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Tony Takes Glen


It had been a long week. Exhausted, I was definitely ready for the weekend, what would surely be a weekend of firsts. After exploring the open market for what seemed like eternity, I finally found someone that I wanted to date. The only problem was, it wasn't what I'd expected.

Tony seemed smart, outgoing, and was what I would consider an attractive man. Standing at about 6'3", he was a lean, muscular man with dark features and a soft way about him. We met the way any couples seem to meet, while I was hanging out alone at the bar of a local restaurant. He approached me with a cool, confident demeanor, really catching me off guard, as I wasn't used to being talked to by men in that way. He calmly explained that he was just looking for someone to hang out with, and asked if I was doing anything on Friday night. I had no idea what this really meant, and had I known at the time, I would have probably turned him down and missed out on the best night of my life.

We had a nice dinner together and talked about various things. The meal seemed to fly by, and Tony insisted on paying for the meal, saying only that I could make it up to him later, and invited me back to his house for a drink. I accepted his offer, really thinking nothing of it; I figured he truly just wanted someone to spend time with. To our dismay, as we drove, it began to rain very hard. By the time we made it from his car and into his house, we were both soaked from head to toe. He led me through a hallway and into his bedroom, which had a bathroom attached. He offered to let me use a robe and put my clothes in the dryer for me. As I undressed, I was surprised to turn around and see him standing just feet away, fully nude and staring at me with a huge erection. Shocked, I stood frozen in place, not having a clue what to say or do.

After what seemed like an eternity, Tony broke the silence by asking me if I was ready to make up the cost of the meal to him yet. I stammered, not quite knowing how to answer the question. I had never been in the same room with a naked man before, and I was caught entirely off guard. He chuckled and sat down on his bed, explaining that he found me extremely attractive the moment he saw me. He motioned for me to sit beside him, and asked me if I had ever been with a man before. I admitted that I hadn't, nor had I ever thought about it before. As I sat down beside him, I was surprised to feel a tingle, and looked down only to realize that I was as hard as a rock, the only thing keeping me from being exposed being a small towel that I managed to grab from the rack. Tony told me to relax, slid around behind me and slowly started massaging my shoulders. Before I could stop him, his hands slid down and pulled the towel away, revealing my massive erection. My breath left my body as his left hand grasped my seven inch shaft and began to stroke it up and down, as I sat there, stunned at having another man playing with my cock.

As he continued to stroke my cock up and down, I could feel his other hand pulling me, guiding me back onto the bed. He reached down farther now, grabbing my balls and giving them a gentle tug. I watched as he eased himself around and climbed off the bed, getting on his knees beneath me. I felt him lift my sac up and then the warmth of his tongue as it slid from the very base of my balls, down and around the sac, up and running the length of my cock. Next I felt his hand guiding me into his warm, inviting mouth, again taking my breath away as he began to thrust my rod in and out of his mouth, slowly at first, but gaining speed. Just as I felt myself ready to explode with ecstasy, he pulled up and licked all around the head of my cock, teasing it just a little more. I looked down at him, silently begging him to take me to completion, but he only smiled, apparently enjoying the thought of leaving me so close to completion.

Tony stood up in front of me, again giving me a revealing look at his giant member. He climbed on top of me, gently guiding his hips towards mine and allowing his cock to press up against mine. For the first time, I could tell how much bigger he was than me, his massive erection could easily be nine inches long, and very thick. He rubbed up and down a few times, prompting me to let out a soft groan. Tony stood up again and climbed onto the bed further, straddling my chest and bringing his cock right up to my face. He grabbed my right hand and placed it on his cock, which I instinctively began to stroke up and down. His head leaned back and his body relaxed as I lifted my hand up and down his full, thick cock, so thick that I could barely wrap my fingers all the way around it.

