tagSci-Fi & FantasyToo Far Far Away Ch. 04

Too Far Far Away Ch. 04


Several large storm clouds loomed in the sky over the small village of Brightbridge, making it appear later than it actually was. The air was thick and heavy with moisture and it felt like the weather was on the verge of breaking out into storm, but the rain hadn't come yet.

Derreck Bludsong was leaning against a brick wall on the side of the street, blending in to the shadows as he looked across the road at a small building. The little shack belonged to the only wizard inhabiting the small village, a gnome he was told, named the Great Gizol. Derreck had his doubts about how great the gnome actually was, by the looks of the shack. He could however, be of great assistance.

Derreck Bludsong, the world's best bounty hunter, had traveled from Zaltok, which was the capital city of the Baka Kingdom, to this little village of Brightbridge in search of Princess Angelica Di'Marinella. He had been hired by Baron Kruelin to track her down and bring her back to the Baron unharmed. Kruelin had made the bounty hunter aware of his intentions of marrying the princess. No doubt the Baron wanted to marry Princess Angelica so that he could rule over both Kingdoms, Baka and Marendo, more easily once the war was over. That wasn't the only reason though. The Baron had described Angelica's beauty to Derreck, and she sounded unrealistically gorgeous. Derreck suspected that Baron Kruelin had exaggerated slightly when describing her features.

Bludsong was an excellent tracker. He had figured that the princess had bought passage with a merchant or stowed away on one of the carts that travel out of Zaltok on a daily basis. Brightbridge was one of the first towns they would have stopped in, so it seemed a likely bet she would have looked for further help here. After asking around at the local tavern, the barkeep had informed him that he had seen Angelica with Gizol's apprentice, Tienna, just a few nights prior.

The bounty hunter checked his belt. He had several weapons on him, mostly daggers and knives, all of which were concealed. After glancing around, he walked across the street casually, checked the sign on the building. The Great Gizol operated a magic shop of some sorts, and Derreck wasn't sure what to expect as he walked inside.

As he entered the store front, he was struck by the scent of herbs and dusty smoke. There were containers of herbs, vials of potions, and various unmarked flasks stacked on shelves and tables everywhere. There was a counter-top at the back of the store and a door leading into the back.

"Hello?" he called out. There was no answer at first.

As Derreck ventured further into the store, he heard someone breathing heavily, and soon he realized he was hearing somebody snoring behind the counter.

"Hello!" he shouted louder. Suddenly the gnome jumped up and appeared behind the counter. He actually jumped up onto the counter, which made him only slightly shorter than Derreck. The thick-bearded midget was an ugly one, which was to be expected, and he wore a wizard's robe and a wrinkled hat.

"Ahhhh! Welcome to my store!" Gizol exclaimed. "Is there something I can help you find?"

Derreck Bludsong gave an amused smirk as he watched the gnomish wizard. This creature appeared to be a sloppy buffoon. "Yes, as a matter of fact, you can."

Gizol inspected the roguish man in front of him for the first time. Derreck was dressed in black leather armor and he had stringy dark hair that hung around his face, at times obscuring his eyes and facial features. He was mysterious indeed, possibly a rogue, thief, or mercenary of some kind. "No doubt you're looking for some potions of divine strength! I have many assortments to choose from."

Derreck shook his head. "I'm not looking for potions."

"What is it you're looking for? I can assure you I have it." the gnome said.

"I'm not looking for something, gnome. I'm looking for someone." he said.

Gizol gulped. He knew the risks of helping princess Angelica, but he had done it anyway. Now he was regretting his decision. Whoever this person was, they weren't here on good terms. "Who...?" he squeaked, embarrassed by how high his voice came out.

"Rigson informed me that he's seen your apprentice in the company of Princess Angelica Di'Marinella." Derreck spelled it out. "You are aware of this, of course."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Gizol lied nervously.

"Don't try to deceive me, gnome. Make it easier on yourself, just tell me where she is."

"She and Tienna went into the woods to find me something. They'll be back this evening." Gizol confessed.

"Good..." Derreck said.

"But please, spare Tienna, my apprentice! I need her! You can do whatever you like with the other girl." Gizol pleaded.

Derreck responded with just a sinister grin.


