tagNonHumanTormented Ch. 03

Tormented Ch. 03


She dreamt of her mother that night, her long brown hair an exact replica of Lily's own and her dark eyes sparkled with love as she stared down at her young daughter. Her long skilled fingers plaited the small girls silken curls down her back and she pulled her onto her lap.

"Mumma, is Daddy coming back?" Her mother's eyes filled with tears and she shook her head.

"No baby, he had to go away."

"Why?" The young girls voice was confused and filled with sadness.

"Because that's how we are built baby. You'll understand when you get older then you'll know why he had to leave us."

She jerked awake with a small gasp and looked around, the she was still in the four poster bed, the room was dark and she lay on her side under the silk sheets. Ryan's muscled figure was behind her his strong arm wrapped around her waist and his lips roamed over her neck.

"Bad dream baby?" She shook her head and linked her fingers with his over her stomach.

"I was dreaming about my mum." He kissed her neck sympathetically and pulled her back tighter against his body she sighed at the familiar feeling of his strong frame. He stroked her hair and she shuddered against him, her rounded ass pressed back against his groin and she felt his erection growing against her, he smiled and she began to grind her hips backwards against him.

Flipping her onto her front he stretched out next to her and rubbed a large hand down her back, it dipped at the small of her back before running over the rounded curve of her butt, leaning down he whispered softly in her ear making her shudder.

"Don't move kid. I want to enjoy you." She nodded and placed her hands on the pillow either side of her head, moving to kneel he nudged her legs apart. Moving down the bed he ran his fingers lightly up the insides of each leg before gently nipping the backs of each ankle. She groaned, the muscles in her legs tensing and he trailed the small bites up the back on her left leg, across her backside and back down her right. He flipped her onto her back and leant over her as she gazed up at him a heated look in her dark eyes. He kissed her before pulling her to the edge of the bed so her legs hung over the side and knelt on the floor between them, he kissed the inside of each thigh and she moaned quietly in anticipation, he ran the tip of a finger down her slit before working it inside her, she moaned again, louder this time and her back arched.

"Always so wet for me Lily," he looked up her body to find her resting on her elbows watching his every move. Her cheeks her flushed from pleasure and embarrassment at his words, her hair was messy and tousled, her lips bruised from his kisses and her eyes sparkling with lust. Holding her hips down to the bed with a forearm his tongue followed the sweep of his finger down her pussy collecting the sweet moisture, she groaned and fell back on the bed one arm thrown across her face. He laughed softly took another leisurely lick before circling her clit with the tip of his tongue, he tossed both of her long legs over his shoulders and as he continued his torture on her sensitive nub he slowly worked a finger into her. Slowly curling his finger up her hit the sensitive bundle of nerves inside her and she jerked groaning loudly, the arm that still rested across her hips pushed her further into the mattress and he began to work his tongue faster. Adding a second finger he worked them faster inside her, her fingers curled into the sheets and he heard the materiel rip under her strong grip.

She cried out slightly as the pleasure began to build from her core and her back arched. Her muscles bunched and relaxed as she tried to thrust her hips against him, he had always been stronger than her and his arm kept her searching hips still on the bed.

"Ryan please. I want to cum." Her head tossed back and forth as his tongue pressed harder against her clit and she shuddered as her orgasm built.


Finally he gave in and allowed her what she wanted, curling both his fingers up her put exquisite pleasure against the sweet spot inside her and a husky cry ripped from her throat as she came. Her whole body trembled as he continued his assault on her pussy with his talented tongue and fingers and she thrashed on the bed as her pleasure built even higher and her eyes slammed shut.

"Again, Lily. Let me feel you again." A series of harsh exclamations escaped her lips as his tongue went back it its work on her clit and her trembling increased violently. Her second orgasm seemed to ripped through her whole body and tensed like marble going completely still. He still didn't remove his tongue still moving against her almost aggressively as his fingers worked harder and faster in and out of her.

"Ryan!" He looked up and grinned.

