tagMind ControlTodd Thomas' Ghostly Misadventures Ch. 02

Todd Thomas' Ghostly Misadventures Ch. 02


(Author's note: You may have noticed the title change. This is to accommodate Literotica's word limit. Be happy folks, it just means I'm adding chapters now!)

My name is Todd Thomas, and I see dead people. And no, in all my years, I've never seen one that looked like Bruce Willis. None of them has ever asked for help "moving on", or telling me what it's like "on the other side", or any of that crap. In fact, I've never even heard any of them make a sound, ever.

"Well poop" you say, "there goes all my hopes of finding an afterlife."

Yeesh, who let that guy in? Now I just feel sad.


Yeah, so ghosts float around a lot, and fuck people's brains.

"Say what? Just what have I stumbled onto?" you cry out in horror.

Goddamn it, really? Where'd all these people come from? Go read my first story first! Who even starts reading something in the middle?

Okay, I think that's all the exposition I can stomach in one sitting.

Now, this next story happens about two weeks after my first one. Nothing special happened in those two weeks. I mean, aside from having sex with my boss at every opportunity I could. Holy hell, that woman is amazing.

"That's it, Todd?" you say, your arms crossed, with a pouty look on your face, "Is that all you have to say about her? She's a strong, smart, independent woman, and all you can say is "amazing"?"

Jeez, relax! I didn't want to go into details, okay? I work in an office, in a cubicle. Nothing interesting ever happens there.

I will say this though. After that first time, Emma got a lot nicer to me, and everyone else, for that matter. She ever smiled once. It looked like it hurt her face to do it. Maybe if she practiced more often....

So yeah, this next bit happens in my house (read: apartment). I started working late regularly, since it gave me an opportunity to spend quality time with Emma on a regular basis. This particular night though, I got back earlier, and hadn't had time to be with Emma.

You guys don't realize how easy you have it. I had to take the subway home, horny as hell, while all around me, ghosts were fucking people. Normally, you only get one or two per subway car, and they usually go for people wearing headphones, or reading a book. Tonight, they seemed to have it out for me.

Not only were there at least five of them, but they all seemed fixated on people sitting either right next to me, or directly across from me. Do you know how awkward it is to have to hide an erection while the woman across from me is staring blankly at you while an ephemeral dick is sliding around her noodle?

"Wow, Todd, you're such a sympathetic hero!" you gush, "I can really understand your pain, and suffering!"

Nobody likes a smartass, dear reader.

I'm just trying to set the tone here.


Nah, I think that's enough tone setting. The tone has been set. Were I to think of a word describing the tone, I would use "set". Heh.

Oh, gosh, I crack myself up.

Okay, let's jump into the story.


I woke up in total blackness. I raised a hand to my face, to rub my eyes. I couldn't even see it. I tried to think back to what had woken me, when I heard a loud crash, and the sound of breaking glass. I looked around, but I still couldn't see anything

I flopped out of bed, trying to untangle the sheets from my legs. I fumbled around until I found the chain to the lamp next to my bed. Without a second thought, I yanked it, turning it on.

Ohgodohgodohgod. A brilliant pure white light filled the room, burning my retinas as testament to my stupidity. I fell on my ass, with my hands clapped over my eyes. With one hand, I blindly groped around until I found the stupid lamp and turned it back off. Gently easing my hands off my poor eyes, I looked around. Still darkness, but it was now accompanied by floating white spots that lingered in the center of my vision.

I remembered why I woke up in the first place. I got to my feet, and stood up. I walked towards the main room, and smacked my face right into the closed door. I staggered back a few steps, clutching my nose. I blinked away tears, and forced myself to stand still. I stood there until I felt awake enough to go into the other room. With a quick nod, I opened the door.

You'd think for a guy who regularly sees ghosts floating around, there wouldn't be much that could surprise me. But what I saw in my living room made me pause for thought.

My living room window was open, letting a stiff breeze in. On the ground next to my window, were three things: A broken glass bottle, a girl wearing all black, and a ghost that was currently fucking her brains out.

