tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTomb Raider: Rituals Ch. 03

Tomb Raider: Rituals Ch. 03


Previously in Tomb Raider Rituals:

The wealthy and dangerous Josephus Alvarez came to Croft Manor to seek the help of the famous adventurer to have her help him find the golden Chalice of Kiribuni. Knowing Alvarez's greedy nature Lara Croft refused, but still set out to find it, but to protect it not acquire it.

The Chalice belonged to the Tsitsikwama, a people native to the jungles of the Congo, a people similar to the Amazon's; woman ruling over men. And a people steeped in all manner of sexual rites.

Lara found the ancient people and took part in the sexual ritual for the right of passage, a rite she could take part in as a woman to earn the knowledge of the whereabouts of the mystic and valuable Chalice. After passing the rite the village came under attack by mercenaries working for Alvarez, the nimble Ms. Croft narrowly escapes.

But Will Mackie a rival Tomb Raider saw Lara escape and now this may cause Lady Croft problems...

Just something to be aware of; where dialog is within this signs <...>, it is a character speaking in Lingala - INYOTEF ;)

Lara put her foot down hard on the breaks turning the steering wheel of her Jeep as the car skidded to a halt in a thick could of dust. She looked at the two military vehicles blocking the road in front of her, stared at the eight soldiers that got out of them armed with AK-47's.

One of the men walked forward, "exit the vehicle, now, hands in'a der air!"


Lara got out of the Jeep hands on her head, "gentlemen, may I ask..."

"Shut up!" the leader of the group of soldiers shouted. "You will'a go with us to General Ekeke."

"Bugger", Lara swore under her breath again.

**************** ************ ***********

Lara sat at the back of the jeep with two of the soldiers as they drove into their camp within the jungle. They had taken her in the opposite direction of where she wanted to be, and, they had left her Jeep behind.

Ernest Ekeke.

Lara had heard of him, he led the 'People's Union Army, affectionately called the C.U.M, the Congo Union Movement. Ekeke himself was a ruthless man, known for dismembering the bodies of those who dared to oppose him. Sometimes he would follow the rituals of ancient cultures and put enemy heads on a pike in front of his camp as a warning.

The vehicle she was in pulled up in front of a large tent and the men prodded her out. They took her inside and she stood before Ekeke.

He was a large man who was slightly overweight. His head was clean shaved, and he had a full grown beard, but it was his eyes that amplified his heartless reputation, they were cold and emotionless, as they looked at Lara when she entered.

Ekeke looked at the army officer escorting Lara, he spoke in a deep, yet slightly horse voice, "

The soldier nodded.

Mkeke looked back at Lara, "English woman comes to de DRC followed by men who shoot and kill, I do not approve of such incidents in'a my country, Lara Croft."

"General Ekeke, you certainly live up to you brash reputation."

He laughed.

"Tell for me Lara Croft, who is this men who are doing these tings?"

"I can tell you that they are not with me", Lara sounded as diplomatic as she could.

"You are not telling me de question I am asking you", Ekeke yelled slamming his fists on his desk; he had a very short temper.

", Lara said in Lingala.

Ekeke laughed again, "your Lingala is very good, but you speak with English twang..."

<"You British are no different then the Americans. You think you can come into other peoples lands and own it, you think you can police the world, you think your words are law...">

<"I will show you what I think of your England ladyship">. He nodded to one of his soldiers.

It was quick, Lara felt the sharp thud of the butt of a riffle to the back of her head, and then her world was shrouded in darkness.

**************** ************ ***********

"Eeergh", Lara shrugged, groggily as her world slid into focus. She tried to get up, but found that her hands had been handcuffed to one of the tent poles, the draft that she felt on her body, also letting her know that she had been stripped naked.

She shook her head still feeling the dull throb where she had been hit as she opened her eyes. It was dark outside, though she had no idea of the time. She looked around the tent she was in for anything she could use to free herself; nothing. Nothing but a few empty weapons crates and a steel table.

"Ah, Lara Croft, you'a are awake", said Ernest Ekeke as he entered the tent.

"You'a have been out for a long'ge time, almost four hours."

Four hours, that would make it around seven o' clock, Lara thought to herself.

"What the hell are you going to do with me you bastard?" she spat.

<"Like I told you, I am going to show you that your people do not control the world.">

Ekeke smiled as he unzipped his pants.

Lara's eyes shot open. The fucking asshole was going to rape her.

Ekeke pulled out his dick and started pumping it as he walked closer to Lara. He reached out and skimmed his hand across her exposed breast taking her light brown nipple between his fingers and pinching it.

Lara shut her eyes and swallowed hard as Ernest touched her tits, feeling his hands rove over it and grope, then knead it. She could almost hear his cock swelling as he pumped it. Worst still, was that her nipples were hardening under his ministrations.

She opened her eyes to see a huge black dick dangling in front of her before she looked up to see Ekeke smiling at her.

"The choice is yours Lara Croft, you'a can do this willingly, or we can do it the hard way."

"Fuck you!" Lara yelled defiantly, she'd be damned to give him the satisfaction of her willingly fucking him.

A disappointed look flashed across Ernest's face, but it was quickly replaced with anger. He moved behind Lara and took firm hold of her waist. Lara bit her lip knowing what was to come would not be pleasant.

"AAHH!" she yelled as he drove into her completely, his thick cock shoving forcefully deep into her body stretching her open. She heard him sigh after entering her, he was reviling in the feeling of having his cock inside her hot, wet sex.

