tagGay MaleTop or Bottom Ch. 01

Top or Bottom Ch. 01


MWM 7" Cut Looking for c/d Top

Those seven words in a personal ad in our local gay/lesbian weekly got me thinking about what I wanted in my sex life. I've been married, dated a woman and am now married again but I've never tried having sex with a man. Hell I didn't even know the lingo -- what's a MWM and is a Top the person who's on top? I needed to understand what was being asked / offered so I surfed the web looking for descriptions.

After surfing a little bit I now know that a MWM is a married white male and 7" cut doesn't pertain to his height but to the length of his cock and that he's circumcised. c/d Top means a cross-dressing dominant male. Ok, now that I've got that mastered do I want to get involved? What am I - a top or a bottom and does it matter if I don't own any lingerie? I decided to drop an email to the person who posted this ad but I was paranoid about getting found out/caught. I created a pseudonym and got a web-mail account that I could send/receive messages from.

The message poster, Chris, replied back to my initial email fairly quickly with a suggestion that my experience didn't really matter and that he would be happy to initiate me to gay sex and to help me find out if I preferred to be a top or bottom. He suggested we meet at a coffee shop around the corner from one of the two men's bathhouses in our small city. He said that if we liked the look of each other we could go to the bathhouse and he would begin my introduction.

Standing on the sidewalk outside of the coffee shop and looking for a man of the description that Chris provided was nerve wracking for me. If it had been a bank I was standing in front of I'm sure someone would have called the cops thinking I was getting ready to rob it. Five minutes after the appointed hour Chris showed up.

"Hi Sandy," was his cheerful greeting.

Hmmm I thought to myself, he's good looking, tall, at least taller than I was. He had hair just starting to be peppered with gray, mine was all gray now. He wore glasses like me and he exuded confidence with his sexuality. Chris had told me in his email that he liked gay sex for the differences it offered from having sex with his wife.

"Shall we go to the bathhouse?" he inquired.

Without wasting a minute I answered, "Sure."

We went across the street and around the corner to an unmarked door behind which was a small lobby with a window that looked suspiciously like a ticket wicket. I guess that was an apt description as an attendant quickly appeared.

Chris told him, "We'll have a double please."

Looking my way Chris said that he thought we'd be more comfortable with a room with a double bed than either starting with lockers only or one of us having a small room with a single bed. I agreed quickly, feeling my nerves beginning to tingle.

We were buzzed in, given two fairly thin towels and two keys and told we had room 27 upstairs.

Up we went and I quickly discovered that this place didn't waste a lot of money on lighting, or perhaps that was done on purpose. I felt blind as we entered the second floor, it was lit only by a couple of red lights. My eyes would have to adjust to this lighting quickly if I didn't want to run into something/someone! Chris opened the door to room 27 and I found a double bed taking up most of the space, mirrors on two walls next to the bed and two decrepit looking lockers where we were to hang our clothes.

"Let's get undressed and go downstairs for a shower and maybe the sauna or the hot tub," Chris suggested, wasting no time in losing his clothes.

I took a while longer and felt quite self-conscious being naked in front of another naked man. Quickly I wrapped my towel around my waist, Chris chuckled and hung his over his shoulder very casually. Exiting the room and locking it behind us we took another route to stairs leading both down and up.

"The TV room and the Glory Holes are up there," said Chris pointing upstairs.

(What's a Glory Hole? I thought to myself.)

Back on the ground floor I found a middling sized shower room with 4 shower heads and wall mounted soap dispensers. I hung my towel up on the rack and proceeded to a shower to soap myself up. I have a bit of a fetish about being clean for sex, also extending that to my wife (particularly if I was going to go down on her!).

Chris stopped me and said, "No, let me help you, you need to get comfortable with having another man touch you and stroke you."

With that he took a handful of soap and proceeded to lather up my back, moving to my arms then down to my butt. As he grazed his fingers across my anus I felt myself involuntarily clenching my butt cheeks.

"Relax Sandy," he laughed. "I'm not going to try and fuck you. At least not today," he added chuckling.