She was dressed in black sweatpants, a black sweater, and a black ski cap. Long blonde hair hung down past the ski cap, and pooled around her face. Her face was cute, round, with freckles on her cheeks, and large blue eyes that stared blankly ahead while she drooled into the carpet. She looked like she was a sophomore in college.

The ghost holding her head in a death grip while it pistoned in and out of her, was a personal favorite of mine. She had long black hair and large heavy breasts, but what really got me was the look of fierce pleasure she got every time she fucked someone. I guessed in real life, she was a sadist. I had nicknamed her Penny.

I walked over to this bizarre tableau to get a closer look. From what I could tell, our would-be-thief had jimmied the window open, and slid her way in, but knocked over the bottle holding Penny while she did. Catwoman, she ain't.

Right now, Catwoman was on her knees, with her head on the floor, with her arms lying limply on the floor, with her ass sticking high up in the air. I took pity on the girl, and hoisted her to a standing position. I held her by her shoulders, and led her over to the couch.

After sitting her down on the couch, I decided to get some answers. I waved my hand around Penny's ephemeral form, dispersing it enough to break her away from Catwoman's head. I managed to get her trapped in my cupped hands, but I knew it would only hold her temporarily.

I sat down in the cushiony chair next to the couch, and waited for the girl to snap out of it. Since Penny didn't get to finish, I didn't have long to wait. She blinked a few times, still staring ahead, until she shook her head, and looked around.

"What happened?" she asked, with a confused look on her face, "the last thing I remember was..." I let her finish her train of thought.

"Just take it easy, okay? You had a nasty fall." I said, in a tone I hoped was calming. "Can you tell me your name?" I couldn't just keep calling her "Catwoman" after all. (Okay, yes I totally could, but telling the police Catwoman robbed you probably wasn't a good move).

"Yeah, it's Kari. I was-"her eyes widened as she realized what she had said. She abruptly stood up, and started running towards the door. I got up too, and started towards her.

"Hey Kari, stop!" I tried to grab her, while keeping my hands clasped together to hold Penny in. Kari turned around and, I kid you not, let loose a spinning kick that would've made Jet Li proud. My whole world turned upside down and sideways and backwards as I crashed onto the carpet. My legs turned to jelly, and I let loose some kind of garbled noise, halfway between a squeak and a groan.

I groggily looked up from the carpet to see Kari standing listlessly yet again. When I had expertly blocked her kick with my face, Penny had slipped out of my hands, and resumed fucking Kari. Poor Kari was slumped against a wall, knees barely supporting her weight.

As I occupied myself with the task of sorting out what was my face, and what was floor, I pulled myself up. I stumbled my way over towards Kari, and held her shoulders.

"Okay, that was uncalled for. Just for that, I'm going to make you my bitch for the night". I sat her down on the couch again. I worked the zipper on her sweater, revealing a black tee-shirt with a low-cut neckline. Her skin was pale and soft, tantalizingly leading down under her shirt. I pulled off her shirt with some manipulation of her arms. I was greeted by small, perky breasts, clad in a plain black bra.

"You really like color-coding for the occasion, don't you?" I said, as I gently kissed each breasts. I fumbled with the bra clasp, opening it with a snap. Firm rounded breasts greeted me happily. A few freckles stood proudly at the top of her breasts, leading up to her shoulders.

I played with her nipples, enjoying the firm feel of them. I slipped the ski cap off her head, and let her blonde hair tumble down past her shoulders. I stared into those blank blue eyes briefly. She looked totally out of it. A quick glance up told me Penny was having the time of her life. Her head was thrown back in ecstasy as she pumped in and out of Kari's head. She looked like she could go all night.

I grabbed the waistline of her sweatpants, and pulled them down, revealing smooth, pale legs, and cotton panties. Unsurprisingly, they were black. I pulled those down to her knees, and lifted her legs up.

A neatly trimmed vagina revealed itself to me. I leaned down, and slid a couple of fingers in. Unsurprisingly, she was already wet. Prolonged ghost fuckings tend to do that. I teased her clit for a few minutes, just to be sure.

