tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTomb Raider: Uncharted Ch. 03

Tomb Raider: Uncharted Ch. 03


Previously in Tomb Raider Uncharted:

Sailing her expensive yacht on the sparkling seas of Miami, Florida served as a luxurious diversion for Lara Croft as she waited for a gangbanger who carried an ancient Assyrian key she required.

On boarding the boat with gangsters and drug sealers Ms Croft acquired her little trinket by force, and when she went below deck, she found a man who had been beaten up there; that man was an adventurer in his own right, Nathan Drake, descendent of famous explorer Sir Francis Drake...

On freeing Drake and entertaining him on her yacht Lara told him that she required the key to free a friend then left the conversation hanging in the air as she retired for an evening of "private time", but not without Nathan getting an eye full...

Lara then told Nathan he would accompany her to Egypt to free her friend Professor Von Croy from an Arab arms dealer and Jihad leader.

Lara and Nathan then made their way to Atbara, Egypt, where she met Abdul bin Adlah in the town square. A gun battle ensued ending in a narrow escape from an exploding chopper. Seeing as how Adlah thought Lara and Nathan were killed in the blast he took off leaving the two to enjoy some R&R in a small house...

Now free, Werner Von Croy took Lara's sea plane and flew to India. Meanwhile Lara told Nathan that the coffin of Artaxerxes the Assyrian king lay in India. Nathan learned that what was in the coffin was the scepter of an ancient god-king of Acadia and the two took off in Lara's private jet to find it...


The bustling crowds of people were rowdy as they went about their business. There seemed to be hundreds of them, all going about their daily affairs, paying little or no regard to the American man, and British Lady sitting in the outside restaurant.

Lara Croft sat sipping a glass of ice water, Nathan Drake across from her nursing a beer.

"What time do you think Von Croy will turn up?" Nathan asked.

Lara wasn't listening to him. The jeep across the road had caught her attention. It had been standing there ever since they had arrived. The jeep had its windows rolled up, and at 37 °C that was rather peculiar. She put down her glass of water and got up. Nathan once again gave her a puzzled look.


The radio came alive in a buzz of static again, "Oliver, report? What is subject up to?" "She's on the move. Moving out of the restaurant into the crowd, do we follow?" "Negative, she may become suspicious." Oliver spoke again, a little nervous this time, "I think she already is!"


Lara Croft walked toward the jeep briskly; she could just see the man inside shuffle uncomfortably. She drew one of her dual pistols as she came up to the window. The man inside covered his face as she used the handle of her gun to break the window open, broken glass shattering onto him. When the shock wore off he felt a gun's barrel against his temple.

"If you going to be inconspicuous, try not using a jeep with government plates darling", Lara said flicking the hammer of her gun, "now, why don't you tell me who you are working for?"

Lara turned to the sound of a 12 gauge shot gun cocking.

"Howdy Lara. Why don't you lower that there sidearm?"

The man with the shotgun had short brownish hair, his face hard and gruff; he spoke with a distinct Texan accent. He wore a navy blue shirt, and black jeans with brown cowboy boots. Over his shoulders was a holster for his shotgun.

"Been a long time sweetness."

"Larson Conway..."

"Yes it has been a while hasn't it, so lovely to see you again", Lara said sarcastically.

Larson lifted the gun aiming at Lara's head. Lara watched as the street erupted in a panic of mass-hysteria, still pressing her gun against the temple of the man in the car.

"Can't fight us all sweetness. Why don't ya be a doll and hand over the key of that Taxy king?"

"Charming", Lara smirked. "So tell me Larson, since you don't even know how to pronounce, Artaxerxes', name, I gather you, as usual, are the lackey of an even more unscrupulous individual. So why don't you give me the name of your employer."

"The k..."

Larson Conway choked on his words as another gun pressed against the back of his head.

"Why don't we tone down the tension just a little bit", Nathan chimed in. "Now we have whatta ya think Lara ten minutes..."

