Tomboy Ch. 05


"Let me up dammit," Jo shouted as she twisted her body side to side to escape the larger girl.

"You are trash," O'Leary shouted as she spit onto Jo's face. It was all it took to get Tom going. He raced to pull the other girl away but Jo stopped him. "NO TOM! LEAVE US ALONE!"

"You better let him help you because you are mine now," Kathy laughed.

"Let me up and I'll show you who owns whom," Jo grinned.

"I don't want to hurt you," O'Leary laughed. "If I hurt you now and we beat Central on Friday everyone will say it was because I whipped your ass."

"Jo please don't do this," Tom begged. The other girl had no idea just how tough Jo was.

"You have to let me up sometime," Jo smiled.

"You asked for it," O'Leary said. "Right girls?" She asked looking at her team mates.

"Right," they said at the same time.

O'Leary quickly jerked her body back and jumped to her feet. As Jo tried to stand the bigger girl kicked her on her side making her slide across the hard pavement. Tom rushed to pick her up but Jo held up her hand keeping him away. Her elbow was bleeding as she stood and smiled.

"You better go home now before it's too late," O'Leary said smiling.

"I still have one more basket to make," Jo grinned as she walked toward the taller girl.

O'Leary had been in a few tough fights with other girls before and knew how to handle herself or so she thought. The problem was that Jo didn't fight like a girl. When O'Leary swung her open hand around to slap Jo's face Jo blocked it with her left and pushed her right fist directly into the girl's nose. Everyone on the court heard the nose break. The sudden blow sent the taller girl back onto her ass. Her hand came up to touch her painful nose and discovered the massive amount of blood pouring from it. "OH SHIT YOU BROKE MY NOSE!"

The three other girls ran towards Jo and two of them grabbed her while the third one swung her hand back to hit her. It didn't make Jo's face because Tom's large hand captured it and twisted it behind her back.

"Now that's not fair," he said smiling. As he held her one of the girls holding Jo broke loose and kicked Tom on his shins.

"OUCH!" he screamed. One girl was not enough to hold Jo so she quickly broke free and before the girl knew it had Jo's fist in her face as well. Broken nose number two.

"Jo lookout!" Tom shouted as the other girl ran towards Jo. Jo ducked aside and waited for the girl to turn and come back at her. This one held her fists up like she knew how to box. Jo laughed as she ducked two wild swings. The second one left the girls face unprotected. She didn't see Jo's punch as it flattened her nose.

Tom held the other girl as Jo walked towards her. "Let her go Tom."

"No, it's not right," he said standing between Jo and the scared girl. He glanced down at the three other girls crying as they held their noses.

"I won't hurt her," Jo said. She turned picked up the basketball and shot a twenty foot shot. "Five-zip." She whispered in O'Leary's ear. "This was for what you did to Tina. If you try to hurt her again on Friday night I'll be back."

"Let's go," she said to Tom.

Neither said a word as they walked the long way back to Jo's house. "Do you want to come in?" Jo asked.

"No, I think I want to go home," Tom said still not believing what he had just seen.

Jo grabbed his arm. "Tom I had to do that for what she did to Tina. And, she might have done it again."

He pulled her arm away. "I thought I knew who you were. I'm not so sure now." He turned and walked away.

"Call me later," she said as she watched him slowly walk down the street. He didn't reply.

Jo walked into her house and tried to wash off the blood before anyone saw her but her mother walked in. "What happened?"

"I fell playing basketball," she lied.

Margaret smiled. "My tomboy has come back."

Jo didn't comment because she knew she had upset Tom and now wished she had controlled her temper more. He might have understood if she broke O'Leary's nose but not the other two girls. It was so confusing being in love and having the old tomboy urges. She didn't want to lose Tom but at the same time she had to protect her team mates. She waited until 9:00PM for him to call and when he didn't she decided to call him.

"Tom's out with Billie," Tom's mother said. "I'm not sure when he will come home. I'll tell him you called."

Jo called Tina. "Have you seen Tom?"

"No but Billie and he went out. Billie said you roughed up some of the Trinity girls."

"I owed O'Leary for what she did to you," Jo said.

"I think Tom is really upset," Tina whispered.

"I know."

"Do you want to come over here?" Tina asked.

"No, maybe he will call me." Jo hung up and sat back on her bed throwing up the small Nerf ball she had taken from Tom's house. An hour later she fell asleep.

