"Baby...what are you doing?" Keryn laughed as a silk scarf was wrapped around her eyes.

"You'll see," Tamir laughed "Just trust me,"

"Trust you, huh?"

"What? You think I'm setting you up?"

"No...I'd just like to know what I'm getting into."

"Don't worry you're gonna love it.... But if you scream, I win."

Tamir led Keryn into the bedroom. Her sense of smell instantly recognized the contents of her surroundings.

Ah, candles...and roses? How did you have time to do this?"

"While you were in the shower."

"You're so romantic."

"You think..."

"It's a possibility."

Her ears fixed in on the music playing in the background, it was different, but then everything with Tamir was. He placed a soft kiss on her lips that became more passionate with every flick of his tongue. Keryn felt the heat between them and her clothes leaving her body. His hands barely touched her as he removed her bra and slid off her panties as if a ghost was undressing her.

"'Mir...where are you?"

"I'm still here," he whispered. "I'm not going anywhere. Just concentrate on what you feel and I'll do the rest."

Keryn stood naked and nervous of what was about to take place. Tamir always let her have control of every part of their relationship...but in the bedroom he had ultimate domain. She stood almost untouched for a minute, the scent of the candles and roses and the music surrounded her. Then she felt his hands on her thighs. Her body tensed.

"Nervous?" he asked. "Because if you are don't be."

Tamir placed a kiss on her forehead, the tip of her nose and then just barely touching her lips. Her hands were then placed above her head and she felt something around her wrists. Keryn laughed lowly, she knew she had just been handcuffed.

"Baby what are you up to?"

In one swoop she was picked up and lain on cool silk sheets. Her fear and her nature heightened all at once. This was strangely turning her on. Her body twitched as a feather was run up and down her body. Her ears focused on the music, which was now familiar:

I can't eat, can't sleep/you know that it's unnatural/what you do to me/you know that it's so sexual...

She moaned softly and Tamir smiled, knowing he was getting the response he wanted. His tongue met her ear and he played with her earlobe and kissed and bit at her neck. Her moans became louder as he trailed over her breasts and her belly to her navel and down her thighs...her calves then to her heels. Keryn gasped as he sucked on her toes one by one. He moved up the inside of her thighs before she could catch her breath and went for what he sought.

"I was going to wait...but I just have to taste you..."

His tongue moved slowly careful as not to miss one drop. Keryn squirmed underneath him as he opened her legs further going after what his appetite called for. It was becoming hard not to scream. Tamir worked at her relentlessly, his tongue trailed her body in every possible direction and he nipped and licked at her every peak and valley from her nipples to her clit and back up again until her moans turned into his name being called out over and over again.

"Just as I thought," he said as he bit one of her nipples. "You do taste as good as you look."

Tamir removed the handcuffs from her wrists and silently she was relieved, but Keryn knew this was far from over. The blindfold left her eyes and she focused to see him in front of her with a half-smile and she gave him one in return.

"I'm not done yet love," he said pressing on her shoulders making her lay back on the bed. "Just relax..."

He placed himself above her and kissed her deeply. She tensed as he entered her with one finger and moved back and forth slowly, then he joined it with another. Keryn's body relaxed and she began to follow his motions. She only prayed he felt as good inside her, if not better. He raised one of her legs, then the other. He felt her shaking underneath him and looked in her eyes.

"Baby, if you're nervous we don't have to. It can wait..."

" 'Mir...I want to...we've waited long enough..."

He started again, this time her body didn't resist him. Every breath left her body when he entered her and soon she relaxed again. His every movement was slow and loving. She started to enjoy herself as much as she did during the foreplay that came before. Keryn was making Tamir's head spin as her hips began to rock with his. She took to him as if it was all rehearsed, reacting to what she felt from him. Keryn's moans and pleads became louder driving him further into his mission. If he didn't take stock of all he was feeling, the moment would pass all too soon. The sounds in the room became louder as they became lost in each other. It no longer mattered who screamed first, it only mattered that they

climaxed together. Tamir felt Keryn on the edge of release, he knew she wanted to let go but wasn't sure how, he had to show her.

He held Keryn close not letting her body push him away. He kissed her feverishly and began to move faster. Suddenly she tore her lips away from his and let out the sound he waited for...a scream that triggered his own release.