"Ten sounds right Nathan", She confirmed.

"Yip, ten minutes till the local law enforcement breaks up this little showdown..."

"Americans and Britons with loaded guns; that'll go down well."

Larson seemed to visibly maul over things in his mind. He wasn't the brainiest of people around, but made up for that with his considerable military experience. The fact that he went AWOL also magnified his aggressive nature; he was a man that though nothing of collateral damage. All this taken into consideration, the bulky Texan was not a cold hearted murderer, and there were hundreds of civilians who would be caught in the crossfire.

He lowered his shotgun. "Okay, Lara, you take your sweet little ass and make your getaway. But you best be looking over your shoulder sweetheart."

Oliver, the man with Lara's gun pressed to his temple moved slowly; he clutched the key and started up the engine. When the engine revved, Larson walked to the jeep slowly, still keeping his shotgun on Lara. When he got in, Lara pulled the gun away and the jeep rode off down the street.

Nathan moved next to Lara holstering his weapon, "another friend who left you for dead?"

"Not exactly; Larson Conway is a Neanderthal, but don't let that fool you, he is rather dangerous."


Lara had been sitting in the little restaurant all day waiting on Professor Von Croy to turn up. Nathan had already left to find a suitable hotel for them to spend the night; that was over two hours ago.

Now the sun was sinking and Ms Croft watched as the crowds in the streets began to wane.

The elderly Austrian man removed his hat as he took a seat opposite Lara. He was dressed in a light tan colour suit, with an open color white shirt. He fixed his large round spectacles, his eyes going down Lara's long shapely legs, crossed just in front of him. He had known her since she was a young girl. After her mother mysteriously disappeared in the Himalayas he had almost been a father to the young orphan. When she was sixteen years old, it was him who had taken her on her first expedition in Egypt...

...Looking at her now, he saw that she was no longer a little girl; on the contrary, she was very much grown up. At the age of thirty, she had developed quite nicely; her body was slender with perfect curves in just the right places, her large 34DD sized natural breasts caused her top to stretch over them. Her legs were long and well toned; of course her years of exploring deadly tombs contributed to her athletic build, still he had to cross his legs to hide his growing bulge.

"Forgive my tardiness my dear, I was held up."

"Oh can we please cut all the bloody bollocks Werner..."

"It's rather obvious that Larson Conway was acting in your behalf."

Werner took off his spectacles again. This time he pulled out a cloth from his inner-jacket pocket and wiped it clean.

As he did so, he looked up at Lara, "Nothing gets past you..."

"Fine, yes, Larson acted on my word. Considering how much I am paying him I was rather disappointed that he failed."

"So it is the scepter of the God-King of Acadia then. That's in the coffin, I mean?"

"Yes, yes it is."

Lara got up and placed her palms on the table, leaning over it, "so you got yourself in trouble with Abdul bin Adlah so that I would retrieve the key, and then you would use Larson to take it from me..."

He put his spectacles back on, "not quite..."

"My capture by Adlah was a rouse. I needed you to get the key from the gangsters. Adlah agreed if I paid him $ 100 000."

"Well Werner, you can count on the fact that I will get to the coffin and get the Scepter, and if you get in my way..." her tone was menacing. She turned to leave.

"Lara, you don't know how to find the Tomb of Sheik Mohinder Sudesh..."

She turned back to him. He smiled at the small victory, "I need that key, and you need to know the location, I'd say we're caught in a stalemate."

"So how do you propose we sought this little quarrel out, Werner?"

His smile turned into a grin, "we help one another of course..."

"With my knowledge in the field of archeology, and your gifts in raiding ancient tombs we will make a good pair, no?"

Lara stared at her own reflection in his large circular specs.

His grin was so wide he looked like a Cheshire cat, "my services come at a price though Lara."

Lara's light brown eyes narrowed on him, "and what price may that be I wonder?"


