Topless Cheerleaders, Inc


Traci laughed. "Yeah! Let's do this."

Alison's face burst into a grin. "That's the spirit!"

Nicola's voice called out clearly. "Gentlemen, I give you... Topless Cheerleaders, Inc!"

With a whoop of joy the curtains parted and the Topless Cheerleaders made their first very public appearance.


The businessmen clapped and whistled wildly as five of the cutest little cheerleaders shimmied onto the stage. Their outfits were certainly eye-catching, and didn't fail to raise lustful guffaws from their audience.

Music began to blare from the club's PA. Arranged in a row, the girls began to dance to the beat. They started out with high-kicks, flashing their barely-covered pussies to the audience. The girls shook their pom-poms with gusto, the vigorous movements causing five gorgeous pairs of tits to bounce deliciously inside their little red vests.

Under the hot stage lights, the lipstick shimmered enticingly. As the music thumped the excited men began to stamp their feet, practically drooling over the T&A display being put on for their benefit. It started out like a raunchy cheerleading routine: lots of arm waving and high kicks, but their costumes made it clear this was not just any cheerleading squad.

On stage, Alison closed her eyes and surrendered her body to the beat. Her lithe torso gyrating sensuously in the dance she and Nicola and choreographed together. If the guys were half as horny as she was, their dicks must be fit to burst! She could feel heat flowing across her practically-bare body. Alison was beginning to sweat, her body glistening. Her nipples stiffened, poking out hard before her and she shook her tits to the rhythm.

It was the same feeling that she had that day in her aerobics class, only better this time because the situation was so sexy, so deliciously naughty. Alison and her girls were dancing for these men in hopes that they would give them enough money so they could go on dancing naked for more men.

The dance got even hotter as the girls tossed aside their pom-poms. There was nothing 'high-school' about the routine now, these babes were strippers. They fixed their audience with sultry gazes and ran their hands along their naked bodies.

From the wings, Nicola watched as her friend and their prot g s strutted their stuff. They'd come along way, all of them learning the fine art of tease. Pepper, the cute little black girl. Traci, the buxom brunette. Sleek, sexy Suki. Cherry, the blonde big-boob bimbo that everybody loved. And the CEO of Topless Cheerleaders Inc herself, Alison.

In unison, the girls slipped their thumbs under the waistbands of their thongs. Standing in that pose, they swung their hips back and forth to the music, as if fucking empty air and tempting the businessmen with the delights about to be bared for their delectation.

The music came to a head in a crashing crescendo. In a single, fluid movement, the girls ripped off their thongs revealing five very tempting bare pussies.

That was one finale that went over well. The men leapt to their feet, applauding. Nicola noticed that all of them sported a very noticeable bulge in the front of their trousers. The music faded and the house lights came on.

Grinning from ear to ear, Alison approached the front of the stage. "It is my pleasure to introduce you to the Topless Cheerleaders. First up, the blonde, big-boob bimbo your clients will just love- Cherry!"

Her jugs heaving from side to side, Cherry stepped forward and took a bow.

"Next, she's living proof that alittle goes a long way- all the way in fact- Pepper!"

Without a hint of embarrassment, the petite black girl stepped forward. She did a 360 spin to show her body off from every angle and then shook her bare ass at the men.

"She's sleek, she's sexy, this little Asian dish will do anything to make sure your party goes off with a bang- Suki!"

Suki slinked to the front of the stage. With a sultry look, she licked her finger and ran it down her bare chest and down the front of her g-string.

"This buxom brunette is doubly blessed with a fantastic pair of tits and the ability to put on a show- Traci!"

Giggling uncontrollably, Traci walked forward. She had never felt so aroused before in her life, shaking her bare tits before the lust-crazed wealthy old men.

"And finally little old me, Alison Buffy, your CEO of Topless Cheerleaders Inc, and the hostess who's willing to go that extra mile to make your product launch very special." Alison winked salaciously, leaving the businessmen in no doubt that she was prepared to use all her talents to satisfy her clients.

Still buzzing with excitement, the girls made their way off stage and down to where their prospective investors were seated.

"Well?" laughed Alison, "do you like what you see?"

Mr. Winterbourne cast a leering gaze over the girls, completely naked except for their cowboy hats and opened sequined vests. They brazenly paraded their bare bodies, proudly showing off the company 'assets'.

"Me likee very much!" cried Matthews, his eyes glued to Cherry's jutting boobs. The giggling bimbo wiggled her shoulders, causing her mammoth mammaries to sway back and forth.

