You open the door and see me standing there. Sheepish, like always. You smirk and unlock the outer door and turn back into your place. I follow inside and lock the screen and close the door. I instantly see you have a female friend over. I didn't know this was going to be the case. I freeze. Your friend looks at me and turns to you.

"Who's this?" she asks.

"This is Patrick. He's my bitch. Whenever he can't stand being away from me he begs and whines to come over in the hopes that I let his take out his tiny little cock and allow him to cum." you reply as you step over and sit on the couch next to her.

I'm instantly red and look at the floor. She's instantly laugh, "Are you fucking kidding me?"

"No. I'm not. He's my bitch. Aren't you bitch?"

I mumble to the floor. REALLY embarrassed. I want to leave.

"What did you say bitch?"

"Yes." I repeat. Louder.

"Yes what, bitch?"

"I am your bitch Lisa."

Your friend is in shock. Laughing into her hands. "This is unreal."

"You think this is unreal. Watch this. Strip bitch!"

"No way!" your friend replies. I stand stock still.

"Did you hear me? I said, 'Strip bitch!'" you command. I stand still. "Bitch. You strip now or you leave and NEVER, EVER come over, call or text me again. Got it?" I nod and slowly remove my jacket. Then my shirt. As I continue to disrobe you turn to your friend. "I bet you right now, his dick is SO hard. I bet it's leaking out the top. He wants me so bad, but wait till you see his cock. I shouldn't even call it a cock. It's a tiny little pin dick."

I have my shoes off and I begin to undo my belt. You friend laughs again, "This is so unreal Lisa."

"Just wait." you reply.

I unzip my pants and begin to move them down. You both can instantly see a large wet spot on my boxer briefs as I kick off my pants. My dick is straining against them.

I stand there twitching. I do nothing.

"Strip bitch! Strip of fucking leave!" you yell.

I hook my thumbs into my shorts and pull them down quickly and kick them aside. Your friend is laughing so loud.

"Oh my god Lisa! This is so fucking hilarious!"

I'm bright red. All over.

"I know right? Watch this. Bitch!" you yell. "Bitch look at me!"

I raise my eyes slowly and look at you . When our eyes lock my cock twitches.

"Get on your knees and crawl over to the couch, bitch." you command. I'm frozen.

"Bitch, do what I fucking say and get on your hands and knees and crawl over to this couch! NOW!" you bark. I flinch but do not move. You are off the couch in a flash, so quick it surprises your friend and me. You grab my hair at the top of my head and yank me hard to my knees. "Listen Bitch, you do what I fucking say or your fucking leave. Got it?!" When you say 'Got It' you slap me HARD across the faces.

"Yes." I mumble.

"What?!" another slap.

"Yes!" I whimper loudly.

"WHAT?!" another slap. Both of my cheeks are red.

"YES!" I yell. Almost tearing up.

You roughly throw my hair and head back and cross to the couch. The room is silent. My eyes and her eyes are on you. You sit down. You cross your legs. You flip your long black hair back and lean forward. You speak is quiet hushed tones.

"Now. Bitch. Since you refused to crawl over hear on your knees. You're going to pull yourself along the ground on your fucking stomach. You're going to drag that little pin dick across my dirty floor that's been under my feet all day. Because that where a piece of shit like you belongs. Under my feet. SO get on your fucking stomach and get over here now. I want your mouth kissing the toe of my boot in 10 seconds or you're fucking leaving."

I stand motionless.

"One." you say. I fling myself to the ground, whimpering as my hard dick hits the carpet. "Two." I'm pulling myself along the floor. "Three." My cock is burning as it drags across the rough carpet. "Four." My lips are on your boot. "Five."

I'm out of breath. Your friend is speechless. You lift the tip of your boot under my chin so I look up at you. You smile. "Look at her. Tell her who you are."

I look, reluctantly from your eyes and over at her. "I'm Lisa's Bitch."

"That's right." you smile. "He's my bitch."

"Un-fucking-believable." she says.

"Now Bitch. I want you to stand up and show us your tiny little, dirt covered pin dick, so we can see it up close."

I' slowly get up until I'm standing just a foot from you both. My dick rock hard. I'm shaking so hard I can barely stand. "Who's. Dick. Is. This?" You ask, slowly.

"Yours, Lisa." I reply and then I can't hold it any longer. I start cumming, but it just drizzles, not shoots, out the end of my cock and lands all over my feet. Both of you stare in disbelief.

"You fucking little bitch. Did I tell you, you could cum?"

"No, but..."

"Did I tell you tiny little cock it could cum?"


You stand and slap me hard. You grab my hair and I'm down on my knees again.

"Listen bitch, go to the bathroom right now. Get a fucking towel and get back out here and clean this mess up. Now! You have till ten!"

I leap to my feet as I can hear you count. I am in the bathroom. I grab a towel and come back out you are just sitting back down on the couch. I'm instantly back down on the floor scrubbing up my cum with the towel. I get all of it onto the towel. I sit up and look at you.

"Now lick your cum off that towel. Bitch."

I start shaking and bring the towel to my mouth and just stare at you as I lick the cum off the dirty towel.

"Put the towel in your mouth and suck it out bitch."

I do. I'm helpless. I have to do what you say. When you're confident the towel is clean you tell me to stop.

"Now fold the towel nicely bitch."

I do.

"Now get the FUCK out of my house and do NOT even talk to me until I talk to you first! Got it?" You slap me across the face.


"Get out of here bitch!"

I stand and turn and head towards my clothes and discover they are gone.

"They are outside in the garbage can Bitch! I threw them there when you went to get the towel! I made sure the motion sensor lights are on and I knocked on my neighbors door! Better go quick!"

I fumble with the lock as I try to open the door, which you've locked. The moment I step outside, the door slams behind me. I dash, naked to the trashcan and begin digging for my clothes and behind me, though your door, I can hear you and your friend laughing. Laughing at me because now she knows what you and I both know.

I'm your bitch.

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