tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTogether We Became Exhibitionist

Together We Became Exhibitionist


This is the story of how my wife and I became the exhibitionist we are today. Basically it is our memory and looking at the many pictures we took over the years is how this story was put together.

My wife and I were both raised in religious families and attended the same Baptist Church and went to the same public schools since we were babies. My name is Norman and my wife's name is Marline. We are now both 29 and living outside Charlotte, N.C. I am a Product Relocation Specialist, (a.k.a. truck driver) and Marline is a dispatcher for the same company I drive for.

We officially started dating and shared our first kiss when we were 16 and were married when we were 21 in a very small town in South Carolina. We were both inexperienced in sex and the many pleasures that come along with it. We did have sex a few times before we got married, but only with each other and that only happen the last 6 months before we were married.

Neither one of us had ever really been exposed to porn until after we got married. A guy I worked with gave me a couple porno videos as a gag gift wedding present after work one day. He suggested that my wife and I look at them together one evening when we had nothing else to do.

One of the first changes we made in our lives after marriage was how we slept. Neither of us had slept nude until our wedding night. We enjoyed being nude with each other in bed so much we both agreed to sleep nude together the rest of our lives. To this day eight plus years later, we still sleep nude, we both prefer sleeping this way now.

But for the couple months, before leaving the bedroom, my wife would always put on bra and panties under her clothing. I could not get her to walk around the house naked. Some mornings she would wear just her thick robe to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee but then she would hurry back to the bedroom to get dressed. But she did look great naked, her breast were firm and didn't sag a bit. She had a nice flat tummy and nice firm round ass which looked great in tight pants. Myself, I would often walk around the house in a t-shirt and boxers. That is until she made me get fully dressed.

We did watch those videos a couple months after we got married and it started changing or lives that same night. We wife was completely embarrassed at what we were seeing on our TV but still she couldn't stop watching. Before we were half way through the first movie, we were naked and she was sitting in my lap, watching the sex on the TV, while bouncing up and down in my lap with my dick deep inside her. We had never had sex anywhere else but in bed before, so this was new and we liked it. We watched those videos almost every night for a couple weeks after that first night. We tried many of the positions we seen right there in the living room and even experimented with anal sex for the first time one night. I enjoyed it, my wife not so much but said we could do it again once in a while if she was in the mood. Now the oral sex she liked! She said she loved the control she had on me when she had my dick in her hands and mouth, but she said she wouldn't swallow my cum, but she said she did like it when I came on her face and tits like the guys did to the girls in the videos. And she said she definitely liked having her pussy licked and I seemed to be getting better and better at it each time I ate her. My pretty little bride soon got to where she was pretty good a sucking my cock. She seemed to actually enjoy sucking on it. She soon got to where she could swallow it all.

In one of the videos, none of the girls seemed to wear any bras or panties; plus they wore very little clothing in public and were repeatedly exposed their tits to strangers and they all seemed to have fun doing it. I asked Marline if she would ever do anything like that for me. She said she could never do anything like that around home but away from here where nobody knew her, she might be willing to at least try it at least once for me. Marline wasn't a big girl; she stood 5 ft. 4 inches and wore a 32B bra. She weighted about 105 lbs. I was 6 ft and weight 200 lbs.

I did get her to start going braless for me once in a while around town about a year after we were married, that is once we moved into our new home near Charlotte. Since we were new to town and nobody knew us, she agreed to give it a try as long as I was with her. She was afraid to go braless in public alone. Her mother had never let her go braless ever since she started to develop at around eleven, even around the house. I told her I preferred she didn't wear a bra around our house because it just made it harder for me to play with her titties when I wanted to. I remembered she giggled and said she would do that for me because she liked it when I played with her titties.