"One more time baby. I want to taste you one more time." The returning to the job at hand he bit down on her clit and she screamed her voice breaking with pleasure before collapsing back onto the bed. He stood and stared down at her gorgeous form on the bed, her slim waist that flared perfectly to her rounded hips and ass, firm breasts at least a c-cup, long limbs and perfect skin. With a growl he lifted her into his arms and with her last bit of strength she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Holding her to him with one arm he reached down and positioned the head of his thick cock at her opening, lowering her slowly he buried his length in her heat and groaned against her ear, holding her ass in both hands he lifted her slightly before letting her fall back onto his cock, she gasped and her eyes flew open and his grin turned feral. Her eyes were glowing red, her top lip curled into a snarl and he panted as he watched her canines elongate into small curved fangs. He kissed her and ran his tongue over the sharp points of her new fangs and shuddered in arousal, he gave himself over to the darkness inside him and felt his own fangs resting on his lower lip and began thrusting into her faster, her nails dug into his back and he felt the blood running from the deep gauges left there as her nails grew to sharp points.

His hips worked faster and she cried out, he wrapped her hair in a fist and pulled harshly yanking her head back and baring her throat, he bit the juncture of her neck and shoulder and she exploded around his her legs tightening their hold around him and she cried out, he thrust into her three more times before cumming on a wild growl, his hand curled into her hip and he felt the bone shatter under his strong grip. She cried out again and her head fell forward onto his shoulder, her grip on his back relaxed and they waited catching their breath as her bone knitted back together and gingerly she rotated her hips testing their movement.

He growled softly and nipped her shoulder. "Don't tempt me baby, you're not ready to go again." When she lifted her head her eyes were back to their warm brown and her teeth had shrunk back to their perfect pearly white.

He gently lay her back on the bed and brushed her hair off her forehead before kissing her softly, laying next to her he stretched out and pulled her against his chest, she nestled against him and sighed.

"Go to sleep baby."

"I don't want to dream anymore."

"I'm here. It's going to be alright." He kissed her hair and listened as her breath evened out and she fell asleep. He stayed awake until the sun began to rise before his tiredness took over and he too drifted off to sleep.


He woke late the next day to the delicious smell of bacon and something sweet coming from the kitchen, sitting up he pulled a pair of jeans from the chest of drawers and dressed quickly. Walking through the apartment he felt an unfamiliar rush of happiness as he saw her stood at the stove, she wore his white shirt from the night before and when she reached up to get two plates from the cupboard he found she wore nothing underneath. She bent at the waist to put them onto the warming of the oven and he growled at the sight of the rounded butt and her soft pink pussy peeking from between her legs. She turned at the feral sound and her eyes heated.

"Morning baby." His voice was low as he tried to keep his lust in check and her cheeks coloured as she remembered the night before. Her dark eyes roamed over his exposed chest, his jeans hung from his hips and she bit her lip when she realised he hadn't put underwear on.

"Good morning. I made breakfast." She motioned him to sit at the breakfast bar and served him bacon, eggs, sausages and a stack of pancakes, pouring him a cup of coffee she sat opposite him and watched as he began to eat.

"I forgot how well you could cook." He had a drop of syrup on the corner of his mouth and she leant across the table and licked it away with a flick of her tongue. His eyes flashed and he reached across for her, she danced out of his reach and continued to eat her breakfast.

"Ryan look." She hung her head and refused to look at him. "Last night was amazing and I never wanted it to end, but I have to go. I can't stay it's too dangerous." He was completely silent, when she finally looked back up at him his eyes were furious and his fists were balled on the surface of the breakfast bar.

"No." His voice was a feral growl and she shrank away from him. "No you cannot do this to me again Lily, I. Will. Not. Let. You." Her fear was replaced with an anger of her own and she glared back at him.

"You won't let me? What the hell gives you the right to tell me what I can and can't do?" He stood and took a step around the table towards her, she countered his step keeping the distance between them.

"Lily, you are mine and there's no chance in hell that I am letting you go again."

