tagLetters & TranscriptsTo My Mysterious Emily

To My Mysterious Emily

byKaryn Gardenia©

To My Mysterious Emily,

You shocked me, you know...for quite some time you've been a lovely companion, a cozy company, a favorite pillow or comfy blanket, if you will. But when you stated your occupation last night...well...you snapped immediately back into the shape of an overwhelmingly desirable girl. It was both surprising and highly erotic. Unfortunately you had to run away...so I was left with a mind full of imaginings, a serious physical handicap, and a lot of time on my hands. I figure the least I could do would be to give you an accurate accounting of how I spent said time:

I'm sure you already know this, but just thinking of you pleasuring yourself turns me on. Envisioning how you might touch yourself, how your body would move and need and feel. Remembering your gasps and thoughts and the sound of your breath. The being so bold as to imagine the feel of your skin, running my hands over the curves of your body. I have a very vivid imagination...and that one sentence you delivered before leaving me sent all those thoughts running through my mind in an instant. Needless to say, I was transfixed...feeling myself getting extremely hard just as fast as my thoughts were racing. The exact sensation might be difficult to communicate across gender lines....but it was a reenstatement of a long-standing very strong desire all at once. Quite impossible to even try to ignore.

I'm sure you know how much your playful teasing turns me on...and I had a feeling you had every intention of getting me as desperate for you as possible. I know how much you like the thought of getting me so bothered that I can't help but take you...or, failing the possibility of that, can't keep my hands off myself. It had been so long since any sort of relaxation for me...all I wanted was you. You have a knack for getting me right where you want me...but fortunately I enjoy it. The whole time I was talking to you I couldn't keep my thoughts off of you or my hands off myself in my mind's eye. I was sitting here, gently stroking myself mentally, keeping my arousal under control as I spoke with you...wishing it was you stroking me instead as prelude to a much longer night.

After you left I decided that if I was to properly indulge myself, I should take the time to do so. I cleared out everything else I was doing...got myself undressed...got into bed...and it wasn't until I felt my sheets sliding over me that I allowed myself to sigh and let my hand wander down my chest as my thoughts started to drift. Just running my fingertips up and down my shaft made me shudder, as I thought of you doing the same sort of thing only your fingertips were running up your thighs. I could imagine you teasing yourself for quite some time, letting your breath get more ragged and your hips start to gently grind. I let myself watch you in my mind as I finally gripped my shaft and started firmly stroking myself.

By now I was far past the point where I could even consider stopping...not just stroking myself but gently thrusting, as if you were there riding me to feel the movement. Although, in my mind, quite the opposite situation was taking place...instead I was on top of you. After all the teasing and holding back I was finally letting myself have what I wanted most...to be wholly surrounded by you. To feel your lips on mine as I kissed you, to feel your body pressed up against mine, to feel your legs wrapping around me as I gently pushed forward into you, and to feel your pleasure as I buried myself deep inside of you. I couldn't help but let out a gasp as I started to gently thrust in and out of you, hearing you moan into my ear as your whole body squeezed mine. By this point, I'd teased myself for so long that I was literally dripping...leaving my cock slick and letting me get a bit more vigorous with my motions as I imagined myself starting to actually fuck you, letting all that pent up need and desire for you over all this time out at last.

Your wall scenario intrigued me...I've never done that with anybody before. I thought about it quite carefully, precisely how I'd want to take you. How I'd press you up against said wall from behind, starting out with my cock in the cleft of your ass, grinding gently against you so you could feel just how hard I was as I held your hands up above your head and teased your neck, nibbling down your back. Hearing you gasp and moan as you started to grind back against me...the feel of your skin on mine making me need to push against you even harder. The sigh of relief as you felt me stop teasing you and line myself up, coupled with the throaty grunt of lust from both of us as we felt the head of my cock start to spread you open. This is where I lost what little control I had left, where my need to feel you wrapped tight and wet around me became too much. Gripping your hip with one hand and your shoulder with another I imagined myself pounding into you, needing to feel you, needing to make you feel how much I needed you. I could feel myself starting to tighten up as I got closer to cumming. Since it was a fantasy, I didn't have to hold back at all...instead I stroked even harder, wanting to share my release with you. I finally let myself slip over the edge as I imagined feeling you cumming with me, squeezing me as I rammed all the way into you and came....well quite a lot more than I had in a long time.

And, well, there you have it -- a real live account of my activities of last night. Definitely not as well-crafted as you deserve to read, my delicious fantasy, but it's the best I can do in this state. I hope my confession earns me your favor.

Your Admirer, Jacob

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