Tommy's Neighbourhood Ch. 06


Amy and Heather continued to chat, mostly about Tommy and how like a man he was becoming. Amy explained how he was managing the trust money he'd received, even having set up a Term Deposit for a lot of the money he'd received. Sure, he'd made some purchases, like a new phone and some clothes, but he wasn't being irresponsible.

Amy's breakdown played right into Heather's plan. As they reached a lull in conversation, Amy suddenly realised the time.

"Oh, I'm sorry Heather, but I have to go. There are some people coming into the office that I have to speak with."

"No problem Amy, I'll just tidy up these dishes for you," Heather replied, trying to make it seem like it was a completely normal occurrence for her to wash Amy's dishes.

Amy stopped and stared at her friend for a moment. It was certainly an unusual thing for her friend to offer, and ordinarily she would have hustled her out of the house, but maybe it was because of her mini-breakdown over Tommy. It would be rude to refuse.

"Ok, I'm just going to freshen up."

She headed into the bathroom and fixed the damage her burst of tears had done to her makeup.

Afterwards, she returned to the kitchen to find Heather working over the sink. She grabbed her purse, preparing to leave.

"Thanks Heather," she told her.

Amy turned her head towards Tommy's room and called out, "I'm leaving now Tommy, be good and make sure you get your homework done."

"Yes, Mum," came the muffled reply.

"Thank you again Heather, I suppose I'll see you later then," she said to Heather.

"Of course," Heather smiled, "have a good day Amy, and remember that Tommy is simply becoming the fine, young man you've raised him to be."

Heather grinned as Amy rushed out the door. Perfect, she thought, time for some long, hard cocking, but first perhaps she had just better wash these dishes so as not to make Amy suspicious.

* * *

Tommy sat at his desk, surfing the internet. He was idly looking at a bit of MILF porn, as well as a couple of muscle car forums and a website with MMO strategies. He liked to keep a few windows open in case he had to suddenly switch between them.

Suddenly his door swung open wide and there stood Mrs Hancock, who looked like she was in a mood for him to call her Mistress. He realised that although he'd heard his Mum leave, he did vaguely hear Mrs Hancock arrive and visit with his Mum. He hadn't realised she had stayed behind though.

She was dressed in a black pencil skirt down to just above her knees, and a white blouse, with thick, frilly stitching and embroidery. Her blouse was heavily unbuttoned revealing her cleavage to Tommy's hungry eyes.

His cock was already semi-hard from the casual porn surfing he'd been doing, and the sight of her standing in his doorway, striking a provocative pose had his cock on its way to a solid state.

"Well, well, well Tommy, I haven't caught you watching porn have I? That would be a terrible insult to your Mistress," she threatened.

Tommy, without looking, clicked his mouse a few times, closing down certain windows, covering the sound with his reply to her, "No Mistress."

"Good," she said, then stepped over to his bed and sat down. She lifted her feet and slipped her shoes off. "If you feel the need to watch porn, then maybe we should find a way for you to come over and serve me instead?"

"Yes Mistress," he replied, though he was already tiring of her game.

"Now, come over and rub my feet for a bit," she ordered, before sliding back further on the bed to make room for Tommy to sit down.

So far he hadn't done anything to displease her, so her eyes, which Tommy used as a gauge for her emotions, were quite relaxed.

He looked at her dainty, tanned feet. Her toenails were painted a deep red, like burgundy. Lying back the way she was, her legs were held closed by the skirt, he assumed, but still he could see up her skirt enough to know that she was wearing black lace panties.

There was something sensual about her feet. Mrs Hancock was sexy, but Tommy had been thinking about it, and he didn't really want to play her game. He wasn't desperate for sex. In fact he'd been blown only last night by Vicki, so he wasn't sure he was going to play. Having said that, he felt like it would be nice to rub her feet, and decided he would play along for now.

He sat down and took hold of her feet. They were soft and smooth and he had no doubt that they received plenty of moisturiser. She slowly flexed her toes, luxuriating in his touch.

She looked down the bed at him as he started to rub her feet, running his thumbs up from the arches over the soft pads and in between her toes. He was worried that there would be an odour, but he couldn't detect any, and her feet were dry.

He wondered if the foot rub wouldn't be more effective with some lotion, but a slave might suggest something like that, and he decided he wasn't going to be her willing slave anymore, at least not when it didn't serve his purposes as well.