"Hah, no chance in hell? Even hell couldn't stop me from leaving before and you have no fucking say in what I do now!"

"Don't start this fight little girl."

Her eyes narrowed and she growled softly. "Who the fuck are you to tell me what to do?!"

"I'm stronger than you."

"I'm faster." In a fraction of a second he was stood beside her his hand curled around her upper arm.

"Only by a bit."

She smiled nastily and looked at him through her long lashes. "Guess what baby," she reached on tiptoes to breath into his ear. "I'm stronger than I look." Bringing her fist back she connected with his chin and he fell back into the refrigerator, she vaulted the breakfast bar and dashed towards the large wooden front doors, before she could even leave the kitchen something heavy struck the back of her head and she stumbled falling to the ground. Turning she saw the shattered remains of a stool that had previously stood at the table where they had just shared breakfast, he was grinning at her from where he stood and cracked his knuckles.

"Game on baby." She let out an unholy scream and flew across the room, he caught her as she came through the air and swung her round slamming her in the metal front of the fridge, she snarled and while he still held her kicked out with both feet catching him in the stomach and sending him flying over the breakfast bar. Leaping onto the marble surface she crouched low, he had recovered quicker than she thought and grabbed her ankle, clenching his fist he felt the bone snap like a twig and she cursed loudly. Bringing her fist down hard on his elbow she smiled in satisfaction as she felt the bone break and she stumbled from the table, crawling towards the bedroom she felt her ankle heel and pushed herself back to her feet, wrapping both hands around one of the posts of the bed and pulled, it came away from the frame easily and she turned just as appeared in the doorway, she held the post like a baseball bat and swung it at him. He ducked and continued towards her, she swung at him again and with a thunderous growl he grabbed the other end and yanked it sharply pulling her towards him, she stumbled against his chest and he turned her so her back was against his chest, he took both her wrists in one large hand behind her back while the other arm wrapped around her waist lifting her from the floor. She kicked violently at him and let out another unearthly scream of anger.

"Put me down you fucker. You can't control what I do." He said nothing only held her tightly to him waiting for her to tire herself out, when she continued to fight he pushed her roughly onto the bed, he feet were still on the floor and she was bent at the waist her chest resting on the mattress, pushing his shirt over her backside he brought his palm down hard against her skin and she groaned in pain. He brought his hand down in another blistering smack and she jerked against the bed. She moaned softly and he smiled. He had her. Smoothing his hand over her skin he dipped down and gently worked a finger into her tight pussy with a groan.

"Even after all that. You're still wet for me."

She dropped her head forward so her hair covered her cheeks, that were flushed in embarrassment, and tried one more half-hearted struggle to free herself. Leaning down he put his mouth a fraction away from her ear and spoke in a breathy voice.

"Told you I was stronger."

"If it was a fair chase I could outrun you easy." Her voice was sulky, biting down gently on her earlobe he felt her shudder, she tossed her head back and her hair fell over his shoulder and down his bare back.

"You're an asshole."

"And you're perfect." His hand still held her wrists behind her back and he tugged slightly making her back arch and pressing her breasts into the mattress. "Perfect and mine."

"You don't own me Ryan." He brought his hand down on her butt again and she jumped biting back a cry of pain.

"No I don't, but I love you and can't stand to live without you." She relaxed and he let go of her wrists, pushing herself up she turned and studied him.

"I love you too Ryan. You know I do and I always will. I'm your m-" she stopped halfway through her thought and shook her head. His eyes widened as he realised what she had been about to say and he reached out to her but she took a step back.