The sky had turned a dusky orange, with purplish clouds floating overhead hiding the sinking sun. The few people that were around were now busy closing their little shops. Their were a herd of pachyderms being led passed an ally by a young little Indian boy; had the boy ventured closer to the ally he would have surely heard the soft groans coming from it.

A few meters down the ally Werner Von Croy leant against the cold plastered wall with his pants down by his ankles. He was moaning loudly holding the base of his long dick. Lara Croft was on her knees allowing the much older man to guide his penis in and out of her mouth as she closed her luscious lips around it.

Lara didn't look at Werner; she couldn't look at him, not while she was busy giving him a blowjob. She had said it before, and now she was thinking it yet again; the things she did for treasure. She bobbed her head slowly back and forth, running her lips along his cock, letting her saliva coat it. Lara plopped his cock out of her mouth then gripped it and started pumping it slowly at first, but quickly going faster. She raked her teeth over his head causing soft twitches to run up his spine, then swallowed is dick again.

Unconscientiously her free hand traveled to her pussy, and she started rubbing it through her shorts. She kept every movement in stride; her head bobbing over his cock, her hand pumping it, and the other rubbing her covered vagina.

Werner gripped her head with both hands as she worked him expertly with that wonderful mouth of hers; his body trembling as he found it more and more difficult to hold on.

Feeling the pulsations of his cock grow more urgent; Lara started pumping so fast that her hand blurred with rapid motion; she sucked faster as well, her cheek bulging as his cock head hit the inside of it.

Werner held his breath as his cock started to tighten "OOOR, Fffck.. cu.. can't", he murmured basking in the sensational feeling.

Lara ripped her mouth from her cock and opened wide just as his hips jerked in a jolting spasm; his cock erupting in a shower of white strings that spilt into her mouth. It splashed against the roof of her mouth and onto her tongue, some of it spilling down her chin in a creamy, sticky mess. Lara closed her mouth and swallowed; her hand still slowly pumping his softening member.

Werner stood against the wall breathing heavily, a sated smile plastered on his aged face. Lara used his jacket to wipe his spunk off her mouth as she rose...


"Very", he smiled in response...

"You have grown into quite a knowledgeable young woman, my dear."

Lara said nothing. She could still taste the saltiness of his cum in her mouth; it made her feel like such a slut. However there was now an aching need tingling in her vagina; an itch that needed scratching, but Lara would be damned if she was going to allow Werner's wrinkled old cock inside her.

"You got you're, payment", She reminded him, trying to think of something else.

Werner was cleaning the mixture of cum and spit of his cock with a hanky, Lara looking in disgust, "tomorrow we go into the jungles and make our way to the tomb", he replied.

Werner pulled up his pants and zipped up, and then left Lara by herself in the ally.


Nathan jumped as Lara slammed shut the door of his hotel room when she stormed inside. He had just stepped out of the shower so he had only wore a towel around his waist.

"Of all the sodden bastards in the world I have to be coaxed into god forsaken acts with him", she said to no one in particular.

Yet again Nathan was puzzled, it wasn't like he had worked out the universal mystery of the female mind, but he found Lara Croft particularly mind bogglingly unpredictable, "e-hum, who are we talking about?"

..."Thanks for knocking by the way."

Lara shot him an annoyed look. She walked over to him fast, untying her belt and allowing the harness to fall to the ground.

"OH... FUCK ME!" Nathan whined, as she yanked off his towel and swallowed his limp dick.

She sucked fast, impatiently. It was clear she wanted him hard. Of course though, a ravishing woman like Lara had on problems in getting a man to 'rise to the occasion', so it wasn't long before she felt Nathan swell in her mouth.

Nathan didn't know what was with this woman, but right now he didn't care. His eyes fluttered as she ran her lips over his cock, taking it to the back of her throat. She was sucking so hard it felt like she'd draw the cum from his balls.

