tagGay MaleTo Protect A Prince Ch. 02

To Protect A Prince Ch. 02


“Gordie? Gordie!”

Sir Gordie jerked from his daydreaming to the inquisitive face of Consort Velvet. He fought back tears as she slipped behind him and embraced him warmly. She was his best friend and had always been able to sense his moods. She remained quiet, waiting for him to speak but he couldn’t seem to find the words.

“You’re in love, aren’t you?” He nodded, his shoulders slumping as tears gave way to silent sobs. Velvet gave him a long squeeze, keeping him in her arms. “What is it that you’re fighting, honey?”

Gordie took a deep breath. “My heart.” He managed to squeak the words out before he melted into tears again.

“First loves always hurt the worst, Gord, but why are you fighting your heart? From what you’ve told me of your picnic, seems you’ve all but got him in the bag.”

“He’s a builder, Velvet.”

“Yeah, so?”

“Builders travel.”

Builders travel. Now she understood why he was fighting his heart. Gordie had found the love of his life and he was petrified to lose him to the road and possibly other partners. “That doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll leave.” She said softly.

“What would make him want to stay here?”

“You, of course!” She laughed, trying to lighten his mood but Gordie was having none of it. He broke her embrace, heading for the wall. “Are you questioning his feelings?”

“No, not at all.” He sat on the bench, folding his legs Indian-style to face her. “The way he made love to me … “ He closed his eyes and remembered how soft his mouth was around his penis. “No, there’s no doubt about how he feels about me.”

“Are you worried that he’s not sincere? That maybe he’s just using you?”

“No.” Velvet watched him take another breath, fighting back a new flurry of tears. “But no matter how he feels about me, he’ll be leaving when the job’s over.”

She took his hands. “Did he tell you that?”

“No.” He looked up at her, tears brimming in his eyes. “What do I do, Velvet?”

“You can do one of two things. You can either return to the way you were before: cold and mechanical or you can do what the rest of us do: love for the moment. There is a chance that you will get hurt.”

“You didn’t get hurt with Rosebud.”

“Yes, I did. You know as well as I do that she and I have had our fights since we’ve gotten back together. But we’ve worked through the problems because we love each other.” She paused to see if he was understanding the meaning of her words. “I think you are doing him a disservice by not talking to him directly about it. He would understand.”

“He would understand what?” Sam bit into a crispy red apple, resting his back against the parapet’s doorway. “Were you talking about me?”

Velvet hesitated to see what Gordie would do and when he didn’t respond, she did, standing up. “Yes, we were.”

“I see.” He turned his hurt eyes on Gordie, who hadn’t raised his eyes. “Anything I should know about?”

There was no sound but the spring breeze soughing through the new leaves. “Talk to him, Gordie!”

Sam’s anger cooled when he saw tears rolling down Gordie’s cheeks. He had thought that the twosome was gossiping about him but quickly saw that he was wrong. He sat down on the bench, not noticing that Velvet had quietly departed. “Gordie, look at me.” He lifted the seneschal’s head up and felt his world tilt when he saw the sadness written in those green eyes. “Baby.” He wiped the tear tracks away. “Talk to me.”

Gordie looked down, willing his insecurity away. “When you finish the castle, will you leave?”

Sam inhaled harshly, feeling as if a hatchet had been buried in the center of his chest. “Isn’t that a little premature? I haven’t gotten the project yet.”

“You know what I mean, Sam.”

Yes, he did. Sam knew exactly what Gordie meant and what he was looking for. Say it, Sam. Commitment. “I don’t know how to answer that, Gordie.”

Gordie’s eyes filled with tears, blinding him. “Then don’t bother.” He took the steps two at a time, leaving Sam with an open mouth and a heavy heart.


The afternoon found the king, the princess, Rosebud, little Simon, Sam and Gordie heading through the North Forest toward the marshlands where the new castle was to be built. The king wanted the castle to serve as an incidental palace as well as a guard station at this corner of his local kingdom. Velvet tried to direct her attention to the little prince, but found that she could not help but stare at Gordie and Sam.

The lovers hadn’t spoken to each other since after breakfast and Gordie had seemed to return to his private, protective self. He barked orders to the guard staff at the castle and treated his friends with a formality that was only required at official events. Velvet had had to comfort Rosebud and the little prince did not understand why Unca Gordie wouldn’t let him ride with him.