My wife and I were rather conservative because it was how we were raised. For our honeymoon, we sailed on a cruise out of Tampa, Fl. to the western Caribbean for a week and we really enjoyed the cruise, well what we seen of it. Being newlyweds, we spent a lot of time in our cabin getting to know each other. Marline did bring some new cute sexy clothing but she always wore a bra with them. Her swimsuit was a bikini but it was very modest. It was full coverage and the sides of her bottoms were about 4 inches wide. Even the shorts she wore came to mid-thigh; she said she didn't own any short-shorts. I told her we needed to buy her a couple pair; she said she'd think about it. Her sun-dresses did ride about 4 to 6 inches above her knees but she still wore strapless bras with them even if they had built-in bras. So getting to go braless would be a big step.

Since I am a truck driver, I drive by adult video stores often and one Friday I decided to stop by one on the way home. I purchased two more similar to the ones we had and took them home. One was mainly about girls sucking a lot of different cocks and the other was mainly group sex containing a little girl on girl, threesomes and three or four guys on one girl. I didn't tell my wife I bought them until after we started watch one and she quickly noticed it wasn't one of the two we normally watched. I showed her the two video containers and she seemed pleased at my selections. It wasn't long before I could 'feel' she really liked the one named, 'Cock Sucking Sluts"

One Friday afternoon, after a couple months of getting Marline to go braless around the house I got her to leave the house braless. I came home from work and she had already been home a couple hours already and had already removed her bra and got out of her slacks and put some shorts on. I asked her to remain braless for me and to go with me to the building supply store to get some lumber for a couple things we wanted to build around the house that weekend. She agreed to, she had worn a snug fitting, dark blue t-shirt to work that day. She said it felt weird being braless in public but that it wasn't that bad and said she would probably do it more often for me. I didn't want to embarrass her but I noticed her nipples were hard and they were making it very noticeable that she was braless. I also noticed that a lot of men in the store were looking at those hard nipples. But what surprised me was that I wasn't mad or jealous at all with them looking. Just the opposite, I noticed that my dick was getting hard knowing that those guys were looking at my wife's tits, I was proud and happy she was my wife. They could look all they wanted, I was enjoying their expressions.

Once we got to the car, I couldn't contain myself no more. I took my wife's hand and placed it on my crotch letting her feel my hard-on. She had a look of surprise on her face and asked me what caused it. I pointed at her still hard nipples and said, "Those! Didn't you notice all the men looking at you and them in there?"

She looked down at the ground and said, "Yes, I noticed and I found couldn't stop how I felt about it. I surprised myself when I found I enjoyed their looking and it was making me feel good knowing they were looking at me and my braless breast and my hard nipples, and it seemed the more they looked the more I liked it. I even looked at a few of the guys and smiled at them as they looked at my hard nipples. A couple times I almost reached up and touched them as they looked. I was worried you would get mad at me for enjoying showing off, but now I see and feel that you don't mind. Your reaction now makes me want to show off some more and I love you for that!" As she reached up to kiss me, still holding on to my hard dick, I reached up and grabbed a handful of tit and squeezed a little. She would have normally push my hand away before I made contact in public places, but this time she did not stop me, instead she moaned and kissed me harder. I stood there a good 30 seconds groping and squeezing my wife's tits in the middle of the parking lot and she was smiling and letting me do it as people drove and walked by.

We were home in about 10 minutes and ended up having sex in the middle of the living room on the floor. We didn't make love, we had hard raw sex. Her panties were soaked when I tore them off her; she said that she had never had her panties get wet like that before. She said she would defiantly go braless in public a lot more for me now, if it meant that she would get fucked like that when she got home. I told her I promised I would if she did.

That night we watched the video of the girls showing off in public again and I asked Marline if she would be willing to try going pantiless once in awhile also. She said, "I was just thinking about surprising you by doing it one day but, I would also like for you to not wear you underwear for me too once in awhile. How about it? Deal!" I smile and said "Deal"!

The next day, Saturday morning, I needed to get a couple things from the building supply store I had forgotten and asked Marline if she wanted to go along again. She smiled and said, "You just want me to show-off again don't you? Well, sure, I'll go and show-off for you, what would you like me to wear?"

