To the Citadel and Beyond Ch. 01


"So what's your name, apprentice?" she asked him, after an awkward pause.

"Oh, I'm Baglish Fark," he said, holding out his hand.

Teona shook his hand, amused at his sudden formality. "And I'm Teona Felicite."

"So, Baglish. It looks like we're a long way from home. I propose a truce. Why don't we tell each other how we got here and take it from there?"

Reluctantly, Baglish assented so Teona gave him some brief background about Craftswomen before explaining what had happened before they had somehow found themselves in the cave.

His response to her amazing tale however surprised her. "So you have to suck your Guardian off several times a day?"

"What? Well, yes," she replied, irritated by the focus of his question.

"Oh, wow. Does that mean you'll want to, you know...?" He glanced down towards his suspiciously bulging crotch.

Teona shook her head in disbelief. A few minutes ago he had been terrified of her. Now he wanted to come in her mouth again. Of course she shouldn't be surprised at all. After all, he was a teenage boy.

"We'll work something out," she said. "Tell me about what happened to you."

Baglish's life as an apprentice Reaper was very different to her own training in the Craft. He had been sold to the Reapers when he was only seven, after he had shown that he had a spark of magic within him and a genius for determining how things worked. The Mannish Reaper philosophy was that they were soldiers, fighting against chaos and disorder as well as the evil of the manipulative Craftswomen, saving the world from their iniquitous ways.

As Baglish spoke, Teona got the impression of a gentle boy, more interested in studying than fighting. It didn't sound like he fitted into the aggressive Reaper culture and she wondered if had been bullied by his more martial peers.

In any case, despite only being an apprentice, he had been allowed to investigate the magical disturbances in Pinkoge because no-one else had been the remotest bit interested or had thought it was important.

"So, Baglish, if you're so smart, what did happen at Pinkoge?" she asked.

Baglish's face lit up as he explained his theories. "Well, I think cave was a site of a singularity, a point in space-time where more than one universe meets. I assume you're familiar with the theory that we live in a multiverse of different realities, each coexistent yet separate from the others?"

"Erm, yes," Teona replied uncertainly. Before she could go on, Baglish had started talking again.

"Good. I believe the cave was the site of a rift between two universes, ours and this one," he said pointing out of the cave.

"The silver membrane?" Teona asked.

"Yes, that's right," he responded encouragingly. Teona felt a slight glow of content at pleasing him before she caught herself, embarrassed at her reaction.

Unaware, Baglish continued. "I don't know why the rift appeared but there are several recorded instances of such phenomena, the last in Hgraflaa one-hundred and twelve years ago where a 'hole in the world' materialised for a period of 93 days behind a cataract. I've seen a report by one Flangflonn Fit, a local magister, that the appearance of the rift coincided with the sighting of several unknown monsters as well as some unusual psychic, um, happenings."

He stumbled to a halt, his face red with agitation.

Teona was briefly puzzled, before she understood. "Oh, you mean like the horny nuns and the village orgy in Pinkoge?"

"Er, yes," Baglish replied. "For unknown reasons, these rifts are associated unusual and random local spikes of psychically induced, um, libidinousness."

Teona felt amused at Baglish's discomfort. "Right, so for some reason, people get randomly horny. And the monsters?"

"I think that might just be some of the locals escaping, or being pulled, into our universe. Perhaps in the same way we were."

Teona glanced out of the cave but she could see nothing but an endless rolling red-hued plain.

"Were you trying to stop me hitting the rift with my fireballs?" she asked.

Baglish nodded. "Yes, I wasn't sure but I thought that exciting the membrane might lead to some sort of correction. But I didn't think we'd get sucked into rift."

"What about Beef? Why isn't he here with us? He was closer to it than I was."

"Beef? Your murderous and rather terrifying bodyguard? I have no idea," Baglish said reluctantly, obviously loathe to admit any ignorance.

"Well, shall we explore our environs?" Teona suggested.

"Ok," Baglish nodded. "Carefully."

Over the next hour the two cautiously looked around the cave and the surrounding area. The cave itself petered out quickly to a steeply descending narrow passage blocked by a recent rock-fall and was positioned in the side of an unusual basalt outcrop in the carmine plain.

