tagBDSMTom Ch. 01

Tom Ch. 01


Kathy was never quite sure how she came to kidnap and torture one of her own employees; it was not really her management style. She supposed she should date things from a meal she had with her old university friends Stephanie and Mel sometime in late May. After a visit to a good local restaurant they retired to Mel's house for a few glasses of white wine. The three of them had known each other since their undergraduate days and during these late night sessions they tended to tell each other their secrets or near secrets. Anyway Stephanie had just been dumped (again!) so she went on her normal anti-men diatribe, Kathy and Mel had heard it before but this time it seemed she really had thought her recent ex was "the one" and this made her views all the more vehement.

Later Mel raised the issue of how fetish gear was becoming more mainstream. She commented that clothes that would have only been sold in the seediest sex shop a few years ago were now almost mainstream. When quizzed on this Mel admitted she rather liked the idea of dressing up in a rubber dress and would in fact buy one the following week. Mel was a tall slim, conservative accountant, so at the time Kathy thought nothing of it, knowing Mel would probably forget the idea and if she didn't would be mortified with embarrassment at the thought.

Anyway, Kathy did not see her friends for a few weeks until their next regular dinner. This time it was Kathy's turn to host the post restaurant drink. To wind Mel up Kathy reminded her of her promise to buy a rubber dress, expecting a deep blush to cross Mel's fresh pale cheeks. To Kathy's surprise Mel answered she had bought the dress as promised and it was wonderful. Mel explained how the dress felt against her body, she said she had gone the whole hog and bought a dress with a plunging neck line and so short that it barely covered her bum. Mel admitted she had forgotten one pretty important thing about rubber; one could not wear underwear with it. She said she wore it around the house but admitted she was not brave enough to wear it in public but secretly yearned to do so. Stephanie teased her that she was going to become a dominatrix and wondered how her fellow accountants might react. This produced giggles all around and sure enough Mel finally did start to blush!

To Kathy's surprise Stephanie started to muse as to how Mel could play the dominatrix she clearly wanted to be, "Mel you could set yourself up for say a week on one of those 'Mistresses' websites dominate a few men in some Hotel room. You might have some fun and might even make a bit of money."

Mel whipped back "Stephanie, there are three small problems with your plan, first I don't want dodgy pictures of me all dressed up in rubber circulating around the internet, two with my luck I would get a couple of sixty-five year olds as clients and thirdly (perhaps most importantly) I would want to see real pain and humiliation on my victims' faces."

Kathy was intrigued as it was clear that Mel had thought this through, it was not some off the cuff reply, but she decided to say nothing. The conversation was interesting and to be honest the fetish scene had always interested her (not that she had the courage to do anything about it).

Stephanie seemed slower to pick-up the implications of Mel's comment so ploughed on "Well Mel then you are going to have to kidnap a man for real, do you want some help?"

"Stephanie I never thought you would offer, I would love your help."

"Hold on Mel that was just a joke, I am no lawyer but there is one rather major problem about kidnapping a man and torturing him, it is against the law!"

"Stephanie you are as always correct, but for us to get into trouble the Police have got to be informed and the way I see it is if we choose the man carefully and pay him I don't think he will make a complaint. It is a male ego thing, can you imagine how embarrassing it would be for the average man to explain how he had been stripped naked by a couple of girls and whipped, he would die of embarrassment!"

"OK Mel, let's say we did it, have you a victim in mind?"

"No and this is the problem. I know what sort of guy I would choose; he would have to be fairly young, in pretty decent shape, character wise I think a quietish personality but not a wimp. I have never come across my ideal prey, Kathy what about you? Do you know anyone who I could get my nails into? You run a catering business so you must employ masses of waiters."

Kathy was increasingly surprised by how the conversation was going, but didn't want to be the one to bring things back to earth, she would wait for Stephanie to terminate things so to play along she said, "Well Mel, I have a few candidates, but you would of course need to interview them, come along to one of my charity receptions you are always welcome."

To Kathy's relief the conversation them moved on to the last charity bash they had all attended and nothing more was said about enslaving some poor man.

