tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTormented by the Babysitter Ch. 02

Tormented by the Babysitter Ch. 02


For the fourth time in 24 hours, Karen found herself gulping down a load of cum. She had blown both the boys at lunch the day before, and now she had just finished giving Tim his second blowjob since he got home last night. He had been horny as soon as he got home, and although Karen had been fully dressed when he walked in the door, the fact that she had been naked until about ten minutes before that had made her as horny as hell. She had known the only way that she could avoid cumming before Nikki returned was if she sucked Tim dry. So, as soon as the kids were in bed she had made a b-line for him in the den, and had given him a hummer of a blowjob. He had seemed surprised that Karen didn't want him to reciprocate, but he had not objected.

She hadn't slept well at all, but she had made it through the night without an orgasm. In the early morning she had been able to tell that Tim was waking up, and soon he had noticed that she wasn't sleeping . He had spooned her and she had felt his penis harden against her rear. He had reached around and cupped her breasts, making her gasp as they were still a little tender from Nikki's spanking. He had mistook that for excitement, and had begun squeezing harder, grinding his cock into her ass. She had begun to respond, and she had known if she didn't take control quickly that he would make her cum. She had whispered that there really wasn't time, and then had lowered herself down to suck his cock. Tim had been surprised, and she could tell he was wondering what was up, but he had not protested too much when she took his shaft into her mouth. He had really gotten into it, fucking her face for all it was worth, and now she smiled at him as she finished swallowing his cum.

"Wow, two in twelve hours. I'm gonna buy a lotto ticket," Tim grinned at her.

"Nothing's too good for my man."

They both laughed playfully, and joked about the blowjobs. For a brief moment Karen forgot about her predicament. Soon, they had to begin to get ready for the day. She remembered that Nikki said she had to go out tonight, so she told Tim a story about a girls' night out, and made sure that he would watch the kids that night. Having just received a blowjob, he was more than accommodating. He left early, pinching her ass as he kissed her goodbye. She jumped in the shower, and shaved her pussy clean. She could not believe how obscene being shaved made her look. She was so excited and desperate to cum that her clit was engorged and swollen larger than she could ever remember. To make it more embarrassing, without hair her lips and clit were not covered at all. She looked in the mirror and was so embarrassed at the way her lips hung down from her sex. She hoped she could make it through the day.

She dressed and went to get the kids up and ready for school. Soon she was back at home by herself, feeling incredibly horny. She wasn't going to mess up this time, so she went up to her bedroom and stripped naked. She went to her office and got online. She did not log into chat, thinking that chatting with Duke had got her into more than enough trouble already. She found herself reading dirty stories though, and before she knew it, she had to put a towel on her chair to soak up the juices that were gushing from her pussy.

A little before 10:00 the doorbell rang. She was pretty sure it had to be Nikki, so she crept downstairs and looked out the peephole. She could see Nikki and Celia standing on her front porch. She carefully stood behind her door, and opened it to let the two of them in the house.

"Nice try slut, but step out here so Celia can see you before we come in," Nikki laughed at her. Karen was horrified that the neighbors might see her, but she decided that it was best to make it happen as quickly as possible. She stepped out from behind the door, exposing her naked body. The two college girls laughed at her predicament, but thankfully, they came inside and let her shut the door.

Nikki told Karen to stand with her legs spread and her hands on top of her head. As Karen complied, Celia walked behind her and Nikki stood with her face close to Karen's.

"Let's check out your slutty pussy. Did you come without permission, bitch?" Nikki asked cruelly.

"No. No I didn't," Karen answered meekly, "I had to give Tim two blowjobs to keep him happy, but I didn't cum."

"See I told you that you could do it. You remember that this clit belongs to me now," Nikki pinched the older woman's clit and wiggled it back and forth.

"You know for an older slut, she's got a nice ass," Celia squatted down to inspect Karen's ass befor slapping it and making Karen jump Nikki's fingers stayed tight on her clit, making the frustrated housewife moan as her clit stretched and bounced.

"Fuck those cunt lips are huge! I can see them from back here. I love her tits too, did you really spank them?" Celia's hands came around and squeezed Karen's full breasts firmly and pinched the tender nipples.

"Absolutely, I have to teach the dumb cow who's boss."

