tagErotic Poetrytoo hot to handle

too hot to handle


i'm a beast in the bedroom
a freak between the sheets
when i enter a room
all the people get out their seats
i'm a dick ridin' champ
a dick suckin' pro
i'll fuck you so well
that you'll never want to go
i can make your eyes
roll to the back of your head
that's why you're always tryin' to get me
into your bed
i fuck like a maniac
who's gone manic
i get so crazy and wild
that your dick might start to panic
i'm in the gifted program
when it comes to fucking
and my jaws are concaved
because i do so much sucking
i work dicks over
leave pussies crying for more
i can make you leave your lover
'cause compared to me they're quite a bore
i'm the rodeo winnner
when it comes to ridin' dick
i handle my business
and make you cum quick
i'll swallow your cum
and lick your ass
i'm like your genie
i'll do anything you ask
i'm too hot to handle
and now you know
and i get better every day
if i do say so

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