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Toe Nail Polish

byPeaceful Man©

Women shouldn't get tattoos.

Women shouldn't wear pants.

Men shouldn't wear skirts. (Please don't tell the Scots.)

Jewelry is for women, for sure!

Men hunt. Women gather. Period.

And absolutely, nail polish is only for women!

It's fun and surely interesting to consider gender. The more I consider it, the more I agree that gender is not a biological issue. There may be only two sexes, but there are as many genders as the imagination will permit.

A few months ago I was drawn to, or had a "pull" towards. doing something with my body. I'm not really interested in tattoos or jewelry, so what I thought I needed was a cologne. Something that reflected how I really felt. I was looking for something that smelled like patchouli and basil. But, not finding that, I finished my shopping by coming home with a bottle of nail polish! I thought I'd try it on my feet.

It was red. Very red! And at first there seemed to be a sexual charge involved. But that soon faded, or changed, to just "an interest". I tried other colors, a week for some, just a couple days for others. But what I found was the more I wore the polish, the more natural it felt. I was beginning to like it! I was imagining riding through the desert to California on my motorcycle. In sandals, toes gleaming with the color of the desert sand.

As of now I have not received one negative comment. In public, no-one seems to notice, or if they do, they're quiet about it. One woman I stopped to talk to while biking said, "Nice! The color matches your helmet." My daughter said, "Good raisin color, Dad!" Another friend gave me a bottle of polish that she thought would "look good on me". Another friend suggested that I treat myself to a pedicure as the last time she was at the salon she was sitting next to a man who was also getting one. My girlfriend gave me a bag of polishes and said to just keep on being me. (Bless her!)

My favorite comment was from my granddaughter who asked me why I painted my toes. When I told her I just thought it would be fun, she looked again and said, "Well, the color matches your sandals," and went on playing. Kids are great! They accept what they see and just keep on playing. Their minds don't yet need to judge.

But my mind does. And I found myself easily judging colors as being too feminine or too "teeneybopper-ish". Some colors I thought I could wear in public with comfort and others I thought would take more "guts". I stayed with this for a while until I finally realized that I was doing this for me. When I tried to imagine choosing a color that would be acceptable to others I got a sense that the "fun" of it was evaporating.

A benefit that I didn't expect is that I now pay more attention to my own feet and take better care if them. I'm your mailman, and my grocery money comes from walking.

So that's it. My suggestion is that if you're a man reading this, just try it. Even if you never take your socks off I'm sure that whatever comes up for you will be interesting.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/17/18

Color for everyone!

I wholeheartedly agree with the author, nail polish has no gender. I think anyone who feels like adding a little color in their life should feel free to do so, and enjoy it!

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