tagGay MaleTo Protect A Prince Ch. 04

To Protect A Prince Ch. 04


Sam awoke and groaned. His entire body was bruised and the coppery taste of blood swam in his mouth. He wanted to move but he was afraid of more pain and he figured that the longer he pretended unconsciousness, the longer he could escape his jailer’s attentions. He didn’t think he could survive another beating.

“Is he awake yet?” A voice asked and he heard the lock turn, the door squeaking open.

“Don’t think so. He ain’t moved since last night.” Another voice replied.

“Is he dead?”

He felt cold fingers pressing against his throat for a few moments. “Naw. He’s got a good pulse. Why don’t you just give him a good kick? I bet he’ll wake up!” The sole of a boot slammed into his ass and his body jackknifed, a moan of pain escaping his lips. “See, I told you he’d wake up.”

“Get up, you filthy piece of shit!”

Sam groaned, trying to push the aches aside so that he could arise and finally face his kidnappers. He blinked several times to clear his vision and groaned at the sight of his sister, Princess Ashley deWeath. Next to her was a young man he didn’t know, grinning at him.


“Hello, little brother.” He had forgotten how beautiful his only sister was. Her midnight black hair was coiled in long braids on her head and her blue eyes sparkled like sapphires in a sunlit stream. “Sleep well?”

“Ashley, why are you doing this?” Sam reeled back in pain as the young man’s fist drove the breath from his lungs.

“I ask the questions. You answer them.” She smiled. “Now, where is Daddy’s ring?”

“I told you I don’t have it.” Again, a fist plowed into his stomach and he fell to his knees, retching emptily.

“Not the right answer, dear brother.” She waited until he had recovered sufficiently before continuing. “Reynauld told me that he had given you the ring. I don’t think he would lie on his deathbed, do you?”

“His deathbed? Reynauld’s dead?

“Yes. Prince Reynauld is dead. Seems he had been poisoned but they never found the culprit.”

“Oh, my, God! I don’t … I can’t … oh, Reynauld.” Sam felt tears constrict his throat as he thought of his only brother lying helpless while his power and money-hungry sister slowly poisoned him.

“Don’t waste your tears for him.” Princess Ashley spat, her eyes flashing in anger. “He was a weakling, just like our father.” She checked her fingernails. “I was born to rule this family and that’s what I intend to do.”

“That’s not your choice, Ashley. Reynauld was the oldest and that’s whom our father wanted in charge.”

LIAR!” She spat. “ am the oldest. I just don’t have something dangling between my legs like you!”

“I’m sorry, Ashley, but those were Dad’s wishes. Why didn’t you just talk to him about it?”

“Talk to him, are you crazy? ‘Women are meant to be behind the man, not beside and not in front.’ Remember him saying that?”

Sam winced as the memory came flooding back. They were all children: Ashley was 10, Reynauld was nearly 9 and he was 7 and King Peter had been watching them play before he interrupted to tell the boys that they would start studying with a statecraft tutor once a week. Ashley had asked why she couldn’t attend as well and that’s when the king had made that comment. “Yes, I do.”

“He ceased to be my father on that day.” She growled.

“I understand, Ashley, but we didn’t cease to be your brothers.”

“Yes, you did! When you agreed to Reynauld’s succession, you did!”

“What were we supposed to do? You know that male succession is law!”

QUIET!” Ashley’s shout startled Sam into silence. “You don’t care, Samuel. You were always his favorite, even though you liked boys.” She walked up to him, limping and at that moment, he saw that madness swirled in those jewel-like orbs. “You disgust me.”

Sam ignored the glob of spittle that slowly slid down his cheek as the pain of his brother’s death and his sister’s insanity drove him to tears.


It had taken three days to find out where Sam had been taken and as the details and pieces of the riddle came into focus, Gordie and Velvet realized that Sam was in grave danger. His brother had been poisoned and her sister was missing, but on a reconnaissance trip to the farm site, they had seen her and realized that she had kidnapped her own brother. They still did not know why she had done so, nor whether he was still alive but they knew what kind of person she was when she stepped out into the side yard and had a quick fuck with one of the stable boys. Thus, their plan was born.