I let myself relax under the hot water and enjoyed the feel of these strong hands lathering my body up, moving across all of the important bits. I felt myself get hard as he began to lather my cock. Hmmm, I thought, this does feel good! My cock responded by rising to its full height of 10 inches --- ok well maybe it is closer to 6 inches but it felt like 10 with Chris soaping it up. Christ I was hard, I don't think I've been as hard when my wife and I have had sex.

Chris noticed the effect he was having on me and said, "Well it looks like we know that you like having your cock stroked, and by a man no less."

Mumbling something pleasant and incoherent I relaxed even further into his embrace.

When he judged I was soaped and cleaned enough he turned me around and ardently kissed me full on the lips, his tongue trying to probe my lips for an opening. I was so relaxed and turned on that I returned his kiss with equal fervour and opened my lips so his tongue could investigate my mouth. It felt different, the scratchy beard on beard, the force of his lips compared to my wife, but it felt good and I found myself losing all inhibitions in his arms.

"Mmmmm," I murmured. "I like this Chris."

I felt Chris wrap his arms around my back pulling me closer into his embrace and then felt something I hadn't thought about, a hard cock sticking into my pubic area. I responded by moving my hips in and out rubbing my own rigid cock against his.

"Now, will you clean me please?" Chris asked.

I was happy to oblige, after all he had done such a good number on me I was turned on and tingling with expectation. I quickly soaped his upper body; I couldn't wait to get to his cock and bum. Chris turned around and let me soap his very nice butt. As I dragged my soapy hand over his anus he moaned and pushed back into my hand, "Make sure I'm very clean there please Sandy." I paid attention to this rose and accidentally slipped my index finger into his rear door. "Ummm, that's nice Sandy. Don't stop. Please finger-fuck me," he purred.

I've never done this to my wife but instinct told me that what Chris wanted was my finger plunging in and out of his anus and to have me probe for his prostate. I don't know about you but when the doctor sticks his finger in to check my prostate I always get an erection. Doing what came naturally I soon had Chris bucking and driving his butt onto my finger.

"Oh God Sandy, I feel like I'm going to cum -- that feels so good," he gasped. "But please stop - I want to save my first orgasm for later."

I stopped but I was so turned on that I leaned hard against his butt, grinding my cock into his ass. Reaching around behind him Chris took my cock and directed it to his recently fingered hole.

"Here, try putting that in me to see what it feels like Sandy."

I've taken a couple of cherries in my day, have had sex with inexperienced women who were (what I considered at the time) tight but I've never felt anything as tight as Chris's asshole. It took quite a bit of effort on my part to push my cock in but as the head slipped by his sphincter I was able to slide in and bury my cock to its hilt in his soapy ass. I slowly withdrew, taking care to keep the head in and drove it back in. This felt nice, incredible and very hot. I was soon pistoning my member in and out of his willing hole -- lost in the sensations that I was feeling. It took a moment or so for Chris' voice to register but I finally understood what he was saying to me.

"Stop for now Sandy, we don't want you blowing your load too soon, do we?"

Pulling my engorged member out caused Chris to turn around quickly and drag me into a deep, forceful kiss.

"Thank you Sandy." he breathed into my ear as he soaped my cock to ensure cleanliness for what lay ahead.

I guess I didn't mention it but while all of this was happening another man came into the shower and masturbated while watching us.

As we rinsed off I heard our shower mate groan and in a pleading voice ask, "Can I cum master, please?" Chris, never one to pass on an orgasm, motioned for the man to come over to us.

Chris knelt down saying, "Yes my little slave, cum for me, cum for your master, cum on my face!"

Our friend groaned, pumped his thick long cock a few more times then came in a huge stream of semen all over Chris' face. I counted at least 5 or 6 thick, white salty ropes of semen fly from his cock head and coat Chris' face from scalp line to chin.

"That's right my little slave, cum for your master!" Chris urged the man, coaxing a couple of additional squirts of semen.