"Can I spank them too?" Celia asked playfully slapping Karen's breasts, terrifying her. She really didn't like being spanked, and the punishment that Nikki had given her breasts was something she desperately wanted not to repeat.

"Sure, but we've got some stuff to do first. Okay slut, you told Duke you had a set of butt plugs. Go get them, and we'll decide which one to stick up your butt. Be sure to get some lube too, unless you want us to drive them in dry"


Karen was in shock and stood there with her mouth open. She had forgotten that she had told Duke about the set. Duke had told her to go buy them a month or so back. She wasn't even sure why she had done it It wasn't that she thought anal was that bad, it just didn't really turn her on. She had never even opened the package. She thought about trying to stop this madness now, but Celia's eagerness to spank Karen's breasts made her decide to submit.

Karen ran upstairs, her large breasts jiggling as she moved, went to her closet and found the package of butt plugs. She quickly went to her bedside table and pulled some lube from one of the drawers there. She was back downstairs within three minutes. She found the girls in the kitchen, and to her dismay they were picking cooking spoons out of her kitchen drawer, and slapping them against their hands. Karen meekly handed Nikki the plugs.

"Oooh, small, medium, and super large. You are a dirtly housewife slut aren't you?" Nikki laughed at Karen. "I'm sure this big one will easily fit into that cunt of yours, but I'm not sure which one would be best for your asshole."

"No Nikki, please. I've never even put a toy in back there..."

"But you told Duke that Tim wants to fuck your ass all the time."

"Not all the time. He wants to, but I don't like to let him."

"Awww," pouted Nikki, "poor Tim. I think you need to let him fuck your butt more often then. It's the least you could do for him after being so unfaithful." Nikki grinned evily.

"Celia, do you want to see a show? Okay bitch, climb up on this island here, and lay on your back. We want to see you stuff this plug up your ass."

Karen stared at the two college girls blankly for a few seconds, but then Nikki smacked her on the butt with a cooking spoon. It really stung, making Karen jump and rub her butt. Celia followed it with a hard smack to Karen's left nipple, and a squeal escaped Karen's mouth. Motivated now, she quickly climbed up on the counter and lay on her back. Celia handed the housewife the lube as Nikki opened the package of butt-plugs.

"You'd better start lubing that ass you dumb cow, or we'll just shove this in anyway. We'll start with the small one, but I'm thinking you'll still want lube."

Celia hit Karen's right nipple with the spoon to provide even more urgency, and Karen quickly pulled her legs up and out wide and squirted lube all around her ass and on her hand. She reached around her butt with one hand and spread her cheeks, and then reached around with the other and began probing her ass with her left hand.

"Holy shit, she is a total slut," Celia laughed, "I can't believe she's doing this."

"I told you, she's the dirtiest housewife you can imagine. She just sits around her all day thinking dirty thoughts and playing with that giant clit. She'll do anything to get off." Nikki laughed at her even harder as she pulled out the smallest plug.

"We'll let you start out small slut, but if you don't behave well today, we can always try a bigger one. So get it in."

Karen meekly took the plug. It was the smallest of the set, but it wasn't tiny. It wasn't as wide as Tim's cock, but it would not be comfortable going in. She slobbered it with lube, lifted her legs and began to work it into her ass. She grimaced a bit at the discomfort, but Nikki slapped her inner thigh with a spoon, followed quickly by another swat on a nipple by Celia. Karen let out a moan as the plug slid in.

"Well that went in easy, eh slut?" Nikki had a wide grin on her face. "Now I think you still owe Celia an orgasm from yesterday. Do you want to climb up there Celia, or do you want the slut to eat you out on the couch."

"Oh, I'll climb up," Celia grinned as she pulled off her shorts, climbed up on the counter, and knelt straddling Karen's face. "That way I can play with these beautiful big boobies." She laughed as she squeezed and mauled the frightened housewife's tits. Karen knew what to do and he started to lick the college student's furry pussy.

"Actually Nikki," Celia said shyly, "I've always had this fantasy. Do you think you could make this slut do it for me?"

"I told you, she'll do anything."

"I've read a bunch of places about, uhm, you know... getting your asshole licked. Uhhm... rimming. It's always turned me on, but no one would ever do it to me." Karen was revolted. This girl didn't expect Karen to actually lick her ass, did she? It seemed that this depraved spiral she was on would never end.