Despite a meticulous search it became apparent that there was no equivalent rift to take them back to their own world. However there were signs of an explosion around the cave-mouth where some of the rock looked scalded and melted, perhaps where the rift had been.

The plain itself was barren and virtually empty, a gently rolling expanse of steppe sparsely covered in short wide-bladed red grass.

By the time they ventured out of the cave properly, it was early afternoon. They could tell because the rose-tinted sun was high in the pink sky. The world felt alien and unnatural, although at least the air tasted fresh and clean if a little dry and dusty.

In fact, the only real point of interest was the remains of a campsite a hundred yards from the cave-mouth which looked only recently abandoned. Neither Teona's nor Baglish's wilderness-craft was polished enough for them to glean much from the mishmash of prints and debris though. Not for the first time, Teona cursed her luck in losing Beef. He would have been able to tell a lot just by looking.

"So there's nothing here that can really help us," Baglish said wearily, slumping down on the grass.

"No," Teona seethed. "And I don't know about you but I'm extremely thirsty. We can't just hang around here. There's still a few hours until the sun falls. Maybe we should explore further afield."

Before Baglish could answer, Teona noticed some movement on the horizon. "Look!" she gasped.

Baglish stood up and together they watched a figure cresting a hill a few miles away and then pausing once it sighted them.

"Oh shit," he murmured as the stranger began moving towards them rapidly.

Teona breathed deeply, trying to remain calm. "Get ready to fight, just in case," she warned.

At first she thought the figure was running. As it got closer though she realised it was just big, very big, and its enormous stride was eating up the distance between them.

"Oh, Mother Selka's tits!" she swore as the figure slowed to a halt in front of them.

He, for it was undeniably a he, was half again as tall as her and resembled a human in that he had two arms, two legs and facial features that were pretty much the same shape as a man's, although perhaps more brutish.

But that was as far as the resemblance went. His skin was a deep rich red and although though there was no hair on his head, or indeed on any part of his body, he had two pale horns protruding proudly from his temples.

She could tell he was both male and hairless all over because he was completely naked, apart from a large pack on his back. Teona flushed as she looked at his heavily muscled frame and down to the disquietingly significant member and hefty testicles dangling between his brawny thighs. She forced her eyes up.

His eyes were startlingly white in his dark red face as he studied them both intelligently before smiling, or perhaps snarling, at them revealing ominously long canines.

She felt her nipples stiffen involuntarily and her pussy moisten and knew instinctively that Baglish had drawn in some power, preparing to unleash some sort of offensive sorcery in case they were attacked. She really had to talk to him about why his magic aroused her so abruptly but perhaps now wasn't the time.

She drew herself up, ready to unleash a hell of magical fire at the slightest provocation.

So it was quite a surprise when the demon said, "Hello. How do you do? My name's Cecil Arserender, Assistant Under-Deputy Research Delegate (Acting) at the Prolix College of Complex Outer-Plane Studies," in a slightly effeminate lisp.

Teona glanced at Baglish who looked as astounded as her. "Um, hello," she answered tentatively. "I'm Teona and this is Baglish. We're, um, well, Baglish is a student and I'm, well I suppose I'm a student too."

"Very pleased to meet you. Have you come from the rift?" Cecil asked.

"Er, yes."

"Splendid! I've been observing it now for 4 days and of course, wouldn't you know it, you arrived just when I'd popped back into town for provisions. Well at least I didn't miss you."

"How come we can understand you?" Baglish interrupted abruptly.

"Before I answer that, shall we agree an answer for an answer?" Cecil suggested.

Baglish looked at Teona who nodded. "OK."

Cecil touched his forehead, his chest and his crotch before intoning, "It is agreed." He looked at them expectantly.

Realising that he wanted them to follow suit, Teona did the same as did Baglish after a hesitation.

With a satisfied grunt, Cecil discarded his pack and sat down cross-legged in front of them. As they too sat down he answered, "The reason you can understand me is because I was dosed with Flaminger's Dazzling Universal Translation Spell before I came out here on my expedition. To be honest I wasn't expecting anyone to come through the rift as it normally only works the other way but I thought I'd do it just in case. And I'm very pleased I did!"

Teona shook her head. Cecil's explanation raised more questions than it answered.