Angelica and Tienna ran through the woods as they had fled the cave of the minotaur as quickly as possible when they were able to. With the magical crystal tucked safety in her satchel, Princess Angelica was feeling happy and hopeful. After they had gone far from the cave, she actually began to skip happily through the woods.

"Oh, I'm so happy! I'll be going home soon!" she exclaimed. Despite her clothes being ripped and being a mess, she was in a great mood.

"Yes, we got what we came for. Gizol should be pleased with us." The mage-apprentice replied. "Let's find a place to clean up before we head back. I'm soaked, and I'm sure you must be as uncomfortable as I am."

The brunette princess nodded. The busty girl was soaked in sticky cum and spit, and she was in desperate need of a bath.

The girls found a stream close-by and followed it to a large pond which was fed by a waterfall. The water was clean enough to see to the bottom of the pond, and the temperature was slightly cool, but certainly bearable to bathe in. They stripped off their ragged clothes and gleefully jumped into the clean water.

Both Tienna and Angelica's enormous tits jiggled freely as they stripped naked and splashed into the water. Angelica had a set of gorgeous, massive knockers that barely sagged at all, they were high and tight on her chest despite their huge size and her slim tummy. Tienna's assets were nearly as big too. As they jumped into the water, both of them squealed as their nipples hardened up.

Tienna playfully splashed Angelica and the two of them wrestled and splashed in the water playfully until they were both clean, and then they relaxed in a section of the clear pond that was about waist-deep.

"You did really great back there, you know." Tienna told her. The stacked spellcaster's blonde hair clung to her body now as it was soaking wet. Water dripped down over her luscious curves as they stood in the water up to their curvy hips.

"Really? I'm surprised to hear you say that." Angelica replied in slight surprise. The princess smiled at the compliment. Her heavy tits were rising and falling slightly as she breathed deeply in relief. Her jugs were absolutely massive, and even Tienna couldn't help admire them as they were displayed naked in their full splendor.

"You're surprised? Why?" Tienna grinned at her, giving her a playful swat which jiggled her boobs.

"Yeah, I didn't expect a compliment from you. I didn't think you liked me very much." the princess sighed.

"I can be a little cold to people at first." The stacked spell-caster told her, "But really, you were very brave back there in the cave. I was scared out of my mind, but you handled yourself. I kind of thought you were just this prissy, incompetent, spoiled snob, but you really surprised me."

"Awwww! Wow! Thank you Tienna!" Angelica said, flinging her arms around her companion.

The two girls hugged tightly, and as Angelica squeezed her companion close, her enormous tits squeezed up against Tienna's own knockers and all four boobs smushed outward, and their nipples gently touched, giving both of them an electric chill.

"That feels so good. You're so.... soft." Angelica whispered to Tienna as they hugged.

"You've had your share of rough man handling lately, dear." Tienna told her, as they released their embrace, but continued to hold hands, looking at each other.

Angelica nodded, "I have.... That's why I'm looking forward to going home."

"Before you do, there's something I want to do." Tienna said, her eyes locked with Angelica's.

"Yes...?" Angelica replied, her eyes sparkling hopefully.

Tienna leaned in close to Angelica, who also leaned her her closer, and the mage-apprentice placed a tender kiss on the lips of the princess. The enormous breasts of the princess brushed along Tienna's as her full, tender lips kissed the other pair. Angelica closed her eyes and kissed Tienna back, and she felt the girl sucking on her lips and slipping her warm tongue along her own. She kissed back with passion that matched Tienna's.

With each kiss, Angelica got wetter and wetter. She was already standing waist-deep in a pool of crystal clear water, but her girl-juices started to lube up the inner walls of her pussy, getting her hotter and hotter.

Angelica moaned as Tienna's hands reached up and gripped her by her dark brown hair. The busty spell-caster raked her fingers through Angelica's wet hair and then squeezed into fists, gripping her by the hair, and she tilted her head back slightly, kissing her with fierce passion.

After kissing for several minutes, Tienna released Angelica's hair and instead reached out to squeeze the princess' enormous tits. Her hands were nowhere close to holding Angelica's bosom in entirety - for that she would have needed to use her arms.

"Your breasts are so big!" Tienna gasped as she squeezed the soft melons.