It was 2:00AM when Jo's cell phone rang. She picked it up and saw Tom's name. "Hi," she said still half-asleep.

"Is your elbow OK?" Tom asked. He had been so upset about the fight that he had forgotten to make sure she was OK.

"Yes, it was just some skin." Neither of them said anything for almost a minute.

"I know what I did was wrong," Jo whispered. "I have to control my temper better. I didn't really go looking for a fight but when she knocked me down I just lost it."

"I saw the look in your eyes and it scared me. Billie told me you have had some pretty bad fights before with guys."

'I guess I've had to fight to prove I'm equal to guys," Jo said frankly. "Since I met you I've been able to keep that anger buried deep inside. O'Leary had it coming but I shouldn't have hurt the other two."

"Well you should have hurt the one who kicked me," Tom laughed softly. "I've put myself in your shoes and realized I would have probably done the same thing you did. I guess I think of you as a boy sometimes and when you hit those girls I thought it was unfair."

"You think of me as a boy?" she repeated. Tom laughed.

"I love you," Jo whispered.

"Me too Jo," Tom said softly. "Please don't slug anybody again unless I give you the thumbs up."

"I won't," she smiled. "That girl hurt you?"

"Hell yes," he laughed. "My leg is black and blue."

"I'm sure her nose is worse than that," Jo said not laughing. "Do you think they will call the police or something?"

"They have nothing to charge you with. They came at you first."

"I wish you were here," Jo whispered.

"Then you would have to wash all the clothes before you iron them," he laughed.

"Come to church with me today," Jo said looking at the clock.

"What time is mass?"


"OK, I'll be at your house at 10:00AM."


"Good morning Tom," Margaret Thompson said as he climbed into the car to go to mass with them.

"Good morning Mrs. Thompson," he said as he took Jo's hand in his.

"I'm glad you are going to church with us," she said before Jo's father entered the car. "Maybe you two should stop by the confession booth after mass?"

Tom looked at Jo to see if she thought her mother was serious and Jo smiled while shaking her head no.

"I wish we could go back to Clarkton again," Karen said sitting next to Jo.

"So you can see Eric?" Tom laughed.

"No so she can play Marco Polo again," Jo chuckled.

Karen looked at her sister in shock. How did she know about the game she played with four naked boys in the river?

Jo grinned and leaned over, "I ironed your dress this morning and it's in my closet."

Karen's face turned red in anger and pinched Jo's leg. Tom quickly grabbed her hand and pulled it away. "Please don't make her mad," he whispered.

Jo just smiled and put her head on Tom's strong shoulder.

As Jo and Tom walked into the small Catholic Church they could see everyone turning and staring at them. The word was out that Jo Thompson had a boyfriend and everyone wanted to see him. Not only that but they wanted to see Jo wearing a dress. Whispers flew around the church until the music started playing.

After mass Jo and Tom stood holding hands outside the church smiling at the shocked faces walking by. Jo's mother walked up to them and asked if they went to confession.

"No mother but I will when you go too."

Margaret stopped and stared at her wondering if she overheard her confession to Grandma Bell.


It was later that day at Tom's place when Jo met his parents for the first time. His mother was very nice but his father seemed to be very quiet around her.

"I loved Clarkton when Tom took me there last weekend," Jo said trying to break the ice with the quiet man.

"Really? I'm glad to be out of that place," Tom Sr. said.

"Thomas, be nice," Tom's mother Sally said.

"I hear you are going away to college," the man asked while pushing a load of mashed potatoes into his mouth.

"I'm not sure where I'm going sir," Jo said looking over at Tom knowing it was still a touchy subject.

"Well don't put any notions into my son's head that he can afford to live away from home," Tom Sr. grunted.

"Dad let's not get into this right now," Tom said hoping he would drop it.

"He can go wherever he wants," Grandma Bell said sternly to her son.

"And where is he going to get the money?" the angry man shot back at her.

"Don't worry about money," she said looking her son eye to eye.

"Grandma I don't want to take your money," Tom said seeing the standoff between his father and his Grandma.

"She doesn't have any money," Tom Sr. laughed.

Suddenly Tom's grandfather grabbed his son's arm. "She's been saving it for a rainy day."

"Me losing my job was not a rainy day?"

"We were ready to help until you said you would move back here with us," the older man said. "Things are working out." Tom's father had finally gotten a permanent job with excellent benefits.

