tagNonConsent/ReluctanceToni's Forced Seduction Ch. 03

Toni's Forced Seduction Ch. 03


Rick looked down at the sobbing housewife. She was curled up on his sofa sobbing quietly. He chuckled to himself as he drank his beer.

Toni was beside herself with guilt. She loved her husband. He was a wonderful man. But she had just came like she had never cum before. Even through her incredible guilt, her pussy was still throbbing as it never had before. She felt like an utter whore.

Rick sat down next to her and continued to drink his beer. He left the sobbing housewife alone and grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. He was surfing channels when he heard a soft knock on the door.

He pulled on his shorts and went to the door and looked through the peephole. It was Juan and Tre, two of his boys. Juan was a thin Mexican with a nasty ass temper. Tre was a stocky black kid with a huge gut. Rick had told them if they shadowed Toni’s son, he’d let them have a shot at her after he was done breaking her in.

He opened the door quietly and had them come in. Toni was still curled up on the couch, her back facing the door. She was clutching a pillow as she sobbed quietly. Tre and Juan smiled as they looked at the naked housewife. Rick smiled and told them quietly he had just fucked the shit out of and they could have their time now.

Rick went back to the couch and turned up the volume of the TV. He watched as Tre and Juan stripped off their clothes. “This is going to be fun to watch.” He thought to himself.

Toni was still lost in her thoughts, totally unaware of what was about to happen. She had never felt such guilt. She couldn’t believe what had just happened and how she had actually enjoyed it. She felt so filthy, so dirty.

“Hey momma. It’s play time.” Said Juan as he grabbed Toni and turned her over.

Toni screamed and immediately began to struggle. She saw that two young men were now there and already naked. She wanted no part of what they wanted. Juan quickly covered her mouth and Tre moved around and grabbed the struggling housewife’s legs. Toni kept screaming into Juans hand and fighting to get free.

Toni looked to Rick and saw he was smiling. “Shut your hole bitch!” He sneered. “These are two of my boys. I told them they could play with you when I was done. Well I’m fucking done. Keep your fucking hole shut or shit will happen to your kid. Just like fucking before. Understand?”

Toni’s eyes were full of fear as she looked at Rick and then at the two other young men. She knew she had no choice. She nodded her head. “I’m removing my hand now cunt. You keeping quiet?” Asked Juan. Toni nodded again.

Rick moved off the couch and grabbed a chair and placed it near the couch. He wanted to enjoy the show. Tre spread Toni’s legs apart and looked at her well fucked pussy and then ran his hand up and down her oozing slit. “Damn Rick! You must have fucked her good. Her fucking pussy is still on fire man!” Said Tre.

Toni turned away and looked at the back of the couch. She did not want to look at the fat black man moving between her legs and she felt disgusted as he ran his fingers up and down her pussy. She suddenly felt him press something near her opening.

Tre pushed hard and buried himself inside Toni in one thrust. His cock was big, but not as large as Rick’s. He began to grunt as he thrust himself quickly into the helpless housewife.

Toni bit her lip and kept her eyes closed as Tre pumped into her. He was holding her legs up high on his shoulders and was slamming his cock deep inside her in a quick steady pace.

“Shit man. Her pussy’s so hot, it feels like it’s cooking my cock!” Moaned Tre.

Toni felt her head being turned and she felt a hard cock being placed on her closed mouth. “Suck it bitch.” Commanded Juan. At this point Toni knew she could not resist, so she opened her mouth and took Juans cock. He began to hold her head and thrust in and out of her mouth. “MMMM baby, you know how to suck cock.” Moaned Juan as he pumped in and out of Toni’s mouth.

Toni felt so cheap and disgusting. These men were using her like a whore, like a common tramp, and she as letting it happen. Rick was having fun just watching. He had moved his chair so he could watch Toni suck Juan as her pussy got pounded by Tre.

Toni just kept her eyes closed and let the men have their way with her. She felt disgusted about what was happening to her and how it was beginning to feel. Tre had her legs lifted very high on his shoulders and it was causing the rock hard head of his cock to caress he G-spot as he steadily pounded her pussy. She softly began to flex her ass and pump back against him as she sucked Juan deeper and deeper into her mouth.

Rick noticed Toni moving her ass against Tre and smiled. “Fucking whore is getting the shit fucked out of her and loving it.” He thought as his cock stirred in his shorts.

“That’s it momma. Give it up to me.” Moaned Tre as he began to pump harder into the helpless housewife. He felt his cock hardening, signaling his approaching orgasm. Toni felt it too and it caused a stir deep within her. She began to fuck back against Tre, her body betraying her as she longed to feel him cum deep in her.

“AAAHHHHH Shit!” Screamed Tre as he shot his black seed deep into the white housewife. Toni moaned deeply with her cock filled mouth as she accepted all of Tre’s cum and wanted more. Tre pumped several more times and then withdrew, a sweaty sticky mess. Toni suddenly felt empty and her pussy spasmed involuntarily.

Rick noticed Toni’s pussy and told Juan. “The bitch needs another cock man. Fuck her.”

Juan quickly withdrew and moved between Toni’s legs. She looked up and the young man about to fuck her with a look of lust he’d never seen before. He grabbed his young hard cock and thrust it deep inside her.