He rubbed the sides of her feet as well, running from the heel up to soft bumps beneath her toes and back down. He slid his fingers in between each toe, careful not to wrench her toes around.

He realised there was something very sensual about her feet, and certainly submissive in his rubbing of them. If she had been nicer to him, or if she were Vicki or Miss Bush, he might even have felt like kissing her feet, but he resisted the temptation with Mrs Hancock.

Deciding it was time for a little more, he began focusing on the heels of her feet. After a moment or so, he started to work her Achilles and ankles.

Before long, Tommy had moved on to rubbing her lower legs.

Heather realised Tommy was going further than she had told him to, but it felt so good. And the fact that he didn't have to be told how to bring her pleasure was adding to the experience. However, she didn't want to encourage such behaviour, so she held onto the moans that threatened to escape her throat.

Tommy tried to be as inconspicuous as possible as he made his way up her legs. They were still held together relatively closely, as he switched back and forth between her legs.

He again looked towards the panty-clad Promised Land between her thighs.

The motion of his foot and leg rub was causing movement in her skirt. He could see that it had slid up her thighs quite a way.

Cautiously he moved onto, and past her knees.

Her legs were starting to slip apart now, as the skirt exerted less control over the splaying of her thighs. Her pussy was hidden behind black, lace material. Tommy was beginning to note that black lace appeared to be her favourite. He could tell she was aroused, as he was starting to note her alluring musk, as well as the telltale glint of moisture soaking through her panties.

He had now met the hem of her skirt. Gradually, he began to push against it, inching it up her thighs even further.

Tommy quickly glanced at her face to see her with her eyes closed, and biting her bottom lip.

She really should have put a stop to this long ago. What was it about this boy that caused her to suppress her normal reactions? At least, that surely was the situation. Surely it wasn't that he caused her to have different natural reactions than normal? He was pushing up against her skirt now, pushing it up further to expose more of her tanned, succulent thigh. She could feel her arousal soaking into her panties. Her knees were now bent slightly, allowing her legs to fall apart, putting her lacy, black panty-clad love muff on display for Tommy. Even that wasn't normal behaviour for her now that she thought about it. It wasn't normal for her to be so wanton. She snuck a glance at Tommy, peeking past her eyelids. He was staring at her pussy, and she could see an obscene tent, pushing out the front of his board shorts. She felt her loins spasm at the sight and felt another trickle of her arousal leave her lips. Again, what was it about this boy and that cock of his that did this to her?

Tommy wanted to take off her panties, her mound looked so pretty and he wanted to take the opportunity to practice going down on her. He knew he couldn't just reach down and take them off her without angering her though. So he decided to play her little game a bit.

"You're so hot Mistress, I will do whatever you tell me," he told her as he continued to caress her thighs, working his hands all around and up her inner thighs, waiting to see if she would respond.

"MMmmm," she moaned, but declined to add anything further.

"May I please take off your panties Mistress?" he asked.

"You want to see what's under my panties, Tommy?"

"Yes Mistress, I want to see your sexy pussy, and I want to serve you, and make you feel good," Tommy said, struggling to find the right words, sexy words, not too crude, and not too 'poetic'.

"Then you may," she granted.

Tommy slid his fingers under her skirt, inadvertently pushing it further up her thighs. He felt the thin waistband of her panties, which told him it was another hot, sexy thong. He curled his fingers around it and started to pull it downwards. He pulled slowly, taking his time.

When her waistband was free of her skirt, the gusset of her panties still clung, wetly, to her mound. Tommy realised this meant that she was extremely turned on for some reason.

Finally he pulled them free, and examined them as he removed them, trying to do so nonchalantly. They were black lace, and the gusset formed most of the panty. Even right between her legs, there was still lacy material, rather than just a string. They were like one long piece of lace, not very wide through the depths of her crotch, then attaching both front and back to the string waistband. They were elegant, yet sexy, and suited Mrs Hancock perfectly. He dropped them off the side of the bed behind him.

With her panties removed, her scent was stronger, and Tommy inhaled through his nose, breathing it in.

Tommy got down to the business of munching on her muffin. He knew not to dive right in though. He began by kissing her inner thighs, alternating back and forth while moving closer to his goal.

Mrs Hancock helped him out by pulling her skirt further up, allowing her legs to splay out very wide.

