tagLoving WivesToo Hot To Handle Ch. 02

Too Hot To Handle Ch. 02


“Hello, Mrs. Das. How are you?”

“Fine, thank you, Captain. So nice of the two of you to have come,” she replied.

“We wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world,” Sara said. “We have heard of the fantastic fish that you cook.”

“Please be seated, Captain,” Sandy said, indicating the overstuffed couch.

“Hey, Sandy. This is a party. Forget the Captain stuff. It’s Manny, okay?”

Sandy grinned. “Right-o. Be seated, Manny.”

“And its Rani; not Mrs. Das,” Rani told them.

“And please call me Sara. Mrs. Sharma doesn’t seem to be right under these circumstances.”

“Drink?” Sandy asked.

“Oh yes,” they chorused. Sandy laughed.

“What will you folks have?”

“Lets have wine,” Manny said, glancing at Sara and winking at her.

She blushed, quickly averting her eyes.

“Want to share the joke?” Sandy asked walking to the bar.

“Maybe later,” Manny laughed as he watched Sandy pouring the wine in the tall glasses. He set them on a tray and circulated among the rest of them. His eyes twinkled as he handed Sara her glass and making sure that Manny was talking eagerly with Rani, he let his legs brush against hers.

Manny’s eyes were riveted on Rani’s cleavage and there was a lot of it exposed through the skimpy blouse she was wearing. She was wearing a flimsy pink sari with matching blouse and he could clearly see the outlines of her bra. She was no better, because she kept bending down and this made her heavy tits push against the blouse.

The ladies were seated opposite to the couch on which the men were seated. The chairs on which they were seated were wide and like the couch, overstuffed.

The first round of the wine disappeared in a very short time. Obviously, they were nervous and wanted to gulp down the liquor so that their inhibitions would go away. It was while they were on the third round that Rani exclaimed,


“What’s the matter, darling?” Sandy was concerned.

She blushed. “Nothing much,” she answered. “The problem that a lactating mother faces. I’ll be back shortly. I’ve got to change.” She rose and Manny couldn’t help his cock slowly rising in his pants.

Sandy laughed as Rani disappeared inside. “Problems, problems. Manny, haven’t you and Sara planned a kid? Believe me, having kids is wonderful.”

Sara blushed, sipping the wine. Manny gulped down his.

“I know it’s wonderful. Perhaps this year, huh Sara?”

“You blokes are lucky,” she whispered. “It’s us women who have to carry the weight for nine months.”

“It’s worth it,” Sandy told her.

“Hey, Sandy!” Rani yelled out.

“What’s it?” he asked.

“I need your help here!”

Sandy grinned. “That’s one of the beautiful thing that happens, especially if the wife does not believe in pumps. I get to drink that sweet milk!”

Sara went beet red as Sandy rose. He walked inside to the bedroom where Rani was. When he entered, she was facing the mirror and kneading her tits. The blouse and bra were off and suddenly, Sandy felt his hard on inside his pants as he watched her milk oozing out of her large tits.

He walked up to her and embraced her from behind, watching her face in the mirror. He pulled away her hands and cupped her tits, squeezing powerfully till the milk shot out and landed on the mirror.

“Ooohh, god, that feels so good!” she moaned.

He pressed his crotch against the swell of her ass and she giggled. “You horny bastard!” she admonished him. “Randy Sandy, always with an hard on!”

“I told you that there’s no man alive in the world who wouldn’t have a erection when he sees you. Especially when you are doing that with your tits.”

She twisted her face and they kissed. She shoved her tongue in his mouth and he sucked on it, continuing to knead her tits and press his bulge against her ass.

She thrust her hands behind her and in a flash had his cock out of his pants after having swiftly unzipped him. He groaned when her fist closed over his throbbing cock and she smeared the drops of his pre-cum over the shaft.

She drew back and licked his lips, turning sideways.

“How does Randy Sandy want it?” she smiled, jerking on his shaft with both her hands. Her milk was spraying on his shirt.

“Been a long time since you wrapped those luscious tits around my cock,” he said, bending down and sucking on them. She held the back of his head and pressed him closer, her head thrown back. She moaned aloud.

He leaned forward and kissed her on her mouth and then her ears, and whispered, “Don’t look now, but I can see Manny and Sara watching us through the mirror. They are standing behind the door.”

The exhibitionist in her surfaced and she yanked her sari up over her hips, bunching it around her waist. “Pull down my panties, randy Sandy and touch my cunt,” she told him in a voice that was loud enough for Manny and Sara to hear.

He sucked hard on her nipples, and grabbing the elastic waistband of her pink panties, pushed it down over her thighs. She wriggled her ass to allow it to slide down over her legs and then pushed it aside with her foot.