“Are you sure you can go through it?”

“It won’t be a problem. I made love to you.”

“Gordie, that was different and you know it!”

Gordie laughed at Velvet’s indignation, nerves making his chest flutter. He was going to save Sam and he would do whatever he had to and if making love to a princess whore was on the agenda, he would meet the task. “I know, love.” He touched her cheek, pressing a quick kiss to her mouth. “We made love. I will be fucking her.”

Velvet sniffed, still pretending to be hurt. “Okay. Just as long as you know.” She led her horse away, heading for the secret hollow they’d scouted out days before. “I’ll be waiting for your signal.”

“I know.”

“You be careful. She’s a snake.”

“I will.” He pulled himself up into his saddle. “I have to.” He murmured to himself. “For Sam.”


“Hey! Someone’s coming!”

Gordie heard the shout as he entered the dirt lane near the farm’s entrance. Suddenly, the countryside came alive with men, all holding weapons. He pulled his stallion to a halt, eyeing the men.

“Good morning, gents.”

“Good morning, yourself.” One man strode forward, smiling and showing quite a few missing teeth.” Nice horse you have there.”

“Yes, he is. A good farrier always has a good mount. Would your master be interested in a farrier?”

“What’s a farrier?”

“Someone that cares for shoeing horses.”

“You can shoe horses?”


No Teeth conversed with his other mates, then strode back over, sheathing his sword. “Well, mister, you’re in luck. We have three horses that need shod.”

“Yeah, and maybe her highness will want to sample his wares!” Another yelled and they all dissolved into laughter at the bawdy remark.

“Follow me.” No Teeth said, leaping onto his own horse. “I’ll take you to meet the mistress.”

The barn was a large building with several rooms underground. After showing him where to tie his horse, he took Gordie down a long passageway. “This is a nice place you have here.”

“Yeah, we all has rooms down here. Stays nice and cool.”

“No smell from the animals?”

“Not much.”

There was a door at the very end, but No Teeth turned down another hallway. “Another bedroom?”

“No. That’s the guest room.” He snickered and waved Gordie forward, missing the look of relief that briefly flooded his features. Gordie knew that he had found Sam.

No Teeth knocked and after hearing a call, opened the door to the largest room in the compound. The princess was lounging on a chair, her luscious body covered by the thinnest gauze robe. She dropped the cluster of green grapes she was eating and arose to meet Gordie. He bowed low, noticing her limp and remaining low until she commanded him to rise.

“Well, Marley, you already have this one well-trained.”

“It just seemed the right thing to do,” Gordie let his eyes sweep her body as if she were a prime side of beef. “With one such as lovely as you are.”

Her smile was brilliant and the resemblance to Sam sliced through him. Still, he kept up the pretense. He was so close. “Your name?”

“Michael. Michael Edward.”

“He’s a farrier, ma’am. He can shoe the horses and fix the harnesses.” Marley supplied.

“Just what we were looking for. How did you know that we were in need of a farrier?”

Be careful. He and Velvet had removed shoes from some of the horses during the last few nights and this woman seemed smart. “I was just traveling through the area. I just came from King Simon’s castle, just east of here. Are you familiar with King Simon and Queen Rosamund?”

“No, I’m not.”

“They are quite wonderful people. You see, they had quite a few horses that needed to be

shod … “

“I’m sure that they were quite interesting.” She interrupted, heading back to her cool perch. “Well, you might as well get started. Marley, make sure that he joins me for dinner tonight.”

Marley nodded and led Gordie from the room. “You must have the luck of the angels.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Very few of us have ever been granted dinner with her majesty. She must really want a piece of you!!” Marley clapped him on the back, laughing heartily as they traversed the hallway once more. Gordie stole a glance at the end door, his heart pounding. So close, Sam. Hang on!

