tagMatureTommy's Neighbourhood Ch. 02

Tommy's Neighbourhood Ch. 02


Well here it is, Chapter 2. Sorry about the wait for those that enjoyed Chapter 1.

For those who were unhappy with the skipped action in the first chapter I've tried to flesh it out a bit more this time.

Some people noticed the lack of an editor. I tried to get one through Literotica, but I think the emails sent to editors were blocked, I know my copies were. I've tried to edit myself, but I'd really like some help with it, so if you're interested, contact me.

I'm looking for someone to check mainly my grammar, with possibly a little bit of spelling.

The stories I write are probably mainly going to be Incest/Taboo or Mature. My personal poison is large breasts, so there will be a lot of that.

Anyhow, on with the show.

* * *

Tommy slowly woke up. As he came to his senses he looked down at the tent his hard-on was making out of the sheets. Ever since that time with Vicki Cherry, his best friend Brian's mum, he'd been jacking off nearly every morning, and most nights. If he didn't he'd end up walking around with his cock on the verge of an erection all day, and too often he'd see some girl bending over or something else that would push him over the edge to a very obvious and embarrassing stiffy.

He reached between the mattress and base of his bed where he usually kept the small stash of magazines he'd accumulated; along with a single burnt DVD he'd bought off one of the other students who made a bit of a business out of selling them at school. Tommy had only managed to watch about half of it once when his mum was visiting his Aunt Pam. It had been quite a session though. He'd had to do a lot of work to clean up the mess he'd made on the living room floor.

But for now, he whipped off his boxer shorts, and grabbed yesterday's T-shirt, wrapping it around his cock, followed by his fist, before quickly working himself to a hip-bucking orgasm. He was so wrapped up in the pictures of nude, busty women that he didn't notice that he'd left his door open last night, so he didn't see the flash of movement as his dick erupted inside his T-shirt.

Tommy's Mum had come to get him for breakfast, and seeing his door open had started to walk straight in, until she heard the moans. She had snuck a peak through the crack on impulse, without even thinking of it, the moans had concerned her, but she'd seen her boy, Tommy, masturbating into what must be one of his T-shirts. That explained where the unusual stains had been coming from. He'd had quite a lot of T-shirt wrapped around himself, either that or he was quite large. She'd snuck off as soon as he'd started to buck his hips, worried he'd see her. She was happy though, as that seemed like normal behaviour for his age, and she always worried about his physical development.

Tommy cleaned up, got out of bed, put on a loose pair of shorts and a T-shirt, and headed down for breakfast.

His Mum was already dressed for work, as she usually left before Tommy did. His Mum had worked very hard to raise him as a single parent, and he tried to repay her by his absolute best in school. He usually achieved grades among the top three in every subject, and he knew it made his Mum proud. He looked at her as she brought him a plate of eggs and toast, and fetched him some pineapple juice from the fridge, bending at the hip. Her business outfits always seemed to Tommy as if she was making an extra effort at appearing plain. Her grey skirt was snug without being tight, and reached down just past her knees, her blouse was always buttoned quite high on her neck, and her jacket was quite bulky and did not reveal the shape of her body. He knew from the way she always changed as soon as she was home that she really didn't like the outfits.

As she bent over in the fridge he found himself checking out her arse as it bulged in her skirt. His mind flashed back to that night at Brian's house, as she'd slipped her skirt down over her arse, and immediately Tommy had another roaring erection under the table. He quickly looked away as his mother stood and turned back to the bench. No matter how much he jacked-off, there were always things that were able to cause him to have a hard-on.

He kept his eyes on his breakfast as much as possible, but kept stealing glances at his mother as she prepared her lunch. Before too long she packed it into her bag, came over to Tommy to give him his usual peck on the cheek before she left for work. As she did, he flinched, and he was sure she noticed. "Your Aunt Pam is coming to stay with us next week. She has some interviews in the city and it doesn't make sense for her to travel back and forth. Is that ok?"

"Yeah, no problem Mum, I like Aunt Pam, it'll be good to see her all week."

"Great." She smiled and left for work.