“Aahhhh…” she moaned when he cupped her cunt. “Oh yessss, rub my clit.”

His hand began to move rapidly over her cunt. She adjusted her body so that she could shove her other tit in his mouth. Quickly, she slipped out of the sari. “Suck this one now, randy Sandy!”

She slid down on her knees and placed his cock between her milky tits. He bent down and kissed her again on her mouth, plunging his tongue inside her mouth. She sucked on it as she began to move up and down, masturbating his cock in her cleavage.

He pulled his mouth away from hers and slid a finger inside her mouth. “Suck on it, my big titted whore!” he rasped out. She was surprised; he normally never used that kind of language, but she correctly guessed that he was doing it for Sara’s benefit.

She began to suck on his finger, writhing all the time, letting his cock fuck her tits. He bent down further and shoved a finger of the other hand in her wet pussy. “Imagine that Manny’s fucking you with his cock and Sara’s fingering your cunt, you whore!” he said, loud enough for the couple hiding behind the door to listen to.

She kneaded her tits, letting the milk splash out to cover his pumping cock.

“Oh yes, Sandy!” she squealed. “Imagine Manny fucking my cunt and me licking Sara’s!”

At the door, the couple was in no better position. Sara was standing behind her husband and her hands had encircled his waist. She had unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect cock through the opening in his underwear, jerking furiously on it. He had managed to slip down her strapless skirt, and her tiny bra to expose her firm tits.

He decided he had enough of this. His cock dangling, her tits jiggling, he led her inside the bedroom and announced, “Why imagine when there’s the real stuff here?”

Sandy and Rani pretended to be startled by their appearance.

“W-wha…” Rani mumbled.

“Oh god,” Sandy groaned, slipping his cock out of his wife’s cleavage. “W-we are sorry, Manny!”

“What for?” Manny grinned, unbuckling his pants and shoving the garment down over his thighs. The underwear followed and he was striping off his shirt.

“Get naked, Sara,” he told his wife. “Didn’t you hear what our hosts imagined?”

Sara was smiling as she swiftly unbuttoned her skirt; it was a one-piece affair and she had stripped off her bra and panties just as swiftly, emerging naked.

The couple on the bed looked at them, open mouthed. Then, Sandy began to laugh. “How do you want it, Manny?”

“I would love to fuck your wife’s big, milky tits!” he exclaimed, “and watch you fuck my wife in the doggie position while she eats Rani’s cunt.”

Manny hurried over to the bed and pulled Rani off the floor by holding her arms. He pushed her onto her back on the bed so that her knees were hanging down over the edge of the bed. “Excuse me, Sarge, I gotta do this,” he said huskily, getting up on the bed and straddling Rani. He used the reverse direction, kneeling over her head and facing her legs. His balls dragged over her mouth and she took them in her mouth, licking them. He lowered himself gently so that his balls were resting on her face and plunged his cock between her tits from the top. Reaching down, he began to squeeze her tits, watching the milk spurt out and wet his cock.

“Oh god, that’s so sexy,” he groaned as he began to rock to and fro.

Sandy spun Sara around and pushed her. She grabbed Rani’s hips, her face directly plunging down between the woman’s wide-open legs. Rani grunted and lifted her hips as Sara began to lick her cunt.

Sandy arranged himself behind Sara, reaching down to open her cunt lips. He aimed his cock at the opening and slammed his cock to the hilt, pushing her against his wife’s pussy.

“Talk to her, Sandy.” Manny groaned, moving his cock faster between Rani’s swollen tits. “Just like you were talking to your wife!”

Sandy knew that Sara loved talking and being talked to when they fucked.

“C’mon, you little bitch, shove that ass back! Take my cock inside you, oh yes, like that, rotate your hips and grab my cock with your cunt, oh god, yes, fuck back, you bitch, fuck harder you little whore!” he cried out.

Sara took Rani’s clit in her mouth and nibbled on it. Rani moaned with Manny’s balls slapping against her face. Her voice, though muffled, was clear enough.

“Oh god, you little slut!” she whined. “You do know how to lick pussy and suck clit! Oh god, yes, faster, you dirty little whore, faster. Shove your tongue inside my cunt, aahhhh yessss…like that you little whore! Deeper, you bitch, deeper! And you, you horny bastard, fuck my tits. Oh god, yes, squeeze some more milk from my tits and get your fucking cock wet, you lousy son of a bitch!”

Manny laughed deliriously and pulled out his cock. “Here, you bitch, suck on it for a while. Lick off your milk from it!”

He pushed his cock in her mouth and watched her cheek billowing as she sucked fiercely. Satisfied, he grunted and placed it back between her tits.

