Tom's Boy


I've never watched much television. I go to the movies probably less than anyone else I know, maybe twice a year. I wasn't ever interested in anything like the Oscars, or Emmys or Grammy's or whatever. The only things I watch on TV are sports highlights and CNN. I own and operate a small gym in a small town just outside of Chicago that makes me enough money to call myself "successful", but not enough to be rich. So you can imagine my surprise as I was closing up shop one night, saying goodnight to my regulars, and getting ready for a night out with the guys when I saw a gorgeous red 1995 Dodge Viper sitting next to my car. I noticed there was a person inside, probably female, just sitting behind the wheel, watching my door. An old familiar looking lady was the last to go out, and I bolted the door behind her. The figure in the Viper was wearing a big, bright baseball cap and sunglasses. Strange, since it was pretty dark. I glanced again at the Viper. I was pretty sure it was woman, which relieved me a bit.

"So it isn't a burglar." I thought to myself. Granted, the idea of robbing of a gym isn't popular, but shit man, the equipment in my place is expensive and I've heard of it happening. They case a joint, observe security, and then load all they can into a truck during the night. Of course, the idea of a girl casing a joint right outside the front door in a Dodge Viper struck me as absurd and I gave my head a shake for even contemplating it. I was tired and cranky. I could almost taste the beer I was going to drink that night. I was cashing out when I heard a light tapping, like a key on glass, coming from the front door. I looked up.

It was the woman from the Viper, and I walked around the counter to the door. I unbolted it and opened it just enough to stick my face out. I noticed it was starting to rain.

"Yeah?" I grunted. I hate stragglers. I was closed, and that was it. I almost wanted to tell her to fuck off, but I wasn't in that bad of a mood. Yet. The woman was pretty fit, even under the over-sized cotton sweater and track pants I could tell she was fitness-oriented. I'd never seen her before though, so I thought.

"Uh, yeah, can I come in please?" I heard a feminine, slightly familiar voice say.

"I'm closed. I have to leave soon. I have an appointment" I replied. Yeah, an "appointment" at 10:30 at night on a Friday. Her lips pursed in a whiny smile. It was cute, but I wanted to go.

"Oh, please sir, I've not been in the gym for a few days now and I'm going to go crazy. Can I please?" she pouted. She then took off her sunglasses and ugly hat and I almost fell through the door at her.

"Hey! I know you." I said, trying to act natural. "You're Kiana Tom!" I said, trying not to shout. I can't stand people who go giddy over celebrities, and here I was doing that very thing. Not that she isn't worth it. Kiana is the hottest female I'd ever seen. It was like a freshmen in high school being asked to the prom by the captain of the cheerleaders.

"Hi!" she replied, putting out her hand. I smeared my palms on my pants and grabbed her hand. Her touch was firm, yet gentle, just like her killer body. That was the only other thing I watched on TV, was Flex Appeal. The first thing I thought when I saw the show was "What I wouldn't do to see her naked"

"Uh-ahem, please come in!" I exclaimed. Sure, I knew that she'd only shown her full face to make me let her in, but I didn't care.

"I'm in town visiting a family friend, and I haven't worked out in over four days!" she told me. "I need to just do some light cardio, or a fat-burn, just to get it out of my system." Kiana added, as I rebolted the door.

"Well, go to it if you want." I answered. She gave me that great, big, sexy smile and those gorgeous, Asian eyes as she thanked me.

"Oh, thank you very much. I'll be really quick." she yelled as the door to the female change room swung shut. My cock was pressing hard against the inner wall of my jeans. Usually I wear track pants, but changed because I was going out drinking. I thanked God for the coincidence. Nothing like pitching a tent to freak out a hot babe. I adjusted myself and looked into the weight-room. It was empty, and my eyes zeroed in on the woman's locker-room door. A few minutes later, Kiana emerged in her work-out clothes. My jaw nearly fell of my face.

She wore a white tank-top, under which was a regular sports bra. Her cleavage was supple as always, and her ass glowed under a pair of skin-tight short-shorts, the kind she wears on her show. I gave my head another shake, just in case I drooled or passed out. I watched her from the doorway as she sat down on a bench with some 20 lb dumbbells and started to curl her arms to her shoulders. I've never seen a woman make lifting weights so sensual. She looked at me and smiled. My eyes looked to the floor. Didn't want her to think I was ogling her like I was.

"Can you come over here, please?" she asked.

I walked over to the bench where she was and asked her what I could do.

"I just need a spotter. I'm weighting up to 40 lbs." she answered as I put her weights away and gave her the new ones. She repeated the slow curling action she was previously doing, but a little more slowly. She got to six reps, then stalled mid-rep on the way up the seventh. My hand came up to support the underside of her hand and she thanked me.