"What do you mean 'the other way'?" she asked but Cecil waved a finger at her in a very human gesture.

"Wait! We agreed an answer for an answer. And it's my turn! So are you both humans?" he asked.

This time Baglish answered. "Yes. Although I'm male and Teona is female."

Cecil nodded knowingly. "I thought so! That you were human I mean. I can tell your gender even though you've hidden your genitals. You don't appear too different from a demon. Just smaller and paler and without any horns although unusually furred."

"Tell us about the rift: how does it work?" Baglish asked.

"Hmmm. A good question with a complicated answer! Well a deal is a deal, I suppose. I'll tell you what I have learnt about the theory. Rifts appear periodically through history as valves between contiguous but non-intersectional worlds. They appear to allow an escape of the balance of erotic energy usually from this world to yours. Now, my turn again. Tell me about..."

Over the next hour, doing their best to ignore his nakedness, the pair exchanged questions with Cecil who, despite his fearsome appearance, seemed gentle and well-educated. He even offered them some water and a type of coarse dry bread for sustenance. In exchange for information about their own lands they found out about the strange world they found themselves in which was called Contragaia.

Demons were the paramount species in Contragaia and Cecil described himself as a typically long-lived specimen, although several sub-races existed including smaller imps and much bigger fiends. Cecil had been training to become a theoretical thaumophysicist for the last eighty years and had been sent to observe the rift when it had appeared a few weeks before. He had found a silver membrane across the cave-mouth which sounded extremely familiar.

Demons lived for many human lifetimes and their history and lore was rich and well-recorded which meant that Cecil had access to several descriptions of rifts from the past and a strong understanding of the theories of multiple universes and magic.

When Teona described the monsters seen back in their own world, Cecil suggested they were most likely to be Lesser Psychogres, a large unintelligent humanoid species which frequented the area and had no doubt wandered through the rift accidentally. He also explained why there had been spontaneous orgies although first he had to explain about the flow of sexual energy.

Erotic activities seemed to be a normal part of the day-to-day life in Contragaia and, the way Cecil described it, every time someone had sex, they produced ambient sexual energy. Every now and again a rift opened to allow the release of sexual energy between worlds to preserve balance between them. In theory, these were one way although there had been examples in history where humans had somehow made the journey in the opposite direction.

"But then people have sex all the time in our world too. Why isn't there as much energy produced there?" Teona wondered aloud.

When Cecil didn't reply, Baglish interjected. "I've got an idea. Maybe the energy IS produced in our world. It's just that it might be being used up again by the Reapers who have learnt to convert it to magic. It's been rumoured amongst our sect but never properly tested that our powers may peak on holidays and around brothels."

He continued enthusiastically. "And maybe when you suck a Guardian, or even a Reaper, off, you're just recycling that energy into your magic too. Basically there is no excess of sexual energy in our world because Reapers absorb it before turning it into magic as do Craftswomen like you, Teona, although in a different way. And maybe that's how we were sucked into this world. When the sexual energy of your fireball hit the rift it caused us to be pulled through as entities full of that energy."

Teona nodded thoughtfully. "I think I understand. Although what about magic in this world? Doesn't that use the excess energy up? Or don't you have magic?"

Cecil's eyes lit up. "Ah, several questions! I will answer them for you though as I do find you quite exotically delightful, Teona. Yes we do have magic but is generated very differently by enslaving spirits from another plane into our own which of course wouldn't use the ambient sexual energy. I do believe your theory has some merit, Baglish. I would like to write a paper on this once I return to Prolix, crediting your contribution of course, if this is acceptable."

Baglish assented, smiling happily. Teona looked at him in amused wonder. He seemed extremely pleased with himself for solving the mystery.

Cecil continued, "In fact I would surmise that your magic would have no effect on a being or object of Contragaia although the obverse might not be true. Shall we try a simple experiment?"

Both Teona and Baglish tried to use some of their power to push Cecil but the flows just disappeared. They looked at each other in consternation. Being without effective magic was a huge blow.

"Now I have one last question. How do Craftswomen, I think you called them, suck energy from Guardians?" He looked at Teona with another disconcerting smile, running his thick red tongue over his teeth, calculatingly.

