Too Hot!

bySean Renaud©

"Seriously? What the fuck?" Ben grumbled from his bean bag chair. Nobody answered him though unless a half hearted swat from his cat Kree counted. She was clearly tired of listening to him bitch and moan about the hundred and ten degree weather. Not tired enough to give up her spot on his stomach which happened to be directly in the path of both the AC, ceiling fan and a rotary fan but more than enough to express herself. "Don't make me toss you." She opened one eye and stared at him gently kneading his bare flesh with her claws. "Point made."

Summers in southern California were always hot but this year was more than a little ridiculous. It was hot enough that everybody had actually abandoned the pool because the concrete around it was too hot to stand on. Everybody had heard stories before about how it was possible to fry an egg on the sidewalk but today the kids across the street had proven the urban myth to be urban fact. Ben didn't care but the flex alert had been sounded hours ago telling people to turn down their AC's and turn off any device they could spare. Being essentially locked inside however prevented him from obeying that request. Besides he wasn't some hippy liberal punk who listened to the government toadies about their global warming bullshit.

Kree closed her eye and turned herself around trying to find a more comfortable place and ultimately settling right back where she'd started with a frustrated huff. Ben reached down resting one hand on the cat's back mostly to keep her from wandering too far. He was only wearing a pair of boxers and if she insisted on relocating it needed to be either to his chest or off him entirely.

Ben had known that setting his ring tone as "Paralyzer" by Finger Eleven wasn't a great idea when he'd done it. He'd learned way back with his first cell phone that he should pick songs he hated for ring tones so he'd hurry up and answer instead of singing along in his head.

"Hello?" Ben mumbled into his phone. He hadn't been expecting anybody to call him. It was his day off and most of his friends were on vacations around the country. It was his ex, Stephanie, and apparently her power had gone out. Like him all her friends had wandered off. She didn't want to call him but she didn't have anybody else. Steph promised to be polite and she'd even pick up a case of beer along with a few cartons of ice cream that were going to melt anyway. Ben was really only half listening to Stephanie but he heard the important parts about beer and ice cream. She said something else about anything he wanted that he simply grunted noncommittally to and told her she could come over. Ben couldn't fathom why she hung up in such a huff. He'd told her it was okay for her to come over and share his AC, have a few beers and eat some ice cream.

Forty or so minutes later Ben had all but forgotten that Stephanie was headed over. He was dreamily alternating between light sleep and watching a Burn Notice Marathon. The doorbell ringing however shocked him from that happy state and back awake though still not in a rush to get up. Kree like the confused not dog she was immediately leapt off his stomach and raced over to the door meowing at the top of her tiny feline lungs. "Quiet Kree. Maybe who ever it is will just go away if I ignore them." The response to that was several angry thuds from the door and Kree leaping into the nearby window and continuing to cry. "Unless you can open the door whoever it is can fucking roast." Ben grumbled turning the volume up. Twice more the doorbell rang and three more angry thuds echoed through the door and Ben continued to ignore it and his cat.

Ben thought he'd finally outlasted whoever it was when his phone rang and an angry Stephanie started complaining about how hot it was outside, a lack of parking so she had to walk half a block and some other whiny crybaby shit that Ben droned out. Someone at the door, someone on the phone, didn't these people understand that today was a day for everybody to just lay back and hold perfectly still. He was about to hang up and tell her to call when she arrived when she mentioned that the beer would get warm if she didn't get it into a fridge quickly. "Oh, why didn't you say so?" Ben hung up the phone and tossed it aside and walked over to the door opening it quickly.

Stephanie had always been an attractive woman but she usually dressed down a bit. Back when the two of them had dated she hadn't had the best of self esteem either. Ben had taken advantage of that and made her do some things that he wasn't proud of but she treated it all as water under the bridge. That was just over two years ago and it had been hard at the time to get her to dress sexy in private. He barely recognized the woman standing in his doorway.

