tagHow ToTop 10 List for Cockteasing Touches

Top 10 List for Cockteasing Touches


10. The Handshake, Warm Greeting of an Erect Cock

When a woman greets an erect cock with something of a soft handshake...light, warm, friendly, seductive grip....that lets you know she's delighted to see you--erect--and is ready to lead you (or pull you) into bed with her (see photo).

9. The Caress and Cupping of the Balls

Upon giving the warm handshake, I love it when a woman cups and lightly caresses or squeezes my balls in the palm of her hand. This is such a beautiful act of intimacy...and encouragement. This light touch of a man's balls conveys such a feeling of admiration for our balls in both a physical and metaphysical sense. Yes, the woman has you in the palm of her hand--literally--and there's a feel of vulnerability to the male in it (thus the negative valence phrase: a woman has you "by the balls"). But then there's such a positive valence--such an inflation to a man's sense of his own manliness, making him feel cockstrong--when that touch is done lovingly, with encouragement, with a sense that a woman wants to feel the full power of those balls.

8. Testing the Tensile Strength, or Warming up to Dive

If you have ever watched Olympic divers preparing for a dive off the lower diving board, you know how to give this next amazing touch to the cock. A steel hard, pumping iron erect cock feels so good. It's such a defiance of gravity. You can feel the testosterone running through it. And I love it when a woman wants to test--and admire--the strength of my cock when it's first revealed what she has done to me. Yes, I love playfulness in the bedroom, so I love it when a woman approaches my cock as her plaything: part slinky, part playdough or silly putty, part erector set. What's best is if she bounces the cock up and down some, checking out its strength, its rebounding capacity, flattering herself as she does this.

7. The Aesthetic Appreciation of a Man's Sculpture: The light grip of the cock between thumb and middle finger

Once the cock has been warmly greeted and the balls encouraged and the cock bounced around a bit, it's time for the aesthetic appreciation of a man's sculpture. I love it when a woman grasps the middle of my cock, where it's thickest, between a thumb and a middle finger, and just holds the cock in place and admires it with an artist's eye--as if it is the most marvelous sculpture, or the best still life painting of a piece of fruit--she has ever seen in her life. And if a woman grasps me lightly at first...with a very soft touch....I'm Pavlov's dog anticipating beautiful, erotic sex. Yes, there's a time and place for spontaneous combustion sex: a woman taking the cock hard right from the beginning and almost pulling it into her on her first stroke of it. But a woman who touches me softly and admiringly at first gives me the sense that the sex will last for hours....it will be a symphony, not a 3 minute rock and roll song

6. Skiing the mogul, feeling the tickle, the little up and down, or why San Francisco is sexy

When we were kids, we loved driving from Madison to Chatham, New Jersey as on the way there was what we called the tickle: a little rise up and down in the road when, if driven the right way, gave us the tickle in the stomach. It was a little roller coaster ride. Consider also how much fun it is to ski a little mogul, or to go up and over a little hill. A change in height—going up and down—is sexy, erotic. I think that is in part what makes San Francisco such a beautiful, sexy city (and a city on the plains, in the flatlands more boring) There's are a lot of changes in elevation in San Francisco. The most sensitive part of the cock is the ridge at the base of its head, the corona of the cock. A woman going back and forth over it with her touch drives us crazy. This can be done at various speeds. In the terms for tempo of Italian music (see below), I like calando at first: slower and softer. (Women and men should study the Italian terms for tempo in music, as it provides a richly articulated vocabulary for pacing in erotic play.) I have a natural cock (i.e.,, uncircumcised), so I love it when a woman gently grasps my foreskin between thumb and middle finger and slowly takes her fingers back and forth over the ridge, as if she is skiing a mogul in slow motion.

5. Circling the Cock Accelarando, or Piu Mosso: More Movement and Faster

I don't need to explain this one. It's the next pace or step after a woman has played softly taking her touches back and forth over the ridge of the cock. The woman circles the cock with her thumb and index finger, as if giving the cock head the A-OK sign, and keeping it firm in her grasp, she picks up the pace and tightens the grasp, locking the cock in her fingers, and then taking it for a more vigorous ride up and down, first just short strokes over the ridge, then longer strokes up and down the full length of the cock. This then can and should morph into the firmer grasp and pumping of the whole cock, the full monty up and down.