Later that month Stephanie and Mel asked to attended a drinks party Kathy was giving in aid of the local hospice. Kathy had only slight misgivings, surely Mel had forgotten about her 'plan'. On the night Kathy was busy but kept an eye on her best friends and saw how they were eyeing up the waiters even less subtley then normal, manufacturing incidents to enable them to chat. This said, nothing happened, but she knew nothing was innocent when it came to Stephanie and the opposite sex.

Next time the three of them met up Kathy sensed there was something going on between Mel and Stephanie. There were frequent knowing glances, something that had never really happened before, it was meant to be 'one for all and all for one'.

Eventually Mel admitted that she simply could not get the idea of kidnapping a guy out of her mind and Stephanie had agreed to help, was Kathy in?

Kathy was shocked, but could not bear the idea of being out of something Mel thought so strongly about. They had always done things together, so she agreed to help (knowing she could quit nearer the time).

Mel looked delighted and said, "That's great Kathy, I hoped the three of us could do this together. Stephanie and I have identified our prey. He is Tom, one of your younger waiters. He seems to fit all my criteria and there is the advantage that he appears pretty short of cash. Stephanie and I have started the planning. We thought you would ask him to be the waiter at a private party. We would them tie him up and take him to your basement and then have some fun. I think it would cost about £500 to buy his silence and I am more than happy to pay this. What do you think?"

Kathy was taken aback but she now seemed locked into the scheme so could only say, "OK, what do you want me to do?"

Stephanie explained, they all had tasks. "Mel is to buy the torture equipment as she seemed to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of fetish websites. Kathy your job is to kit out your basement as dungeon, Mel and I can help."

"No way am I going to have huge leather covered contraptions delivered to the house, what will my neighbours say? What happens if a date finds them?"

"Kathy don't worry I have thought of this, all you need is to screw a few O rings into the floor and ceiling they will be almost invisible, if you are worried we can always remove them after the session. The attachments will only cost about a tenner and take up no space. I thought an ottoman might be useful so we could lay Tom down so he is at our mercy. It should be pretty easy and cheap to get an ottoman. Nothing to worry your bank manager or neighbours about. I will bring a few black satin sheets to make the atmosphere little more 'sinister'. Stephanie will install some extra lights and a couple of security cameras."

Kathy was not sure why they needed security cameras but let this pass, it would be useful to have extra security after the 'deed' anyway. They were all to buy their own outfits and whips the only proviso being that they would all be in black.

They agreed to that D-Day would be in two weeks time.

The next weekend they all got together and had a whole day of what Kathy's neighbours probably assumed was DIY. They cleared out Kathy's basement and installed spot lights. Stephanie found a semi decent ottoman with a black leather top. Whilst Mel brought the O rings and Kathy screwed them into the floor so they could restrain Tom on the ottoman. They also installed a winch so they could raise Tom up in the middle of the room so they could all whip him (was this really going to actually happen?). The plan was starting to come together. They agreed the dungeon looked great. It was now up to Kathy to bait the trap.

Tom had been on Kathy's roster of waiters for about eighteen months. He was good at his job and Kathy liked him. She knew little about him other than he was always short of cash and pestering her for extra work. She thought he was doing some course at the local College, but knew no details. He seemed to be in his late twenties or early thirties, slim and wore his hair short with a boyish parting. He didn't say much but every so often came out with some pretty amusing jokes. Kathy had never discussed or even joked about sex so she knew nothing of Tom's desires.

After a hard and boring twenty-first birthday party Kathy cornered Tom in the kitchen saying, "Tom, are you around next Friday? I am having a few friends over and would like someone to wait at the table and pour the wine. The evening will be pretty informal, shorts and a T shirt rather than black tie."

Tom was delighted "Of course Kathy that would be fun, I would love to help". Tom's first thought was the £50, but his second was it would be interesting to know Kathy's friends, one never knows...

"Right, be along at 7.00pm, just remember to shave. I don't think my friends go for designer stubble."


The next Thursday Tom arrived at Kathy's house. "Wow," he thought "there must be money in the catering trade." The house was detached in a nice neighbourhood several miles away from Tom's flat near the campus. Tom couldn't really understand why he was nervous, but he was. After he pushed the bell, he was relieved when Kathy answered the door looking relaxed in jeans and a T shirt with glass of white wine in her hand. She invited him in and told him to change in the bathroom upstairs.