Sam rode quietly behind Velvet, taking every chance he could to steal glance back at Gordie. His glimpse was met with stern glares or outright looks of indifference. At another time, he would have laughed it off, thinking about the road that had yet to meet him and the conquests that lay before him. But something was different now.

Holding Gordie in his arms yesterday had been an epiphany to him. Before, where he would have looked forward to fucking some man’s mouth, he now found himself looking forward to the soft kisses and gentle touches that preceded the lovemaking. And that was another thing. Lovemaking. NOT fucking. Lovemaking! He had never made love before. He had never wanted to please someone more than himself. But Gordie had slipped into his heart when he wasn’t looking and now he was ruined for anyone else, including himself.

If only he could tell Gordie the truth …

“Let’s stop here.” Gordie shouted as he rode by, commandeering the column. A low-branched magnolia tree was tasked into use as a horse post and after everyone’s animal was tied and secured, they all tramped down into the marshland.

Sam noticed that it was a good area for a castle. The ground was hard and flat, bordered on one side by marshes and on two others by cliffs. This ensured that no one could approach the castle to attack it on the cliffsides and that the enemy would have to trudge through water on another. He pulled his parchment portfolio pad out and grabbing a charcoal point, he began to sketch.

It took twenty minutes for Sam to precisely sketch the surrounding area and place the perfect castle within its confines. As Rosebud and Velvet brought out the wine, jerky and dried fruit, Sam sat down in the meadow, explaining the merits of his plan. The king, Rosebud and Velvet seemed to agree with just about everything he had laid out. On the other hand …

“It’s impossible!”

“What’s impossible?” King Simon asked. “His design is fantastic! Come here and have a look, Gordie. He even put an entrance to the stables that makes things easier for the guard staff.”

“And where is the prince’s room?”


“And where is my room?”


“On the opposite side of the castle?” Gordie spat incredulously. “How am I supposed to provide protection to the prince on the opposite side of the castle?

The king stared at his seneschal, his mouth gaping. “But Gordie, you always assign guards.”

“That might be good enough for now, but what about when he gains his majority?” The king had nothing to say. “How will I be able to protect the future king?”

The air was split by Rosebud’s sudden shrill scream as steel-tipped arrows rent the spring air. Velvet, Gordie and the princess dove behind the shelter of a large rock while Sam pushed the king and the prince behind another grouping of rocks. Sam’s eyes met Gordie’s as they hunkered down.

“Are you all right?”

“Yes.” Gordie rasped angrily. “Who the hell … “

His question went unanswered as the first onslaught was followed by a second. This time, the arrows fell upon the hiding place of the king and the prince. Their murderous tips pockmarked the largest boulder and dropped harmlessly to the earth around them. The prince howled in fear and more arrows flew.

“Give me your bow.”


“Dammit, Gordie, give me your bow!”

Gordie ignored Velvet’s request, harshly whispering, “It’s my job.”

He slowly popped up to check the opposing grouping of rocks and dashed over to Sam’s area, carefully avoiding his eyes. “Are you and the prince all right, sire?”

“Yes.” The king squeaked, clutching his grandchild close. “Sam’s all right, too.”

Gordie shot an angry glance at Sam as he pulled the bow from his shoulder, notching an arrow and smoothing the fletchings. Without warning, he arose and loosed the arrow off into a narrow gap that was on the other side of the flat space. He shot three more times, the second time hearing a dull thud. “I think I hit something.”

Two arrows flew from the gap, surprising the seneschal as one embedded itself in his shoulder. Gordie gasped and grunted in pain as he lifted his bow again. “Run.”

“No, we won’t leave you.” The tone of the king’s voice did nothing to hide his fear.

Gordie turned to Sam. “Take them away. NOW!”

Sam didn’t think twice. Actually, he did, but he couldn’t allow his feelings to put someone else in danger. He grabbed the king by the shoulder of his robe and ran him over to the other outcropping. Rosebud accepted her crying son, frantically trying to calm and quiet him as Velvet moved her lover and the king behind her, pressing against Sam.

“How many are there?”

“I don’t know but Gordie’s hit?”