Gone were her shoulder length blonde tresses replaced with red dyed pixie cut that looked a little like something out an anime. Her just slightly more than a handful breasts were hiding behind a bubblegum pink bikini top. Stephanie's cut off shorts were so short that her pockets were hanging lower than the ripped denim and probably covering more of her thighs as well. She hadn't been fat before or even overweight but now she had the slightest hint of abs where a soft belly had been the last time he saw her. "Are you planning on letting me in?" Stephanie asked thrusting the box of beer into Ben's chest. A temporary loss for words struck Ben. He did the only thing that he could and grabbed the box of beer and retreated to the kitchen. Stephanie was right behind him with a bag with three cartons of ice cream in one hand, the other holding a bag with two liquor bottles clanking against each other. "Thanks for letting me come over. You have no idea how fucking hot that apartment can get. Hell I had no idea how hot it could get until today." Ben was still searching for his tongue and trying to keep from staring at her.

It was more than just the outfit which could have been explained away in the searing heat. Stephanie wasn't carrying herself the same way she had before either. She hadn't even owned any heels before and here she was in sexy if fairly modest platform sandals. Before she'd had an unusual ability to sense when he was looking at her and she'd take a knee or squat down to avoid it. This new Stephanie however either didn't notice or didn't care that she was giving him an eyeful when she bent at the waist to put her liquor in the fridge. The shorts were so short that when she leaned over the fabric partially vanished between her buttocks. Those hadn't been nearly as high and tight the last time he'd seen her either. "Did you want a drink?" Stephanie asked staring at him between her long toned legs. Ben tried to stammer an answer but the best he could manage was grabbing a beer and holding it up with a smile.

"Okay." Stephanie drawled at his unusual behavior. They'd dated for almost two years and she'd never seen him acting so strangely. It was actually a little annoying not that she was going to say anything about it. She'd worked very hard to drop the eleven and a half pounds she'd lost over the last year and she'd expected him to at least compliment her. The old Ben never hesitated to tell her or any other woman how sexy they were. He usually wasn't particularly subtle about it either. Now she came over with drinks and ice cream dressed like something out of men's magazine and he couldn't say anything to her?

Thrusting two of the three cartons of ice cream in the freezer Stephanie grabbed up a pair of spoons and beer before plopping down on the couch next to Ben. "Ice cream?" She offered a spoon. Ben's eyes didn't leave the television but he managed after a few blind grabs to snag it. Stephanie was glad that he couldn't see the frown on her face right then. The Ben she used to date would have snatched her into the apartment and ravaged her in the door way, against her protests if need be and now he was ignoring her for a TV show she knew he'd already seen because she'd already seen it. "You okay?"

Ben mumbled a response and caught a glimpse of Steph from the corner of his eye. She was directly beneath the vent and the cold air had already hardened her nipples to the point that they were straining against the thin fabric. He couldn't risk staring but it looked like she had nipple rings which she certainly didn't have before. Ben was trying to find the carton of ice cream so he wasn't really sure why he found himself staring at a droplet of sweat that started at the nape of her neck and slipped down between her breasts, traced the faint lines on her stomach and ultimately vanished into her naval. Luckily for him the droplet of sweat had also lead him to the carton of ice cream tucked between her shapely thighs.

"So how are you?" Steph scooted herself closer so her bare thigh brushed up against his. He hadn't changed much since they'd been together. He still had that obvious combination of lazy good looks and lucky genes. Ben still had a cute little belly hanging over the waistband of his boxers but he wasn't joking when he said his idea of a work out was lifting twelve ounces until it became weightless. If he'd so much as go for a walk around the block he'd be trimmed and fit. He either hadn't bothered combing his hair at all or he'd fallen asleep on the couch, probably both knowing him. It didn't matter she preferred the scraggly unkempt look that his hair naturally had. It made him look like a savage.

It helped that he really was a savage. A wicked brute who knew exactly what he wanted from his women and he would take it. Anne hadn't realized it when she was with him but she actually loved that about him. When they'd been together she often felt like he took her granted and he probably did, she'd certainly taken him for granted. It wasn't until she dated three more men that she realized that no matter what her friends told her not every man was the kind who could take control. She'd rot in the ground before admitting to him, or anybody, that sometimes she didn't want to be asked for permission.

"Alright you?" Ben dipped his spoon into the ice cream and quickly brought it to his lips. "Oh good gods." It was Cookies and Cream, and not some cheap off brand either, it was Dryers more cookie than cream.

