tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTo Pay The Bills

To Pay The Bills


Kelly has only 20 and she already had huge debts. She had borrowed from a loan shark and he was threatening to kill her if he didn't get the money back. She didn't know what to do. He told her that if she couldn't afford it, her could work for her in order to pay him back. She was on her was to meet him for her first day.

She arrived at a big old Georgian house. She walked into the reception where she was shown to his office. The loan shark sat there with a big grin on his face as he introduced Kelly to a couple. A man, names Ken and a woman named Betty. They were both in their 60's an over weight. The loan shark told Kelly for her first job she would be spending the weekend away with this couple to help them enjoy themselves. Kelly was quite innocent at this stage and didn't know what this would entail.

"You will do anything they wish for ok" said the loan shark in a calm voice. "If you don't you will lose your job here with me and you know what that will mean don't you."

"Yes sir" replied Kelly.

An hour later she was in a little cottage with the old couple. They made her a cup of tea and took her up to the bedroom. Kelly found this a little strange but sat on the bed and began to drink her tea as they went into the bathroom and locked the door behind them. She had just finished her tea when they came back out.

The woman, Betty was wearing a long pink night dress made of satin and the Man, Ken was only wearing a towel. Kelly was embarrassed and didn't know where to look. Then Betty handed her a bag.

"Go into the bathroom and put this on," said Betty.

So Kelly did. She locked the door behind her and pulled out of the bag a little pale pink lacy night dress. It would hardly cover anything but she put it on. Then she walked out feeling very exposed.

The couple were laying on their bed. The man gestured for Kelly to come over. She knew suddenly where this was going and she felt sick. She crawled up onto the bed and Ken told her to suck his wife's tits. Kelly was shaking as his wife sat there with a bit grin on her face.

"They're 36 EE you know" said Ken, looking proud and a bulge began to rise under the towel.

Kelly bent down and moved the silk nightdress to one side. She lifted the very large and saggy breast out from the clothes and put the nipple into her mouth. She just had to keep telling herself in her head that it was this or die and soon her debts would be paid. Betty took her other breast out and put Kelly's hand on it. Kelly realised what she had to do and began to fondle it. She felt Ken move around behind her and start to stroke up her legs. Then he reached her exposed pussy with his hand up the very short skirt and roughly fondled her.

"Lick my pussy" Demanded betty.

Kelly lowered herself and lifted Betty's skirt to find a very hairy grey pussy. Ken pulled Kelly's legs around so her pussy was in line with Betty's face. "Sit on her face" Ken demanded.

Kelly obliged and straddled Betty's face. Her tiny skirt rode up a little and she felt Betty's hot breath on her shaven pussy. She felt Betty's tongue slowly and smoothly glide over the bare flesh and to Kelly's dismay she felt herself get a little wet. She leant forward and felt queasy and the thought of what she was about to do. She stuck out her tongue and licked Betty's pussy.

"Ride her face Kelly" Ken shouted with excitement.

Kelly began to grind her hips into Betty's mouth and Betty fucked Kelly with her tongue. Kelly continued to lick Betty's now soaking wet pussy. Betty exploded violently into Kelly's mouth. Kelly knew that was far from the end of it as Ken pulled her off his wife and laid her flat on the bed. He lifted her tint skirt and took a few seconds just looking at her cute shaved pussy, glistening with moisture after the seeing to it just got from his wife. Then he buried his bearded face between her legs and started his assault on her lips.

Strangely enough the feeling of his beard rubbing her sensitive area was really turning Kelly on even though she told herself it wouldn't. He was a really fat, old, greasy man. There was no was she could enjoy being fucked by him anymore than by his fat, greasy old wife who at that moment had lifted her own skirt and was sitting on Kelly's face. Kens beard was really tickling her pussy and she couldn't help but love the feeling as he nibbled her clit and stuck his tongue deep inside her. He was loving the taste of this young, wet pussy. Betty's pussy juices were trickling down the side of Kelly's face as Betty more and more violently bounces up and down on her face bringing herself to one huge orgasm.

Kelly was doing her best not to cum in Kens mouth but it was no good. She could feel it building and his beard was tickling her clit and rubbing her in all the right places. She came and he licked up her juices.

Then Ken began to rub his cock onto Kelly's tits, admiring their perkiness and that young flesh. He massaged the precum in and then placed himself above Kelly's face and told her to lick and suck his balls. Kelly was disgusted but new she had no choice as she took them one at a time into her mouth. She felt Betty lift her leg and place one of her own under in and then began to rub her soaking wet pussy into Kelly's, rubbing their clits together. Although Kelly didn't want to her hips started bucking up to meet Betty's and she let out a moan.

Ken then removed his balls from Kelly's mouth and inserted his cock. Kelly sucked it until he was almost ready to cum. Then Betty moved round and sat on the pillows with her legs spread. Ken demanded that Kelly get into the doggy position and put her head between Betty's legs. She did as she was told and felt Ken insert his huge cock up her cunt. He began to fuck her hard and fast. She didn't know what it was about this old man but try as she might she loved every second of it. She licked Betty's pussy again as both Betty and Ken leant forward to fondle Kelly's breasts. They all came at almost the same time.

The next day Kelly returned to the loan sharks office, hopeful she'd finally paid of the debt. No such luck. He said there would be work assignments where that came from. She was no where near paying him back.

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