What?” Velvet tried to see Gordie’s figure in the grouping of rocks. “I’ve got to go get him.”

“No, you can’t.”

“The hell I can’t!”

“He wouldn’t want you to sacrifice your life for him.”

“He doesn’t have a choice.” She leaned over and kissed Rosebud, then the king’s cheek. “He’s my best friend.”

Before he had a chance to respond, she had sprinted to Gordie’s side and found him on his back, trying to remove the arrow. She ripped the bow from his fingertips and began to shoot arrows, anger evinced in her features. It was several minutes before they realized that the shooter or shooters had departed. Gordie ripped the arrow from his shoulder and declined Velvet’s medical attention so he could investigate the scene.

Gordie found a bunch of arrows and a trail of blood that led to an adjoining pasture. It was obvious that whoever had shot at them had had a horse at the ready for escape. When he returned, he made his report to the pale and shaking king.

“Good job as always, Gordie.” The sunshine suddenly became bright and the sweet earth seemed to slip away.



The queen was supremely upset to find out that her grandson had been shot at. She was upset about her husband, daughter and daughter-in-law being put in the line of danger, but she couldn’t fathom little Simon coming to harm. She snatched the toddler away from Velvet and proclaimed that he would spend the night with her. King Simon sighed in defeat, knowing that the love of her life would sleep between them.

Gordie had awakened on the journey back and was upset that he was being transported like a helpless woman, on a roughly made litter. He cursed everyone, especially Velvet, and as soon as she had re-patched his shoulder, assumed the head of the line, leading them back to the estate. When they were inside the gates, he allowed his staff to care for the horses and led everyone else inside.

Velvet escorted Rosebud to their room, leaving her with a long embrace and an even deeper kiss, then went back to care for Gordie. She knew that barring Cook, the seneschal would not allow anyone else to care for his injuries. She stripped his shirt off, probed the wound for splinters of wood and cleaned and packed it. She was happy that he had not lost much blood, even though the wound was particularly gruesome.

“Have you talked to him?” Velvet asked as they ascended the stairs, heading for his room.

“No. Why should I?”

“Because you love him.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Gordie muttered, glad to see his room and his comfy bed. “He’s not interested in a relationship.”

“How do you know that?”

“I asked him about leaving and he said that he didn’t know what to say.” Gordie slipped off his shoes and allowed Velvet to undress him, tucking him in and checking the bandage before she left.

“Never say never, Gord.” She pressed a gentle kiss against his mouth with a small smile. “See you in the morning.”

Gordie closed his eyes and prayed for a dreamless sleep.


But the dreams came.

And Sam was the center of them all.

He could see the handsome builder as he had seen him in the marketplace. Raven black hair and deep blue eyes. Strong shoulder and slim hips. A soft mouth and gentle hands. Are you all right? His bandage was stained with blood and Sam carefully changed it, kissing the skin around the wound before sealing it tight.

Why won’t you talk to me?

Because you want to leave.

But I have to leave, Gordie! How could I become a famous builder if I remained in one place?
Gordie found no words to reply.

But what if I loved you? Would you stay?

Sam’s blue eyes met his green ones. No, but I would always come back to you. Could you accept that? The seneschal didn’t answer. I would always come back because I love you, too.

Oh, Sam.
His lips covered Gordie’s gently, his tongue probing the insides of his soft mouth. The kiss was so tender, so different because of the love expressed. He could feel every bit of Sam’s love radiating through his entire being and he felt like bursting into tears, it was so sweet. He locked his fingers in his thick, dark hair, crushing their mouths together and sending a ripple of pleasure through his body.

Sam arose, towering over him as he pulled his shirt from his shoulders. He had a beautiful shape, broad at the shoulders, tapering down to strong hips and covered with a fine mat of black hair. Gordie couldn’t help but run his fingers through it, searching for the nipples, round and pink. His hands moved to his waistline next, pulling each button free and pushing the thick material aside. Do you want me?

I wish you’d quit asking stupid questions and come here
. And Sam came into his arms, all silky muscle and taut sinew. Gordie thought he would cum just from the exquisite feeling of that body rubbing against his. He wanted to cover his body with his lips from head to toe but Sam had other thoughts. Gordie let his lover’s mouth cover his again, sucking on his tongue and drawing a deep groan from him.

