tagFetishTommy's Further Adventures

Tommy's Further Adventures


A few weeks after the get-together with Margaret and Tommy, Scott called and asked Margaret if she wanted a sling. He explained further that it was a brand new one that a friend of his bought and couldn't install. Scott thought that the archway separating the bedroom from the closet/dressing area would be perfect for it.

He offered to do the installation, since he worked for a contractor and had all the necessary tools and equipment.

Margaret asked him "exactly what IS a sling?" Scott explained that it is like a hammock made from nylon webbing that one would lie back in, giving comfortable access to all sorts of "important" areas.

She hollered for Tommy, who was in the den watching TV, asking him if he would be interested in having Scott install a sling for them.

Tommy took all of 5 seconds to respond "Sure, when?"

When Margaret passed this on, Scott said "how about this Saturday?" This was fine with her as they had no plans for the weekend.

Scott told her that he needed to come over and get some measurements and asked if tonight would be all right.

She said "sure, and one or both of us can give you a treat when you get here!"

He said "I'll see you at seven and I'll tell you about the Bigfoot Club then."

That evening when Scott arrived, both of them said "Hi" and asked "what is the Bigfoot Club?" Scott laughed and said "don't I even get a kiss first?"

Margaret reached up, grabbed his neck and pulled him down to her hot mouth, effectively answering his question.

Once they finished playing tongue tag, Scott said "come on into the bedroom and I will tell you about it while I measure the arch.

The first thing he did was to locate the center of the archway and then took out a razor knife and cut into the sheetrock at the top of the arch to expose the wood underneath. Margaret gasped when he did this and he told her that it was all right and that it would be invisible when he was done. As he finished his measurements and made notes, he started to explain what the Bigfoot Club was all about. It seems that a guy had to have a cock longer than 12 inches to be a member. That's why it was called big foot. He went on to explain that at over 13 inches, his cock got him membership but was not the longest one in the club.

Margaret juiced on hearing this, hoping that Scott would bring them over for a "visit."

Scott went on to say that the club would be coming over when the sling was up and ready and would like to make regular visits to play with Tommy. There would always be several days notice if they wanted to get together and Saturdays were usually the best time to visit. Trying to use the bed was difficult for some of the guys and the sling was the answer to getting good penetration. He went ahead and installed the large eyebolt that he brought. When that was done he put in a piece of sheetrock where he had cut the hole at the top of the arch; taping and mudding it in place and it was finished. It was even the same color as the paint on the wall so it really was not noticeable.

When he was done, Margaret practically tore his pants off to get to that wonderful cock of his. She and Tommy pulled him over to the bed and finished the job, leaving him naked from the waist down.

Margaret dove onto his cock first, sucking in as much as she could manage while feeling him get larger in her mouth. Finally, he was just too big to fit so she pulled her mouth off his cock, slid up on top of him and impaled herself on it. It filled her and touched her so completely that she immediately started cumming, rolling from one orgasm to the next.

Tommy, feeling a little left out, bent down and started licking and sucking on Scott's balls, helping him along in the process.

Margaret was moaning and rolling her head from side to side as she continued to experience one orgasm after another. Between Tommy's licking and her contractions around his cock, Scott did not last as long as he expected, exploding into an intense orgasm that left him shaking from it. He collapsed on top of her and lay there for a few minutes until he could gather enough energy to move.

When he finally pulled out, Tommy was right there to clean Scott's cock with his mouth and suck out the last bit of cum. Once Scott was done, Tommy moved to Margaret and used his tongue to get all of the cum he could out of her, giving her several more orgasms in the process.

Scott then told Tommy to be clean and ready for Saturday. He went on to explain that the guys preferred fucking a tight ass to fucking a pussy because they would bottom out in a pussy before they were all the way in, whereas they could go all the way in while fucking an ass, and they especially liked Tommy's hungry ass. The thing he did by pushing out and pulling in had already earned him a reputation.

With that Scott was out the door saying "see you Saturday at 10."

A couple of minutes later Tommy walked over to Margaret and asked her if she wanted to try the sling. Her reply was "oh yes, I got sooo wet thinking about those long cocks."