"Wow, Ceci, that's really kinky. Well there's no way I or any of the other girls are licking your ass, so I'd say this was your chance. You hear that bitch," Nikki slapped a cooking spoon onto Karen's nipple to accentuate the word "bitch"

Karen knew that it was useless to resist as Celia scooted forward to bring her anus over Karen's mouth. Karen had done lot of kinky things in her life, but this was a new depth. She slowly poked out her tongue, and touched it to the crinkled ring around the young girl's sphincter. Celia moaned and began to pull on Karen's nipples as she gyrated her hips over Karen's face. Karen kept working her tongue around the girls anus, but soon the pressure in her nipples told her that she needed to go all the way. She worked her tongue to the girl's center, and began performing analingus in earnest.

"Oh yeah," moaned Celia, "that's it you whore... lick my ass you dirty slut of a housewife. Yeah, tongue fuck my tight little butt-hole you slut. Yeah stick in there... oh yeah fuck my ass with your tongue" Celia was shouting now as Karen worked her tongue in and out of the girl's ass.

Soon Celia slid forward and Karen went back to eating her pussy. Celia would give her directions, and swat Karen's breast if Karen didn't move fast enough. Sometimes she did it just for run. Karen's nipples were getting very sore and tender, and hoped that there wouldn't be any bruises that Tim could see. She followed Celia's instructions rapidly, moving back and forth from licking the girls clit to tonguing her ass.

Thankfully, it wasn't long before Celia came, and Karen was relieved as Celia climbed off her face. The relief was short lived since Nikki quickly grabbed her clit, and used it to pull her off the counter. She led the naked housewife into the living room, where she sat down and hiked up her short skirt and pulled her panties aside. Karen didn't need her to say a word as she dropped between the girls legs and began licking for all she was worth. As Nikki gyrated her hips and pulled Karen's face hard into her pussy, Karen felt a hand on her ass, and then a strange sensation in her rectum and Celia pulled the butt plug back part way out and pushed it back in. Suddenly, Karen felt a sharp pain on her ass cheek as Celia swatted the older woman's ass with the cooking spoon. The college girl kept alternating between playing with Karen's butt plug and spanking her ass with the spoon. In spite of her torment, Karen's hand drifted down and played with her sopping pussy. She grabbed her clit between her thumb and two fingers, and rolled it back and forth.

Finally Nikki shuddered and pushed Karen's head away, letting her know that she was done for now. Celia sat next to Nikki, and Karen watched the two of them kiss as Nikki came down from her orgasm. Soon they stopped and they both looked at Karen.

"Okay slut, I think it's time for you to start filling your bottle. But first thing is we need to do is get you some sexier clothes. Go make up your face and Celia and I will get some clothes for you. Karen repeated the same performance as the day before, getting herself all made up, and when she went into the bedroom she found the girls holding the jean skirt from the day before and a T shirt.

"Let's go shopping. You can ride over naked, slut. We'll give you these when we get there."

Karen just hoped they let her sit in the back of the van.

Karen followed the two girls down into the garage and climbed into the back of the van when Nikki opened it up. The whole drive over Celia made Karen play with her large pussy lips and her clit, pinching it and rolling it between her fingers as Celia shot photos and videos. They also made her work the plug in and out of her ass a few times. They even had her grab her lips and pull them wide while Celia got a shot showing how open Karen was Karen was so turned on now that it was all she could do to stop from cumming, but she knew that she didn't dare upset Nikki. By the time they pulled into a parking spot Karen's pussy was gushing and she had left a wet spot on her seat.

Nikki tossed the two items of clothes back to Karen, and they watched her get dressed. The ridiculously short skirt went on first, followed by the T shirt. The shirt was a large one that had originally been Tim's. It wasn't very heavy cloth, so it draped closely to her body, and her nipples stood out prominently when she pulled it on. The girls had cut the collar off, and given the shirt a deep V neck that came down below Karen's breasts. She was technically dressed now, but it wouldn't take much for her to accidentally flash her boob or her kitty. She knew she'd have to walk very carefully today.