Sam’s hip brushed against his erection, then his fingers encircled it, rubbing the hot skin and sending tingles up and down his spine. You have a beautiful prick. I want to feel you inside me.

But I’ve never done that before
. He felt a huge wave of fear move through him. And you’re so much bigger than I am.

Doesn’t matter that I’m bigger
. Sam’s words were soft and feathery in his ear. And I’ve never let anyone do it before and I want it to be you …

Gordie’s body responded to the touch of Sam’s mouth on his penis, nipping, licking, then engulfing his length. Oh, Gods, Sam!

I want you to fuck me. I want to see your face as you cum inside me and I want to go to sleep with your cum leaking out of me. Now
, Sam leaned down so that one of his nipples was just inches from Gordie’s mouth. Are you going to prove that you’re my man or are you going to leave me hungry?

The hardness of Sam’s nipple in his mouth made Gordie’s penis twitch and harden. He ran his hands along that hard body, intoxicated by the knowledge that it belonged to him and that he alone controlled it. He bit down teasingly and Sam threw his gorgeous mane of hair back as he shouted in exhilaration, his dick swelling to a hardness that he never knew existed.

Turn around. Panting with desire, Sam turned his ass to his lover, groaning loudly as Gordie’s tongue found his pulsating pucker and sank deep within its depths. He felt the outer ring of muscle relax and slide back as he invaded Sam’s asshole. The builder moaned and thrashed, cursing Gordie and telling him that it was unfair. It’s not unfair. I can do what I want to you, understand?

The firm squeeze he gave Sam’s inflamed cock elicited an answering hiss. Oh, Gods, yes! Do what you want with me!

Gordie felt a surge of power and squeezed again, adding a firm stroke. I don’t expect to have my wishes questioned ever again. Do you understand?

Oh, Gordie!
He pulled his tongue out, lightly rimming the flexing hole and swiftly sucked the sensitive skin into his mouth. He moved his hand up to caress Sam’s muscular stomach, loving the shudder that rippled beneath his fingers. Yes! Yes, I understand!

Gordie’s tongue again delved deeply into Sam’s hole, lubricating and exploring until his jaw grew tight and sore. Turn back around. Sam quickly obeyed and Gordie lay down on his back, pulling Sam so that he was straddling his waist, their hard penises together. Sit on my cock.

The sensations that he felt were indescribable. Sam lifted up and slowly, carefully impaled himself on Gordie’s pole. He felt the head of his penis stretch the outer ring and pop in. Gordie heard his moan matched with one from Sam, who leaned forward and took a deep breath. Oh, you feel so good! I never thought …

Just fuck me!
Gordie was surprised at the fervor in his own voice as Sam’s ass muscles gripped his penis. Yes! Make me cum! Sam moved up and down, his mouth hanging open as a climax quickly built within him. Gordie relentlessly pinched those rosy nipples while he gritted his teeth, trying to fend off the rising heat in his balls, his soul lost in those blue-blue eyes. He was surprised that he was able to last as long as he could.

Gord, I … Sam’s eyes glazed over as he moaned again. I can’t hold it. Gordie’s dick plunged into his lover and he wanted to scream at the pleasure that fired his soul. Then, suddenly, Sam’s lust-filled eyes met his. Gordie! The builder pumped his ass onto Gordie’s cock furiously, ropes of salty, sweet cum spurting from his slit and falling on Gordie’s chest.

Oh, Sam! His dick swelled, his balls tightened and his cum erupted deep within Sam’s bowels. Sam’s dick jumped again as he ejaculated again, feeling Gordie’s warm cum coat his insides. He felt Sam’s arms surround him, his lips at his ear as their hearts pounded together.

Time to go to sleep, honey. I’ll see you in the morning.

Gordie turned on his side and smiled as Sam spooned behind him, placing a protective arm across his waist. He pressed a kiss to Sam’s hand and snuggled in closer, slipping once again into the land of Nod and fighting to keep the smile on his face …


When Gordie awoke the next morning, he felt rested and was happy to see that the wound hadn’t seeped overnight.

And he couldn’t keep the smile from his face as he noticed the rose on his pillow.

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