He put in a solid day of work, shoeing, trimming and cleaning the feet of four horses. The mistress had decided that all the animals should be re-shod and cared for which made him happy. It meant more work and it meant that he could hang around, without his presence seeming strange. After a bath, he dressed in his nicest clothes and was escorted to the princess’s room by Marley.

“Good evening.” He bowed again.

“Yes, it will be good.” She smiled, taking his hand and drawing him inside. Candles lit the room with a soft glow and service for two had been laid out on a small table. She was still wearing the robe, a large and fragrant gardenia tucked behind her ear. “Welcome to dinner with me.”

“I am honored, but I must confess, I don’t know your name.”

“It’s Ashley.”

“Ashley.” He kissed the back of her hand. “Beautiful.”

“What about the rest of me?”

“Very delicious.” He decided to press his advantage. “May I have a sample?”

Her eyes darkened with desire. “Of course.”

He pulled a few buttons open and pushed the robe down over one shoulder, freeing a dark-nippled breast. She shouted as he pulled the nub into his mouth and gave it a hard suck, his tongue bruising as he went. When he released her, he saw that her eyes were glassy, her desire fueled by the violence in his touch. He gave her a smirk. “Tastes good.” She trembled as he pinched the nipple, giving it a twist. “Is your pussy delicious, too?”

“You’ll have to wait and see.” She detached herself, attempting to recover her queenly composure, but this newcomer had gotten to her. Finally! Someone who enjoyed a little pain with pleasure. “Let’s eat first.”

Dinner seemed to drag on. Gordie kept the charm going, sucking her nipples to painful points between servings and letting her rub his bulge. The dessert plates had been removed and only a large decanter of port sat between them and hot sex. She grabbed the port and sat on the bed, reclining in a mound of pillows and motioned for him to join her. He grabbed the glasses, but moved between her legs, pinning her to the pillows as he forcefully rubbed his bulge on her. She groaned.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard that you’ll never want me to leave.”

“Is that so?” She whispered huskily. “Think you can satisfy me?”

“I don’t think it, I know it.” He flexed his hips, drawing himself across her sensitized clit. A shudder ran through her body. “I’m going make you wish that this night never ends.”

She pulled his mouth down to hers, bruising his in the process. He knew that she was turned on. He hoped it was the impetus that he needed. “Gods, you’re going to be a great fuck.” She bit his bottom lip. “You promise to hurt me?”

“Yes.” He pinched both of her nipples, leaning down to bite her neck and smiled when she screamed. “Whatever you want.”

“Good.” She purred like a well-oiled kitten. “Why don’t we start with some port?”


She had drank the entire bottle of port by herself. He was playing a very dangerous game but he couldn’t stop now. He filled both of their glasses and she undressed, rubbing against him. Whenever he had to kiss her, he dumped most of the contents of his glass into hers and made sure hers was filled all night. Thankfully, she passed out before he had to consummate the act.

When he opened the door, he was glad to see that it was empty but he heard voices coming and recognized that one of them was Marley.

Marley’s knock was light, so light that he would not have heard it but Gordie saw the door open out of the corner of his eye. He had prepared so when Marley came in, he saw Gordie fiercely pumping between Ashley’s legs. The door closed after a few moments.

He covered Ashley up again and listened at the door until the footsteps had disappeared. The hallway was empty and he hurried to the door at the end of the first hall. As the door swung open, he released his breath. Sam was hanging limply, chained to the ceiling by shackles and he was completely naked. His long, sinewy body was dotted with bruises, some blue, some black, some purple and lash marks striped his stomach, legs and back.

Gordie forced himself to remain calm as he lifted Sam’s head and saw one eye swollen shut and black circles around each. “Sam!” He said roughly. “Sam, wake up!”

Sam’s good eye fluttered open and nausea bubbled freshly in his throat. His first thought was that he had died. There was no way that Gordie was here, tears running down his cheeks. “G-Gord?”