Angelica blushed slightly and tilted her head down, watching her companion whose hands were clasped around her breasts, giving them gentle squeezes. It felt so sensual and exciting.

"Thank you, but so are yours." she replied.

"Let me see if they taste as good as they look." Tienna said to her, as she bent forward slightly, also lifting Angelica's tits up as she cupped her hands underneath them. She touched her lips to Angelica's right nipple and sealed her full lips around it, and tugged on the little nub with her mouth. Angelica moaned and closed her eyes slightly as Tienna began to suck on her nipple.

The blonde girl pressed her face up tightly to Angelica's breast as she nursed on her nipple and sucked it into her mouth. Her tongue played with the nipple inside her mouth as he lips were pressed firmly to the pebbly areola surrounding it.

Angelica touched her hands to Tienna's head as the girl sucked on her breast. She could feel Tienna tugging her nipple into her mouth as she nursed on her. It felt wonderful, and she begged her friend not to stop.

The blonde spellcaster switched to suck on Angelica's other nipple for a while, and she nursed and slurped on it until the dark pink nub of flesh was firm and wet. Tienna's face was pressed up close to Angelica's bosom, and her soft lips were opened wide and she tried to devour as much as Angelica's breast as she could, sucking so hard her cheeks caved in.

As she nursed on the enormous tits in front of her, Tienna slid her hand down between the princess' thighs and fingered her as well. Angelica had never felt such feminine, delicate hands on her before. Tienna's touch was so soft, but skilled. Angelica felt the woman pulling her close to an orgasm in a very skilled way.

Standing there together in the waist-deep water, Angelica held Tienna's head as she sucked her nipples and used her fingers to bring her to a screaming orgasm. She let out a loud scream of joy, taking advantage of the fact that they were alone in the woods. She squealed at the top of her lungs, and her legs quivered as she came hard. If not for the fact that she was holding onto her friend, she may have fallen over. "Great Light! That felt incredible!" Angelica said, looking into Tienna's eyes. The princess had cum so hard that her eyes were watering slightly.

"Good! Now you do me." the blonde replied, giving a smile.

Suddenly they were both distracted by a flash of movement in their peripheral vision, something near the shore where their clothes were piled. It was just a quick flash, but they both saw it simultaneously. A figure dashing from their pile of clothes into the woods.

"Hey! Stop!" Tienna yelled, and began wading quickly toward the shore.

"What in the Light is that!?" Angelica asked, following quickly behind her friend as they neared the water's edge.

As they came to shore, they found only their backpack, opened and ransacked. All of the valuable possessions had been taken and the rest was dumped onto the ground. Their purse was gone. Their clothes were missing too.

"The crystal!" Angelica gasped in horror.

As quickly as she had said it, the princess then noticed a sparkle of light glimmer off the crystal, which lay in the grass a few feet away.

"Must have been a bandit." Tienna said icily. "He took what he could quickly. The gem must have slipped out when he ran away."

"Thank the Light!" Princess Angelica said, picking up the crystal. She soon realized she had no place to put it. "Why did he take our clothes? They were ripped to shreds as it was!"

"That fabric was imported silk. It can be sold for a few silver." Tienna responded, clearly pissed off. The girls had nothing left except for a backpack, and the crystal.

"I don't understand. Where did he come from?" Angelica asked, her hands trying to cover her enormous tits with little success.

"There are thieves and bandits that dwell in these woods, looking for vulnerable travelers." The blonde responded. She was standing there naked as well, water dripping off her massive jugs. "It's not safe for us here in the woods."

Angelica looked up at the sun, which was beginning to set over the horizon. Soon it would be dark. "We should head back to town. It's going to be even more dangerous here in the dark of night!"

Tienna started to cover herself with her hands as well, as if realizing for the first time that she was completely nude. Her hands covered her nipples and she hugged her breasts, and then she tried to cover her shaved pussy, thus exposing one of her melons. It was impossible. "No, that's a horrible idea. We'll be rape-bait if we walk into Brightbridge like this at night!"

"Well then, what do you suggest? We can't sleep here tonight. That bandit or whatever it was knows we're here." The princess said.

Tienna looked around and sighed. She didn't have the answer either, but Angelica was depending on her. The naive princess wouldn't make it on her own. "We have to find shelter somewhere." she said.