The first thing Tommy did was adjust the height by putting the link in the right place on the chain. Once it was right he snapped into the eye at the arch. Next he got out the wrist and ankle restraints which Margaret put on. After she was ready, she climbed into the sling and lay back, saying "it is just like a hammock."

It consisted of a black rectangular sheet of heavy ballistic nylon fabric that was reinforced at the corners and had a black brass grommet in each of the reinforced corners. It was held at the top with a heavy duty ball bearing swivel pounds that came from the Electrical Wholesale shop where several of the guys worked and could hold 9000 pounds.

From the swivel came 4 ea ½ inch black ropes - Sampson yacht braid with loops knotted the upper part for the spreader bars and for the restraint anchors. The spreader bars were black stained 1 ¼" maple dowels, 3 feet long and notched at the ends so they would fit into the loops in the ropes. All in all, a well made and strong sling.

Once she was comfortable Tommy fastened her arms and legs to the sling rope loops. She was not going anywhere and was completely accessible.

Tommy slipped out his cock and fed it to Margaret. With her head hanging over the back of the sling, she was at just the right height to take it in her throat; all he had to do was stand there and pull on the ropes to slide her on and off his cock. She couldn't fight his movements because her hands were restrained; all she could do was suck.

After a few minutes of her working on his cock, he was nice and hard and decided to try the other end. He turned her on the swivel and slipped it into her warm wet pussy, hearing her sigh as he did so. Damn! The same rocking motion that worked while fucking her mouth worked here as well. All he had to do was stand there and move her on and off his cock. He could thumb her hard clit and guide her on and off with one hand. This sling was great!

She began to come up so he used both hands on the ropes and pulled her faster, listening to her grunts as she came up. The convulsions from her sweet pussy tightening on his cock had him getting close as well. Instead of just standing there, he began to thrust into her as he pulled her onto his cock; fucking here harder and harder as they got close. Finally she started to cum, tightening on his cock as she convulsed in orgasm. This was enough to kick him over the edge and he pulled her hard onto his cock and filled her pussy with his hot semen.

He collapsed on her, saying "mmmmm that was good! How about for you honey?" Margaret moaned and said "it is so easy; I didn't have to do anything except enjoy it. With my arms and legs restrained, I couldn't move so I just had to lie there and give into it. It was wonderful!"

"You have to try it honey. I'll get my strap-on and you can see how you like it." With that he unsnapped her restraints and helped her out of the sling.

She asked him if he was clean and he said "yes, with Scott coming over, I didn't know if I was going to get fucked so I wanted to be ready." She then helped him into the sling and started putting the restraints on him and fastening them to the loops on the support ropes. He commented that it was surprisingly comfortable and that she was right, he couldn't move so he just had to lie there and take whatever came.

She got some lube and worked it into his hole, much to his delight. He commented that he missed having a cock in there. She then put on her strap-on and fucked his face with it, sliding it deep into his throat, asking him if he wished that it was a nice hard cum-filled cock. When she tired of that she went to his ass and slowly worked the rubber cock in, taking care to let him get used to the size.

She gradually increased the pace of her thrusts, holding onto his hard cock with her slick hand as she did so. The combination of getting fucked and getting stroked soon had him coming up. When she sensed that he was getting close she took her hand away and stopped, letting him hang on the edge.

She could see it in his face, what exquisite agony -- desperately wanting to cum but just hanging there, short of going over the edge. As soon as he settled down, she started over, sliding into his hungry ass and stroking his hard cock again.

The sling is sooo much better than tying him to the bed. He is actually less able to move and has NO CHOICE but to submit to her exquisite torture, a fact that she truly loves.

After several more times of getting him close and stopping, she decides that his ass needs more stretching and gets the large butt plug out of the toy box, lubes it up and starts to work it into Tommy's ass. She gently works it around and around while gradually pressing it in.

Finally, it goes in with a little pop. She them pulls on it, starting to move it back out just enough to continue stretching his ass. She keeps repeating the pulling and pushing until the plug moves freely in and out of Tommy's ass.

Now she goes back to work on his cock. Bringing him to the edge yet another time while sliding the plug in and out of his ass; he can squirm but he cannot escape her torture.

