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Toilet Tentacles


Jasmine had to go really bad. It was one of those shits that just come out of nowhere, throbbing inside her bowels, one that once felt brought worry that she wouldn't make it to the bathroom in time.

On her way to the bath she glanced in the mirror in her hallway, there was a mirror in every room in her house, so that at any moment she could stop to admire herself. Reaching the toilet she looked in the mirror and let her pants fall to the floor, revealing her shapely, perfect legs. She ran her eyes over her dark olive skin and smiled.

She turned her back to the mirror and bent over, loving the cameltoe produced as her shirt moved up, showing her tight panties. Turning back to the mirror she tossed off her shirt, no bra underneath right now, not while she was home alone. She'd rather see her beautiful globes bounce in each mirror she passed. She wondered to herself why she ever wore them, why not let them be free. She enjoyed the men's stares, how could they not stare at her perfect body? She especially loved the frowns on the faces of the less attractive girls as they saw where their man's eye's were glued.

A contraction in her stomach brought her attention back to the urgency of her needs. Quickly removing her panties she sat on the stool, naked, and shuddered at the cold contact. She saw her nipples become erect and smiled raising one hand to stroke them, at the same time she gently squeezed.

She expected to feel the sudden release of emptying herself, but it didn't come. Squeezing harder she closed her eyes and grunted. Nothing.

Reaching down she held the sides of the toilet, squeezing as hard as she could, making unintelligible sounds.

"Ugh, ah, AHH! God..." she gave up, slumping back on the toilet.

After resting a moment she spread her legs and looked down, not sure what she expected to see. When she saw nothing she wasn't surprised.

Sighing, she prepared herself again, slowly squeezing. A stream of urine flowed out, not what she was going for but she went with it. Idly she reached down and dipped her hand in the golden flow.

Bringing her fingers to her lips she breathed in the smell. Wonderful, fragrant. Staring into her own eyes in the mirror she touched her lips and spread the nectar over them. Slowly she opened her mouth and slipped her fingers inside, licking the sweet taste from them.

Watching herself in the mirror she was mesmerized. She felt thrilled, the taste was electrifying. Eagar for more she shoved her whole hand in, sucking it clean. She closed her eyes to enjoy the taste and sighing she felt her bowels let go.

She moaned into her fingers, the pleasure of the relief so sudden and unexpected she lay back against the toilet and moaned. Pulling her hand from her mouth she reached back and flushed.

Just as she was about to get up she felt pressure at her ass again. In a moment of confusion she thought she had more to release so she relaxed, opening herself up. She gasp as she felt something slip into her loosened ass.

She sat up quickly and tried to stand, but before she could something wrapped around her waist, pulling back onto the stool. She spread her legs and looked down into the stool, this time there was something, a thick shaft rose from the water and was pushing deeper into her ass. Next to it one came up and was tightening around her waist as she watched. They were slimy and purple, pulsing with life, and they weren't alone, several more wee rising from the water.

"WHAT THE FUCK!! No! Let me go!" Jasmine struggle against the creature's grip, but it was fruitless. The thing held her firmly, her ass grinding into the stool. The thing in her ass wiggled and pressed deep into her.

The things wormed up her body and wrapped around her arms, holding her. More came and wrapped her thighs, others coiled around her beast. They lifted her off the toilet and she hovered in air, screaming and thrashing about. She saw each long tentacle was capped by a large penis head.

She fought to block out what was happening. This couldn't be, these things were violating her perfect form, ruining her luscious body with their foul touch. She started to cry when she felt one rubbing it's head against her slit.

"Please no..." she sobbed.

Her plea went unheeded, the thing at her pussy found her hole and pressed in, forcing it's way roughing inside her. She thrashed harder but couldn't put up any defense, hovering in air she was helpless.

One came up and circled her neck, silencing her cries. Another, the largest she'd seen, rose at her face. She held her mouth open gasping for air, sobbing harder as she realized what that one wanted.

It moved forward, rubbing itself across her lips, clear fluid dripping from it onto her chin. She closed her mouth, it was better not to breathe then have that thing defile her soft mouth. Her mouth was a precious gift, something she'd enjoyed teasing men with, making them beg for entrance there. It might ravage her body, but she could keep her superb tongue from it.