Sandy wrapped his arms around Sara and captured her firm jiggling tits, pinching the erect nipples as he slammed in and out of her wet cunt. “Oh, shit!” he groaned, “What a cunt! It’s so hot and tight and wet! Hey, Manny, don’t you give her lots of fucking?”

“That was the joke, pal,” Manny gasped. “I fucked her tits after pouring more than half a bottle of wine on them.”

Sandy laughed, withdrawing his cock till it was almost outside Sara’s pussy. She moaned her disapproval and shoved her ass back to take it in again. “I’m talking about her cunt. She’s so tight there, it almost feels like I’m fucking a virgin!”

“She always had a tight pussy!” Manny answered, glancing at his wife slurping on Rani’s pussy. Sara now added a couple of fingers with her tongue, sliding them in and out of Rani’s pussy, making the woman squirm and moan. Rani raised her legs up and wrapped them around the girl’s shoulders.

“Oh god, I think I’m going to come!” she shrieked, pushing her tits together to trap Manny’s thrusting cock between them.

Sara drew back for a while. “Oh yes, come, you bitch, come all over my face. I want to taste you, you big titted whore!”

Rani screamed, lifting her hips off the bed, shuddering as she approached her climax. Her legs tightened against Sara’s shoulders, almost smothering the girl.

“Get on my belly and fuck my tits, you horny bastard,” she yelled to Manny. “Let me suck on your cock while you fuck my tits!”

Manny quickly reversed his direction, straddling Rani’s belly. Almost weeping with ecstasy, he jammed his shaft back between the now-wet tits and began to move to and fro. When he thrust up, Rani bent her head down to take his cock head in her mouth.

“You are a hell of a sexy bitch,” he muttered. “And I’m going to splatter my come all over your slutty face and your big tits!”

“Don’t just talk. Do it,” Sandy muttered, now fucking Sara harder and deeper. The girl writhed and moaned, as she felt Rani’s juices gushing out over her face.

“Oh my god,” she moaned, drawing her face off Rani’s cunt. “Here I come!” She ground her ass back against his cock and he clutched her tits hard.

They realized that the time had come for them to climax. Rani already had; and Sara was writhing in the throes of her orgasm.

“Aahhhh! Ugghhh!” Manny shouted, suddenly pulling his cock out of Rani’s cleavage. Sara reached up and grabbed his cock, beginning to jerk it. Her fingers were a blur as she wanked his cock off.

“Come, you horny bastard! Come all over her tits and face!”

Manny groaned as his wife jerked on his milk and saliva coated cock. He cried out and then, let his juice erupt. It mixed with Rani’s milk coated tits. Sara aimed higher, letting it splatter over Rani’s face who opened her mouth, trying to swallow it.

Sandy had craned his neck to look at the sight and it set him off. “Oh shit, you bitch! I’m going to come too. Where do you want it?”

Sara disengaged from his plunging cock, let her husband’s cock slip out of her hands, spun around and dropped to her knees.

“Rani, shag him till he comes on my face and in my mouth,” she yelled.

Rani hurriedly rose off the bed and reached for her husbands cock. Manny cupped her dangling tits as she bent down and started to jerk Sandy’s cock.

“Oh god, Rani, that feels great! I want to come all over this bitch!” he groaned.

His juice spurted out, splashing Sara on her forehead. Rani giggled and directed the tip of his cock to her mouth. Sara opened her mouth and gleefully accepted his cock inside her, sucking wildly on it. Sandy began to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth, fucking her face, even as he kept ejaculating.

“Oh shit,” Manny gasped, watching his wife sucking on Sandy’s cock. “That was awesome.” He was still fondling Rani’s tits, pinching her nipples and spreading the milk over her tits. “I feel absolutely drained!”

“Let’s have some rest and some wine,” Sara sighed, rubbing Sandy’s cock over her cheeks and then her lips. Her husband ducked his head under Rani and fastened his mouth on one of her nipples.

“I think it’s better if we have a shower,” Rani said, cradling Manny’s head against her tits.

“Great idea,” Sandy said. “We have a king size tub in the bathroom and I’d rather we rest in it after the shower!”

Wearily, they rose and trooped off together to the bathroom. The men stood at one corner, watching the two women get under the shower. Rani embraced Sara as the water splashed on them.

“What are you guys waiting for?” Rani said. “The soaps over there.”

The men grabbed the soap and rushed over to the women. Rani shoved her tongue deep into Sara’s mouth as the men began to soap their bodies, taking particular care to rub the cake over their tits and pussies.

“My god, don’t your tits ever stop leaking?” Manny asked, glancing at Rani’s tits. Sure enough, there was a steady stream of milk leaking from the nipples.