He thought of his Aunt Pam. She looked a lot like his Mum being that they were sisters, despite the age difference. His Mum kept her silky blonde hair about shoulder length, while his Aunt Pam let her hair grow longer, halfway down her back. Her eyes were light blue, and very probing, and she had high cheekbones. Her lips were quite thin, but he very rarely saw them without a mischievous smirk. Her nose was very thin, which made her whole face very slender. His Mum had a few extra lines to her face, only because Aunt Pam had virtually none, and neither woman truly looked her age. His Aunt Pam was fun, he knew she'd never had to deal with the kind of responsibility his mother had, so she still had a sense of youth about her. He always had a great time when she occasionally baby sat him, as she was very loving.

He turned on the TV to finish his breakfast, trying to get his mind off sex. Eventually he succeeded and headed off to school.

* * *

He envied the kids who drove to school. He was old enough now, but knew there was no way he would ever afford a car. He didn't even have a job as his mother cringed whenever he brought up the subject. She was worried about it affecting his schooling, and whether or not he could handle the physical demands.

School was the normal monotony. He had most classes with Brian, his best friend. At first, after he'd had sex with Brian's Mum, he'd had trouble with the friendship, not knowing what to say to Brian. Tommy had slowly gotten back to normal, but he'd still been too afraid to go back over to Brian's house, as he didn't know how he'd behave around Vicki.

Finally though, the day came to his last class, English with Miss Bush, one of the few that Brian didn't have. Tommy had become increasingly worried during this class, as he knew his grades were slipping. He thought they were still in the top 10, but certainly a drop from the top 3 they had been. He knew why they were slipping too, but he hadn't been able to do anything about it so far.

Tommy had been spending a lot of his time in Miss Bush's class fantasising about Miss Bush rather than doing work. It was always the class where he had the most trouble with his cock getting hard. He tried as hard as he could to focus on his work, but before long he'd be stealing glances at her, and day dreaming about her pouting lips. She had shoulder length, silky, dark brunette hair; brown, almost sleepy-looking eyes, and a nose that at first he had thought was a little bit wide, but coupled with her high cheekbones and pouting lips he thought she was hot. Before long he'd start to think about her blouse, the way that on some days, the buttons seemed to be under a bit of strain to keep her blouse closed over her breasts. No... he was doing it again.

He stole a quick glance up at Miss Bush, and made eye contact as she looked at him. He felt a blush in his cheeks as he looked back down at his work. He just couldn't focus. He looked at his sheet, where he'd started to write something about one of the characters in the book they were reading, but he honestly couldn't remember what it had been. He couldn't stop himself from picturing Miss Bush posing coyly and blowing him a kiss.

He was now at full mast again, and knew he'd have to stay behind in class until it went down enough not to be too obvious. It was becoming a ritual. A suspicious one, as sometimes he even had to stay back until after Miss Bush left. Doing this on Friday afternoons at the end of the school day meant even Miss Bush surely thought it was strange.

The bell signalling the end of the day sounded, and everybody started to pack their bags and rise. Time flew in Miss Bush's class for Tommy; the entire class felt like it had taken about 5 minutes. He concentrated on his page, struggling to remember what he'd been writing.

Miss Bush coughed politely, *Ahem* "Tommy? What's going on?"

"Err... what do you mean Miss Bush?"

She stood up from her desk and walked down the aisle to lean against the desk in front of Tommy. "Your grades have been slipping lately, and at first I thought you were working harder to lift them, staying back after class to continue working, but they haven't improved. If anything, they're continuing to drop. I've asked around, and it's only in English where they're dropping, so I want to know what's going on?"

Tommy was speechless. He could see the entire length of Miss Bush's shapely legs as she leant on the desk behind her. She was wearing dark stockings, and he wondered if she wore a garter belt underneath her skirt, which stopped a few inches above her knees. He hadn't even noticed what Miss Bush had said to him.

"Tommy? Tommy!"

"Oh, sorry Miss Bush, what did you say?"

"Pay attention! What is wrong with you? I want to know why your grades are slipping."

"I'm sorry Miss Bush; I've just been a little distracted lately. I promise I'll improve."

"Hmm... perhaps I should give your mother a call. Conferences aren't for another month, but maybe that would make you pick up your grades."