Teona, already disturbed by Baglish's use of magic, blushed once more, both at the question and the appraising way Cecil was studying her. Suddenly, she felt extremely aware of his huge muscular frame, heavy fat red cock and enormous full hairless testicles.

"I, um, I mean they perform oral sex on them," she said stutteringly.

"Oral sex? You mean you use your mouth to pleasure their penises?" When Teona nodded, he continued, "So it's true then. Some of the histories describe using the mouths of human women sexually as being an unparalleled pleasure but I had not really believed it could be true." He was openly, hungrily staring at Teona's moist lips now.

Baglish, seemingly unaware of Cecil's attention, asked innocently, "But don't you have oral sex in Contragaia?"

"A final answer for a final question! No, we have no oral sex. The natural predatory instincts of a female demon would mean that, if I were to place my penis in her mouth, I would very quickly lose it to her sharp tearing teeth. Only vaginal sex is safe."

Teona, trying to ignore Cecil's suggestive smirk, said, "What do you mean last question? We need to ask you about how we get back to our world!"

Cecil shook his head in a very human fashion. "I apologise. I have no more questions to ask or answers I require. You have told me all I want to know about your world and I have learnt a huge amount of how you got here. There's nothing else I need," he smiled.

"But, please you must help us!" Teona begged, hating herself for being so pathetic but knowing that, without a way of using magic to coerce Cecil, they would be unable to force him physically to help them.

"We had an agreement. Perhaps another one can be reached for further information," he suggested.

"What do you want, Cecil?" Teona said, already knowing what he would ask for.

"I want oral sex," he said curtly. "As it happens I do I have a good idea what you can do to get back to your own existence. But first I want to use your pretty mouth for my pleasure. I crave new experiences and I suspect this would be a valuable one."

Baglish stood up immediately. "What! You can't do that; that's just wrong!" he exclaimed protectively.

Teona felt absurdly grateful for his intervention but couldn't see any other way.

"It's OK, Baglish. I don't mind really," she said. And, perhaps demon cum would give her more power, not that she could use it here.

Cecil smiled again and stood up in front of her to his full fearsome height. She stood too, looking down at his enormous dark red cock, smoothly menacing and frighteningly substantial. She didn't have to look down very far because of his height and because it was already beginning to thicken in anticipation.

She looked up into his amused eyes. "Before I suck you, do you promise to tell us how we can get back to our own world to the best of your knowledge?"

He nodded in return. "It is agreed," he said, once more touching his forehead, chest and cock, allowing his hand to linger on the latter.

Teona did the same, conscious of the heat between her thighs. She turned to Baglish. "Perhaps you had better leave us to it."

Baglish eyed her angrily before storming back to the cave. "What the hell has he got to be angry about? I'm the one who has to do the deed!" she murmured to herself testily.

She turned back to Cecil and gasped.

He was now openly masturbating his vast member. She hoped it would fit into her mouth.

She stepped forward and took hold of his cock, marvelling at the feeling of its breadth in her hands.

"Oh my, you're huge," she breathed, slowly rubbing up and down with one hand whilst feeling his weighty balls with the other.

She leaned forward, hardly bending down at all and kissed the end of his cock, peeling his dark foreskin back to expose his immense angry red glans. Tentatively she licked it, causing Cecil to grunt in pleasure. He tasted a little like a human with an added spicy muskiness, not at all unpleasant.

She flicked her tongue wetly around the ridge of his cock before systematically working her way down to his balls. There was no way she'd be able to fit even one of his immense testicles into her mouth but kissed and licked them thoroughly before butterfly kissing her way up to the tip of his cock. He moaned loudly in response to her thorough oral ministrations.

Steeling herself, she opened her mouth as wide as she could and slid her lips tightly over the end of his erection. She thanked the goddess that she had such a wide mouth otherwise she'd never have been able to fit him in.

Keeping her teeth out of the way she began to bob her head whilst lavishly laving him with her tongue. Cecil responded with a bizarre high-pitched keening, obviously lost in ecstasy as Teona sucked him as hard as she could.

For some reason, perhaps because of the huge size of his genitals, Teona had expected Cecil to endure for a significant time despite her best efforts so when he came quickly it was shockingly unexpected.

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