I hadn't even thought of her showing off when I asked her to go with me, but I liked the idea. I smile and said, "I don't know, let's go see what you have that would be good to wear." We went through a bunch of her stuff I had never seen. I threw a few things on the bed and told her to pick out something she would be willing to wear in public and I would decide if it was daring enough. She finally picked out a couple things and I told her to go put them on in the bathroom and come out and surprise me with it. She came out wearing a tight yellow tank top braless that I just could make out her nipples through and a pair of old cut-off jean shorts that stopped just above her knees. I told her I loved the top but that the pant legs were too long on the shorts. I asked if she minded if I cut them off to a shorter length. She said she liked the idea and took them off, she had no underwear on! I pointed and said I liked that idea, she said she thought she'd give it a try after our talk last night and said it actually felt pretty good wearing no underwear when she slipped those tight jeans shorts on. I found some scissors and proceeded to cut those shorts off to a sexy short-short length.

Marline put them on and they looked good on her. I had cut them off to a nicer length; there was about two inches of inseam left on each leg in the crotch area and her ass cheeks were on the verge of showing in the back. She checked them out in the mirror and said she had never worn any shorts this short before but that they did look good and that was going to like wearing them for me. She slipped on some healed sandals and off we went. Those healed sandals made her legs look great! She looked at me and asked, "Are you wearing underwear? If so, you had better take them off buddy! If I'm going commando, so are you." I said, "Yes ma'am!" and quickly dropped my shorts and underwear in one move and pulled just my shorts back on. It did feel good going commando.

Marline's nipples were hard before we got to the car. I just had to reach out and tweak them. Marline just smiled and said, "You like that, huh?" I just smiled and kissed her. When we pulled into a parking spot at the store, I looked over and Marline was pinching both her nipples. I said, "You had better stop that or you might punch a hole though your top and then you bare nipples would be sticking through that hole." She just moaned as she squeezed them one more time.

Once in the store, every eye, man and woman, went to her tits and her pointy nipples, I could see she was definitely enjoying this by the smile on her face and twinkle in her eyes. It was hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, Marline would never had even considered going braless outside the house and here she was, braless and in a tight top with her nipples hard for all to see, but what I didn't notice was that I had a hard-on and it was tenting my loose shorts for all to see as well. When we found what I was looking for, Marline grabbed my hard, protruding member and said, "I see you still like seeing guys looking at me, I wish we could find a women or two in here and let them see this." My mind went spinning, I never even thought about my showing off in public, I knew I could get in trouble for it but Marline didn't seem to care. She was enjoying groping me in public; truth is I was enjoying it too. But I removed her hand and said I had what I need and that we had better leave before I got into trouble. I told her she needed to lead the way and that I would be close behind her. She turned and took one step and stopped quickly. I bumped into her, dick first. I heard her chuckle and start walking again slowly. She stopped a couple more times before we reached the check-out line. Both times I poked her with my hard-on when she stopped. There were only two lines open, an older lady and a young girl, Marline chose the young girl. When we reached the register, I placed my items on the counter and Marline grabbed my hard-on again, I jumped when Marline grabbed hold of me. The girls' eyes got big when see seen Marline grab me and hold on. Marline held on to my dick the entire time the girl rang me up. I almost came as I paid the girl when Marline began to stroke me. The girl was smiling at me as she gave me my change. She told us to have a really nice day and Marline said, "Oh, I'm planning too as soon as possible". The girl said, "I bet you are."