I looked at Chris who smiled back at me and his face was coated thickly with warm semen. This was such a hot sight that I couldn't help but take my cock and wipe it across his face, pushing the semen toward his mouth. Leaning down I kissed him full on the lips and with that I had my first taste of another man's semen. Salty, warm, it was, at that moment, the best tasting treat I had ever had. I could definitely get used to the taste of this I told myself as I continued to kiss and lick Chris's cum-covered face.

When I finally stopped licking him clean he stood up and laughing said, "That was the best, hottest cleanup job I've ever had Sandy. You really seemed to enjoy the taste of his cum!"

"Yes I sure did Chris, does that make me a bottom or a top?" I replied.

"We've still got lots to do Sandy before we can make that decision. Let's go into the sauna for a bit."

We went into the sauna and compared to the shower room it was positively black. It took maybe 3 minutes for my eyes to adjust to the dim light coming from a low wattage bulb over the sauna heater. Chris and I were standing until our eyes adjusted and we could take a seat. When I could finally see I was treated to the sight of a young muscular man fucking the ass off of a middle aged man who was also sucking on the long, thin cock of a third young man sitting on the top seat shelf of the sauna.

Chris leaned over and said to me, "Now that's a bottom. He's servicing two men at once. Watch what happens."

I could hear the slurping sounds of the bottom's mouth on the cock that was buried in his face. I could also clearly hear the slapping of his bum-buddy's balls on his ass as he drove a huge cock in and out of this bottom's bottom. Hot was all that could describe the scene and I'm not referring to the temperature in the sauna, though that was probably around 100 F.

It seemed that the two 'fuckers' were friends and were pacing themselves to finish at the same time. I heard the bum-fucker grunt, "Nearly there."

And his partner replied, "Ok, another 30 seconds and I'll cum."

Not having a watch on I can well believe it was about 30 seconds later that both of the fuckers started to grunt and push their cocks violently into the poor bottom. It appeared that they both started to cum at nearly the same time and I could tell that the bottom couldn't swallow all of the semen being pumped into his mouth. He chocked a bit and semen spilled down his chin as he struggled to keep up with the flow. The guy fucking his ass was driving his cock in with all of his strength and I could almost feel the hot jets of semen filling my own bowels up. As he finished and pulled out, his rapidly softening cock was followed by a torrent of semen.

"Thanks" they both muttered as they left the sauna for the shower. The poor bottom had semen dripping from his ass and mouth but wore a huge grin as he turned around to show us his own rock hard cock. He briefly stroked it and with little fanfare came violently himself. Having sprayed his semen across the sauna to dribble down the far wall he left presumably to get himself cleaned up.

Chris hopped up on the top seat and told me to stay standing in front of him. Right there, at eye level, was his magnificent cock. Rock hard, with a large bulbous head and thick veins pulsing down its length it presented a challenge that I knew was meant for me.

"Try putting it in your mouth Sandy," Chris directed, in no particular tone of voice.

Licking my lips I tentatively kissed the cock head and was rewarded by it seeming to bulge even more. I ran my tongue over the taut head washing it in my saliva as a precursor to actually taking it in my mouth.

"I don't know if I can take all of this beautiful cock in my mouth Chris," I whispered. From where I stood it looked monstrous, but in reality was probably the 7 advertised inches.

"That's ok Sandy, take it easy, maybe you won't be able to swallow it all the first time but let's see. Start by sucking on the head," Chris replied.

I opened my lips as wide as I could and was surprised to find that his cock head slipped into my mouth easily. Maybe it was an optical illusion that made it seem so big, or the poor lighting, or my excitement. I gingerly moved my lips past the straining cap and wrapped them around his shaft -- so far so good. I tried moving the cock head in and out of my mouth to get the motion and feel of it sliding across my moist lips. Next I moved it further into my mouth and found the head lightly touching my uvula (you know that wiggling thing that hangs down the back of your throat). That's not too bad I told myself so I drove his cock further down my throat -- bad mistake. I quickly began to gag and had to pull it all the way out.

"Sorry Chris," I mumbled.

"Not a problem Sandy. Just take it slow, remember to swallow as the cock head reaches the back of your throat and breathe through your nose. That should make it easier for you to suck me." Chris coached in a soft, urging voice.