"Still your favorite I see." Stephanie smiled scooping up a mouthful for herself. Ben was already back for a second scoop gently elbowing her out of the way. She couldn't help but giggle slightly at his adorkable childishness. It was annoying that he'd gone from paying attention to his TV show and ignoring her to paying attention to the ice cream. He'd always had a bit of a one track mind it just wasn't her at the moment.

"Yep." He smiled happily taking a long pull from his beer. "You don't have to wait until there is a natural disaster to bring me melty ice cream and beer you know. These are things you can bring over whenever you are bored." Ben finished his beer and set the empty bottle aside. He shoveled another delicious mouthful of ice cream into his mouth.

"Slow down, you're going to give yourself a headache." Stephanie chided. Ben narrowed his eyes at her trying to look annoyed rather than amused but she'd spent enough time around him to know the difference.

"Seriously. Beer and ice cream. My door is always open." Ben repeated.

"I'll keep that in mind." Stephanie replied dryly pushing him aside to get a spoonful of ice cream for herself. "Here I thought the best way to your attention was sex but all I needed was a Cookies n Cream. I'd forgotten what a charmer you are." Ben raised a brow then canted his head slightly to the side before trying to wrap an arm around her. "No, no, no. Don't suddenly start getting friendly with me now."

"Who was getting friendly? I was trying to pin your arms so you'd stop eating the ice cream." He smirked but he wasn't joking, not really. "I'm well aware that I did. . .a lot of stuff to you. I can't apologize because we both know two things. I don't deserve to be forgiven and the truth is I enjoyed it. So I'm not sorry I did it, I just regret that things turned out the way they did."

"Well that's as close to sorry as I think you're capable of being." Ben narrowed his eyes at her again then went for another scoop of ice cream. Stephanie went to block him and was rewarded with the cool cream splattering across her chest and sliming its way down the same path the sweat had followed.

"Got it." Ben ditched his spoon and dove head first into Stephanie's lap dipping into her naval before the ice cream could go any farther.

"I'm not your girlfriend anymore. You can't just do as you like." Stephanie wasn't pushing him away. She was moving the carton of ice cream to the coffee table and smiling. That was much more like the Ben she used to know. "I told you to stop."

"Sorry. Selective hearing. That and I can't let ice cream go to waste." Ben replied licking and slurping at the ice cream occasionally pausing to nibble at a chunk of cookie or the bare flesh beneath it. He finished licking her clean and smiled resting his head on her thighs. "I think that's how you should feed me ice cream." His hands slowly slid up her sides to the strings of her bikini only to be swatted away playfully at first and then more firmly.

"I already told you, I'm not your girlfriend. I'm just here because you have power."

"Fine. Be like that." Ben grumbled getting to his feet and walking to the kitchen. Stephanie exhaled. "Do you want a drink; suddenly beer just doesn't feel like enough. Besides Burn Notice is almost over and I think I want to get in a few matches before the East Coasters start going to sleep."

"Sure. Why the hell not?" Stephanie grumbled. "I assume you've got Coke?"

"Only because people keep leaving their fucking twelve packs here when we get together for football. Why so grumpy all of a sudden?" Ben wasn't actually sure why he was asking. He wasn't usually overly interested in what was bothering people. If they wanted to talk about it they would and if they didn't him asking wasn't going to change anything.

"I'm not grumpy, it's just hot." Telling him the truth wasn't really an option.

"Okay." From behind the island it was easy to relax just enough to actually take in his ex without staring at her like she was a piece of meat. It was one of the things that Stephanie hated most about him and something he'd struggled to get in check especially since his more recent girlfriends weren't nearly as forgiving of his eyes, wandering or not. She was stunning, he had to pull his eyes away from her before she noticed him staring and worse before he was going to be forced to explain why his boxers didn't fit quite as well as they did a few moments ago.

Ben snorted while he poured them both drinks. If this was even six months ago he'd have her hands tied behind her back with her own top. The urge was still there but she was absolutely right about the fact that they weren't together anymore and he didn't have any right to treat her like she was an object. He shouldn't have treated her like that when they were together. That didn't take away from the urge in the least. Stephanie had always called him a beast and he didn't deny it. The truth was he liked it, certainly enjoyed it more than lying all the time or pretending he didn't notice how attractive she or any woman was.