I let go of her legs for a moment, and quickly pulled down the boxers I had been sleeping in. My dick was already rock hard, thanks to me being blue-balled today. I put her legs over my shoulders, and slid the tip of my cock inside her.

I grunted in surprise. She was tight. Like, oyster tight. It took effort to push in more than a few inches. I guessed she was either a virgin who lost her hymen, or had only had sex once or twice in her life. With some work, I built up a rhythm inside her. The room filled with the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh.

I felt the pressure building inside me, and I knew I wouldn't last much longer like this. I thrust in a few more times, and pulled out slowly. I slowly stroked my cock, while thinking to myself. My jaw still hurt from her ninja kick, and I wanted payback for that. My eyes glinted devilishly as an idea popped into my head.

I grabbed her arms and legs, and flipped her over, so her stomach was on the couch, and her rear hung off the edge of the cushions. With some work, I propped her legs underneath her, so her butt was high in the air. I stuck a few fingers in her wet vagina, to lubricate them. Then, slowly as I could, I slid my sticky fingers into her ass.

There was a ton of resistance as I forced my finger in. Her ass muscles clenched involuntarily, squeezing my finger tightly. I persisted, slipping another finger in. I kept this up, until I felt she was ready. With a gentle exhalation, I slid my dick into her ass.

I'd never had anal sex before, so I had no idea what to expect. For future reference, "the tightest hole you can imagine, squeezing from all directions" would be accurate. I let out a strangled moan as I was met with incredible resistance. Even lubricated as it was, my dick was not being greeted kindly.

I gripped her hips for leverage, and started pumping deeper. Her ass jiggled as my stomach hit it, bouncing her whole body forward with each push. The sensations were overwhelming, and I once again felt the pressure building. I didn't slow this time, instead thrusting in as hard and as deep as I could. When I could take no more, I shoved my cock in as deep as I could, and came so hard my ears popped. My tortured balls released their load deep into her ass, sending currents of pleasure running through me.

With a pitiful little gasp, I slumped down against the cushions. I gently pulled my softening dick out of her poor ass. I plopped down on the couch, looking upwards to see how Penny was doing. She had opted for long, slow thrusts, her hair drifting weightlessly around her with every movement. Her back was hunched, her breasts hanging low enough to tickle the top of Kari's scalp.

After taking a moment to regain muscle control, I gathered up our clothes, and put them on their respective body parts. I made sure to use a few Kleenex on Kari's ass, for what it was worth. By the time I had tidied up, Penny had increased the speed and pacing of her pumping, the tip of her dick poking out of Kari's forehead with each thrust. Not much later, she came too, spewing ghost semen inside Kari's skull.

I grabbed an empty bottle, and coaxed a tired looking Penny into it. I sat back down as Kari started to wake up. She looked around again, a confused frown plastered to her face.

"How did I..." she trailed off, trying to recall how she got here. Once again, she jumped up, and made for the door. Like the idiot that I am, I got up to stop her, again. I grabbed her arm with one hand. She whirled around and drove her knee straight into my balls.

As I lay on the floor, clutching my groin, contemplating my existence in the universe and certainly not whimpering like a dog, I heard the door open then slam shut, as rubber-soled sneakers beat a quick staccato on the floor outside.

I dragged myself over to my easy-chair, and hauled myself up into it. I leaned back, and let out a sigh. Once I felt confident enough to stand without the aid of crutches, I tiredly made my way back to my bed. Flopping down on the soft mattress, I curled up against my pillow, and was asleep in minutes.


Whew! Pretty crazy, right? If you think that was fun, you should've been there in the morning, when I counted the number of bruises I had! Buckets of fun all around.

And before you ask, beloved reader, I'll answer your most pressing question first. Yes, "Penny" is short for "Penelope". There, I'm sure that will satisfy all your curiosities for quite a while!

Don't worry dear reader; we'll get back to Emma eventually! What am I, a Tarantino movie? Chronological order is for wimps!

Thanks again for all your feedback! It gives me a warm tingly feeling inside! Okay now, Ciao!

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