It pulled back and slapped her across the face. She winced and closed her eyes, it hit her again. She sobbed as it assaulted her, horrified at being beaten by this disgusting member, but eventually the need for air and the blows weakened her, and her mouth dropped open. Seeing her strength used up the thing pressed itself into her mouth, it slid over her tongue and into her throat.

It tasted strongly of urine, it's soft slimy skin felt hot in her mouth. The head was large, stretching her jaw. She mumbled with her mouth full, trying to push it out with her tongue, but it wouldn't budge. Her tongue tasted it's precum as it wiggled against it.

Slowly it pressed deeper, making her gag as it hit the back of her throat. It began to pump in and out, stopping every few moments to let her draw a breath. The others at her lower holes followed it's pace, plunging in and out of her in long strokes.

Jasmine felt defeated, her perfect body was now a plaything for these revolting snakelike cocks. They wiggled all over her, squeezing her tits, rubbing her ass cheeks.

She was afraid to look in the mirror, fearful of the horrible sight of her flawless form being assaulted by these things. As always though, she couldn't stop her eyes urge to look into the mirror.

Her breast heaved, sweat poured down between them. The way her legs shook as they took her was exquisite. Her cheeks puffing to the rhythm of the thing in her mouth was fantastic. She stared, transfixed at her beauty.

She realized then that nothing could mar her beauty. As the things enjoyed her she knew they couldn't help but to want her. Like the men who stared they were only following what was natural. She was a goddess, and this thing couldn't ruin her, but it did need to learn it's place.

Seeming to read her mind the one at her mouth pulled out and hovered there, inches from her face. The one on her neck relaxed it's grip and the tentacles held still, waiting for her commands. She smiled.

"Am I beautiful?" she asked.

The one in front of her face nodded enthusiastically.

"Do you want to worship me?"

It shook with excitement, smiling, she opened her mouth for it and it eased in, she wrapped her lips tightly around it and began tonguing forcefully. The rest of the tentacles resumed their caresses and strokes, sending ripples of pleasure through her now that she opened herself to them. As their pace slowly rose, Jasmine moaned, staring at the sight in the mirror. She saw her reflection shudder in orgasm after orgasm.

The creature shifted her around in the air, giving her a full tour of the act through the mirror. It was a wonderful creature, she realized. It could fully enjoy every part of her body, all at once. Every soft curve was stroked by it, each hole stretched and partaken of, her breast massaged just like she like it, no man she'd been with had been able to explore her this way. They didn't fully appreciate her, couldn't hope to make use of her full potential, but this...

The one in her mouth pulsed and poured it's cum into her, she swallowed willingly, giving it that pleasure. The others came inside her, and on her breast, covering her beautiful skin in warm cum.

They held her in the air. The room was quiet as she closed her eyes in post orgasmic bliss. The thing in her mouth swelled and she opened her eyes. More cum?

No, hot piss filled her mouth. She drank greedily, it tasted like her own. Sweet and warm it flowed down her throat, spreading a warm sensation through her body. Had it been beneath her as she pee'd? Perhaps it had been drawn to her when it met her sweet flavor somewhere below the earth. No matter, it had tasted her thoroughly now, and knew her perfection.

Slowly the things lowered her to the stool, uncoiling from her they retreated back into the toilet. As the last one went down she wrapped her hand around it, squeezing gently.

"Come back and see me." she said.

Jasmine sat on the toilet for some time, admiring her cum covered body in the mirror.

For weeks Jasmine had a spring in her step, she felt even more beautiful then normal. Before long she started to crave another meeting with the thing that had so thoroughly enjoyed her.

After a while she began to worry though, every day she sat on the toilet for an hour, waiting, but it didn't come. Hadn't it liked her? How could it live without her? Surely it needed more having sampled her.

Hadn't she felt good?

She had begun to despair, and going to the toilet one day she felt depressed. Looking at herself in the mirror she wondered what she lacked. Without much enthusiasm she rubbed her cunt as she pissed, licking her fingers clean afterward. Her pussy was wet, wanting attention. She lowered her head and stared at the floor.

Her eyes perked up suddenly and a smile spread on her face. She moaned and sat straight up on the toilet as the thing found it's way back into her ass.

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