All of this work to keep Tommy on edge is having an effect on her -- she is now so wet that she can feel the moisture running down the inside of her thigh.

Her solution is to go to the other end of Tommy and slide her wet pussy over his face while telling him to "get busy and make me cum." A job he does willingly. After she climaxes several times from his hot mouth on her clit, and fills his mouth with the last of his cum, she switches ends and goes back to work on Tommy's ass and cock.

She spends the next 3 hours bringing him up, switching ends, making him lick and suck her to at least one orgasm, then going back to stroking him and sliding the plug in and out of his ass. By now he is begging her to let him cum only to have her delight in stopping just short of letting him go over and watching his suffering.

Looking at the clock, she sees that it is getting close to midnight. She tells Tommy that he will get to come at midnight and slows her stroking way down until her hand is barely moving on his aching cock. Since he can't see the clock, he has no idea how close it is to midnight.

She lets go of the plug and starts working on his nipples, causing him to moan and twitch with every movement of her hand. Now she starts talking to him, telling him that it is getting closer to time for him to cum.

The fact that he does not know how close has him practically screaming and begging to cum. She remains firm in her resolve to make her strokes as slow as possible until the clock ticks to midnight.

When it is finally midnight, she starts working aggressively on his nipple while stroking his cock as hard and fast as she can. He lets out a loud groan and explodes all over her hand and his chest. She scoops up his cum and feeds it to him, sliding her fingers in and out of his mouth while telling him to suck all of that juicy cum out of that big hard cock.

This was repeated for the rest of the week. After dinner, Margaret would climb into the sling and Tommy would "service" her, either with his hard cock, his mouth or both. Once she had cum a number of times, they traded places and she would work him over, bringing him up and leaving him hanging. When she tired of her favorite torture, generally after at least 3 hours, she would finally let him cum and feed him his ejaculate, sometimes after smearing it on the rubber cock that was in their toy box.

Finally Saturday morning arrived and they both showered and cleaned themselves inside and out. They put on robes and were ready by 10 AM, when the doorbell rang.

At the door were Scott and three of his friends. After they came in, he introduced them to Margaret and Tommy.

First was Darnell -- 13 inches - nicknamed "slim." Then came Denzel -- 14 inches, who was nicknamed "horse" and finally Algernon -- 8/9 inches around and 13 inches long, who was "fat boy."

Margaret asked about their nicknames and Scott told her that she would soon find out. She then asked them if they would like some of Mitch's favorite pineapple juice that makes cum taste good. A couple of the boys said "yes" and she went into the kitchen to get them some.

In the meantime Tommy and the boys went into the bedroom where Scott asked Tommy how he liked the sling. His reply was that both he and Margaret loved it; it was so comfortable and allowed super access.

Just then Margaret walked in with the juice and announced that she was sooo wet in anticipation of their day. Scott said "well let's get started then!"

With that, everyone took off their clothes. Since the boys had taken Viagra about an hour before, they were already starting to grow in anticipation.

Margaret squealed when she saw their cocks. They were so long and Algernon's was much fatter than a beer can. She got weak in the knees just thinking about it filling her. She asked him if he wanted to fuck her and he responded "hell yes!"

Tommy climbed into the sling and asked Scott to snap him in. His arms were stretched up along the support ropes and his legs were spread wide and up along the ropes as well. There was no way he could move. He was comfortable but totally immobile.

He asked horse if he'd like to fuck his ass while he tried to deepthroat slim. Denzel's cock was enormous! It was longer than he thought possible and it was fat! He seriously wondered if he could handle it, it was the longest and biggest he had ever seen. His thinking was interrupted by slim sliding his cock into Tommy's mouth. Oh but that cock felt good! He really missed having a cock fill his throat sucking hard as he thought about getting slim's cum.

Scott gave him some amyl and told him to take a big hit, which he did. He said it would make deepthroating Darnell easier, as well as taking Denzel in his ass. As both boys started working their cocks in, Tommy wanted to gag on slim's cock but couldn't because it was already in so far. All he could do was suck, work his tongue on the underside and try and breathe through his nose. It was a good thing that slims cock wasn't any fatter or he wouldn't be able to breathe.