They both lay still beathing heavily. Keryn's body still trembled underneath him.

"You're still shaking..." he whispered placing butterfly kisses on her face.

"I know..."

"Well that means I'm not done."

"Well for now we have to be. What if my big brother catches us, he'll kill us both.

"I know. But one day he'll have to understand..."

"Right now, is not the time. Come on you have to go. We'll talk about this later"

They quickly dressed in silence. Tamir grabbed the keys and headed for the door with Keryn close behind. The sound of keys in the lock stopped them in their tracks. "Kay, you home?" her brother yelled from down the hall.

"Shit!" Keryn whispered as they went back into the bedroom and closed the door. She slowly turned the lock and Tamir shot her a confused look.

"Larry is home...now what?"

"Go out the window and back around the front," she whispered opening her bedroom window. Tamir climbed out and did exactly as Keryn said. "I'll be out in a minute," she yelled down the hall.

Keryn walked into the living room and gave her brother a hug.

"Hey kid, what's up?" Larry asked.

"Nothin' just hanging out. Did you check the mail? I was waiting on something important."

"Nah..." he said pulling off his jacket.

"I'll get it. Be right back."

She pulled open the front door just as Tamir was about to knock. He stood motionless not knowing what to do. Keryn just smiled.

"Hey...look who I found on the front step."

"Man, I've been trying to call you all day. Where you been?" Larry asked giving Tamir a pound and a brotherly hug.

"I had something I needed to get into," he looked at Keryn and smiled. "My cell phone wasn't on, my bad. What was so important anyway?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to ask you about this girl who's occupying all your time lately. She must be pretty important."

"I'll talk to you about that later. I was coming by to see if you wanted a ride to the press conference."

"Uh, yeah. Give me about twenty minutes to change and I'll be ready to go."

"Take your time, " Tamir said sitting on the couch and putting his feet up on the coffee table.

"So...what are you gonna tell him?" Keryn asked joining him on the couch.

"I want to let him know, Kay. I can't go on loving you like this and keeping it a secret."

"I know, but baby this will break his heart. It doesn't matter if I'm eighteen, He still sees me as a baby."

"I feel like we've hidden this long enough. He's gonna find out one way or another. I'd rather he find out from me. If he doesn't understand, we'll just have to make him."

"I want to let him know too baby, but I think he'll take it better from you. You two tend to see eye to eye more."

"I'll tell him sometime during the course of the night. I'll find a way."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah...something's gotta give and it's gonna be today. I have to be with you out in the open, Kay. It'll all work out baby...I promise."

"I hope so," Keryn said leaning on his shoulder. He put his arm around her and kissed her forehead. Keryn wanted this to work out but she knew Larry would not approve.

Larry came back into the room just as they broke their embrace. Tamir stood up and went to the door.

"We'll be back later sis," Larry said walking out the door to the car.

"Okay...I'll be here."

She watched them walk away. Just before she closed the door, Tamir turned and winked at her.

"Keryn, he is too damn old for you!" Larry said at the top of his lungs. "You're still in high school, what the hell were you thinking?"

"I have had a crush on him since I was twelve. For him to see me as an equal was the biggest thing in my itty-bitty teenage world! This is what I've always wanted and you think telling me you don't approve is really gonna matter!"

"I don't like this shit not one bit..."

"Why? Because you see how he treats groupies...that he never takes a girl seriously? What about Keira...the girl who gave his baby away? You saw how that tore him apart, didn't you? Did you actually expect him to just bounce back and trust another female again after that..."

"...you ain't gotta lay out Mir's history to me, Kay. He's like a brother to me. I know what Keira did to him..."

"...and so do I. What you don't know is he confided in me about that back then and I understood. I saw how he treated girls after that and I used to hear you guys talk about the shit y'all did...every last one of you, not just him! So don't come at me like I don't know. It seems like you hate me more for this and he's not at fault. Well keep in mind it's Keryn and Tamir in the relationship...not just me."

"I just don't want to see you hurt, Keryn."

"You should know your brother better than that...even if you don't care to know me all that well. I knew you would be upset but this...this is ridiculous. If I haven't been hurt in three months I won't get hurt now...and if I do, then I have to live with it...goodnight."