Tom wandered up the stairs trying to look relaxed. The bathroom was a little small but had a nice mirror and Tom was relieved to see the door locked. So without more ado he started to change. First the T shirt, a light blue running top, then the shorts some knee length running shorts from the same manufacturer.

Tom had just taken off his jeans and boxers and put them on a chair by the door when the door swung one and Kathy was there staring at him as he tried to cover himself with his shorts. "Damn, he hadn't done the lock properly, but for God's sake why hadn't Kathy knocked?"

Instead of apologising Kathy looked irritated, "Tom, I specifically said you had to shave" with this she whipped Tom's shorts of his hands leaving him naked from the waste down. "When I said shave I meant shave legs, balls everything, now get on and do as I asked, there is a razor on the sink and the water is warm." With that Kathy turned on her heal still clasping Tom's shorts.

Tom was dumbstruck it had all happed so quickly "What planet was this woman on?" There was no way he was shaving himself, he would simply put his jeans back on and leave, he could come back for the shorts any day. This was when he noticed Kathy had also taken his jeans and underwear. This was a nightmare, what was he going to do? All he had was a T shirt, his flat was miles away and worse he didn't even have a key as it was in his jeans' pocket. Tom could not imagine running back to campus almost naked in broad daylight it was too humiliating for words and then he would have to go to the 'Block Supervisor', that old dragon, and ask to be let in. He didn't like the Supervisor and thought the feeling was mutual so knew she would take an eternity to open his flat. It was unthinkable, how did it happen? Tom started to kick himself, if only he had locked the door properly and been a little quicker at changing he would not have got himself in this predicament, he would have been fully clothed when he answered the door. He sat on a stool with his head in his hands wondering what he was going to do.

Next door Stephanie, Mel and Kathy watched him on the closed-circuit TV. They knew Tom was not unlucky he had just fallen for stage one of their trap. For a start the lock had been tampered with so no matter how careful he had been Kathy could always have walked straight in, and as for bad timing Kathy had been waiting outside the door for the exact moment when he would be naked. Tom was also unaware that they had placed the chair by the door deliberately and whilst Tom was looking at Kathy, Mel had quickly and quietly removed his jeans. Tom didn't stand a chance. The question was what would he do? The answer was initially not much; Tom merely sat on the chair with his head in his hands. After a bit he sat back and started to stroke himself, nothing vigorous just a reassuring fondle. The girls loved this.

Tom simply couldn't see a way out. He looked around the room, no curtains, no towels nothing to cover himself with. In desperation, he looked in the cupboard under the sink, but all he could find was cleaning stuff ... except right at the back he saw pink cloth. Could this be his salvation? If it was big enough he might be about to fashion something to protect his modesty. Not fun walking back with a cloth around your waist but he really did not want to shave himself. Tom grabbed the cloth hoping it was a descent size but quickly saw it was not a cloth at all but a pair of Kathy's satin panties. Tom thought, "This is not good, but let's see perhaps if I pull the T shirt down the panties might pass for running shorts". He knew men wore pretty brief shorts and in some odd colours, so it was worth a try.

Tom tried the knickers on. His heart sank they were brief, very brief. They just about kept his dick in but they wouldn't pass for shorts at a hundred yards. Worse they had a black lace border. He didn't know much about running fashions but knew enough to know this was not this year's fashion accessory. To make things worse when he walked around the room he saw his T shirt rose up showing the knickers in all their glory. It was hopeless.

Stephanie was transfixed as she watched the screen. The pink panties had been her idea (they were her knickers!) She loved the thought of men in women's panties and Tom looked divine. The fact he was excruciatingly embarrassed only added to her pleasure. This was going to be a night to remember!

Tom took the panties off and threw them at the mirror. He was beaten. He heard guests pass the bathroom door and knew he would have to submit. "Well," he thought, "my legs aren't that hairy anyway so I am not sure that them being shaved will be that obvious. At worst I will just have to wear jeans all summer, a bore but not the end of the world. Shaving my pubes is not fun, but if girls shave themselves why not me?"