"I think," announced Mr. Winterbourne, "that we should make a more hands-on assessment of Topless Cheerleaders Inc before deciding to invest."

The girls exchanged naughty glances and then, with a squeal of devilish delight, swarmed over to the elderly investors. Each of the girls selected a lap and threw a bare leg over the lucky man, making themselves very comfortable. As there were five topless cheerleaders and six investors, Nicola sashayed down and joined them, setting her bottom down on Mr. Winterbourne's lap so that she faced him.

The lecherous old devil noted with glee that as she sat down Nicola's skirt rode up practically to her waist.

"This brings back memories," said Nicola. Mr. Winterbourne's hands made a beeline for her chest and he shamelessly groped Nicola's boobs through her dress.

From all around them came laughter and giggling as each of the topless cheerleaders was given a thorough going over by a very horny businessman. Nicola glanced over to where Alison was sitting with Jake Tiller, the dignified old sports agent sucking contentedly on her nipples.

Nicola squirmed on Mr. Winterbourne's lap, feeling his stiff cock poking up against her ass. "I think junior wants to come out and play," she murmured into his ear.

"Take him out," Mr. Winterbourne replied. A tug on his zipper and a moment later his penis, red with excitement, was sticking up between Nicola's naked thighs. Her cool, delicate fingers danced along the inflamed member, and Nicola could feel it throbbing with desire.

"So..." she said, casually running the tip of her index finger over the sensitive cockhead, "are you going to invest in Alison's company?"

"God, yes!" he gasped. "It's the greatest marketing concept I've ever heard of. Whatever she wants, however much money she needs, it's all hers!"

One hand still gently massaging Mr. Winterbourne's dick, Nicola reached into his jacket pocket and plucked out his checkbook. "$10,000 should do for now," she said, "from each of you."

His hands shaking with passion, Mr. Winterbourne willingly scrawled his signature on the check. There was little doubt the other girls would have no problems getting ten grand from the others either. From all around her Nicola could hear the sounds of zippers being pulled open, accompanied by excited female cooing.

It looked like her little demo was very successful, although it was rapidly degenerating into an orgy.

Nicola accepted the check with a smile and placed it on the table. Now it was time to deal with the matter at hand.

The Aussie starlet slipped her body between Mr. Winterbourne's legs and lowered herself to the floor. Brushing aside her long, chestnut-colored hair, Nicola bent her head forward toward his dick.

Mr. Winterbourne let out a long, low groan as Nicola's tongue flicked out, slithering across his shimmering cockhead. She continued to lick his dick for a few moments longer, teasing him with a hint of the pleasures the rest of her body could provide.

The banker reached out and placed his hands on her head. Nicola allowed herself to be pulled forward, her mouth engulfing Mr. Winterbourne's dick. Her head bobbed up and down in his lap, slurping away.

This is what he missed most of all, the days when he had the delectable starlet virtually at his beck and call whenever he needed sexual relief. Nicola was an acknowledged master of the blowjob, and her skills had improved considerably since she had first arrived in LA. It was like having his todger vigorously massaged with moist velvet. As he looked down affectionately at her sucking his cock Nicola looked up him, locking her beautiful blue eyes with her own. Her lips still wrapped around his penis, the adorable Aussie threw him a cheeky grin.

Mr. Winterbourne was close to cumming now. But he didn't want to come in her mouth, he wanted to experience the delights her rippling cunt muscles had to offer. He stood up, motioning for Nicola to stand as well. She obediently unbuckled his trousers and tugged this shorts downs. The banker's cock reared out before him, a monster menacing the starlet.

Nicola crossed her arms across her chest and firmly grasped her little black cocktail dress. With a wiggle of her ass Nicola pulled it up and over her head, leaving her completely naked except for her black high-heels. She tossed the unwanted garment aside.

Mr. Winterbourne took a moment to feast his eyes on her glorious nude body. It was no wonder her acting and modeling career had taken off, even by Hollywood standards Nicola was truly gorgeous and very willing to make the most of her assets.

As the banker stared wistfully at her boobs, Nicola set to work stripping of his remaining clothes. Off came the Armani jacket, the silk tie, and the Italian shirt. Now it was Nicola's turn to leer over his naked body. Despite his age, Mr. Winterbourne had a pretty good body. But it was wealth and power that really turned Nicola on, and so was drooling with lust at the sight of the naked banker.

The starlet jumped up into Mr. Winterbourne's arms, wrapping her legs around his waist. He pulled Nicola close to him, and with a satisfied gasp from both of them, he slipped the length of his cock into Nicola's quivering quim.