Keryn grabbed her long black leather coat and stormed out of the front door. She reached in her pocket and much to her relief her cell phone was still there. She had a phone call to make and it couldn't wait any longer.

After ten minutes on the front porch, a black Mercedes S430 pulled up in front of the house. Without hesitation she got in the car and slumped down in the seat.

"I take it he went through the roof when he got home," Tamir said as they drove off. "Are you okay?"

"Of course not. You know Keira came up in the argument, right?"

"Why Keira? Of all women he brings up The Bitch."

"Actually, I brought it up...he swears that I don't know what I'm getting myself into because of the person you turned into after she...you know."

"Say it, she killed my baby. But that's in the past for me and I can't take that out on you. You really helped me make sense of everything after it happened. I guess that's when I really took a strong liking to you. You weren't little Kerrie anymore."

"At least you don't see me that way. Thanks."

Keryn closed her eyes and listened to the music pumping out of the stereo. As always, it was something unfamiliar to her ears but it had a calming effect on her. Next she knew, the car door opened and she looked up to find herself at Tamir's house.

"I've never been here," she said hesitantly.

"I know. There's a first time for everything isn't there? If you don't want to be here we can go somewhere else."

"No this is fine. First time for everything right." She said putting a smile on her face. Seeing her smile made Tamir smile.

They walked in and instantly she knew just like the bedroom this entire house was his domain. Nothing was out of place and the carpet seemed as if it was never walked on. Keryn had to remind herself that she wasn't breathing.

"You like?" he asked seeing the smile forming on her face. Keryn just nodded in approval and went into the living room. "Now baby, what happened?"

Sitting on the sofa, Keryn took a deep breath and started her story. By the time she was finished, she was in tears. Tamir hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead.

"Baby, it'll be okay I promise. I just need to work on him and so do you. We have to let him know we can handle this."

"I just want Larry to understand. I don't want to lose you baby but I don't want to come between you two either."

"I don't want to talk about it anymore, Kay."

"What?" she asked sounding irritated.

"No, no, no it's not like that. I want to spend tonight with you and at least for a little while, take your troubles away. Will you let me?"

Again, she nodded. Keryn leaned into his arms and received the slowest, sweetest kiss. His hands trailed her waist up her back into her hair. Nothing mattered that moment to Keryn except they were together.

"I want you to see something," he whispered while kissing her neck. He walked behind her and led her up the stairs. She hesitated to walk down the long dark hallway, but Tamir nudged her on. She stood in front of his bedroom door almost breathless dying to know what was on the other side. Slowly the door opened and he came from behind her and stepped in. Keryn took his outstretched hand and walked in. Her eyes widened at the sight before her. An all black bedroom, the only break in the color scheme was the mirrored closet doors. A California king-plus sized bed stood in the middle of the room covered in black silk. It was evident what his favorite color was.

"So this is where you sleep every night?" she asked absorbing her surroundings. "Very nice."

"Yeah, when I'm in town. I spend most of my time in here," he said sitting on the bed. It wasn't until now Keryn realized he left home to get her in just pajama bottoms, his favorite Nike's and a leather jacket. "It's just aggravating waking up alone."

He pulled her close to him and raised her shirt. She moaned as he made circles around her navel with his tongue. She slid down and straddled his lap, smiling when she felt he was already hard between her thighs. Tamir pulled her shirt over her head and threw it across the room, letting out a low growl when he discovered she wasn't wearing a bra.

"I see you came ready for this," he said and took one of her nipples between his teeth. Almost instantly she was on her back, her black thong being slid off and joining her shirt on the floor. Tamir moaned as he pushed into her, his fingers entangled in her hair lightly tugging, as his strokes became deeper. Keryn's fingernails grazed his back as she began to shake in orgasm much sooner than she expected. Tamir smiled at this occurrence and went further into his mission putting one of her legs on his shoulder and teasing her clit with his thumb. Keryn cried out from the intense feeling going through her. She almost wanted to push him away but he felt too good to her to let it go.

"Mir, you're driving me crazy..." she whispered.

"That's what I'm supposed to do...thought you knew."

"You can have me baby, I'm all yours."