Tommy panicked, "Oh please no Miss Bush. I promise, I'll do whatever it takes, just please don't tell my Mum?"

"What is it that distracts you anyway? You don't seem to be sneaking comics into class or anything, I think you just need to concentrate and stop all the daydreaming I've seen you doing."

Tommy looked down at his desk, sullen. She was right, he just needed to snap out of his obsession, get over it and get back to being a good student. He really had been trying though.

"Maybe... look, maybe I can assign you some extra work to try to lift your grade a bit." Tommy looked up at her, nodding and eager. "It won't be easy though. And I'm only doing this because I like you and you've always been a good student up until now Tommy. Now pack up your things and meet me up the front." With that, she turned and went back to her desk.

Shame had allowed Tommy's hard-on to soften significantly. But when Miss Bush turned and walked away he watched her arse roll back and forth inside her skirt. He could see where her skirt pulled taught from cheek to cheek, hinting at the perfect arse crack between them. He looked away and cursed himself under his breath. He could already feel his cock hardening again.

Miss Bush had reached her desk and sat back down, scribbling on a piece of paper. Tommy pulled one of his exercise books out of his bag, which he held in front of him as he walked to the front of the class, trying to hide his tented pants as much as possible.

"Here's my address and phone number. I expect to see you tomorrow at 11:00AM. If your mother does not approve I expect you to call me tonight and let me know." She held out a torn piece of paper, and Tommy awkwardly reached for it, and his bag started to slip off his shoulder, so he quickly swung around to catch it. He hadn't realised that the exercise book had also shifted.

Brenda Bush looked up at Tommy as she handed him her address. At one point he had certainly been her favourite student, always diligently working away, as if trying to make up for his smaller stature in other ways. It wasn't really fair to him that he had lost that place in her eyes, after all he had reached that rebellious age, and Brenda knew for certain that he was reaching puberty late. She was sure he'd gained height in the last few weeks, almost in proportion to his school work failing. She'd watched him much closer since it started, and it was almost as if he'd done the same, she'd always catch him looking at her, and if she didn't know better--

Her thoughts were interrupted as Tommy dropped the hand that had been holding a book in front of his stomach. She realised with a shock that the path of her earlier thoughts were accurate. Tommy had been growing, and certainly one part of him looked to have grown quite a lot. She did not get long to look though before Tommy covered himself up again as much as possible, said his farewell and left. She sat in shock for quite a while afterwards, trying to come to terms with what she'd seen. His pants had looked as if they were just about to rip.

Tommy hurried out of the room to the empty hallway. He headed to his home room, where he swapped out items from his locker. He was determinedly not thinking about his cock at all, as that thought always led to further thoughts that never failed to make it hard. He was thinking ahead to the conversation he was about to have with his mother.

* * *

When he got home he went to the desk his mother used for all the household bills and various other things, and got his last few reports from Miss Bush and took them to the kitchen table.

A few hours later when his Mum got home he started the conversation, pointing out how his grades had been slipping.

"I know Tommy, I'm a little bit worried, but it's not too bad yet, and I've been hoping you were going to get them back on track. I am glad you've come to me though." She held out her arms and Tommy gladly went to her for a hug and he felt her soft breasts against his head. He was enjoying the warmth and love of his mother so much that he didn't even notice his cock harden until it was too late. He tried not to panic, knowing that would draw her attention. He gently stepped back though, and turned around, before sitting down at the opposite side of the table, hiding his lower body.

"I am trying Mum, and my teacher, Miss Bush, also wants to help me. She wants me to go over to her house tomorrow so I can work on some extra assignments to help me catch up my grades. She said to make sure it was ok with you, and let her know if its not?"

"Oh that's great Tommy. I'm happy you're taking steps to get it all fixed up. Make sure you thank her, and from me as well."

"I will Mum."

"And make sure you leave her phone number and address on the fridge so I know where to contact you."


Tommy spent the rest of his night avoiding his Mum. He was happy he'd kept it together when they'd hugged though, but he didn't want something like that to happen again. He was a bit worried about it, but he tried to focus on his homework. He worked especially hard on the stuff for English. He knew he would have to impress Miss Bush with his work ethic tomorrow.