"No, it's my turn." She reached out and with quick, dainty fingers undid the button and fly on his jeans and pushed them down his legs, he stepped out of them and kicked them to one side, she pressed herself against his naked form, kissing him softly she trailed her lips down his neck, over his chest, down his stomach until she reached his hard length. She grinned and flicked her tongue gently over of the tip and he groaned, she took him into her warm mouth and he groaned louder and pushed himself down her throat, he reached down and threaded his strong fingers through her hair, she bobbed up and down on his impressive length. His hand tightened in her hair and she moaned slightly at the sharp pain in her head, the vibrations sent waves of pleasure through him and he growled low in his throat. She felt a rush of pride at his reaction to her and moaned again revelling in his response. His muscles began to tense and he pulled her to her feet and plundered her mouth with his tongue, lifting her he placed her on the bed and stood between her legs. Stroking his hard cock he positioned himself at the entrance of her pussy and she groaned pushing her hips towards him, encouraging him to take her. Slowly he pushed the first couple of inches inside her feeling her tight heat envelope the head of his cock, pulling back he almost left her completely before sliding back in another couple of inches. He continued this slow torture until he was buried inside her and stilled for a moment. She was panting, her hand clutching the sheets behind her head and her eyes closed.

"Open your eyes. I want to see you." He waited until her dark eyes fluttered open once more before slowly pulling out of her until only the tip of his cock remained in her, with a quick thrust of his hips he slammed back into her and she cried out. With fire in her eyes she pushed herself off the bed and sent them both flying onto the floor, his cock never once left her body and she landed on top of him, with a feral grin on her face she leant down so their chests were flush together and licked his neck. Raising her hips as high as she could she let him slip out of her until once again only the head of his cock was inside her then massaging gently she lowered herself back down onto him.

"Fuck, Lily."

"No Ryan, you had your turn last night. Now it's my go." She took his hands and held them to the floor either side of his head, pushing her arms straight she began to rock her hips against him, the resulting friction against her sensitive clitoris made her eyes slam shut again. He watched as her pleasure built and built and finally she came undone her back arching and her mouth hanging open.

He moved his hands down to her hips and held her slightly off him then his mind blank to anything but his own release he thrust upwards violently dragging her with him to a shared orgasm. She slumped forward and fell onto his chest her breathing ragged and her cheeks flushed.

"Ryan you are an ass."

"Maybe but if you really wanted to leave you would have put up more of a fight."

She let out a small husky laugh and lazily kissed his shoulder. "You know I can't resist you."

They lay in silence for a few minutes and when he spoke again his voice was nervous. "I have a proposal for you." She made a small noise for him to continue and he lightly ran a hand up and down her back still covered in his white shirt. "Stay with me," she started to protest but he silenced her with a quick slap to her exposed ass. "Hush and listen you infuriating being. Stay with me for a week, just a week and let me show you what life with me would be like. If at the end of the week you still feel the same about this," he gestured to their two bodies, "then you can walk away and I promise I will do nothing to stop you."

She bit her lip as she contemplated what he had said. "Please Lily. One week that's all I'm asking for. One week where us being together isn't killing us, one week where we are no different than anyone else. One week where I can show you how much I love you."

A tear ran down her cheek at his heartfelt plea and after a quick thought she nodded. "Ok. One week, but if at the end I have to leave to keep you safe, you'll understand? You won't try to stop me?"

"I'll even pack your bag for you, but you'll try it."

"I'd try anything for you." She looked into his eyes and saw the love there, the lump in her throat made it painful to swallow and she kissed him lingeringly. "I love you baby."

"I love you too," with a boyish grin on his handsome face he leapt to his feet keeping her against his chest. "Come on kid, we'll go pack you a bag. Then when we get back we'll tidy this up."

He motioned to the destroyed room, she giggled and kissed his neck. Desire ran through him once again and he stared at her his eyes bright with lust.

"But first." Dropping her on the bed he slipped the shirt from her shoulders and laid between her legs. "I'm going to show you what your week will consist of." His hips did a complicated roll against her and she moaned quietly.

"You're not going to make this easy on me are you?"

He shook his head and leant down and took a nipple into his warm mouth. "No, I'm going to make it very hard." He waggled his eyebrows suggestively and she giggled at his poor pun.

"Oh god what the hell have I gotten myself in for?"

"A very enjoyable few days baby, I guarantee."

And with that he dove on her and set about showing her exactly what he had planned for her for the next week.

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