Back down this living pole I went, slowly this time, easing the cock head past my uvula and down my throat. I found that if I tilted my head back a bit it was easier as there was less friction on the back of the throat and more of the feel of swallowing a big hot dog. In just minutes I was surprised to find my nose buried in Chris' pubic hair (he kept it well trimmed I must admit.). Wow I thought, I've swallowed it all. I have 7 inches of hard cock in my mouth and down my throat. Yippee! Hmmm -- now what do I do with it I thought. A little voice in the back of my brain was saying "Suck it like a lollipop, move it in and out of your throat.", so that's what I did. Slowly, slowly I began to move Chris' cock back out of my throat only to drive it back in at varying depths and speeds. Hey, I thought to myself, I like this and I think I'm good at it.

For his part Chris sat mesmerized as his new pupil managed to take his whole cock in and was further able to begin to really suck on his hard member. I continued to suck, swallow and pull/drive this firm pleasure tool with a view to learning how to really suck cock. I felt Chris begin to tense up, begin to actually drive his cock into my waiting, wet mouth and wondered if that meant that he was getting ready to cum. A little voice was saying "Don't waste the semen Sandy, don't let him just shoot it down your throat and into your stomach. Pull the cock head out so he cums in your mouth not your throat." That little voice was prophetic because no sooner had I pulled his cock out so that just the bulbous head was in my mouth than I felt it flare and felt the first jets of semen flowing over my tongue. Jet after jet of warm, salty semen flowed from this pleasure fountain, so much that I quickly had to swallow lest I drown in semen (what a way to go though!). Chris continued to cum, more than I have in recent memory, and I was forced to swallow with bulging cheeks twice more. He finally slowed down and I was left with a manageable mouthful of his joy juice.

Pulling his cock out, so that I wouldn't actually suck it off I guess, Chris groaned, "That was fantastic Sandy, for a newbie you sure can suck cock. And I'm amazed and pleased that you actually swallowed it. You were sure doing it right. I haven't been that turned on in a while which you could probably tell by the amount of cum I produced."

I smiled at him as I swirled the last mouthful of his semen around coating my tongue, teeth and letting a little dribble onto my lips I licked them hungrily to coat them as well.

"Well, thank you Chris, I enjoyed doing it and I love the taste of your cum. I'm also amazed I was able to swallow your entire load, I've never seen someone cum as much." I murmured as I swallowed the last of this white gold.

By now we had been at the bathhouse for nearly an hour and I said that I would have to be getting back to work shortly. Chris was ok with that and suggested we go back to the shower as we needed to get cleaned up.

Chris was eager to see me satisfied so he knelt down before me and began to suck my cock. Seeing that I responded by stiffening and swelling he stood up, grabbed a handful of the gel soap and quickly lathered my cock head and his anus.

"Here, you started here, let's finish here for today Sandy," he said and in the same breath drove my cock into his tight butt. "Go ahead Sandy, fuck me, cum in me and make me yours." Chris said in a subservient, little girls voice.

That got me going and I was soon continuing with the hard fucking that I had started with and that I had so recently witnessed in the sauna.

"God Chris, I'm going to cum. You're so tight that I have to cum soon!" I nearly yelled into his ear.

He began to push back with his tight butt, driving my cock harder and deeper into his ass. I felt my sac swell then tighten as semen began its journey up my cock and into Chris' ass.

"Ungh, ungh, I'm cummmmming!" I cried as I emptied my load into his warm, tight ass.

I kept this up until I was sure there wasn't any more semen for miles around to pump out. I hugged him from behind and said, "Thank you Chris that was as good or better than any sex with my wife has ever been."

We rinsed off, went back to our room (which by the way we hadn't used at all) and changed.

As we went back downstairs to the front door I asked Chris, "Am I a top or a bottom?"

He replied, "I'm not sure yet, you haven't experienced all of the aspects to either side yet. Let's wait until you've had a chance to experience all of it before we make that call."

That was fine with me and just before we left the bathhouse I kissed him on the lips and said, "Thanks, same time next week?"

"For sure," he replied as he ran his hand across my crotch.

Stay tuned for Chapter 2 folks.

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