Tom Sr. didn't say anything as he wiped his mouth and walked out of the room.

"Don't worry about him Tom. I'll talk to him," Tom's mother said as she followed her husband into the other room. "It's a pleasure to meet you Jo."

"Thank you ma'am," Jo said smiling.

After dinner Tom asked Jo to take a walk with him. "I'm sorry about my father," Tom said as they sat on the small bleachers at the basketball court. A dim street light barely gave them enough light to see each other.

"I understand about you picking the best college for you," Jo said as she hugged him to her body. "I'm being selfish wanting to be with you in the same school."

"I want it too but you can now see what's going on with my family," he said as he kissed the smooth skin on her neck. "I wish we were in college now and we could make love in our dorm rooms."

"Me too," she said feeling his hand move up under her sweatshirt touching the soft skin above her jeans.

When his fingers pulled out her waistband and slid down under her panties she grabbed his wrist. "Don't please. If you touch me I won't be able to stop."

Tom laughed and pulled his hand out. "It's too dark to go into the storage shed and if we do it here we could get arrested. We have a whole week of school before I can be with you again."

Jo smiled. "Don't give up. You never know what can happen."

"I don't like that smile," he said looking into her eyes.


The first two days of school that week was tiring because the coaches worked the teams real hard in preparation for the Trinity games on Friday night at their place. The winners of those games would be the city champions. It was on Wednesday evening after practice when Tom found himself alone in the shower. He didn't hear any of his team mates in the locker room and figured he was the last one still around. As he shampooed his hair under the warm stream of water he felt fingers cup his ass cheeks. He quickly turned hoping another guy was not touching him and saw Jo's naked body through the soapy film in his eyes.

"JO WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" He turned and quickly washed the shampoo from his head and face.

"This," she giggled as she moved her fingers to his dangling participle. It took less than 30 seconds to become rock hard.

"We can't do this," Tom whispered. "What if someone catches us?"

"Everyone has gone and Tina will warn us if someone comes in the locker room." Her lips moved to his nipples because she knew it turned him on. She suckled on the hard tip and looked up at him while she stroked his hard-on. "You want me to stop?"

"No please don't stop," Tom begged. He wanted to fuck her so bad but didn't want to do it in the shower. "Let's go to the coach's office."

Jo giggled as she ran ahead of him stark-ass naked through the boy's locker room. She opened the door to Father Tim's office and moved to the small sofa. "Hurry," she said as she moved onto her back and opened her legs.

Tom glanced at the golden prize waiting for him and didn't hesitate as he moved down between her muscular thighs.

"Hurry," she moaned as she wrapped her legs around his hips. "Give it to me."

Tom felt like he was being used but didn't mind. His long hard shaft slid slowly but completely into her hot oven. He felt her fingernails digging into his back as his hips pounded his hot rod in and out of her. His mouth found hers which helped to keep their sounds of pleasure down. They were both about to climax when they heard Tina tap on the door.

"SHIT!" Tom exclaimed. His mind said to pull out but his prick would not allow it. He froze as he listened.

"Father Tim," Tina said loudly.

"Why are you still here?" Father Tim asked surprised to see the cute young girl standing in front of his office door.

Tina thought quickly. "I think I sprained my ankle in practice tonight and was hoping you would take a look at it."

"Sure, let's go into my office," he pulled out a key and started to push it into the door knob.

Tom and Jo looked at each other in fear. They didn't have enough time to run back to the lockers to get their clothing.

"WAIT!" Tina said as she grabbed his arm. "Can we go to the nurse's office? I think I need an ice pack."

"Why yes," Father Tim said as he put his arm under hers to help her limp down the hallway.

"God that was close," Jo whispered as she nibbled on his ear. His woody was still hard inside of her.

"You want to finish?" Tom asked.

"Yes and so do you," Jo giggled feeling his hardness.

Their bodies raced together until they both grabbed each other tightly. "NOW!" Tom cried out. Jo finished at the same time.

"Quick, let's get out of here," Tom said as he pulled Jo's body from the sofa and led her to the pile of her clothing in the locker room. "You are nuts you know that?" he asked as he watched her pull her skimpy light green panties up over her beautiful ass.

"Nuts for you," she giggled. She pulled on her clothing and made it into the hallway just as Father Tim and Tina turned the corner.

