tagNon-Erotic PoetryTo My First Lover

To My First Lover


To My First Lover

Oh, how love burned in my heart
Shared love and desire
Two virgins exploring sex
Unafraid and open to new experience
Hours spent only talking, learning
Me reluctant to ask for a kiss
Novice in the ways of intercourse
Having made love
One summer afternoon
The memory drifts past me
Like incense and a soft
hand in mine, like
A breast licked and a
Delightful ass held by wandering hands
Love struck me like
Raised consciousness bringing
The ecstasy of joy
My lover, a young woman of letters
Brought music and new words
Changing my world
Parted by schools far separate
I cried to sleep many nights
And new lovers came and went
Sharing life and times, new food
New kisses, but never
With the awe and delight
Of my first love


Mark Diaz
Copyright 2004

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