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Disclaimer: Please note that Tomb Raider, Lara Croft, Nathan Drake, and all related characters belong to Square Enix and Naughty Dog respectively. This is a fictional erotic adventure written for the enjoyment of those who are allowed to read it. I do not make any money off writing this fanfic. Characters from Tomb Raider are taken from the Tomb Raider Legend & Underworld video games by Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix.



Rural Havana. The Old Russian Ladas road up the rickety road to the city, the driver struggling with the sticky gear moving it into second and putting his foot on the gas. He looked around at the folk doing their daily work as he entered the city heading in the direction of the Guanabacoa harbour. He spoke to the young man next to him, "Guanabacoa?" he asked pointing to the left turn coming up.

"Si senior," the man confirmed.

He turned the steering wheel, the grinding making his teeth ach, "stupid piece of junk," he moaned as the car swerved left.

"Jose, I'm looking for El Macha?" Nathan Drake asked the boy, "You know where he is?"

"El Macha is by harbour senior, he goes into jungle and fights cocaine dealers from the plantation."

"Yeah, I bet he does," Nate chuckled, "Who's in charge of the cocaine fields?"

"Cuban man comes in from America every three months, his name is Chavez," Jose answered.

"Fernando Chavez?" Nathan inquired.

"Si, that is the man."

"Lem'me tell you something kid, never try and do hostile negotiations with a drug trafficker, things tend to go all hinky," Nathan said struggling to change gears again...

"'Sides, shit like that tends to shadow you, you know what I mean...?"

Nate looked at the confused expression on Jose's face, "you, don't know what I..."

"Ah, forget it."


The Ladas came to a rolling stop in front of the warehouse at the harbour. Nathan got out and pulled out his 9mm berretta, cocking it and moving toward the warehouse. The distinctive smell of a Cuban cigar filled his nostrils and he smiled moving toward its source.

"Only one son uffa bitch will inhale that shit," he said holstering his weapon.

The middle aged man smiled back taking the Cuban out of his mouth and blowing out a puff of smoke, "C'mon Nate, I'm in Cuba, it'd be a sin to come here and not sample the local delicacies..."

"You took long enough getting here, had to do all the goddamn leg work."

"Nate walked over to Victor Sullivan giving him a hug and pat on the back, "yeah well you know me Sully, I try to do the whole punctually late thing..."

"So, El Macha, did you find it yet?"

Sully joined Nathan as he looked out into the nearby fields, "that plantation is right over it Nate, and your old pal Fernando is in town."

"Well, Whatta we waiting for, we got work to do," Nathan said heading back to the Ladas.

"Hey Nate, can we take my van, I mean, that really is a piece of crap."

"Hey, we're in Cuba, it's a classic," Nate said smiling, playing on Sully's earlier comment on his cigar.

"Yeah of course," Sully said shaking his head, "but its still a piece of crap."

"Nate rolled his eyes, "Fine..."

"So, El Macha?"

"Yeah," Sully said getting in his van, "the locals started calling me that. I'd be damned if I knew what it meant though."

Nate smiled, "Well put your foot on it Sully, we gotta get that map."


The overcast skies of England were a stark contrast to the orange and pink hues that beautified the Cuban sunset. Lara Croft turned over on her huge king-sized bed trying to fall asleep again. There was a knock on the door after which her elderly butler, Winston walked in carrying a tray with a traditional English breakfast on it.

"Good morning lady Croft, breakfast with eggs, sunny-side-up," he said cheerfully.

Lara got up holding her duvet above her breasts as she always slept without clothes on, finding them too constrictive.

"Bluddy hell, another night without any rest at all. I'm telling you Winston, I can't stay this long at home, it's been a month since I've been abroad."

"Well lady Croft, perhaps the young women waiting in the west wings study has brought a new adventure to your doorstep."

Lara looked at Winston puzzled.


Lara walked into her study dressed in a pair on tan hip-hugger slacks and a white blouse showing plenty of cleavage. She eyed the women that was looking at her books on the shelve. She was a pretty little blonde, though not drop dead gorgeous...

"Ehum," Lara cleared her throat making her presence known. The woman turned to look at her a bit startled.

"I hope you're not here expecting an interview Ms. Fisher."

"Lady Croft, I'm flattered that you recognise me, and I must say I really deem it a privilege to be in the presence of the world's foremost and richest adventurer..."