Darnell would pull all but the head of his cock out to let him breathe, give him more amyl and slide his 13 inch cock back in, deeper each time. Tommy couldn't believe how far down his throat it was going. He felt like a circus sword-swallower.

Darnell repeated this until his cock was completely down Tommy's throat. He had never had anyone who was able to deepthroat the way Tommy was doing and man did it feel good!

While this was going on, Denzel was steadily working his fat 14 inch horse cock deeper and deeper into Tommy's hungry ass. Tommy would push out as horse slid in and then try to hold it in as Denzel pulled out. "God it feels good," thought Tommy and he couldn't do anything but take it. His own cock was so hard that it ached and he wanted so much to be able to stroke it but couldn't, restrained the way he was.

Over on the bed, Margaret was being stretched like never before. She could even feel the veins in his cock and came in an almost continuous series of orgasms. All Algernon had to do was move a little to trigger another one. He could feel her pussy clamp on his cock with each climax; boy was she a hot one!

Scott walked over to Margaret and fed her his cock. She practically choked on it but there was no way she wasn't going to make him cum in her mouth. She worked her tongue around the head as she sucked, tasting his pre-cum and loving it.

Meanwhile, Darnell and Denzel felt like they were completely inside Tommy (which they were.) They were working with long strokes, both going all the way in at the same time while holding Tommy's head and waist. Tommy could feel Darnell getting harder and his movements becoming jerky. It wasn't long before slim unloaded in Tommy's stomach. When Darnell finally pulled out, he could then taste his sweet, salty cum. What a treat! He wanted more!

Denzel was really enjoying fucking Tommy's tight ass. He felt good that he could completely bury his cock in that hungry hole. And Tommy was moving back as best he could, feeling that wonderful horse cock sliding all the way in and then pulling out again. It felt like it was 10 feet long. His own cock was rock hard from the pressure of Denzel's cock and aching to unload.

Finally Denzel was getting close. Sensing this, Tommy tightened even more on his cock, forcing horse to push harder on the "in" stroke and having to pull just as hard on the "out" stroke. Damn that hungry ass felt good!

It was only a few more strokes before Denzel unloaded. Tommy could feel each pulse of cum as it traveled through Denzel's cock, filling his ass. It was incredible.

Scott was getting close as well but pulled out and covered Margaret's face and chest with a major cum load. Algernon had picked up the pace and was fucking Margaret hard and fast, while trying to hold off cumming as long as he could.

Margaret was reduced to a series of deep breaths and moans as Algernon's cock plunged into her. Finally he let go! Margaret could feel him pumping his cum deep in her pussy while each pulsing stroke caused her to cum and clamp hard on his cock. Algernon collapsed on top of her and lay there.

Meanwhile, Tommy was asking for MORE cock. He asked Algernon if he wanted to fuck his ass. To which he replied "oh yeah, give me a minute to get it hard again." And he told Scott that he had a hungry mouth that needed filling. Scott just grinned and started stroking his cock.

Algernon went over and picked up the lube. Walking over to Tommy's ass, he unscrewed the lid and stuck the mouth of the bottle in his ass and squeezed, shooting lube inside. Then he poured more on his now hard cock, working it around until it completely covered his meat.

He walked over to the dresser, set the bottle down, wiped his hands on the towel that was there and walked back to Tommy, asking "are you ready boy?" To which Tommy replied "oh yes." Scott walked over to Tommy and gave him a couple of long hits of amyl, saying "you're going to need this."

With that, Algernon started to ease his slick cock into Tommy's ass. Applying slow and steady pressure he started to ease the head in. Stopping for a moment, he told Margaret to come over and feed Tommy some of that hot cum he left in her. Tommy said "oh yeah," as he opened his mouth to suck her in.

Scott reached around Margaret and gave Tommy some more amyl, eliciting a "mmmmm" from Tommy. Algernon resumed pushing his fat cock into Tommy's ass. Suddenly it went pop and the head was in.

He told Scott to give "bottom boy" some more amyl and continued to press. He held the ropes on each side and gently gave little pulls to work Tommy's ass further onto his cock, just a little bit at a time.

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