Toni's Jail Rape


Maggie removed her finger and heard Toni sigh lightly. She slowly moved the nightstick towards her moist opening and positioned it there. She pushed gently as she began to lick Toni's clit with more intensity.

Toni felt the stick beginning to enter her and her body jumped in reaction. Her thoughts were so messed up now, that she was picturing Don entering her. She spread her legs slightly and raised herself up too allow more of the nightstick to enter her.

Maggie kept licking Toni's clit while she slowly fed the thick black nightstick into Toni's pussy. It glistened with wetness as she slowly pushed it in and out. Toni was now actively humping against it and her pussy was oozing juice.

Maggie now had six inches of the nightstick going in and out of Toni. She bore down on Toni's clit and slowly pushed it deeper and deeper. The reaction from Toni was immediate. She began to moan and thrash as seven and then eight inches of nightstick slid in and out of her.

Toni was lost now. She was approaching an orgasm. One of incredible intensity. An intensity unknown before to her. She spread her legs apart as far as they could go and pushed hard against the nightstick as it slid deeper within her, hitting areas Don had never done.

Toni screamed as he body shook. Toni's hand went to the back of Maggie's head as she pushed and held Maggie against her clit as her pussy spasmed as wave after wave of pleasure swept over her. Maggie kept up the attention on her clit while she pushed the nightstick even deeper into Toni's pussy. Toni screamed in delight as she came harder and more intense than she had ever cum before.

Toni's body convulsed for almost a minute until it began to relax. She slowly became aware of what had just happened and she slowly opened her eyes to see Maggie still between her legs sliding her huge nightstick in and out of her sopping pussy. She was wracked with emotions of guilt and frustration, but still overwhelmed by the orgasm that had just shaken her body to the core.

Maggie quickly moved up on the couch, sitting facing Toni with her legs open while she grasped the nightstick. She positioned the other end at her hairy pussy and began to pump it in and out of her. The motion caused the nightstick to pump in and out of Toni too.

"Damn! I need this girly." Moaned Maggie as she fucked herself and Toni with the nightstick.

Maggie used her other hand to spread out her pussy and play with her clit. Toni still overwhelmed with the orgasm of a minute ago, just let Maggie share the nightstick. Her pussy still so aroused by what had just happened.

Toni closed her eyes because she could not look at Maggie and what she was doing. She had disconnected from herself and was just letting the big black nightstick pump in and out of her. Small waves of pleasure coursed through her body every time Maggie pushed the nightstick deep inside her.

Maggie began to moan as her orgasm approached. She turned to see Sheriff Brown enter the room. Brown quickly stripped off his pants and began to jack off to the scene he beheld. Maggie could care less about Brown and his pathetic little prick. She was getting close to cumming. Brown moved next to Toni and stroked his cock like a wild man.

Maggie began to moan as her own orgasm approached. Toni opened her eyes and saw what Brown was doing. Part of her was disgusted, but a small part aroused by the indecency of it all. Browns face looked like a man possessed and he groaned and pointed his cock at Toni's face as he groaned deeply and began to shoot his cum on her.

"Yee Haw girly! Oh shit! Here it is!" Screamed Brown as he sprayed Toni's face with cum.

Toni turned her face, but not before getting a big blast of cum on her cheek and lips. Brown continued to pump and spray warm cum on her tits and stomach. Toni felt the warm sticky spray cover her and was strangely excited by it.

Maggie screamed and came mightily. She pumped and pumped the nightstick in and out of her pussy until she relaxed. Brown sat down in a chair and reveled in the scene before him. He was spent for now. But there would be more time. He wasn't about to let this sweet thing and her daughter get away too soon.

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