Toni moaned as she felt his stiff young cock bury itself on one thrust. Juan began to fuck her with quick fast strokes. Toni eagerly fucked back against him as he pumped her hard and fast.

Juan looked down at the housewife he was fucking and couldn’t believe how fucking hot her pussy was. She was pumping back against him like no other woman ever had, and it was sending him over the edge.

Toni felt it too and looked up at him and said softly. “Give it to me lover.”

Juan screamed as he unloaded deeply into Toni. Toni’s pussy spasmed slightly as she felt Juan shoot deep inside her. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his young ass, holding him deep inside her as he emptied his young seed into her. He fucked her slowly until he softened and then withdrew.

Toni again felt empty. He pussy was full of three loads of cum, and she still wanted more. She had lost all control of her body and was surrendering herself to these young boys. She looked over at Rick who was still watching, and she noticed the bulge in his shorts. She had to have him one more time.

She looked longingly at Rick and he knew what she wanted. He stood up and removed his shorts. His thick long hard cock came into her view and it made her tingle deep inside. Rick moved to the couch and positioned himself between her open legs. He stroked his cock as he looked down at her. Her pussy was a mess. Her pubic hair was matted with cum and her own juices and her pussy slips were swollen and open. He knew she needed another good fuck.

“Want it cunt?” Asked Rick as he stroked his cock.

Toni said nothing, she just looking longingly at Rick, wanting him to just fuck her and get it over with.

“I’ll fuck you good. You just need to beg for it cunt.” Sneered Rick.

Toni looked at Rick and then at his huge cock and said nothing. But her body was craving sex so bad, she had no control of herself.

“Beg, and I’ll fuck you right now. Keep quiet, and I’ll throw our ass out of her.” Sneered Rick as he rubbed his cock up and down Toni’s oozing pussy opening.

Toni had now lost any bit of control and self-respect she had. Rick’s cock felt like a hot steel rod on the outside of her pussy. And she had to have it inside her again. She began to buck against him, hoping he’d push it in. But he didn’t.

Rick pulled away and said to Toni. “Get the fuck out of here then.”

Toni’s entire body went stiff as Rick pulled his cock away from her pussy. She had to have it. She could not think of anything else but that right now.

“Please.” She said quietly as she tried to pull Rick back towards her.

“Please what?” Asked Rick.

“Please do it.” Replied Toni.

“You want me to fuck you? Then beg to be fucked.” Said Rick as he returned between her legs and was rubbing his rock hard young cock up and down her oozing pussy. “Say it cunt!” Commanded Rick.

“Please Rick. Don’t make me say that.” Toni said quietly.

Rick laughed and quickly shoved a few inches of his young hard cock into Toni and then withdrew it quickly. Her whole body quivered and her eyes flew open wide as he did it.

“Beg, you fucking whore. Or I’ll throw your ass out on the street naked.” Sneered Rick.

“No please. Just do it. Just do it now.” Begged Toni as Rick continued to tease her pussy with his huge young cock.

“Then fucking say it and say it now cunt. Or your ass is out on the street in three seconds.” Commanded Rick.

Toni’s body now was totally betraying her. It was begging to be fucked. Every fiber of her being was crying out to have Rick’s huge young cock fuck her. She was humiliated, and she tried to stop herself, but she heard herself suddenly say.

“Please fuck me. Do it now. Please!” Begged Toni as she pumped back against Rick’s cock.

“Are you a whore?”


“Tell me then!”

“I’m a whore!”

“Beg like a whore!”

“Please fuck me. I’m a whore! I need your cock so bad. Please fuck me now!”

Rick grabbed his cock and shoved it deeply into Toni. Toni screamed as Rick huge cock filled her immediately. He began to pound her hard and fast holding her legs up high as Tre had done. But Ricks cock was larger and having even more of an effect on her than Tre’s did.

Toni found herself lost in wave after wave of small orgasms. He body was shuddering involuntarily and she was screaming and moaning deeply on every thrust of Rick’s thick long cock. Her mind was floating and she was barely aware of her surroundings as she fucked back against Rick hoping he would hold out until she could cum again.

Tre and Juan looked as Rick fucked the older housewife and were amazed at how she was reacting. Their cocks grew hard and they began to stroke themselves as they watched Rick fuck the shit out of Toni.

Toni looked to the side and saw the two young men stroking their cocks while they watched her get fucked and it caused a shudder deep inside her. Her orgasm was now coming and she bore down on Rick’s cock as she watched the two young men jack themselves off.

Tre approached first and jacked his cock right near Toni’s mouth. She opened it as she heard Tre moan deeply and shudder. She felt his hot cum shooting on her face and it sent her over the edge.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” She screamed over and over again as she came more intensely than she had cum the first time with Rick. Juan approached and looked down as the screaming housewife. Her face was contorted and her mouth was wide open as she screamed over and over again. He stroked and added his own load to Toni’s face. The warm spray of cum made her pussy spasm harder as she continued to cum on Rick’s cock.

The scene was too much for Rick and he shoved deep and added another load to Toni’s waiting pussy. She screamed as she felt Rick young sperm shoot deep into her womb. Her orgasmic spasms kept hitting her until Rick softened and withdrew. She lay there a cum filled, cum covered mess while her body continued to softly shudder. She’d never felt so satisfied.

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