Sara hastily pulled away her mouth from Rani’s and bent down to take one tit in her mouth.

“Aahhhh!” whimpered Rani, reaching down to cup Sara’s cunt.

Rinsing off the soap from their bodies, the men got under the shower and let the women soap them. The women kneeled down on the tiles. Rani stuffed Manny’s cock in her mouth while Sara slurped on Sandy’s cock. They were still flaccid.

Later, Rani filled the huge tub with warm water while Sandy brought the wine from the living room. They lay in the water, sipping the wine, occasionally fondling each other.

Manny, in particular, couldn’t keep his hands off Rani’s tits. He kept kneading them and fondling them. Sandy lifted Sara’s legs and giggling, she rested her heels on his shoulders. She moaned, lifting her thighs so that her cunt emerged out of the water. His head disappeared between her legs and his tongue began to lick her slit.

Rani reached for her husband’s cock and began to jerk him off.

“Get hard, you bastard,” she laughed.

Sara too did the same with her husband’s cock. “You too. You are limp”

“You girls have drained us off,” Manny answered. “Give us some time.”

They got off the tub and wiped their bodies with the large towels stocked in a closet in the bathroom.

And then, they walked to the bedroom.

“Oh shit,” Rani muttered when the baby started to wail. “I hope you guys have left enough milk for me to feed her.”

“You are never dry, honey,” Sandy said.

Rani picked up the girl and held her to her tits. The baby immediately fastened her mouth to one tit and began to suck.

Sara sat between the two men on the bed, her hands fondling their cocks. Sandy twisted her head by cupping her chin and kissed her mouth. Their tongues clashed and Manny slid under his wife and began to lick her tits.

“Not fair!” Rani grumbled.

“No problems, baby,” Manny answered. “This time we are going to last longer, huh Sandy?”

“You bet!” Sandy mumbled, pulling back his head. He stuck out his tongue and licked Sara’s lips till she was giggling.

“Let’s fuck her together,” Manny said. Sandy glanced sharply at Rani to find her smiling faintly. Perhaps this is what Manny wanted.

“You take her cunt this time,” Sandy said, pushing Sara back till she was lying on her stomach on the bed. He pulled her so that her head was between his thighs. “C’mon, bitch, suck me off while your husband fucks your cunt.”

“Get on your knees and elbows,” Manny instructed his wife.

Sara did that; she drew her knees up and rested her elbows on the bed.

“Just like a bitch!” Manny exclaimed, getting on his knees and positioning himself behind her. He slapped his cock on her ass.

Sandy too got on his knees and slapped her face with his semi-turgid cock. She had her palms firmly planted on the bed; so she tried catching his cock even as he teased her by pulling it away.

Manny laughed as he watched his wife trying to take Sandy’s cock in her mouth. He rubbed his own cock over her slit – back and forth, up and down till she was moaning and thrusting her hips back at him.

Suddenly, without warning, Sandy grabbed the back of her head and jammed his cock in her mouth. She gagged, surprised at his unexpected assault. The tip of his cock tickled her throat and he paused, allowing her to relax her throat and take more of his shaft inside her.

“She sucks mean, huh?” Manny asked, now beginning to thrust his cock head in and out of her cunt. He wasn’t still completely hard and he stole a glance at Rani who was still feeding the baby.

“Squeeze your other tit, baby,” Manny called out to her.

She shook her head. “That will get her all wet. Give me a couple of minutes. She’s almost finished.”

Manny switched his glance to Sandy’s cock, now fucking Sara’s mouth steadily. Her cheeks puffed out when he thrust in, almost to the hilt, and sucked inward when he pulled out till only the glans remained in her mouth.

He let his hands travel over his wife’s hips, over her waist till they were under her, cupping her tits. He began to knead them as Sandy fucked her face relentlessly.

Rani was aware that Manny hadn’t erected as yet. He was engrossed in watching Sandy fuck Sara’s mouth. His cock head was barely inside his wife’s cunt and he wasn’t moving; he just held himself still; as if willing his cock to get harder.

Sandy pulled his cock out of Sara’s mouth, wiping the length of it over her cheeks. He had few problems getting hard again. He let the tip of his engorged cock tickle the inside of her ear, and then pulled it up against his belly.

“Lick that part of the cock, baby,” he murmured.

She sneaked her pink tongue out of her mouth and ran it over the underside of his long cock.

“Get it wet, slut!” Sandy groaned, jerking his cock up and down, looking down to watch her running her lips fervently up and down the shaft.

“Now, nibble on my balls.”

She had to duck down so she could take one of his balls into her mouth.

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