He moved in close, and softly blew his breath across her lips. He was almost sure he saw a trickle of her juices trail down her arse crack.

He kissed her flesh, right beside her outer lips, letting his lips linger there and sucking her flesh lightly.

He used his tongue as he moved in to taste her labia, pulling it in between his lips to suck it and gently pull against them, gripping them with his lips.

Finally he dove in, forcing his tongue into her, licking and savouring her taste. He rubbed his tongue against every bit of her he could reach.

Heather couldn't believe how talented he was with his tongue. Wasn't he a virgin before her? He should have been, but she certainly had her doubts. When he first made contact with her clit, she felt her muscles clamp down, giving her a mini orgasm. The feeling travelled throughout her body and her nipples stiffened, crying out for attention. Hurriedly, she unbuttoned her blouse and arched her back, giving her access to the clasp at the back and freeing it quickly. She pulled her blouse open wide and pulled her bra up above her substantial breasts to give herself access to them. She played her fingers over their surface, caressing them, before paying particular attention to her stiff nipples, tweaking and twisting them. She had no doubt Tommy would love to be doing that for her, but he was otherwise occupied, and that was where she intended for him to stay, at least until she was ready to take on that prodigious shaft again.

Tommy was enjoying himself, no doubt about that. Was he being forced to service Mrs Hancock? Maybe she thought so, but he knew he wasn't, he just wanted to service her right then. He realised that it couldn't last though, before long she would try to make him do something he didn't want to do, and then he'd confront her. He shivered when he thought of her intense, angry gaze though. Would he be able to withstand it next time? He hadn't so far.

"Hi Tommy, I'm home."

Tommy froze in his ministrations, and looked up to Mrs Hancock's face. Her eyes were wide open.

Tommy realised that this was the second time in two days his Mum had interrupted him. Although this time it wasn't his orgasm she was inadvertently interrupting, but Mrs Hancock's. She couldn't have been gone more than half an hour. Something must have gone wrong at the office.

He pulled back from Mrs Hancock's quim and licked his lips, savouring the taste despite the situation. He knew he had to respond as he normally would. Remembering the situation with his voice, he composed himself.

"Hi Mum," he called out.

"The client called me on the way to the office to let me know that the bank gave him an extension, so he'd wait and see me on Monday."

"Okay," he responded.

She sounded like she'd gone to the kitchen, but there was no telling how long she'd be, she could come to his room any second, and though she would knock and wait for him to ask her in, she would know something was up if he didn't let her in quickly. Mrs Hancock had to get out of here.

She was on the cusp of orgasm when her friend called out. Orgasm denied. Damn it. She had a bigger problem now though. She was trapped in Tommy's room. Amy would assume that she went home after tidying up, which was reasonable. She tried to think of a reason to be in Tommy's room but couldn't come up with anything. She'd never shown too much interest in Tommy beyond offering her own thoughts to Amy's dilemmas, so there was honestly no good reason for her to be here. Tommy responded to Amy, seemingly normally. She realised that any notion of her being in Tommy's room, and even the house, with a normal explanation were quickly dissipating. And... they were now gone. If she was here normally, she would have greeted Amy by now. Shit! What to do? She'd never been in a situation like this before.

Tommy watched the panic grow on Mrs Hancock's face. She was in a bad position he realised. Sure, his Mum wouldn't be happy that he had a girl in his room, probably really unhappy, in fact he was sure he'd be punished. But for Mrs Hancock, she was half-naked in her best friend's son's room. He was over 10 years younger than her. Sure, Tommy would be in trouble, but just imagine the hell his mother would raise if she found Mrs Hancock in here. His Mum might even call the cops and try to have her charged. It wouldn't necessarily work, probably wouldn't, but imagine the scandal. Tommy realised that he wouldn't really like the attention either, but his position was far better than Mrs Hancock's.

As he watched the panic grow on Mrs Hancock's face, he felt a slight smile quirk up the ends of his lips.

Was he smiling? What on earth was there to smile about right now? She should get up. She should get dressed, find a way out, a place to hide, something.

"Mum?" Tommy called out.

WHAT THE HELL!?!? What was he doing? Why was he calling out to her? That could bring her down the hall... Oh god... he was trying to call her down here. He was going to expose her. He was going to dob her in to his Mum. But why, what did he have to gain? Oh, of course, escape from her power. And here she was thinking he enjoyed it as well, not that it was important to her of course. SHIT! THINK! She was really panicking now.