"Please cut the pleasantries," Lara interjected, "and cut to the chase Ms Fisher, if you know me so well, you'll know my reputation with paparazzi."

"Yeess," Elena Fisher rolled her eyes, "I'm not paparazzi, my work..."

"I know all about your show, but like I said, I'm not interested."

"That's not why I'm here!" Elena said raising her voice slightly, irritated by the countess's snootiness...

"I believe you're acquainted with Nathan Drake?"

Lara raised an eye brow, "yes I know Nathan..."

"What is this about Ms. Fisher?"

Elena pulled a page out of her pocket and put it on the coffee table, Lara coming closer to have a look. On the page was a picture of a cloth with a map on it...

Lara picked up the page for a closer look, "this is a map of the ancient Grecian world marking the location of Hippolyte's belt."

"Who's Hippolyte?" Elena asked.

Lara looked up at her and then back down at the page, "Hippolyte was queen of the Amazons, and according to myth her belt was given to her by the god of war Ares but was taken from her by Hercules."

"Hercules, Ares? You're kidding me right; this is what Nate and Sully are after, a mythological belt?" Elena said getting up in disbelief.

Lara put the page down, seemingly ignoring Elena and thinking out loud, "myth places the belt as the ninth labor King Eurystheus sent Hercules on. He was to retrieve the belt as a gift for the king's daughter..."

"Hercules set sail for the land of the Amazons entering their land in peace; but apparently Hera tricked the tribe into thinking he would capture their queen Hippolyte. When Hercules saw the tribe readying an attack he slew the queen took her belt and battled the Amazonian warriors."

Elena paced the room smiling at the absurdity, "Hercules travelled to the Amazon jungle to..."

"No," Lara cut her off, "the Amazons of Greek myth had nothing to do with the Amazon River. They got their name from a Greek word meaning only one breast. The warriors would cut off their right breast because it got in their way when throwing a spear."

Elena winced at the thought, "and here I thought breast cancer was bad."

"Where did Nathan get this?" Lara asked looking up at Elena.

"That's why I'm here. Nate went after it in Cuba," Elena said.

"Cuba?" Lara asked puzzled.

"Yip, and he went and got himself captured by drug traffickers..."


"Yaargh", Nate screamed and coughed as his face was drenched in a splash of water.

A man took a tuft of his hair and hit him hard in his face then let go of his hair. Nathan's head lolled forward before he looked up grimacing...

"Ouch, that one stung fellas," he said spitting out some blood, " another two of that and I may actually consider talking."

"Haah Giajing," came a voice from the doors direction.

Nate looked at the short Indonesian, "Eddy Raja, how you doing buddy?"

"Nathan, always deep in a puddle of shit, hay asshole" Eddy smiled slapping him lightly on the cheek. "You are not in the drug business..."

"And you are?" Nate interrupted.

"So why are you here?" Eddy asked ignoring his comment.

"I know, there is something here, a treasure, right?"

"I'm on holiday Eddy, came to Cuba and thought I'd do some sightseeing, I just love cocaine plantations."

"Bahh, you think I am a fucking fool Drake, I know you; and Fernando..."

"He is not so kind, he wants you dead."

"Yeah I'm used to that..."

"Are you Mr. Drake?" came the grave voice of Fernando Chavez. He walked up in front of Nathan, "Mr Raja is correct. You are not here to steal my drugs, so tell me, what is it you're after?"

Nate looked up at the tall slender man with strong Cuban features. He had thick curly black hair and tan skin. His narrow eyes peering over his sharp nose. "You're not still holding a grudge for what happened in Mexico are you Ferddy?"

Fernando slapped him, "WHAT IS IT YOU ARE FUCKING AFTER DRA..."

His yell was cut short by the explosion outside. He looked at Raja grabbing him by the collar of his shirt, "WHAT THE FUCK AM I PAYING YOU FOR, FIND OUT WHAT'S HAPPENING!!!"


Lara sat crouching in the tall grass with a detonator in her hand covered in the darkness of night, "wonderful, that ought to have got their attention."

There was a buzz in her ear, "Zip, what do you see?"

Zip's voice came over her ear piece, "Satellite in tell shows a dozen men mobilising Lara, none of them coming in on your position though."

"Any idea where Nathan is?"


"Hold on, heat vision shows another seven guys exiting a cabin due east from your location."

