makes me miss a step and I stumble. I catch myself and shake my head as I regain my stride before picking up speed. I weave through the trees in the moonlight - a dappled shape in the broken shadows.

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