So Tom filled the basin with hot water and covered the lower part of his body in shaving foam and get to work. He found it was better to snip most of his pubic hair with scissors before shaving. Oddly it was not something GQ ever gave advice on! After he was finished he sat and waited thinking Kathy was bound to look in again. He was right, a few minutes later he heard a knock on the door. Tom surprised himself by not bawling at Kathy or trying to strangle her, he merely said "Come in." Kathy stood in the middle of the bathroom and asked Tom to stand as she checked his shaving. After she had cleared up a few places he had missed or couldn't reach she asked him to turn around. Tom did so and Kathy checked his shaving of this legs and penis, the only big patch he had missed was between his legs. After asking Tom to spread his legs as wide as he could and holding Tom's penis out of the way Kathy finished the shaving there too. Kathy acted as if it had been a normal chore she did on a daily basis and ordered Tom around (naked!) as if it was totally natural. After she had finished she complemented him on his shaving and said his shorts were on the chair and he should be down in the kitchen in five minutes.

After Kathy left, Tom thought the worst must be over. An hour of waiting at a table and then home. He wandered over to the chair and picked up the shorts Kathy had left. He noticed immediately they were not his shorts, in fact they were barely shorts at all. In the Seventies they were called 'hot-pants', they were micro and very very short. When Tom examined them he saw they were made of black PVC and to make things worse were slit down both sides. To keep the shorts together the sides were tried with what looked like fluorescing pink laces, "God, a street whore would not be seen in these." Tom thought. This being so, he still found himself putting them on. Somehow he didn't have the energy to fight, he was now just going to grit his teeth and hope the party would be over soon. One thing he did promise himself Kathy was going to be paying a lot more that £50 for this evening. With this comforting thought he left the bathroom and descended to the kitchen.

When Tom got down stairs Kathy was waiting, she made no comment on how he looked in the hot-pants and explained what the girls would be eating (salads) and where the wine was kept. She said during dinner he should stand by the door to the dining room, hands behind his back, and fill her guests' glasses as necessary. Kathy said they would start with Champagne and he should bring three glasses in to the living room on a silver salver in a few minutes.

Tom gulped, he was about to walk into a room an elegant women wearing the shortest pair of hot-pants he had ever seen, at least he knew (and trusted?) Kathy what about the other two, what if they were lecturers in his faculty? This was torture. Tom had never felt so humiliated but he reasoned the quicker he started the quicker it was over.

Tom walked over to two formally dressed ladies (Stephanie and Mel of course) who were talking by the fireplace. He hoped that by holding the tray at waist level they would not be able to see his shorts. He was expecting a gasp of surprise or a question as to what the hell he was wearing. In fact Stephanie and Mel barely looked in his direction they picked up the glasses and continued their conversation. Tom felt elated, "Perhaps they did not notice my shorts, I may survive after all."

Mel and Stephanie had noticed the shorts, Mel had bought them! As Tom left the room they could not help looking at his arse. It was lovely. The girls had agreed to have a quiet meal and wait until liqueurs before starting the real fun. Tom did not know it but his ordeal had barely begun.

As the dinner went on Tom began to relax. The ladies were not stealing quick glances at him (or his shorts!). Their conversation was normal, revolving around plays they had seen and the latest political scandals, "Perhaps," he thought, "it is normal for waiters at private dinner parties to wear shorts. I am surprised at quite how brief mine are, but perhaps it is the done thing." Thinking back to the shaving episode he remembered Kathy had seamed genuinely surprised and irritated that he had not shaved his legs, again perhaps this was normal. Gradually Tom reassured himself that he was obviously an inexperienced prude and this was just a normal dinner party, and as they had finished their food it was almost over, what was he worrying about?

The girls were also trying to relax or at least appear relaxed. They had agreed to keep their conversation as anodyne as possible, to help Mel had a long list of possible, safe, topics for conversation written on her napkin. Kathy had been lukewarm about the idea almost up to the last minute but the scene where she ripped Tom's shorts out of his hands and then later ordered him about as she shaved him had been a huge turn on. Mel and Stephanie were at a similar level of arousal, part from what they had done and witnessed so far and partly with the anticipation for the second stage of Tom's evening. It would also be the first time any of them had worn Latex or PVC in public and they were looking forward to it.

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