They fucked in this standing position, Nicola bouncing herself off his hips in a swinging motion, her ass slapping on his thighs with every stroke. Nicola closed her eyes, reveling in the delicious sensations of pleasure that ran through her lithe body.

God, how she loved fucking! The slippery sensation of a cock slurping in and out of her drooling cunt, a hunky stud pumping away her like a jackhammer. It was hard to believe that it was only a year ago she was back home in Melbourne, a prude who never had any fun, never was a wild party girl, never loved to tease people with sexy and revealing clothes.

Mr. Winterbourne grunted with the effort of impaling the starlet on his throbbing dick. The depth of her passion always astounded him, and all this time hadn't dulled Nicola's insatiable appetite for cock. As he pressed the sweaty, naked, moaning starlet against his bare chest he could feel her juices running down his legs.

Ah, it was good to be back in the saddle!

All around them their coupling was being imitated. Groan, moans and growls of sexual pleasure emanated from the topless cheerleaders and the team of delighted investors who were celebrating their latest business venture by fucking the squealing babes.

Finally, Nicola was rewarded for her efforts by the familiar buzzing sensation building in her lower body. Her well-toned stomach muscles rippled in anticipation of the building orgasm. Mr. Winterbourne's cock bucked furiously and he came, spurting cum deep inside the slutty starlet.

Nicola threw her head back and let out a shriek of pure delight and she came too, her cunt spasming wildly.

"Now that," gasped Mr. Winterbourne breathlessly, "is what I call a business pitch."


As Nicola carried over the empty glasses, she caught sight of the reflection of her nude body in the mirror over the bar. Feeling a little naughty, she indulged in a modeling pose. Hands on hips, Nicola thrust out her bare chest and pouted at herself.

From behind her came a wolf-whistle. Nicola spun around and saw Alison, as naked as herself, admiring her from across the room.

"Nice ass, babe!" the red-hair called out.

"Takes one to know one!" replied Nicola with a giggle.

The party had moved on, with the investors and the other girls having decamped to Mr. Winterbourne's hot-tub. Nicola and Alison were left alone in the club to tidy up. Neither one of them had bothered to put any clothes back on and were sashaying around still naked.

Alison took a seat down by the stage, fingering the six checks that had been left for her. She laughed gleefully. "I can't believe we managed to pull it off!"

"Men are like that," said Nicola. "You show 'em a little T&A and they do whatever you want."

"I feel like a character out of one of your movies!"

Nicola shrugged. "They do kinda reflect what goes on in this town." Most of the cleaning up finished she went and took a seat next to her school chum. Nicola couldn't help but admire Alison's figure. Being an aerobics instructor had left her with a sleek body, muscles taut and well defined but not bulging like a bodybuilder. Alison caught Nicola eyeing her up hungrily and the Aussie starlet blushed and looked away.

"Yknow, Knickers, I really do owe you for helping get this company off the ground. If there's anything you want, you got it."

"Anything?" Nicola asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Anything," Alison replied.

Nicola looked very pleased with herself. "OK, you said anything... come and stand over here."

Obediently Alison scooted over and stood in front of Nicola. She placed her hands on her bare hips, staring down at her. "Well? What now?"

Nicola reached out and wrapped her arms around Alison's waist. She gave a squeal of delight as her pussy-loving friend pulled her close.

Nicola's hands roamed over Alison's body, admiring the stark contrast between her rich, tanned skin and Alison's lustrous white flesh. She closed her eyes and poked out her tongue, licking Alison's flat stomach.

"Oooooh Knickers, kinky," she teased.

Nicola sat back in her chair, spreading her legs wide, exposing her smoldering pussy.

"Your debt repayment starts here," said Nicola. "Have you ever done this before?"

Alison shook her head. She lowered herself to all fours and crouched down, her face inches away from the warmest part of Nicola's anatomy.

"Go on, give it a try."

Tentatively, Alison poked out her tongue, probing her friend. Nicola's gasp of satisfaction told her she was on the right track. She pushed on, more vigorous this time, another long, slurping stroke, tasting the salty tang of Nicola's drooling lust.

After a moment or two of hesitant lapping, Alison got her stride and was eating her friend with gusto. Nicola luxuriated in the tingling sensations surging through her body. She ran her fingers through Alison's curly red hair, gently urging her on.

As Nicola's hips began to buck in anticipation of orgasm, she reflected upon the future of Topless Cheerleaders Inc.

"Alison, sweetheart," she murmured to her greedily guzzling lover, "you are going to make a fortune."


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