Once out in the car, Marline told me to pull to the far edge of the parking lot and stop. As I drove there, she unzipped my shorts and released my hard dick and had her mouth around my dick before we stopped. I was so worked up from what she had done to me inside the store I told her I would be cumming very soon. She acknowledge by going, "hum, hum" on my dick. Her humming sent me over the edge, I told her I was cumming but she didn't stop as she normal did. I dumped my load in her mouth as she kept sucking and I could feel her swallowing. As soon as she had sucked me dry, she sat up and I kissed her, cum and all, I then helped her remove her cut-offs and spun her around so I could eat her pussy. This was the first time we had ever had sex of any kind while not in the house. But it would not be our last; we frequently have had sex in the car since then and now Marline is always swallowing my cum, she said it is not as bad as she thought it was going to be, in fact she says she's beginning to enjoy it now.

After putting her shorts back on Marline said we need a few groceries at home and might as well stop by the store on our way home. She then said with a wicked smile, "There are a few cute guys at the store I'd like to see or actually I'd like them to see me and I promise not to grab you while we are in the store."

Once at the store, Marline quickly exited the car leaving me to catch up. She had told me she wanted me to follow her but not too closed. She wanted the guys to not be afraid to look at her and that I just might scare them away, but she wanted me close just incase. But I didn't mind following her, her ass was looking 'so good' in those tight little cut-offs and her ass cheeks were looking great as they just hung out below those shorts. I decided then and there that I needed to cut off another inch or so off the bottom of those sexy little shorts to really let those ass cheeks hang out.

Marline grabbed a shopping buggy and slowly wandered around the store and she was right, there were a few young guys working there and they all took notice of her. I seen more than one grab his crotch after she passed him. But the biggest surprise I got was when Marline slowly bent over at the waist, looking back at two guys watching her, to get a loaf of bread off the bottom shelf. He ass looked magnificent! I walked up to her and grabbed her ass, she didn't flinch. I told her to hurry up; I needed to fuck her bad! She looked at me with a look I had never seen before and said, "You had better find somewhere to fuck me before we get home!" We left the shopping cart where it was and headed for the car. I told her to get in the back seat and get naked while I moved the car further out into the parking lot. I parked under a tree way out in the parking lot and got out. Marline pushed the door open and there she was naked as a jaybird. I climbed in pulling my shorts down as I closed the door. Marline was climbing into my lap, grabbing my dick and aiming it at her pussy even before my shorts hit the floor. That was our first daring fucking session but by far our last.

Marline was still naked on the backseat as I started driving home. She said it felt weird riding down the road in the middle of the day naked but that she was enjoying it and wanted to do it again some day. I had to wait for her to get dressed before she got out of the car but what little clothing she did have on didn't stay on long once we got in the house, we ran to the bedroom removing our clothes along the way. She sucked me hard again and then got on all fours and told me to fuck her pussy hard from behind. I did just that!

After resting a bit, I got her shorts and she watched as I cut a little more from the bottom and cut the inseam down to about one and a half inch wide total. She suggested that I also rip the side seams a couple inches. She said she noticed that they were a bit tight at the leg opening and that opening the side seam would make them a bit looser. She put them back on when I was done and said that she didn't think they weren't too short yet and that she would still be willing to wear them in public for me. I then think I surprised her when I asked her to leave them on the rest of the day as we worked around the house but to remain topless. She looked like she was in thought for a minute and then said, "OK, it's a deal as long as you let me make some shorts for you to wear around the house. I said that it was fine with me and dug out some old shorts I hadn't worn in years because they were raggedy and torn. She first cut them off short but not as short as hers and she ripped both sides all the way up to the waistband. She then cut a few slits in them, for ventilation she said, and then she handed them to me to put on. I must admit they were very comfortable but I could never wear them in public. Marline walked behind me and slid her hand through the ripped side seam around front to my dick. She said, "Ooh, I like! Easy access!" Those shorts were all Marline and I wore around the house that weekend and many weekends after that.

Every night Marline and I talked about her weekend of showing off and our daring public sex and we ended up having a great night of sex. One night she even suggested we try putting my dick in her ass again but this time she produce some good lube from somewhere and it made things a lot easier for her, she even said she enjoyed it a bit and would be willing to try it again soon.

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