"So..." I blurted. Small talk was not my strong suit, especially with the hotties. "What brings you to this little backwater, forgotten town?"

"I was in Chicago doing a promotion, and one of my high school friends lives out here now and I thought I'd drop by."

"Really? Who?" I asked, then felt stupid.

"You know I can't tell you that." she retorted.

"Sorry I asked." I said muttered. Man, I was really screwing this up. Kiana got to her seventh rep of her next step, then paused as I held her hand up and let her pull in tight. She had great stamina. I barely helped her with the next rep.

"You work out, too, huh?" she said with a heavy breath as she finished her set.

"Yeah. I own this place, actually. Had it for about five years now." I replied, trying not to boast. It was something I was proud of.

"Nice place for its size." she observed. That sounded cool, to hear her appreciate what I'd done with the place.

"Yeah." I said as she laid down on the bench with her head just beneath the bar. I moved over to the end of the bench and helped her put the bar over her so she could do a few reps of bench press.

The awkward position of my crotch just a foot from her face was getting to be a little embarrassing. My hard-on was still there, and from her angle, she had a perfect view of it. I looked at the wall, and tried to imagine Bea Arthur or Roseanne, anything to tame the boner in my pants.

Kiana finished her set with no problems and then sat up. Her hair swishing on her back and her firm ass were making it very difficult for me.

"I think I'm ready to go now. She said as I placed the bar back on the rack. I was sure I'd blown it by then.

She stood up, and turned to me and asked me if there was a problem. I shook my head. She came closer to me and put her breasts about a millimetre from my chest and looked me in the eyes.

"I bet you'd love to fuck, me, wouldn't you?" she whispered. Her hand moved up my thigh and stopped on the bulge I had been vainly trying to hide. I froze. I stammered and sputtered until I heard a voice. It was my own.

"Uh, well yes!" I croaked. This couldn't be happening.

"I love it when I get to meet such a nicely built fan. Do you mind if I suck your cock?" she asked. I slowly nodded as she lowered herself down to her knees and unzipped me. My cock sprang like a rocket from my fly, and I felt her lips lock around the head. I almost came in her mouth right there. The sounds of her slurping and bobbing on me kept me in a blissful trance.

"You do this often?" I quipped as I looked down. She looked up and stroked my cock.

"No, but I was just so horny. I had to either work out or fuck, and you were here so I thought I'd take a chance." she continued sucking me until I felt myself letting go. I knelt down, pulled her up to her feet and kissed her. Her body was so firm, I couldn't wait to fuck her. But first I had to see this woman naked. I pulled her top off and she pulled off her bra. Her tits bounced forth. My lips locked down on her chest and neck as my hand slid down her washboard stomach to her shorts. My fingers cut under her waistband and found her wet spot, and to my surprise not a single hair. It was the sweetest surprise of my life.

I laid her on the bench and ripped her shorts of her legs. My tongue licked down the back of her leg and landed on her pussy. Her clit was swollen and pink, begging to be licked. Soon I had her squealing. My hands fondled and groped all over her rigid body while my tongue drove itself deep into her snatch. Kiana came hard. Her legs squeezed my head tightly enough to kill me if she tried any harder. I stood up, and dropped my jeans to my ankles. She sat up, and pulled me into her.

Kiana's hand grabbed my cock and guided it into her pussy. I was in for the ride of my life. Her cunt was tighter than my ex-girlfriend's ass. I put my weight on the back of my feet and tried to stay still as she put her arms around my shoulders and bucked her ass forward. She was fucking me with her cunt while I stayed still. It's amazing what a girl with a fit body can do to you in the sack.

Kiana pushed me down to the floor and continued to ride me like a stallion. My hands grabbed her tits and she lowered herself so I could suck her nipples as I thrust myself up into her hot, wet cunt. She didn't say a word until I felt her pussy tighten even more and she doubled the pace.

"Oooooooh yeeeeeaaaaah gaaaaaaawd" she wailed in higher and higher tones until she screamed and collapsed on my chest. I think I didn't come out of shear awe from the whole situation. I knew if I ever got to fuck Kiana again it would last about 10 seconds.

I rolled her off of me and bent her over the bench. I slid my cock up into her and pulled her ass back to me. If there's one thing I love about a woman's body, it's her back and I was staring at one of the best I'd ever seen. I was going to enjoy this. I held her by her elbows as she arched her back and panted while I fucked her deep with hard, powerful thrusts. I snorted and snarled and soon blew what felt like hot cement into her. My cock was throbbing in orgasmic joy as I popped out of her and fell on my ass behind her.

Kiana keep her position and groaned. I watched her sweet ass quiver as my come leaked slowly from her pussy. I helped to her feet and grabbed her clothes. She looked at me and laughed. I hadn't even removed my boots. Kiana scurried into the change room, and I heard her cry out.

"Looks like we need a shower!"

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