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Too Much Flirting


I seem to write better when I am talking about true stories, so here I go again. This is a story of non-consent, so if you don't agree with it, don't read on. I know many women out there have fantasies of it, but sometimes it turns out the wrong way. You can take this any way that you want. (Wow me being serious, crazy, eh?)

It started when I was 18 year old, and I thought that I was much older. I flirted with all of my sister's friends and all of my brother's friends. My brother and his friends always went out every Saturday usually to the pool hall or bowling, and I was the tag-a-long. There was this guy there, John. I had a huge crush on him, so I was trying my teenage flirting out on him. Seeing where it would go. I thought that it would be harmless. Right? I am a teenage girl and he is at least 20 years old than me. No way he would be interested! At this point, I was just hoping to get some practice....nothing more. This had went on for a couple weeks. A couple times walking in front of him he would grab my ass, or something like that. It made me nervous but I decided to not say anything to anyone.

One night we were all at the bowling alley when I said that I needed to go to the bathroom. We were in a pretty shady place, and it was mostly emptied out at that point. I went into the bathroom just to check my hair. As I opened the door and walked out into the hallway John was standing there.

"Hey John, what are you up to?" I asked. He just stood there for a minute looking at me, making me uncomfortable.

"Molly, you have been flirting with me all these weeks. You are teasing me, are you going to finally give me what I want?" He questioned as he stepped in closer to me forcing me to take a few steps back.

"What are you talking about, John? I was just flirting, having a little fun. We are friends, you know?" I was slowly backing up as I said this because the look in his eyes turned dangerous.

He leaned over me putting both hands on the wall next to my head. At that point I realized that I was trapped. I didn't know I had backed all the way to the wall. I went to open my mouth to yell for my brother or anyone, but his hand went over my mouth. He then whispered in my ear, "Don't say a word, or I will just say that we are already were together and that this is what you wanted. You wouldn't want your family knowing that would you. It can be good for you if you just don't fight it."

At this point, my eyes started to fill with unshed tears, and I was scared of what this older man was planning to do to me. I pushed on his chest trying to get him away from me, hoping to make a run for it. I couldn't move though, he was like a brick wall. There was no moving him.

"Please, John. Why do you want to do this? How do you think my brother would feel? Don't do this...we can both forget that this ever happened," I pleaded him while trying to push him away.

He just leaned in closer pushing his body against me, so that I could feel his already hard cock pushing at me through both of our clothes.

"Molly, shut up. Just do what I want, and both of us are going to enjoy ourselves. I know that I will either way." With this he pulled me into the woman's bathroom, and turned the deadbolt on the inside. It was just a one person restroom so he knew that no one was in there.

Without even saying a word he pulled my t-shirt over my head and threw it to the floor. My hands flew to cover the front of my breasts while his hand went behind to quickly unclasp my bra and rip it off of my arms, leaving red trails down my arms. My hands went back over my breasts again. But he grabbed my arms holding them above my head with one hand. His head went down to my breasts, and to my nipples. He took one nipple in his mouth. I felt his tongue reach out to lick it as it hardened in his mouth. Even though I shouldn't have been enjoying it my body immediately reacted to his touch. I felt his hands loosen my wrists, and I let my arms fall to my sides. While he was occupied licking my breasts, I reached up and grabbed a handful of his hair. Pulling hard in one direction, I ran the opposite way.

I only made it a few feet when I felt him pulling me on my arm and throwing me to the floor. I saw his hand coming at my face to backhand me. I cringed holding my hands up to protect my face. However, not hit came. Looking up at him, he answered the unasked question in my eyes. "I don't want anyone to wonder what happened to you if you get hurt." With that, I saw his leg coming at me but did not have time to react as his foot went forcefully into my stomach. I was doubled over in pain, holding my stomach, and now crying. While I was lying on the floor, John quickly pulled down his jeans and boxers just enough to get his still hard cock out.

He quickly reached down, unbuttoned my jeans, and ripped them off me. I was now lying on the cold bathroom floor with just my panties on. That day I had decided to wear these black lace cut panties. John took one look at them and said, "When a girl wears black underclothes it means she wants fucked."

I looked him in the eyes and said, "John I don't want this, the color of my underwear of nothing to do with me wanting sex. Please stop now." Completely ignoring me he grabbed my hair, and pulled me up to my knees in front of him shoving his cock into my face.

"I want you to suck my cock now. Don't bite me or think about doing anything stupid or you will learn to regret it. I promise you that." I had never given a guy a blow job, and had only a small idea on what to do. I leaned forward and just took a little bit of him into my mouth, flicked out my tongue and I could taste his precum.

"C'mon Molly – you can do better than that. Suck my damn cock. Put your mouth on it and suck me." I took him further into my mouth, and closed my lips around him sucking hard. I felt his hands go into my hair pulling me closer as he thrust himself forward. At this point I started gagging and trying to get away, but he held my head there. I quickly got used to this sensation. I figured if I put all I got into this, he wouldn't want to fuck me. I could get him to cum in my mouth. I began bobbing my head up and down, licking his cock from top to bottom. I even reached up and began to play with his balls.

"That's right, you are starting to like this. You like being my dirty whore don't you?" He moaned as he said this...apparently I was doing something right. I realized what he said was true. I like being forced to take his cock in my mouth, and knowing I was making him feel good.

He started thrusting faster and faster into my mouth, his hands gripping my hair. He was close to cumming. "Stop, I don't want waste my cum in your mouth." I didn't stop though. I did more. I reached up and played with his balls, sucking him, and licking the head of his cock. With no warning, he exploded in my mouth.

I went to pull away, not wanting to taste him. "Swallow it all Bitch!" he yelled at me. He kept cumming in my mouth. Spurt after spurt. My first taste of a man, and I swallowed all of it. He was becoming soft in my mouth as I licked him dry. He pulled his cock out, and then his me across the face. Shocked I grabbed my cheek and looked up at him. I did what he had wanted me to why hit me now? What happened to not leaving any marks on me?

"I told you to stop, damn it. I guess I will just save fucking you for another time," he answered my unspoken question.

He quickly buttoned up his jeans, unlocked the door and stepped out. Turning around he warned me, "Do not tell this to a soul." Walking out, he left me alone, almost naked, on the bathroom floor.

I reached my hand down under my thong to my pussy. I knew that I was soaking wet. Being forced to do those things, had made me so wet, and left me completely unsatisfied. I began running my finger around my clit. Then traveling down, pushed two fingers deep inside myself, biting my lip so I wouldn't moan out loud. I thought about what just happened, and quickly reached the orgasm I had been waiting for.

I cleaned myself up with some paper towels, and got dressed. Looking the mirror the only physical evidence of John's abuse was a small cut on my cheek from John's wedding band.

Please send some comments, and don't forget to vote. Much love.

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