He forced a smile on and placed her drink down next to her and sat down closer to the TV picking up an Xbox controller and waiting for the system to start up. "Are you seriously going to leave me all alone on the couch with the ice cream?" Stephanie asked picking up the carton and walking over to sit next to him.

"I was going to say yes." Ben replied barely glancing at Stephanie. "You look good by the way."

By the way. He'd given warmer compliments to her mother. "Really? That's all you're going to say?" Stephanie pretended to stretch intentionally thrusting her foot directly in front of his face. "What's the matter?"

"You're blocking my view." Ben mumbled gripping her slender ankle and gently pushing it down. "Now stop playing Steph. You've made your point."

"Who says I'm playing?" She replied rolling onto her stomach kicking her feet back and forth over her head.

"Whatever you're doing it's annoying." Ben gulped down half his drink and set it aside. "Now if you don't mind my match is about to start."

It was Stephanie's turn to glare at her ex. There weren't a whole lot of things that could drag his attention away from his video games. She'd never managed it before, certainly not if he had his hands on something brand new. It was definitely one of his least endearing traits. He could probably ignore an earthquake as long as his television didn't tip over. Stephanie rose up onto her hands and knees crawling between Ben and the television making certain to roll her hips with each movement. "Am I blocking your view from here?" She asked in her best baby girl voice. Ben only responded with a slight grunt. Which she knew meant she wasn't blocking him since he would have moved her or himself if she was.

Ben shook his head slightly trying to keep his eyes on the screen. It was just a bit difficult with Stephanie's breasts swaying beneath her while her upturned rump rolled with her movements. "Fuck." He muttered to himself. If Stephanie hadn't been staring at him she would have believed it was completely due to whatever was exploding on the screen behind her. However she had a perfect view of his cock swelling and slipping out of the opening of his boxers. The worst part for Ben was that he wasn't in any position to subtly do anything about it.

"Oh look at that. Looks like someone is happy to see me." Stephanie sprawled out on her back arching slightly before relaxing into place.

"You know Stephanie if you don't stop being a tease I might end up doing something. Whether you're my girlfriend or not." Ben's gaze was currently focused on her hips, in particular her shorts which he just noticed had the top button undone and folded over to keep them in place.

"Oh please. If you had the stomach for that you'd already have me pinned against something. I kinda like this new you though. Like a big adorable puppy." Stephanie kicked off her sandals and sat up. "You know I still remember all the degrading things you used to do to me."

"I already told you I'm not apologizing for it and if I had it to do over again I'd probably do that and worse." Ben tilted his head slightly to avoid her gaze.

"Yeah, yeah. You're not sorry. You just wish I was still that mousy little thing that you treated like an animal." Half of her face twisted up into a smile. "Well I think it's time I got a little pay back." Before Ben could react she had her foot pressed against the underside of his hardon pinning it between his stomach and her toes. He could only gasp not only at the brand new sensation but at the realization that if she'd intended to hurt him he'd be curled up on the floor. "I think I should get to treat you like a piece of trash so you know what it's like." A little bit of added pressure had the desired effect of bringing Ben's eyes off the screen and to hers. "Do I have your attention now?" Ben nodded. "Good. Since you want to act like a little bitch I think I can treat you like one." She started massaging his cock with her foot.

Ben shuddered. He'd never seen a look that intense from anybody and certainly never expected it from Stephanie. He'd also never had a foot against his crotch. It was nothing like he thought it would be. It felt great, and the obvious threat that with very little effort she could make him very sorry kept him perfectly still. "I'm still not sorry."

Stephanie reacted by increasing the pressure on his cock just a little. "Who said I wanted you to be sorry? When have I ever asked you for an apology?" Her grin widened and she started slowly working his shaft with her toes. She scooted a little closer and pushed him down to his back with her other foot. "Maybe I just want you to know what it's like to be treated like garbage. Is that okay with you?" Before giving him a chance to answer she stood up and pressed her heel down against his scrotum. Any argument that he may have had was immediately squashed. He nodded his consent. "Good."

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