Lara looked in the given direction, "I guess that's our best bet, keep me posted will you," she said flicking on the laser sight of her M4, "Well I'm off hunting love, do wish me luck."

"Good luck Lara," Zip said.

Lara moved through the tall grass trying to avoid the men as she made her way to the cabin that Nathan was in. There was a lot of commotion from Fernando's men and Eddy's pirates as they tried to find the source of the explosion...

Fernando walked up to one of his men, "report!"

"We don't know sir, it's like looking for a fucking snake in the grass. Could be three or twenty out there. Pros too, they know what their...


One of the vans went up into the air hurling through the air enveloped in flames and then landing on its back...

Lara took a breath then got up and sprinted for the cabin. She fired the M4 tearing holes into four of Raja's men leaving them in a bloody mess in the grass. She ran up to the fifth guy by the door and hit him through the face with the butte of her riffle knocking him out. Bullets ricochet around her as the men fired on her position...

"There the man talking to Fernando yelled, "It's a fucking woman."

Lara turned around flicking the pins off two grenades and tossed them out info the field.

"Mother fuck, down!" the man screamed diving Fernando to the ground as the explosions went off covering them in dirt and grass.

Lara entered the cabin taking point in each room until she found Nathan tied to a chair all bruised and bloody...

"Now, now Nate, we have to stop meeting like this," she smiled.

"Lara?" I thought those explosions sounded familiar."

"Always the charmer I see," Lara said pulling out a knife and cutting him free.

Nate got up and picked up one of the down men's AK-47's, "Thanks for the hand, Sully's still here somewhere, we gotta..."

Nathan looked up at the ceiling as he heard the whirl of helicopter blades. He dashed out of the cabin and opened fire at Fernando's helicopter as it rose into the sky. Fernando put Sully's head out the door with his gun to his temple, a warning for Nate to back off.

Nate lowered the gun and watched them fly off into the night...

"Fuck," he cursed.

Lara came up behind him, "nothing ever changes for you does it."

"Yeah," Nathan said, "yeah," he said again dropping the gun on the floor and walking away.


Lara and Nate drove toward Havana in her Jeep rattling along the rickety dirt roads, "So, are you going to tell me about Hippolyte's belt?" Lara asked.

"Caught on to it did you?" Nate said trying to get something out of his back pocket.

"Elena Fisher. Nice innocent girl, she did a piece on El Dorado with you didn't she, the cursed golden statue."

"How did you...?" Nathan began.

"Please Nathan, I was going to go after it years ago, but I found out how the Spanish, Nazi's, and your ancestors expedition ended. And now it lies at the bottom of the Pacific; the statue I mean."

Nathan was astonished but didn't say anything. He pulled a folded cloth out of his pocket, "found it in a cavern under Fernando Chavez's plantation."

"So you're going to look for Eurystheus' tomb then are you?" I mean you do know that is where the belt is." Lara said looking at him.

"Yeah, although I don't know where to go to next," Nathan said, "Cold trails, the bane of my adventuring."

"So what have you got so far, I mean how did the map end up in a cavern in Cuba?"

"No, no, no, as I recall you weren't so forthcoming about a certain mythical Sceptre of an Arcadian God-King (read Tomb Raider: Uncharted), now were you, so why don't you just let me take point in this little treasure hunt."

"Well I thought all the shagging made up for that. And I certainly wouldn't mind getting down and dirty this time," Lara said giving Nate a naughty smile.

"E-hum, yeah well, I," Nathan mumbled stupidly...

"So where is Elena now?"

"There," Lara said pointing at a hotel up ahead, "I wonder if she'd be up for a threesome."

"Okay, you have to behave...."

"Hallo!" he yelped as Lara groped his cock through his jean, "You know how randy I get after a fire fight, all that adrenalin and steel gets me really hot," Lara purred looking him in the eye licking her full lips.


"Ohh that's it lover, you know.. there just there..."

"Shit Lara, hahh, ah, ah..."

The Jeep was parked down an alley. Lara on top of Nathan in the passenger's seat, her pants lying over the dash bored, his pulled down over his thighs. His hard cock was sheathed inside the warm moistness of her tender cunt as she thrust her hips up and down on his lap. His fingers dug into the firm flesh of her round ass guiding her movements as she rode him. Her soft pussy clenched around his cock as she slid it up and down over it, coating it with her wetness. Her neck muscles strained as she looked up at the starry night sky completely focused on the rock hard shaft that was filling her so completely. She hugged Nathan putting her head in the crook of his neck and shutting her eyes as she fucked him, loving the sensations rippling through her body.

