tagIncest/TabooTori's All Grown Up

Tori's All Grown Up


Tori was her parents only child. She had just finished college and at twenty-two she was ready to get out into the business world. Her parents invited her to stay with them until she found an affordable apartment or roommates.

She arrived on Friday evening, her mother's planning commitee meeting. Her father was alone in the den when she arrived. Surrounded by work, he was never free to do anything else. She stopped by to tell him she would be in the basement working out if he needed her.

She threw on her booty shorts and a tight tank top. Her breasts were perky so a bra was an option she chose to disreguard. She didn't believe in pantys either, too restricting.

The basement had her dad's home gym and a quiet area for yoga. She preferred to lift weights over yoga any day! After doing her normal lifts, she got settled on the floor for her regular workout.

During the leg lifts, she looked up to see her father standing in the doorway. She knew from where he was standing he could see her shaved pussy. However, she didn't see the point in stopping.

Hey Tor, I'm about to head to the office, do you want to ride with me? He asked.

She agreed, then went to change.

When they met in the front hall, she was wearing a tight tank dress with heeled sandals. On the way to the car, her father dropped his paperwork. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see him sneak a peek when she bent over to help him.

In the car, she could see that he was uncomfortable. She knew her dad thought she was very sexy. She doubted he would ever react to it though, so she decided to tease him a little. She adjusted herself in the seat so that her dress slid up revealing more of her thighs.

When they pulled into the parking lot for her father's company, she made a big show of getting out and "dropping" her purse. As she bent to get it, she made sure to reveal her glistening cunt. Her father gasped and then looked away.

In the elevator on the way to his office, she backed into him. She was suprised to feel his cock pressing against her ass through his pants. She had made her daddy horny for her. She smiled a wicked smile, she had an idea.

Once inside her father's office, he went to work organizing things in his file cabinet. While his back was to her, she locked the door and moved behind his desk. While he worked, she got comfy on his desk and removed her dress.

When her father turned around moments later, his entire stack of paperwork hit the floor. Victoria, what do you think you're doing? he asked.

Laughing she said, "I got you all hot and bothered so I thought I'd help you out."

Her father's face turned red, "Young lady, get your clothes on now!"

"But daddy, I thought I was your little girl. I just wanted to make you happy, why am I in trouble?" she said as she began crying.

He hurried to her, "Oh sweetie, I didn't mean to yell. This is inappropriate, you shouldn't be naked with your father."

As he hugged her to him, she could feel his hard cock once again. She slipped her hand down to his cock and gripped it. Whispering into his ear, "Just let me help you daddy! Please!!" Before he could resist, she had his pants undone around his ankles. She jerked on his cock and kissed at his neck.

He tried to pull away, but she wasn't letting up. "Taste me Daddy, please! I want you to taste your little girl."

He thought for a moment, it wasn't sex. What could he hurt by tasting her sweet little pussy? She was naked on his desk practically demanding him to. With that, she lay back on the desk revealing her sweetness to him. She was bare, just the way he liked her. Her cunt glistened, all the teasing she had been doing had his cock bursting against his briefs.

She spread herself more, sliding one hard to her sweet spot. She rubbed her clit and asked him again, "Please Daddy, taste me."

He couldn't resist a moment longer. He buried his face in her pussy. His tongue darted across her clit. She was moaning and he was licking her faster. He slipped his tongue between her pussy lips deep into the folds of her. She tasted so damn sweet. He wasn't sure he could stop.

Her fingers slipped through his hair. Her father had his face buried in her pussy. She felt as if she were dreaming, but she knew this was the beginning of something wonderful for them both.

She bucked her hips and rubbed against his face. When he came up from between her legs, his face glistened with her cum.

"I want to return the favor Daddy," she whispered before slipping off the desk and crouching before him. She pulled his briefs down to his ankles revealing his cock. It was at attention. She wrapped her fingers around his cock, jerking it back and forth. She flicked her tongue over the head. Before he could say anything, she was deep throating him like a pro.

Each time the tip of his cock touched the back of her throat, he almost came right there. He knew he had to wait though, he didn't want this to end. However wrong it may be.

When she finished his blow job, his erection was harder than it had ever been. She locked her lips with his, darting her tongue around his mouth. She must have had practice while away at school. He was enjoying it too much to complain though.

He picked her up and pressed her to the wall. She was petite unlike her mother so he was able to hold her weight. While she jammed her tongue down his throat, he slipped his fingers inside her. She rocked on his fingers til she came a second time.

When her breathing returned to normal, he spread her lips wide and thrust his cock inside her. She moaned loudly and bounced in his arms. He had never had sex this good before. Her nipples were hard and poking out at him. He couldn't resist suckling them. As his tongue flicked over each nipple, she moaned again.

"Daddy harder!!" she screamed. "Harder, Daddy Harder! Fuck your little girl"

To fuck her harder, he had to put her down. He lay her on the desk and lifted her legs over his shoulders. He thrust deep inside her, over and over. She was screaming now, "Yes Daddy Yes!! Fuck me! Make your little girl cum!"

With that, he plunged faster into her cunt before filling her with cum.

Once they were dressed again, Tori asked him, "Daddy can you fuck me all the time?"

He couldn't tell her no, but he could punish her for being bad.............

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