Lara's eyes snapped shut as he drew out of her then slammed back in, held there for barely a second then did it again. She bit back the moans as he didn't stop, didn't let up; just drove his long thick cock in and out of her pussy roughly.

Her eyes started to flutter as her breathing and heart rate increased as her pussy started to quiver. Not long and her body begun to betray her; her sex convulsing, her clit throbbing, her lips pursing in barely audible moans as the pleasure grew.

Ekeke was groaning as he slammed his cock into this white bitch over and over again. He was on cloud nine and floating ever higher. He reached around with both hands and grabbed her oversized melons as he continued to drive his rock hard cock into her tight body.

Lara gripped the pole her hands were cuffed to when Ekeke groped her breasts and pinched her nipples. She could feel her pussy gripping around his cock, her labia wrapping around his length. She was loosing herself in the pleasure of the rough fucking she was receiving.

"Omigod", she couldn't help that moan as her pussy tightened around his cock signaling the release that would come from her growing orgasm. What was she doing, as much as she enjoyed having sex, was she really getting jolly off someone raping her? Her mind and body were riddled in conflict, but it wasn't to last...

"Ooooh.Oh.." Her body tensed before it shot in spasms as she came hard, "bloody hell", she whispered as the soothing feeling of sexual bliss enveloped her. She held still, her body still rocked by Ekeke as he continued thrusting in and out of her convulsing sex.

Ekeke had stopped his pummeling thrusts to slow considerably, his cock twitching inside Lara as he slowly slid in and out of her. It was only when Lara had regained control of herself after her orgasm that she realized what was happening...

"Fffuck, pull out of me you fool."

Ekeke didn't listen, still leisurely thrusting in and out of her pussy, his load drawing from his balls. Lara tried to wriggle her waist forward so that he could slip out of her pussy before he came but he held her waist firmly and shoved his cock as deep into her as he could.

"No..god", Lara whimpered as she felt him explode inside her, his cock cream spewing into her body in thick, hot, streams her pussy automatically drawing him deeper in milking his cock of every squirt.

Lara bit her lip as she was overcome by another powerful orgasm; the result of feeling herself getting filled with life giving spunk.

As she caught her breath she felt the sticky jizz run down her leg as Ekeke pulled out of her. She did nothing, said nothing. She just sank onto the ground exhausted.

She heard Ekeke shuffle behind her, probably getting his dick in his pants before leaving the tent.

Lara sat on the floor for barely a minute before she heard the footsteps of someone entering the tent. She looked up to see a soldier standing looking wantonly at her naked, sweaty body, his dick free of his pants.

Her eyes shot open in horror...

**************** ************ ***********

Six hours later Lara was lying on the ground, her strength completely drained. She lost count of how many of Ekeke's men had fucked her. Some had done her pussy, others had done her ass. Some came inside her, others on her tits, or in her face, or over her butt.

Now she sat on the ground still handcuffed to the tent pole, her body covered in sweat and cum, her pussy and ass aching from the hours of constant fucking.

Worst still is that she had came over and over again as the men pinched her nipples and rubbed her clit. She was such a fucking whore she thought.

She heard yet another man come into the tent.

"Ms. Croft."

Lara looked up with half opened eyes at the hazy figure. Her vision cleared to reveal Lumanse O'etto.


"Oh dear, this is not good, I am so sorry", O'etto whispered taking out a key and freeing her hands. Her wrists were red and bruised. Lumanse helped her up, and she put her wait on his body as she got to her feet.

"We must be quiet, If the general find'sa what is happening he will kill us both."

"Why are you helping me?"

"Because I stand for what the C.U.M really means, freedom for the people, but'a the general uses the army to bully and murder our people and rape our women..."

"Now come, we must get out'a of here."

Lumanse guided Lara silently out of the tent and into one of the military jeeps. He got in and drove off without causing any commotion.

**************** ************ ***********

Lara opened her eyes to the sun breaking through the canopy of moving trees of the jungle. It was mourning and she was being driven through the jungle. She looked down to find herself covered in a blanket, though she could feel she was still naked underneath.

"Good, you are awake."

She looked over at Lumanse, then recalled the events of the past few hours.

"Thank you", she said still quite a bit tired.

"We are still a bit far from your Jeep, by now I am thinking they are knowing you are escape."

"Oh don't you worry, I will not be taken again. Those bastards have given me reason to shoot on sight."

Lumanse got Lara back to her Jeep. She draped herself in the blanket as she got out of the vehicle.

"Lumanse smiled warmly at her, "I can not help you further than this, if I do not get back they..."

Lara kissed him on his cheek, "hush. You have done more than enough for me already, I'll take it from here."

She waved at him as he drove off.

Lara bathed herself in a nearby stream before she dressed herself in the extra clothing in her Jeep, a black and grey vest and matching shorts. She strapped on her holsters and put in her guns then got into the Jeep.

Josephus and Will. She wondered if they had got one of the Tsitsikwama women to talk. And Ernest Ekeke. He would pay for defiling her.

Lara turned the key in the ignition and started the car, then drove off in the direction of the caves of Kiribuni...


Hope you'll are enjoying Ms. Croft's adventure. Any comments or constructive criticism are welcomed. I also hope to add some stories of Jessica Alba's Dark Angel soon. I wrote a few threads for Chyoo.com, and have some ideas for a full story. Though if you like this story, don't worry I'll finish it first - INYOTEF ;)

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