4. From Chile to Los Angeles and Beyond or Further North: The Long Stroke

Consider the base of the cock the lowest part of South America, the southern end of Chile, or near Patagonia and the Straits of Magellan. Then consider the very tip of the cock somewhere above Seattle, in Juneau, Alaska. The part of greatest sensitivity—the corona and frenulum--would then be somewhere between Tijuana/San Diego and San Franciso, or where Los Angeles is located, about 3/4's of the way up the cock from Santiago, Chile. The stroke that delights me so much is the long stroke...a finger tip that goes from Chile to Los Angeles, along the underside length of the cock, from bottom to top, repeated time and again. This stroke is beautiful to feel after the cock has been jazzed up by the touching and stroking of #'s 5 and 6. The erotic depends on delay, anticipation, longing...and here is the time and the way to prolong the erotic play, letting a jazzed up cock on the verge of coming subside after the stroking of 5 & 6, and then the long, slow stroke that just expresses joy and delight in the length of the cock. The stroking of the cock this way can begin to build up the hum, taking the man back to the verge of coming. Better yet, it can start the cock just twitching uncontrollably, reacting in ways the man has no conscious control over. I love it when a woman knows how to make a cock dance this way, the music taking over so the cock is just dancing and vibrating on its own.

3. The Prelude to the Coup de Grace: The Exploration Down Under, the Taking of the Ridge through


When a cock is on the verge of coming, when it has been hummed up and taken with rubata strokes, or with every tempo listed below, another blissful way to drive a man crazy is to focus again on the ridge, the corona, but this time taking it with subterfuge: a fingertip just lightly exploring, discovering the underside of this ridge, circling the globe, sailing around underneath the ridge, over and over.

2. Playing the Frenulum as a Violin

The little string of skin on the underside of the cock—the frenulum—is by far the most sensitive part on my cock. Alas, men who are not natural, who are cut or circumcised, do not have this fold of skin in the same way as a natural cock, and what a loss, what a diminishment, what an argument against circumcision. But when my cock has become the most sensitive, when my whole body feels taut, stretched between the poles of myself, lusting to come, needing to spurt and splurge and release, then I absolutely love it when this string is played beautifully by a diva violinist: the woman just lightly stroking in one direction, repeatedly, this little string, this fold, until it feels like the cock could explode into orgasm with the touch of a feather against this spot, or just touched by a hot breath, or the sound waves of a whisper.

1. The Coup de Grace after the Coup de Grace: Massaging the Cock with its own Cum

To take the man over the top, with the most blissful touches of all, combine the strokes and touches: I love it particularly when there's a combination of #9 and #5 and #9 and #2. But then there is the coup de grace after the coup de grace: when a woman massages a man's cock, particularly the head, with his own cum. The first time I had this done to me came the first time I was in bed with a woman with whom I had a 5 month correspondence before meeting her. She was the second woman I had sex with after going the least 8 years of a 21 year marriage almost sexless. The four month long correspondence gave us a chance to be rather explicit about the ways we loved to be taken.

We finally met in the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas for a three nights and four days together. Within an hour of meeting, we on our hotel bed, with us beginning to enact everything we had fantasized about for ages. It seems we gave each other a thousand kisses, then a hundred more, than another thousand before our clothes started to come off. She asked me to strip for her, which I did, and then she slowly stripped for me. She then departed from any script we had imagined. She asked me to play with myself, and as I did so, she began playing with herself as well. I brought myself to the verge, kept myself there for a time, and then she asked me to let her see me come up close and personal. She curled up close, and then as I started coming, she took hold of men and began collecting all my cum juices in her hands. When I had finished coming, she began massaging my cock in its juices, not letting up but squeezing me more forcefully. The cock at this point is so sensitive that this action is excruciating, like tickling but better. My instinct was to pull away but she followed after me, keeping me in her grasp, rendering me ridiculous, like silly putty in her hands, at her mercy. It extended the intensity of the orgasm, adding a new feel I had never felt before, a missile shot off and then retro-rockets fired. Then, later that evening, bless her heart, she taught me how to make her squirt.

* Italian terms for tempo in music, to be applied to

Accelerando — speeding up

Allargando — growing broader; decreasing tempo, usually near the end of a piece

Calando - going slower (and usually also softer)

Meno mosso — less movement or slower

Mosso — movement, more lively, or quicker, much like più mosso, but not as extreme

Più mosso — more movement or faster

Precipitando - hurrying, going faster/forward

Rallentando — gradual slowing down

Ritardando — immediate slowing down

Ritenuto — slightly slower; temporarily holding back.

Rubato — free adjustment of tempo for expressive purposes

Stretto — rushing ahead; temporarily speeding up

Stringendo — pressing on faster

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