Lara rose to her feet popping the button of her shorts then yanked them down along with her satin blue panties. She then rose and pulled off her top, her firm oversized breasts swaying free. Nathan swallowed looking at her naked body up close; but he didn't get the time to admire her beauty because Lara was on him again. She gripped his cock and pulled it between her legs as she cleared the little dressing table and sat on it.

Nathan bit his cheek when she rested his cock head against her slit and feeling just how wet and ready she was. Well fuck he thought, if this was how she wanted it, he was going to give it to her.

He gripped her waist and drove his cock into her hard. Lara winced in pain at the somewhat forceful penetration between her thighs as Nathan's thick dick slid all the way inside her. The feeling caused soft tremors to run up her spine and she breathed slowly as Nathan held himself inside her, her pussy muscles flexing around his cock, growing accustomed to the sheer width of his wide circumference.

Her eyes fluttered open as she looked at Nathan; he was looking up at the ceiling breathing heavily.

"Fuck me now", she whispered.

Nathan looked down at her, looked into those gleaming brown eyes; taken aback by the lust in them. He drew his cock from her body then slammed into her causing the entire dressing table to shake. He did it again, then again, her pussy gripping around his cock with every painfully delicious thrust.

Lara pinched her eyes closed and bit her bottom lip as her ass tapped against the table with Nathan ramming into her clammy cunt. She shook as the pleasure grew, her pussy yearning for the release that had been ignited there when she was sucking off Von Croy.

Deeper and faster, quick and hard; Nathan groaned as he pumped away at Lara's sex, fucking the British aristocrat with everything he had. Her pussy was getting hotter and wetter around his cock, inviting him deeper as he worked in and out of it.

"Ohh, ohh, hahh, Lara whimpered as she prepared for the much needed orgasm budding from deep within her core. "Faster, lover.. a-bit.. f-faster," she breathed in a shaky voice.

"Haaah", Nathan groaned as he slammed his cock into Lara as hard as he could. He pumped and pumped mercilessly in and out her dripping pussy, feeling her muscles inside flex around his cock, her pussy lips wrapping around preparing for the impending burst of semen.

"I'm gonna blow Lara" Nathan yelled, starting to withdraw his pulsing cock.

"NO!" Lara yelled desperately, pulling him against her sweaty body and wrapping her arms around him.

Nathan pumped into her so hard, that she fell back hitting the back of her head against the mirror and cracking it. Nathan's thrusts grew shorter until he couldn't anymore...

"FFffck", he groaned again as he let rip. Lara's pussy tightened as the cum gushed deep inside her, bursting globs of milky cream into her body.

Lara's legs ran up his hips as she came with him, her body aching in raking spasms, the feeling pulsing through her, satisfying her sexual need.

The silence of the hotel room was only broken by the heavy breathing that came from Lara and Nathan. Lara's legs, once riding high slid down Nathan's waist as she enjoyed the fading feeling of her orgasm.

The knock on the door brought them back to their senses.

Lara winced as Nathan pulled his dick out of her and he went to the door. She heard the voice of the well spoken Indian hotel manager...

"Excuse me sir, I was phoned with a report of noise coming from your room."

"Oh", Nathan stammered, red faced, "sorry, yes, I broke the mirror of the dresser by mistake. I'll pay for it of course."

"I'm sorry for being a nuisance sir, but how did you manage to do that?"

Lara walked past the manager pulling on her top, his eyes bulging as he caught a glimpse of the underside of her tits as the material skimmed over them. She strutted down the hallway then disappeared into her own room.

The manager looked back at Nathan speechless.

Nathan just smiled.


This was going to be one interesting adventure Lara thought as she rode the huge elephant through the lush jungle...

In front, Werner Von Croy was leading the way, behind Larson Conway brought up the rear followed by seven of his men. And next to her was Nathan Drake.

Usually she worked alone. She preferred it that way...

No doubt all these men would prove there usefulness in this little expedition; whether that would be in her interests or not...

...Well, that would have to be seen.


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