"Jo, what are you doing here?" Father Tim asked.

"Looking for Tina," she said truthfully. "How is your ankle?"

Tina smiled. "Better, Father Tim put an ice pack on it." She winked.

"She's lucky because it's not swollen," he said. As Jo and Tina walked slowly away from him he asked, "Jo, why is your hair so wet?"

"From the shower," she said again not lying. "I didn't dry it because I was looking for Tina."

"It's nice to have such good friends," Father Tim said as he moved into his office. He looked at the wet spot on his black leather sofa and moved quickly back into the hallway. But the two girls were quickly out of sight.

Tom was drying his hair when Father Tim walked up to him. "Tom, do you know why there is a wet spot on my sofa?"

Tom panicked wondering what kind of wet spot he was talking about. "What kind of wet spot is it?"

"I don't know. It is just wet on the arm of the sofa."

Tom took a deep breath of relief. "I was feeling tired and had to lie down for a while."

Father Tim looked at him and smiled. "OK but next time please use a towel."

"Forgive me Father for I have sinned," Tom thought as the priest walked away.


"We can't keep taking these chances," Tom said to Jo that night on the phone.

"But I had to be with you," Jo giggled.

"We both could have been suspended and would not be eligible to play on Friday"

"I know it was dumb," she whispered.

"Well you are dumb and I'm dumber," he laughed. "I'll see you tomorrow. I love you."

"Me too dumber," She laughed as she hung up.


The next two days flew by and when the girl's team entered the Trinity gym both Jo and Tina noticed O'Leary and two of the girls on the Trinity team wearing bandages on their noses. The Central team walked in front of the Trinity bench and Jo smiled at O'Leary. Jo knew it was going to be a physical game.

Coach Meagan also noticed the three bandaged faces and the smile Jo gave Kathy O'Leary. As the team dressed in the visitors locker room Meagan pulled Jo aside. "You wouldn't have anything to do with the three broken noses on the Trinity team would you?"

Before Jo could answer Tina yelled at the coach. "Coach Meagan they want you upstairs."

Meagan glared at Jo and walked up to the court. She saw the Trinity coach and the refs standing there. "Is something wrong?"

The Trinity coach was an older woman who Meagan had never seen smile before. "I have no proof but I think three of our girls were injured by a group of girls on your team."

Meagan looked across the gym at O'Leary and the other two girls. "Did they say who did it?"

"No, they won't talk. But it had to be a bunch of your girls."

"Listen. You have no proof and are just guessing. My girls would not do such a thing." Meagan said as she turned quickly and walked back down the stairs. "At least unless it was self-defense." She also knew it was not a few of her girls but just one.

As Coach Meagan walked by Tina the small girl grabbed her arm. "O'Leary put me in the hospital." Meagan stopped and realized Tina was right. She glanced over at Jo who was looking nervously at her.

Jo saw the coach's anger as she walked to her. "You are not starting."

"But coach," Jo said as her coach turned and walked away.


As Tom walked with the boys towards the locker room they passed the girl's team who was walking towards the court. Tom noticed that Jo was upset about something. He grabbed her arm. "Are you OK?"

"No I'm not OK, I'm not starting."

"But why?"

"The other coach complained about her three girls's broken noses."

"Shit," Tom said. "Don't worry she will put you in."

Jo took a deep breath and gave Tom a half-hearted smile.


The Trinity crowd booed the girls and especially Jo when they ran out onto the court. It was definitely a hostile crowd because someone threw a paper cup at the girls as they sat on the bench taking off their warm-up suits. Meagan immediately walked to the refs.

"If someone else throws anything at my team I'm walking off the floor," she said firmly.

The head ref walked to the scorers table and they made an announcement that said the game would be forfeited if objects are thrown onto the floor. A chorus of boos rang down from the full bleachers on both sides of the court.

Coach Meagan kept to her word and did not start Jo. The rest of the team looked in shock as the coach huddled them together. "I don't want to lose to this team. Stick to basics and win every loose ball."

"Coach, why isn't Jo starting?" Tina asked with a worried look on her face.

"Don't worry about Jo. Just play basketball," Meagan said. The team slowly walked to the large circle in the middle of the floor looking at each other for a leader but, no one looked confident.

O'Leary grinned under her white nose guard at Jo on the bench as she lined up for the tip.

"Come on let's go!" Jo shouted.

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