tagRomanceTogether Again

Together Again


We've been apart now for several months. We talk on the phone everyday and send one another emails and letters all the time. The letters have really allow us to fill the void we were both feeling sexually. We can talk on the phone to meet our emotional needs but, unless we had phone sex, the calls simply wouldn't do.

Now it is time for me to come down and see you and the kids. A glorious extended vacation to reconnect with all you and to recharge my batteries. I miss you all so much and you have made it clear to me just how much everyone misses me. None of us can wait for this time together. I have to admit, I have thought about the quiet intimate time we will have together. I have fantasized about your touch and kiss. I find myself waking at night with an incredible erection, as I have just dreamed of you lips wrapping around my shaft. I find myself taking quick little daydreams of me caressing your body, my tongue finding your clit, and you writhing in pleasure.

All I can think about on the plane is you. I can't stand it. My dick pushes hard against my jeans as I try to shake mental images of us together out of my head. I can't take it anymore. I get up and go to the airplane bathroom. I guess tonight I will join the mile high club, only as a solo. I unzip my pants and my cock fights the material of my underwear to be free. I release it and it is hard, full and ready. My dick is about 6 inches long and about 3 inches in circumference. You remember what is looks like don't you. I take the small travel size bottle of lotion that I had in my carryon and apply a small dab to the head.

The lotion is cool as it is moved around. It feels so good. I move my hand in circles around the head and slowly down the shaft. I now have my member completely covered and my hand glides easily. I grab my cock lightly, keeping my hand slightly open so it barely brushes my skin. As I stroke myself, my eyes are closed and I am picturing you. You are standing in front of me rubbing your breasts while removing the sexy little outfit you are wearing. It is cut low in the front, red with white fur. Most of it is lacy and I can envision your skin peaking through.

My other hand reaches down and begins to squeeze my balls. In my mind I see you turn around, and show me the back of your lingerie. The outfit cuts low across the back and shows just the top of your butt crack. The bottom of the outfit is cut equally high and the two perfect round globes of your cheeks hang out the bottom. I increase my grip and start to move my hand furiously along my meat. It feels so good every time my hand move up and rubs against the head. My body twitches slightly. I know that I am not far from release.

I imagine your clothes dropping to the floor and you lay back on the bed. You look at me and your hand moves down to your pussy. You spread your legs wide apart and tell me you can't wait anymore. I am now stroking myself with complete abandon. Suddenly, I erupt. I sit there holding my prick as I go limp. I am amazed at how sexy you are.

When my plane arrives it is about 11:30 at night. You are waiting for me at the gate and we embrace in each others arms. We share a long intimate kiss. Your mouth opens slightly and our tongues entwine. The moment is electric and an intense wave of passion rushes over both of us. We head off hand in hand toward the baggage claim. There is an almost giddiness between us. It just feels right being together.

As we put my bag into the back of the car I notice one of the middle seats is gone. "Where is the seat?" You tell me that to move some of the kids' Christmas presents you took it out and put it in the shed. We drive off and I have your remind me of which way to go. We start talking and laughing and soon I find your hand on my thigh. While driving down the road we continue our conversation while you rub my thigh. We take the exit and begin heading down the back road to our house. It is extremely dark. You can't see two feet in front of you without the lights. You tell me to make a left at the next street so you can point out a house. The road is even darker and completely deserted. Not only are there no people on this road, there are no houses. It is a dead end. I turn to you with a curious look on my face. "Let's get in back," you say.

Excited we move to the back of the van. I can now see a small bag hidden behind the other middle seat. It appears to have a couple of towels and who knows what else. We sit back on the bench seat and begin to make out. As we sit next to one another, our mouths meet in incredible passion. My hands frame the side of your face, and we continue kissing. We haven't been like this since we were teenagers. My hand begins to work downward and I start kneading your breast through your T-shirt-shirt. God you feel good. While I work on your breasts you move your hand around my waist and rub my side and back. I can't control my desires any longer and begin to pull your shirt up. You lean back and quickly pull your shirt off and throw it to the side. You look magnificent. Leaning forward, you practically rip my shirt off me. Your mouth moves in and you begin playfully biting my nipples.

I now reach around, and unhook your bra. With your breasts free I begin to massage them with both hands. Your tongue has proven to be a distraction as it darts across my nipples. I then lean you back and move down to kiss your breasts. Moving from breast to breast I lick and suck on your nipples. My tongue makes ever increasing circles along your areolas. You look so good. I can feel my dick throbbing with anticipation. After several minutes of my oral attack on your breasts you pull away.

You have me sit back and spread my legs. You get on your knees on the floor of the van and position yourself between my opened legs. You undo my jeans, as I lift my ass you pull them free. Now I sit here in nothing but my underwear. You start licking my inner thigh. This is driving me crazy. I try to position myself so I can touch you but you just push me away. "Just sit back and enjoy this" is all you say. With that I sit back and close my eyes. You continue to lick my thighs. Your hands moving across my stomach and chest. My hard on is now straining to break free. You move your mouth in and begin licking the small area between my leg and groin. You know how much this drives you crazy and now you can see it has the same effect on me. I twitch and my cock jumps with anticipation. You continue moving toward me and finally take my cock into your mouth through my underwear. God the teasing is torture. It is great torture though. You then have me lift up again as you pull my underwear off. My prick springs free and almost hits you in the face. We both kind of chuckle at that. With no notice you suddenly swoop down and engulf my entire cock. Oh, I almost erupt immediately. Somehow though I manage to hold back.

You have me all the way in now and you begin to move your tongue around. Your hand finds my balls and the patch of skin below them. I am in heaven. I can barely stand the intense pleasure that I am feeling. As you move your mouth up and suck on the head, your hand takes hold of the shaft and begins to stroke. I warn you that I won't last long if you keep this up. You then release me and straddle my lap. I don't enter you, rather, my penis is nuzzled between your pussy lips. It is wet and hot and all I want to do is enter you. We continue to make out like this, lost in time. Our bodies pressed together and the heat from our groins burning with desire.

We can deny ourselves no more. You raise and grab hold of my cock. Positioning it, you lower yourself onto me. Sighs of pleasure escape both of our mouths. The feeling is incredible. I reach around, and grab your soft ass cheeks. You lean forward as I begin rhythmically thrusting in and out of you. We start out slowly. Inch by inch you feel me pull out of you and then I slowly lower you back onto my tool. The motion is pure ecstasy. God your pussy is so hot and tight. You are squeezing my cock and making it throb more and more.

You then climb off and turn around. You now lower yourself back down and begin riding me reverse cowgirl style. You take control now and begin quickly moving up and down me. Your body slams in mind as we lose all inhibition. You move faster and harder as you slam into me over and over. Suddenly your muscles contract and you scream out. Your breathing is shallow and you say harder, faster. I meet each of your downward thrusts with an upward thrust. Suddenly, I join you and we scream and moan together. You feel a sudden warmth as I bath your insides with my seed. We collapse together and I hold you tight in my arms, kissing your neck. We have now officially christened the van. After we clean up, we continue home. Settling in, we both realize, we are not done with our encounter and start anew.

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