Nate felt his balls tingle as Lara humped him, his dick twitching inside her, he thrust his hips into her making her moan out his name in that posh English accent of hers. You'd never think the Lady of Croft Mannor was a countess when she was having sex, she was like an unleashed beast who couldn't get enou...

"Fffuck Lara," Nate groaned feeling her plump pussy contract around his cock. "ahhhhahh yesss," Lara moaned as her body tensed up and the intense pleasure rolled through her. "Fuckfuckfuck," she yelped after she started to spasm on Nate's lap, flooding his dick and balls with her sweet excretions. She thrust slowly as her orgasm faded, then stopped opening her eyes and smiling at Nathan, "marvellous..."

"Not done yet," Nate huffed pushing Lara off his lap so that she half layed over the gear box, her plump ass up in the air. Nathan shuffeled behind her and rubbed his cock against her wet pussy lips then growled as he slid back inside her. panting and peeking but not quite there yet, he started thrusting into her.

Still reeling from her orgasm, Lara grit her teeth breathing through her nose as she flexed her cunt musscles around Nate's smooth shaft; her firm round buttocks rippling as his pelvis slapped into it over and over again.

"FFck.. Lara.. hahh," Nate groaned as he rocked back and forth giving it to the earger brittish lass.

"Yess.. fck.. ahh, lord," Lara trembled as she was fucked roughly in her Jeep.

Nathan started throbbing inside her ready to let go, Lara felt it and craned her neck, "stop, pull out."

She pulled foward, his hard dick plopping out of her pussy and knelt in front of him, "now lets get you done shall we." Lara wasted no time in sucking as much of his dick as she could take into her warm mouth bobbing her head and stroking his length briskly.

Nathan couldn't take it, he grunted loudly as his wad shot up his dick and into Lara's mouth. Lara moaned sealing her luscious lips round his dick as his hose sprayed thick white globs down her throat; the slutty Brit swallowing all he had to give...

Spent, Nate sat there as Lara sucked his dick clean before getting over him into the drivers seat. He watched as she awkwardly got her pants on and then started up the Jeep; he had to admire her beauty, accentuated now by the flustered look on her face and the glow of her orgasm. He also pulled his pants up as Lara pulled out of the alley and rode toward the hotel Elena was in.


Elena walked to the door and opened it for Lara and Nate. She thru her arms around Nate, "god I thought you were done for this time."

Nate smiled, "C'mon, I got out of a lot worse, now that one time I was in Haiti, i tell you that was a shit storm and I was running straight into it."

"What about Victor?" Elena asked.

Nathan's witty disposition disappeared, replaced by anger, "goddamn Chavez."

"He has Sully," Elena said putting things together, "So what now Nate?"

"Chania," Lara said.

"What?" Nate and Elena said together.

"Or more accurately, the White Mountains on the Island."

"Crete?" Nate asked and Lara nodded, "you mind telling me how you came to that?"

"Because, Nathan, that is where King Eurystheus' palace was. It's the best place to start."

Nate paced the room, "yeah you're right, if we can find the ruins we can find a clue to where he was buried.'

"We have our clue," Lara said pulling out the cloth with the map on it.

"Hey how did you..." Nate stopped himself realising Lara must have taken it while they were having sex, he gave Elena a awkward look as she raised an eyebrow...

"Yeah, clue?"

"See this, Lara said showing him the map...

"Yeah, yeah, the range is all wrong," Nate said taking it from her.

"Hey guys, can you fill me in please?" Elena interrupted.

"Here," Nate said showing the map to her, "you see that mountain range right here, its been added in, it doesn't exist..."

"So," Elena asked confused.

"So," Lara said, it isn't a range at all, it's man made. My guess, it's Eurystheus' tomb."

"What about Sully?"

"Oh you can bet Fernando Chavez will follow us to Greece," Lara said.

"Yeah," Nate confirmed, "and that son uffa bitch, Eddy Raja will be a long for the ride..."

"Sully's seaplane is down at the docks, c'mon we gotta go..."

[Had so many requests for more Lara I had to take a break from Dark Angel to do this story, hope you all enjoy it & hope I can keep it going; I'm rather loaded with plots I need to develope- IYOTEF ;)]

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