To the Citadel and Beyond Ch. 01


Her mouth distended as he powerfully filled her mouth with an utterly colossal quantity of thick demon jism. She tried to swallow it all but was simply unable to and had to allow enormous quantities to fall from her mouth, drenching her chemise-covered breasts. She wished she'd thought to take off her clothing first.

His cum tasted like a spicier version of human spunk but she quickly realised it was having no impact on her energy levels. In fact, disappointingly, it was even weaker than the semen of a mundane man. If only its power could match its quantity then she would have been the most satisfied Craftswoman ever. She supposed its lack of energy would be related to how the flow of magic worked – she would ask Baglish later.

Cecil continued to ejaculate for several more minutes so that she could actually see his balls slowly shrivel. She kept tossing him into her mouth swallowing some cum but allowing most to dribble from the corners of her mouth until he was fully satisfied.

"That was truly a tremendous experience," he sighed as she sat back on her haunches.

"Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it," she said, unable to keep the sarcasm from her voice. She stood up and looked down at her ruined chemise. She would have to see if she could borrow something from Baglish, not that clothing seemed to matter too much in this world. "I'm going to get Baglish. And then you can tell us how we can get back to our own world."

When Cecil nodded in agreement, she went back to the cave to locate Baglish.

She found him sulking just inside the cave-mouth.

"Did you see what happened?" she asked.

He nodded sullenly.

"I don't know why you're so grumpy. I'm the one that had to do all the work."

"And I bet you just couldn't wait!" he barked tetchily.

Teona raised her eyebrows at his reaction. Was he jealous? She felt amused but kept the smile from her face. After all he was only eighteen and inexperienced with women. And it was flattering that he liked her.

"Please, Baglish. We can't bicker. We need to stick together. I did what I did because I had to. And Cecil is going to tell us how we can escape. Now please can I borrow something to wear? My blouse is completely ruined."

After a pause, Baglish nodded. "You can have my shirt," he said. "I've got an undershirt on."

She smiled warmly at him. "Thanks."

She unbuttoned her blouse and discarded it, grateful to be out of the sticky garment. When she looked up at Baglish though, he was staring at her dumbly. Or rather at her breasts.

"Oh," she said. "I'm sorry. I didn't think. I don't suppose you're particularly familiar with boobs. I'll often get mine out for the Guardians to play with while I'm fellating them and after what I did to you earlier, I just thought it wouldn't matter if you saw them..." she trailed off.

"Belal's teeth! They're amazing! I never imagined anything could be so beautiful," he exclaimed, his hands making small unconscious groping motions as he spoke.

Teona smiled at his candid wonder. She looked down at her tits, knowing that their considerable size, pale creamy firmness and small hard dark nipples were much admired by any man who saw them. "I am very proud of them," she said.

Baglish's continued to stare at her chest insensibly. She also noticed that his breeches were bulging at the crotch. Maybe she could kill two birds with one stone.

"Here have a feel of them and I'll suck you off."

Baglish didn't need to be invited twice. His eager hands reached out and he grabbed her boobs, delightedly fondling them and tweaking her nipples and groaning lustfully.

"Calm down," she said. "You'll get to play with them as often as you want. Be a little more gentle."

"Oh, sorry," he replied. "I just never imagined how nice they would feel."

Teona smiled at him again and knelt down to take his cock out.

The contrast between his smaller pasty penis and Cecil's enormous dark member was stark but she didn't say anything because she didn't want to hurt his feelings. At least her jaws wouldn't ache so much. She immediately plunged her mouth down, swallowing most of his penis in one go.

Despite her frenetic licking and forceful sucking, Baglish lasted a lot longer this time, much to his obvious pleasure. She even allowed him to grab her by the hair and thrust himself in and out of her as if he we were fucking her face.

When he did come, Teona felt the familiar orgasmic sensation deep inside of her as she swallowed his powerful viscous spunk. Licking every drop clean from his dick, she hummed contentedly.

"You have the most wonderful and delicious cum I have ever tasted," she said, completely honestly.

"Really?" Baglish asked, a daft grin still plastered on his face.

"Yes," Teona giggled. "You're even more potent than the most experienced Guardian. Thank you."

"My pleasure!" he replied. And then, blushing deeply, he leaned forward quickly and gave her a quick kiss on her cheek.

Unexpectedly, she felt a stab of fondness for him. He really was such a nice boy.

As Teona dressed, she told him about the arousal she felt whenever he used sorcery.

He pondered briefly before replying. "I guess it might be because of the flow of sexual energy. I've not heard of anything like it before but I guess, for some reason, you are attuned to my magic."

"Well I don't know if you'll need it but just be careful to warn me before you use it," Teona said. "I don't want to be distracted at the wrong time."

When they went outside they found that Cecil had raised a tent, cleverly assembled from a single light canvas and poles from his pack. He offered them some more coarse bread and water. Despite appearances, he explained that he was vegetarian as were all demon males whilst females, however, were principally carnivorous.

After prompting from Teona he explained his idea for how they might return to their own reality.

"If I've understood correctly, you were pulled into the rift once you adulterated it with your own sexually-driven magical energy. I believe this concentration of energy caused the rift to open fully for a brief moment causing an overbalancing of energy into your world. To maintain the balance the rift then sucked you, as strongly magical beings, back in; this heavily overcompensation caused the rift to collapse. I think it therefore extremely likely that a rift will have re-manifested somewhere that you should be able to use to return."

"But where would it be?" Baglish asked.

"Historically, rifts have only materialised in two areas. On this, the Bathetic Plain, or in the land of Feecherfart, three-hundred leagues to the West. I suggest that you accompany me back to Prolix tomorrow, which is a few hours away or perhaps a day's walk for you with your shorter legs. We will hear there of any unusual disturbances in the fabric of reality. If you're lucky it will be in this region, otherwise you'll have to undertake a journey to Feecherfart. Either way you have a good chance of finding your own world."

"But how will we survive? We have no money and our magic is ineffective here," Baglish said.

"Ah, well actually you do actually have rather a valuable and unique commodity in the form of your companion's oral skills. I would be willing to escort you to Prolix and find you accommodation in return for regular access to her mouth. I will also be happy to act as an agent for you to provide mouth service to anyone else from whom you might need goods or services."

Baglish looked at Teona in despair. She sighed resignedly. Although she had sucked many cocks, she had always done so for her own need. Despite his enormously animal maleness, sucking Cecil had been hard work with little reward in itself. The idea of whoring out her mouth to other huge-membered demons certainly did not sound like an attractive proposition.

But then again, what choice did she have? She studied Cecil's genitalia and could see that his balls were already starting to firm up again. At this rate he might want to be sucked again by nightfall.

She squeezed Baglish's arm reassuringly. "All right, Cecil. We'll come with you and I'll provide you mouth service to a maximum of twice a day. In return I expect you to help us return in whatever way you can. But let's take it a day at a time."

Cecil smiled happily. "It is agreed," he said, touching himself as before.

She looked at Baglish who appeared uncertain. "It's OK, Baglish. Trust me. It might be difficult but we will get home.

Teona turned to Cecil and returned his gestures with more confidence than she really felt.

"It is agreed."

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