"Where are they!" Derreck Bludsong growled. His demand was accentuated by his fist slamming down against the counter, as he stared at the gnome.

"I don't know. I'm telling you the truth!" Gizol responded. The bounty hunter frightened him, even though he was cooperating the best he could.

"You said they would return from the forest this evening. The sun set nearly an hour ago and they still aren't back. You mean to tell me they're wandering the woods alone at night?" Bludsong asked.

"Yes, I suppose." Gizol stammered. "Look, I'm telling you, they were supposed to return hours ago, like I told you. They should be here. Something must have happened."

Derreck Bludsong cracked his neck to the side. He was growing impatient with the gnome wizard in front of him. He disliked having to rely on others.

"Perhaps you should look for them?" Gizol asked, gulped, and then quickly added: "I know you're an excellent tracker."

"And what if they return while I'm gone?" The bounty hunter responded.

"If they do return while you're gone, I will stall them. I will make sure they don't leave my sight."

"This transportation spell you said you could cast... You must not do it. Make up an excuse for why you can't cast it." Bludsong agreed, forming a plan. "I'll return tomorrow night to check if they've returned. Keep them here until then."

"And my reward for helping you?" Gizol asked, rubbing his hands together.

"If I don't find Princess Angelica Di'Marinella myself before tomorrow night, then yes, I will reward your help handsomely." Bludsong agreed.

Gizol watched as the bounty hunter left his shop, and disappeared into the night. He hoped no harm would come to his precious apprentice, Tienna. As for the princess, he didn't care what happened to her as long as he got his reward.


The two girls wandered through the woods for a little while, completely naked and vulnerable, but it didn't take long before they spotted smoke coming from a chimney. The followed the smoke until they found a small farm. There was a modest house from which the chimney smoke originated, and nearby there was a barn. It was their best bet for shelter.

It was completely dark by the time they reached the barn and snuck inside. The barn was empty inside except for stacks of hay and sacks of grain. It would suffice for shelter, for one night at least.

"Do we really have to sleep here?" Angelica asked, turning her nose up.

"It will be fine. It's better than being out there." Tienna said, referring to the woods.

Angelica was still covering her giant tits with her hands. Her arms couldn't even contain them as titflesh bulged out from her grasp. She was looking around trying to find a place to sit. She didn't want to get dirty.

"Who goes there?" They were startled by a voice coming from the other side of the barn. The source of the voice was a thin man holding a lantern, entering from the side of the barn nearest the house.

"Oh no." Angelica whispered to Tienna.

"Shh... let me handle this." the blonde whispered back. Then she began speaking to the other person. "Please don't be alarmed, we are not bandits. We have not come to steal anything from you. We're just two simple girls looking for a place to rest tonight."

The person holding the lantern came closer, and then they were able to see him better. The thin man was actually a lanky boy, with shaggy hair and buck teeth. He wasn't wearing a shirt and his chest was hairless, and he had noticeable tan lines where he obviously worked outside wearing a shirt.

"This is my daddy's barn. I should tell him you all are here, but he won't be happy." the boy said. He spoke slowly, and seemed a little bit slow in the head. He clearly wasn't very bright. As he came closer, he realized the two people in the barn were girls, completely naked, and they had the largest tits he had ever seen!


"My good sir, might I ask your name?" Tienna said softly.

"My name's Joake." the lanky boy responded.

Joake, the eighteen year old farmer's son was not the brightest kid, nor was he particularly handsome. In fact, the kid didn't have much going for him at all, except for an inevitable life working in the fields. He held the lantern up in his shaky hand, letting the light illuminate the curves of the blonde and brunette.

"Lord Joake, there's no need to tell your father of our presence. We will be gone at sunrise. We are asking only to rest in your barn here this night, and for some spare blankets and clothes, that's all. Please grant us this hospitality."

"So, you ladies want blankets and clothes, and a place to sleep?" Joake asked, his eyes were fixated on Tienna's huge tits.

"Yes, can you do that for us, Joake?" she asked sweetly.

"I can... but what do I get in return?" the farmboy asked, speaking ever slowly and carefully.

"What would you like?" Tienna asked.

"I'd like to ride her tits!" Joake said enthusiastically, pointing to Angelica. "She's got the biggest jugs I ever did see!"

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