“Oh, Sam! You’re alive!” Gordie grabbed the back of Sam’s head and pulled his mouth down, feeling the larger man wince in pain. He relaxed his grip, gently slipping his tongue in Sam’s mouth, renewing their feelings and letting him know what was in his heart. When he pulled back, he saw a new light in Sam’s eyes.

“Gordie.” Sam didn’t bother to hold his tears back. “Please forgive me.”

“Later. Where’s the keys?” Gordie found them under a clump of hay near the door. He unlocked the shackles and helped Sam to the bench to rest. “Where are your clothes?”

“I don’t have any. They burned them when they took me.” He rasped, still sobbing. “Gordie, please, I’m so sorry. I just … “

“I know. You wanted to make me jealous. Well, you succeeded.” Gordie barked, grabbing a candle and setting it on the high window ledge. It would only be a matter of moments now. He felt a little guilty about snapping at Sam but he was still angry at him. “And if you ever do any shit like that again, I’ll strangle you.” Before he could help himself, he was ferociously kissing and hugging Sam tightly.

“I wanted to hurt you. I wanted you to think that I was a horrible person so that you would forget me.” Sam whispered, gratefully accepting his kisses. “But I don’t want to hurt you, Gord. I love you. I love you!”

An explosion sounded from outside and Gordie jumped. “Tell me later. Let’s get out of here!”

The rest of the escape was a blur as a rainstorm opened overhead. Scores of men overran the farm and individual fights had broken out all over. Gordie was surprised at the volume of the troops until one contingent stopped him, identified themselves as hailing from the house of deWeath and took charge of the prince, covering Sam with a cloak and whisking him to safety.

Gordie cursed, vowing not to be separated from his love again and after collecting his horse, made his way through the warring crowds to catch up with the gilded black royal carriage. The sleek black horses reared back as the coachman snatched at the reins, staring down the drawn bow of a trembling seneschal, his hair slicked with rain and tears brimming in his eyes. “I want Sam.”

“Get out of the way before I make you sorry.”

“Do whatever you have to because I must do the same.” His lips quivered as he fought to hold his composure. “Sam, please! Don’t let them take you away from me!” Gordie felt something melting inside him. His fears, his worries; nothing was as scary as losing Sam. He would do anything to keep Sam.

“Move, young man, or I shall be forced to run you over!”

“Sam! Sam, please!” Memories ran through Gordie’s head; memories of a past that he had tried to forget now reared their ugly heads. The mother that had been cold to him, the father who ignored him for a military existence, his adopted family that had raised him, given him skills and a future, then had been tragically taken away by an accidental fire. “I don’t want to be without you! Please!”

“This is your last warning!”

“Sam!” He felt as if he were in a strange dream. His years of military duty flashed by in his mind and he watched as some of his comrades died while he survived. He had become a better man, but his emotions had disappeared, neatly tucked away in a tidy corner. Then, his chance meeting with the king and his appointment as seneschal. Still protected but still alone.

“Did you hear me?”

“Please, Sam!” The king and Queen Rosamund had taken a liking to him, something that he had tried to ignore, but he found himself wanting to please them, as if they were his real parents. Then, he met the exquisite Princess Rosebud, had seen her acquire his now best friend, her lover, Velvet. Prince Simon was the icing on the cake but as much as they had loved and accepted him, he had never been able to completely demolish the wall that stood between him and his emotions.

And then, he released his feelings, welcoming the tears and the confusion that branded him human. “SAM, I LOVE YOU!”

The carriage door burst open and Sam stepped out, fighting off the hands of the guards sent to protect him. He pulled the cloak close and walked to the side of Gordie’s horse. “Gordie,“ He said gently. “Drop your bow.” Bow and arrow clinked harmlessly in the grass.

With the greatest passion he’d ever felt in his life, Sam reached up and opened his arms to Gordie. The smaller man slid off the horse’s back and clung to him, sobs rending his composure into shreds and love bursting within his heart. “You belong with me, Gord. Forever.”

Gordie shook his head, unable to stop his tears as Sam covered him with the cloak and took him into the carriage, heading for King Simon’s castle.

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