Tommy stood up quickly and whispered to Mrs Hancock hurriedly, with a smile on his face, "Quick, get up, hide in the closet."

She did exactly as he said, and it was only much later that she realised that it was the first clear action she'd made in relinquishing her power in their 'relationship'.

"What is it?" his Mum asked.

Tommy watched Mrs Hancock hurry over to his closet, her beautiful tits swinging, her bare arse bobbing. She got in and closed the door behind her.

Tommy looked around. His bed was a bit dishevelled, but that wasn't unusual. He spied Mrs Hancock's thong panties on the floor, and with a grin, shoved them under his bed.

He went over to the closet and whispered through the door, "I'll try to get her out of the house somehow, be careful."

"Okay," she replied from the closet, trying to fasten and straighten her bra and blouse.

Tommy left his room, smiling at the realisation that he now had a bit of power with Mrs Hancock.

In the kitchen, his Mum was looking in the cupboard at the coffee mugs, shaking her head at what she saw and he heard her mutter, "Weird."

"Hi Mum," Tommy said.

"Hi Tommy," she replied, turning to look at him.

MY GOD! LOOK AT THAT THING! Doesn't he realise it's there?

Tommy had no idea that his cock was still forming an obscene bulge in his board shorts. He'd been so distracted, first giving Mrs Hancock head, then the shock of his Mum coming home, followed by the head rush as he'd exerted power over Mrs Hancock. He even felt a little giddy, out here talking to his Mum, while her friend hid in his closet, hiding and hoping that he didn't rat her out. He didn't even notice his Mum stealing short glances at his package.

"How about I make you some lunch?" his Mum asked, before turning away from him so that she wouldn't be caught checking him out.

"Sure," he replied.

Okay, he thought, now I have to find a way to get Mum out of the house so that Mrs Hancock can sneak out.

"No!" Tommy almost shouted, and immediately realised he'd overdone it.

His Mum turned to him, startled.

"I just meant I want to go out to lunch with you, take you out to lunch I mean."

Amy rolled her eyes. Spending money unnecessarily, she wasn't surprised, it always started slowly. Before you know it all his trust money would be gone on frivolous purchases.

"We don't need to go out to lunch Tommy, I can make you something here?"

He had to get her out. In fact, he had to get her to agree to lunch now that he'd already mentioned it, anything else would look suspicious.

"No Mum, I'm serious. Let's go to the steakhouse for lunch, just this once. You can even wear something new?" he tried.

Her new clothes, she thought to herself. He was right, this was a nice opportunity to wear them. Maybe she could allow him to splurge just this once? She'd have to explain to him why he couldn't do this all the time though.

"Well... ok then, just this once. Give me a few minutes to get changed."

"Ok, I'll go change real quick as well."

Tommy rushed back to his room.

"Mrs Hancock?" he whispered.

"Yes?" she whispered back.

He went over to the closet and opened it.

Her blouse was buttoned lopsided, and her skirt wasn't hanging right. She was a mess basically. He summoned a bit of courage.

"I'm taking Mum to lunch, once we've gone, you can slip out the back door and hop over the fence," he instructed.

Tommy wondered if he should say more, maybe tell her she was careless or stupid, but just left it at that. He realised he needed to change. He would need to take his clothes off. But Mrs Hancock was here, wasn't that weird? Actually, now that he thought about it, she'd already seen him naked, they'd had sex, which made it weirder not to get changed in front of her didn't it?

Heather watched Tommy. He'd found a way for her to escape, and now he was standing there, seemingly contemplating something. Suddenly he pulled down his board shorts. His magnificent cock was tenting out his boxers obscenely. Shit, had his mother seen him like this, she wondered. Tommy then stripped off his shirt, and reached into the dresser beside her, rummaging for more clothes. He looked good in his boxers, and they were a step or two up from what she'd seen him wearing previously. Heather remembered Amy's new clothing earlier and realised that someone was obviously giving the Johnsons style tips, and she guiltily wondered why it hadn't been her. It was nice to see some changes, although, in her personal opinion, it was just slightly childish, and perhaps even sluttish, with brighter colours, necklines just a little too plunging and hems just a touch too high. As for Tommy though, he was younger, so it was working for him. He was a skinny kid, and he could definitely use some definition to his chest and abs, but with the tent he was sporting, none of that really mattered.

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