Tamir pushed into her harder bringing her closer to release again. Finally, they came together in a thunderous orgasm. They lay still and stared at each other both smiling.

"Hey you," he said brushing the hair from Keryn's face. Her eyes were half-open.


"Stay with me tonight."

"Really?" she asked now somewhat awake. Seeing the seriousness on his face made her smile. "You really want me here?"

"I wouldn't have it any other way. I told you I don't want to sleep alone anymore...I wanna see what it feels like to wake up next to someone I love. Now get some sleep baby, it's been a long day."

"Yes, daddy." she said laughing as they cuddled up in bed.

"I'm glad you're here, Kay."

"Me too," she said quietly. Soon after she fell asleep with a smile on her face. Little did she know her bliss was about to take a serious turn.

"Hello," Keryn said sleepily. For the first time in two weeks she was getting more than four hours sleep in one night and someone had to wake her.

"Hey baby...miss me?"

"I was just dreaming about you," she smiled. "Of course I do."

"I only got a minute so I just called to say I love you and I'll be home for your graduation."

"You will!" she said sitting straight up in bed. "I thought you weren't going to get back in time."

"Well I am. I figured since I can't take you to your prom I might as well be at your graduation. Well look honey I gotta go...I call you again soon."


Keryn was excited but soon fell back to sleep from exhaustion. Soon after she dozed off the telephone rang again.

"Hello," she answered but this time she was annoyed.

"Hey kid, wake up. I need to talk to you...now."

"Come on Mark, I'm tired. I've been running around like crazy straightening out things for y'all since I left."

"Thanks baby sis, but this is more important."

"Alright what?" frustration showed in her voice now.

"Mir's been spending time with someone and I think you need to know about it."

"Who? Tell me, I wanna know!"

"It's best I let you see it for yourself. Take my credit card and get on the evening flight to Atlanta tomorrow. We're doing two shows. I got somebody to meet you and take you to the hotel. Her name is Keesha; she's one of my girls from way back. She'll explain it all to you on the way."

"Mark what's going on..."

"I can't say. Just get on that plane."

Mark hung up without another word. Keryn just held the phone in silence. Sleep was no longer an option now. She got a small bag together and paced the house. She called up her best friend Dionne and had her come over.

"Girl, it's three in the morning, this better be good."

"I think he's cheating on me."

"Well, it's to be expected...he is a celebrity..."

"I know, Dee..."

"...on tour..."

"I know, Dee..."

"...with all the women throwing themselves at him..."

"Alright Dionne! You're not making it any better," she said near tears. "That's why I'm going up there."

"Say what? So you're going to just go up there..."

"Mark called and told me I need to see it for myself. So, he's paying for my plane ticket and I'm going to find out what's going on."

"You're setting yourself up for a serious heartbreak, Kay. I wouldn't do it. Just chalk it up to him being a man and a famous one at that."

"That's no excuse. Not to mention ten minutes before Mark called, he called to say goodnight and that he loved me and he'd be home for graduation."

"Covering his ass so you don't suspect anything...but the one thing I don't get is how is his boy ratting him out?"

"Reality check I guess," Keryn said. "It's funny though..."

"What's funny?" Dionne asked sitting on the bed next to her best friend.

"How come my brother hasn't said anything?"

Twelve hours later...

Keryn and Dionne stood in the airport at the designated place they agreed to meet Keesha. Suddenly, a fair-skinned, well-built woman walked up to them.

"Keryn?" she asked.

"Keesha? Hi. Nice to finally meet you."

"Sorry our conversation was so brief but it had to be. I'm sorry I had to meet you under these circumstances."

After a brief introduction they were on their way to the hotel. Keryn was briefed on the reason for the late night phone call and her sudden trip to Atlanta. When they arrived at the hotel, a huge crowd was forming outside, so they went through the parking garage entrance.

"So that's why you're here, Keesha said as they got on the elevator. "I just did a favor for my nigga by meeting you. I'm sorry but from here, you're on your own."

"It's cool, thanks," the nervousness showed in Keryn's voice as she and Dionne stepped off the elevator.

"Where is he," Dionne asked after walking through a crowd for fifteen minutes and not spotting anyone. "You'd think they would show up at their own party on time.

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