Finally, his mind exhausted, he jerked off while looking at one of his mags, a chick with her hair done up in a bun and glasses perched on the tip of her nose.

* * *

The next day, Tommy nervously knocked on Miss Bush's door. Miss Bush had told him to be there at 11:00AM and it was only 10:00AM, but he'd been too worried about running late. His Mum had to work today, and he'd left not very long after her.

He had to knock again and finally the door opened to a flustered Miss Bush who'd obviously ran to the door from the shower, dripping wet and wrapped in a towel. He couldn't help noticing her long wet smooth legs and the way the towel pushed her tits together and upward.

Seeing Tommy, she became embarrassed and invited him in. "I'm sorry I'm not ready Tommy, you're a bit early."

"S-sorry Miss Bush, I was worried about being late."

"Well you're certainly not late. Please wait for me in the lounge." Tommy worried about how the day was going to go; he seemed to have upset Miss Bush already.

Brenda hurried to her room, having cut her shower short. She had been thoroughly enjoying her shower, and had been well on the way to bringing herself to orgasm, one to rival the one she had the day before at her desk at school. She knew she had been a little grumpy at Tommy for the interruption, but it had passed quickly once she started to anticipate the rest of the day.

Seeing Tommy on Friday with an obvious erection had taken her back 12 years, to when she was a young babysitter, and she'd been watching a very head-strong lad, who had turned out to be much more physically mature than she thought. The event stuck with her and she often thought of it, but until Friday she hadn't known just how much she was obsessed by it. She hadn't been able to resist drawing the blinds of her office, locking the door, and frigging her clit until she'd squirted all over her chair.

She was going to have to hurry now. She quickly brushed out her hair, not bothering to blow dry it, and then looked in her wardrobe to choose an outfit. She needed to dress a little bit sexier than her usual school attire, but nothing that stood out too much. She started with her best lingerie, a white pair of G-string panties where the back was nothing but string and a plain white bra that always pushed her tits up and out obscenely. When she wore them to work she often had to relieve herself during lunch as they turned her on so much. She also pulled on a pair of white lace stockings that were almost too much for school. She then picked out her shortest school appropriate skirt, an off-white colour which covered her down to just below mid thigh. Next she looked at the clean blouses in her wardrobe, deciding that she needed something dark to offset all the white, and took out a black one that she usually buttoned up to her neck, though this time she decided to leave the top couple of buttons undone, something she would never have done at school, especially with the bra she had chosen. Finally she needed shoes. She was already over the top with the outfit she had chosen; after all she was in her own home, even if she had a student, so she was hoping Tommy wouldn't notice anything amiss. She decided to go for broke and chose a pair of white, open-toed, 4-inch heeled sandals.

She took a moment to admire herself in the mirror. The lord had blessed her with a set of 34DD tits, and she'd never heard a single complaint about them. She worked hard to maintain a 26-inch waist but no matter how hard she worked, she never managed to get her arse under 33-inches, though at the moment she was sporting 34 in her caboose. She hefted her tits, knowing they looked even bigger in the bra than usual, and turned to look at the way her arse stuck out. She was pretty sure Tommy was attracted to her, but if he was actually looking at the young girls in his class, Brenda couldn't compete, and knew her self-esteem would take a hit. She adjusted her glasses and headed for the lounge where Tommy would be waiting.

* * *

Tommy had taken out his books and was going over some of his assignments while he was alone. He could see easily where his mind had wandered and the points he was writing about would often then become meaningless on the page. He was making notes on them in red when he heard Miss Bush come back into the room. He decided to continue focussing on his work until Miss Bush was ready for him. He heard her go into the kitchen area where he had seen a table and it became obvious she was clearing space.

"Okay Tommy, I think we'll work in here." He got up to join her, taking his things with him. When he entered the kitchen, he couldn't immediately see her, and then noticed her bent over in the fridge, and he remembered his Mum in the same position. She was wearing a white skirt that he was pretty sure he'd seen a couple of times before, but not often, and she had stockings on. He was surprised at how much he knew about how she dressed, although knew that was the reason his school work sucked lately. He looked away and put his things on the table and sat down, arranging things in front of him.

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