tagLoving WivesTony Stops By Ch. 02

Tony Stops By Ch. 02


I've never had one of those moments in my life where everything flashes before my eyes but in the few moments after I heard my wife tell another man that she wanted him to fuck her, well, a lot of things flashed through my head. First off, how did this happen? How did things go from her sleeping in bed next to me to about to fuck my friend? How and why did she go downstairs in the first place? What was said that led to her shirt being bunched on the floor? What led her to smoke pot? Who made the first move to make things turn sexual?

As these thoughts zipped through my mind I was brought back to reality by a guttural moan that I had never heard before and looked back at the screen to see my wife slowly impaling herself on Tony's thick cock. He was leaned back with a huge smile on his face as he looked at my wife, with her head back, her hands gripping into his legs as she ever so slowly inched her way down. Again, I'm no math major but I was trying to determine how much was already in her and was amazed at how much was still left. I'd say she was about half way down when she started to shudder. Tony reached up and cupped the underside of my wife's great ass and held her in place as she had her second orgasm in the last five minutes. He really hadn't done anything yet, other than get hard and offer himself up and she had already cum twice.

After her orgasm subsided she smiled at him and leaned in to kiss him again. I heard her say, "That was incredible." Tony smiled at her and said there was more where that came from. She giggled and purred and my heart sank even further. My wife closed her eyes and started to wiggle around some and again started sinking further down his cock, one thick inch at a time. I wondered where all that cock was going and how it could fit inside her. It took a few more minutes, but thanks to her sopping wet pussy she had enough natural lube to finally be resting completely down on Tony's lap where she again shook herself to at least a small orgasm.

She finally opened her eyes to a smiling Tony and she grinned wide at him and said, "I can feel all of you now."

Tony responded, "You are the first Jill, the first woman to take all of me."

My wife looked like she was about to start to rise up to ride him but Tony stopped her by putting his hands on her shoulders and holding her in place. "I just want to enjoy this feeling," he said. "You have the most incredible body I've ever seen."

They started to make out like teenagers, his hands roaming over every inch of her body, massaging her ass, tweaking her nipples and even holding her face in place as they kissed. They were certainly not fucking, they were making love.

I continued to watch in disbelief at a small screen in front of me when the live action was just yards away on the other side of the wall. I wondered if it hurt less to see it on the screen rather than watching the real thing. Tony pulled back from Jill and said he was ready. When she asked ready for what he said with supreme confidence, "to fuck you like you've never been fucked before."

I thought my wife was going to cum again just hearing him. And he didn't waste any time. He started pulling her up by her hips and letting her slam down into him and she went into some kind of sexual twilight zone. For the next ten minutes I watched my wife ride him with reckless abandon, having several small orgasms along the way.

Then in a flash Tony raised himself off the couch with my wife in his hands, carrying her by cupping his hands underneath her with his cock never leaving the once tight pussy that was now forever stretched out. I watched as he started to walk with her across the porch, fucking her the entire time, her arms wrapped around his shoulders and her mouth locked with his. I realized they were walking out of the screen and panicked when I thought, "fuck, he is going to bring her inside." I hit the video button to off and ducked onto the floor hoping not to be seen.

But instead of coming inside, he pinned my wife up against glass that divided the kitchen from the porch. The windows started about a foot off the ground and went to about a foot below the ceiling. From a crouched position literally five yards away in the dark I saw my wife's ass and back up against the glass and watched as it got continually pressed up against the glass as she got the fuck of her life. I could only see Tony's legs and part of his arms but I could see him thrusting with incredible power. How could he fuck this long I thought. The second after that thought crossed my mind I thought of how quickly I came in my wife since the day we went bareback and realized Tony was fucking her bare right now. There was no condom. How could I not have thought of this until now?

She couldn't let him cum in her could she? I needed to get out of that kitchen before I was seen and was about to move when Tony let my wife down and they broke their connection. He spun her around and had her face the glass spread-eagled, hands out wide on the glass, he moved her legs apart and I had a full fairly close up view of him and his cock was soaked with my wife's juices and it looked like a weapon and not a cock, dear lord it was enormous. Then he got behind her, started nibbling her neck and talking to her. I had turned off the video but the audio was still on and I heard him tell her she had the tightest pussy he'd ever felt. She moaned in appreciation as I watched him slide it back into her again from behind. Her head dropped, hair covering her face as he pounded into her from behind. Tony reached around her and played with her tits, which she loves, and brought her to another orgasm. Then he moved one hand down and played with her clit as he continued his assault on her married pussy, her face now looking forward into the dark kitchen but with no destination in her eyes, they were glazed over and she was in another world.

I sat motionless afraid that any movement would catch her attention. There was dead silence in the kitchen other than the sounds of bodies slapping and carnal noises coming from the intercom. Then I heard Tony starting to grunt more and more and I knew the moment of truth was coming. As bad as this was I hoped my wife would come to her senses at this point.

I heard Tony say, "Where do you want me to cum?"

My wife replied without hesitation, "Inside me."

Tony picked up the pace and I heard him cry out, "Oh yes baby" as he lifted my petite wife off the ground with several cum-pumping thrusts deep inside her pussy as she screamed out in another of her countless orgasms. I joined in, not by choice, as my cock erupted in my boxers without any assistance. I was humiliated at how erotic the moment proved to be as Tony continued to pump into her for what seemed like a minute adding more of his seed to Jill's unprotected womb.

As their activity started to subside I saw two spent, completely sweaty people who literally just fucked like I didn't know was even possible. My wife turned her back to the glass and leaned back as Tony removed his cock from her. He leaned in and I watched as their sweaty bodies kissed and embraced with their hands roaming all over each other.

"That was fucking incredible," said Tony.

"I've never had sex like that in my life," Jill replied. "I didn't know it could be like that. My God you are amazing and insatiable. I would love nothing better than to get in bed with you right now but I better get back upstairs before Jack notices I'm gone."

Tony kissed her again and said, "Sweet dreams."

As they both left my view towards their original positions I got up quick and scooted through the kitchen and up to our bedroom. I got into the bed and tried to prepare myself to act asleep. I hadn't turned off the intercom and could hear what I now knew to be the sounds of them kissing again before I heard the door out to the porch opening. A few moments later I heard my wife sneak into the bedroom and tip toe towards the bathroom and shut the door. I could vaguely hear the sounds of the shower running and knew she was trying to clean off the evidence of her evening.

What was I going to do? Tell her I know? Act like nothing happened? Wait to see how my wife acted? I decided to leave the intercom on and see if she noticed and if that would cause her to wonder if I knew. I would think about all of these things during the night and as I heard the shower cut off I realized I still had my own sticky cum in my boxers.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/10/18

A naughty little tail.

This has the potential to really become a good story let’s keep it up.

Also, now that the troll has stated the reason he posts all his comment about cheating wives is that his “friend” killed himselfmore...

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by Anonymous04/10/18

Great story

Just a word of note: all of those negative comments were written by ONE sad little man. He trolls these stories and posts his hatred to every story where the wife has sex with others. Once you realizemore...

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by Anonymous09/18/17


pathetic cuck shit.

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by Anonymous06/05/17


divorce the cunt.........betraying her husband like that

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by AnnetteBishop06/04/17

Love cum

Great cum shot story xoxoxoxo Annette

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