Karen tried to get out of the minivan without showing anything, but she was pretty sure that if someone had been looking they would have gotten a good view of her lips peeking out. Nikki and Celia walked on either side of her as they walked up the sidewalk, the two college students chatting and basically ignoring the older woman. Celia put her arm around Karen's shoulder, draping her hand casually over the housewife's boob. She squeezed and tweaked Karen's tender nipple as they walked, making Karen flinch when she snapped her finger across the thin fabric covering her nipple.

"We want to make sure these are standing up for everyone to see," Celia whispered in the older woman's ear.

Karen kept her eyes down as she walked, avoiding any eye contact with people they passed. She was certain that people were starting at her, this older woman dressed as a slut with a young college girl playing openly with her breasts. She was humiliated beyond measure, yet she could feel the wetness flowing from her pussy.

"Let's go in here, I think Karen needs a new bra for tonight," Nikki said as they approached a small lingerie boutique.

Karen knew of this store, but she had never been in before, her underwear purchases usually being more focused on functionality than appearance. She didn't know what to expect going in there, but since she had no underwear on at the moment, she was sure this was going to be humiliating. As if to emphasize that point, right before Nikki got to the door, she turned to face Karen, and openly pinched her nipples through the thin T-shirt, telling her that she wanted everyone to see what a slutty housewife she was. To top it off, Celia reached from behind Karen and began running a finger along the wet folds of Karen's pussy and playing with the plug in her ass. Both girls laughed lewdly at what whore Karen was to be turned on like this.

They kept it up till Karen started humping back, and then as quickly as they started, both girls stopped, laughing at Karen's frustration. The three of them walked into the store, Karen still wobbly from all the adrenaline that was pumping through her veins. They wandered around for a bit, until a pretty young woman, probably in her late 20s came up and asked if she could help them. She looked briefly at Karen, and the housewife could see a smirk creep onto the saleswoman's face as she looked at Karen's outfit.

"I think you can. We're all going out tonight, and since Karen here is obviously a bit older than us," Nikki answered with a grin, "she's looking for some sexy underwear to help her compete. Her boobs just aren't as perky as they used to be, you know?"

The saleswoman had a look of shock on her face, and Celia burst out laughing at the way Nikki talked. Karen was mortified and wanted to hide. She couldn't believe Nikki was doing this to her.

"Well," the sales clerk answered snidely, looking at Karen's barely covered breasts, "she probably shouldn't be going around braless then."

"Yeah, we told her that, we tried to get her to put something on, but she insists that she needs to dress like this if she ever wants to get laid anymore. She says it's the only way to compete with us younger girls, and that she needs to get laid and can't wait for several dates like a proper woman. I'm not even sure if she's wearing panties."

Even though Karen was completely humiliated to be talked about like this, she began to feel the familiar pulsing in her pussy, and her butt cheeks began to clench and release involuntarily. She began to worry that she might cum while she was standing there, and she was sure she could feel a trickle of lube start to work its way down her thigh.

"Well, maybe we should head back to a changing room, and I'll see if we can find her something," the clerk laughed nervously, not sure if she should believe what Nikki was saying.

They all walked back into a small room that had a sofa, bench, and mirrors on one wall. This wasn't like a changing booth in a mall, it was clearly meant that more than one person would be in here. The clerk introduced herself as Mindy and got out a tape measure saying she wanted to get Karen's measurements. Karen started to tell her, but Mindy informed them that she always liked to do the measurements herself since just because Karen thought a certain bra size fit her didn't really mean that it was really her size. Karen nodded as Mindy wrapped the tape around her bust.

"Karen, that T shirt is just going to be in the way in here. Why don't you just take it off? Mindy won't mind I'm sure, it'll make her job easier," Nikki said with a smirk.

"I don't mind, it probably will be easier," the smile on Mindy's face told Karen there might be other reasons she would want Karen topless.

Angela stepped back and all three of them stared at Karen, waiting for her. She looked at the floor meekly, and pulled the T shirt up and over her head. Celia took the shirt from her as Mindy stepped closer and took the measurements. Karen had never had anyone measure her like this before. She didn't know if it was just because her nipples were sensitive, but it seemed like Mindy made a point of brushing her fingertips or the tape across Karen's sore nipples. Karen gasped several times during the measuring, making Nikki and Celia giggle.

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