Next I felt his hand at the base of his own shaft, pressing, guiding himself towards my lips. I tried to protest, but he only pushed on, forcing my mouth to widen and willingly accept his throbbing member. He pressed in until I gagged and then only pulled back slightly. No longer seeing any point in trying to resist, I began to bob my head up and down, giving it a good, hard suck each time I took him into my mouth, prompting moans of satisfaction to escape his lips above. After only a few thrusts, I could begin to taste his sweet juices as they leaked out of his tip. Just as I was really starting to get used to the feeling of his dick in my mouth, he pulled away and gazed at me with a look of accomplishment. Then, again to my shock, he slid off the bed, grabbed my hips, and flipped me over onto my stomach.

I knew what this meant, and there was no way I was letting him do this without debate. I tried to get up and speak, but was met with his member being shoved into my mouth again. I sucked his cock long and hard, as I felt his hand rub down my back and grab the shaft of my dick again, as I lay on all fours. He stroked me a few times and then slid his hand off, around my thigh, and then let his fingers glide across my ass and then gently caressed my hole. The tingly feeling caught me well off guard and I pulled my mouth away from his cock, letting out a soft moan. His hand then retreated back down and began to feel around the hole, massaging all around it and making soft circles with his fingertip. He continued to feel me as he stood up and grabbed some lubricant from a drawer in his nightstand. The gel felt incredibly cold against his warm touch, as he dribbled it onto my tight ass. I tensed up as his finger penetrated me slightly, but then moaned again as he returned to a soft massage. Next, he slid his finger in, again causing my body to tense up; only this time he left it in. My legs began to quiver as he curved his finger upward, massaging me from the inside, and then sliding his finger in even farther. Next, he began to thrust his finger in and out of me, causing me to let out a soft scream, as his other hand reached down and again grabbed my throbbing cock.

Continuing on for what seemed like only a few seconds, Tony again brought me right to the brink of orgasm - this time with his finger up my ass and his hand around my dick. His hand pulled away from my cock, again leaving me begging for completion, this time verbally with a soft, asking groan. To my surprise, I felt another finger pressing against my tight ass and finding it's way in, and then thrusting simultaneously with the first. After a few moments, I begin to enjoy myself again before I feel a third finger now forcing it's way in. This time, I whimper out in pain as my ass is being stretched beyond what feels normal, his three fingers finding their way in and out, pulling my hole in all directions. He continues to press in and out of me as he works his way back up to my face, again shoving his cock down my throat. I can barely keep up this time, as he pushes in and out of my mouth, the juices from his giant erection flowing down my chin. After a few moments, he presses in hard and pushes my head down with his spare hand, again causing me to gag. Finally, he pulls his fingers out of my ass, giving me a huge feeling of relief as he climbs off of the bed. Exhausted and sore, I lay flat on my chest, stretching my legs over the side of the bed. My relaxation lasts only a few moments though, before I feel Tony's hands grab my legs and spread them apart.

Knowing what's coming next, for the first time all night, I don't protest. I feel him slide his member up against my underside, just above where my balls hang, and then slide up me, rubbing up and past my wet anus and to the top of my crack. Tony leans forward, reaches down, and grabs his massive member, bringing it back down to my opening. He rubs up and down, causing my body to tingle all over from the sensation, before I feel him start to press inward. I can feel his massive head pushing in, seeming to split me in half. The pain is nearly unbearable, but I don't ask him to stop. He's very gentle with me as he eases himself in, and before I know it I can feel his massive balls resting against my own. He gently begins to thrust himself in and out, and I can feel his throbbing member as it thrusts deep into me. With each thrust, I let out a soft moan, which are soon met with his own. He begins to fuck me harder and harder with each push, grabbing my hips for leverage. I bury my face into the mattress as he stands up full, pulling me up and off the bed with his impressive strength. As he fucks me, I can feel his dick seeming to get harder, his moans getting longer and closer together. He lets out a long, deep groan as he presses deep inside of me, and I feel his cock throbbing as he shoots his warm, thick load deep inside of me. He thrusts into me a few more times before falling into me, laying on top of me, breathing deep with satisfaction. It's only now that I realize that I've also came, my own load spilling all over his bed.

As he eases himself out of me, I feel satisfied both inside and out. My gaping ass hole oozes cum out for what seems like hours, which we spend in bed together. We're both completely exhausted, and sleep comes quickly for both of us.

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