tagNonHumanTormented Ch. 06

Tormented Ch. 06


This chapter contains scenes of non-consensual sex. Please if this is something that causes great offense to you do not continue reading this chapter.


She awoke slowly, her entire body was gripped with a searing agony and a tiny moan escaped her. She forced her eyes to focus and looked around the room for her mate. She was in an unfamiliar stone room, the ground was cold and damp against her bare legs where her dress had ridden up her thighs, her wrists felt as if they were on fire and they was an aching hole in her chest. Looking down she saw long coils of thick gold chain attached to the wall, they in turn were anchored to thick cuffs around her wrists and ankles allowing her to move about the room but not to reach the door. She laughed softly and wrapping a hand around the cuff on her left wrist she attempted to rip it free, the pain intensified the minute her fingers touched the cold metal, she could not free the cuff and for the first time in her long life she felt weak. She felt helpless.

She took a moment to look around the large room. It was made entirely of grey stone, no windows and one door made from metal. If she could reach it she was sure she could easily rip through the metal. Standing on shaky legs she tried to take a step towards the door but the pain increased throughout her whole body and she collapsed back to her knees her head hanging.

She did not know how long she sat there in silence fighting back tears and praying to Lucifer that Ryan would appear. When the door finally opened her head whipped up an expectant smile on her face. The dark haired man that entered sent a sinking feeling through her.

"You knew my name." his bright blue eyes shone brightly as he stared down at her small form on the ground before him, he shut the door and leant against it with his arms folded.

"And yet you did not recognise me."

"You're an Angel?" She laughed again quietly and smirked. "An Angel brought me Chinese food. Bit of a step down from serving the One that is Good and True isn't it?" She looked back at the floor angry with herself for not realising what he was the minute she laid eyes on him. "You called yourself Aiden, what's your true name?"

"I'm rather sad you don't remember me Lilith," her eyes snapped back to his at the use of her true name. "The two of us used to be quite good friends I recall."

Tears filled her dark eyes. "Abdiel? Is it really you?" He nodded. "Then you knew me and Ryan were together? You were my friend and you didn't warn me that the Angels were coming?"

He looked almost sad as he watched her mind turn and finally she understood. "You told them. You told the Angels where we were and they took me. Then Ryan must already be dead." Her pretty face showed the exact moment that her heart ripped in two and her next words were screamed in a broken voice. "Why didn't you help me?!" She leapt to her feet and ran at him, he didn't move his face remaining impassive, the chains stopped her less than a foot from him and she grunted as her arms were wrenched back. "What did we ever do to you?" A tear fell and rolled down her soft cheek as she remembered the loss of her mate. "What did Ryan ever do to you?"

He grinned and wrapped her fingers round her delicate throat, her breathing became laboured and her eyes grew wide with panic as she realised her weakness was growing.

"What did he ever do to me?" he tightened his grip and pulled her face closer pulling on her restraints making her gasp in pain, he leant down to her small figure and spoke softly into her ear. "He stole my mate from me. And now I intend to see him suffer the same fate."

He threw her from him, she slammed into the wall her head hitting hard on the stone and she groaned in pain, she watched him leave through heavy eyes and at the sound of the slamming door she collapsed back against the stone and let the blackness take her


"Ryan, where the fuck have you been?" The elf stared at her friend with worry etched on her pretty face. It had been a week since Lily had been taken and he had neither slept not eaten since then, instead spending all of his time either out looking or pouring over the maps of the Angels trying to find some trace of where she might have been taken.

He said nothing only looked at her with exhaustion and grief in his eyes. She took his hand and gently kissed his knuckles.

"Ryan please, rest. Aaron is still out there looking for her but while you are like this, he cannot concentrate on finding her as he is worrying about you."

He snatched his hand back. "You don't understand what this is like. When your mate dies it is like Hell, not knowing what has happened to her is like being thrown to its fucking depths." A tear rolled down her cheek and she nodded. Turning she left and he heard the front door close softly, he slumped on the sofa and his head dropped into his hands.

As the doors to the lift slid open in the lobby of his building Lucy was greeted by the haggard face of Aaron, he was almost shaking with tiredness and his eyes were glazed. She hugged his to her tightly and kissed his cheek.

"Any luck?" He shook his head against her shoulder and tightened his hold around her waist, the sweet scent of her red hair soothed him and he felt himself relax for the first time in a week.

"Nothing, I've checked every place on my Master's maps and nothing. I don't know where they've taken her and I don't know what I can do."

"Shh, it's ok. We will find her, the Angels hold some power but they know nothing of the old magic of my people." Aaron stepped back and looked at the young elf, her eyes had taken on an unearthly glow and a small smile curved her lips.

"You can find her."

"I have been trying but I didn't want to give Ryan false hope until I was sure."

Aaron tensed for a second then relaxed with a sigh. "He's asleep." Lucy took his hand and lead him from the building.

"Then you must sleep too, come on. You can stay with me, it will be helpful to have you in my work." He allowed her bundle him into her small car and as she pulled away from the curb he too slept.


She dreamt of her childhood, although on opposite sides of the divide she and Abdiel had been friends. They had lived a happy life until his sixteenth birthday when he was called into the Holy Guard, charged with hunting and killing the Demons that had found their mates.

"Do you know what happens to Demons when they find their mates?" His young face had been serious the day he had left, as he held her face in his hands.

"We are hunted by the Angels, when they find us we are killed and sent to Hell to be punished as Lucifer was."

"And what do you know of the Angels?"

"When they find their mates they ascend to Heaven to be with the One who is Good and True, they become immortal."

He kissed her softly and stroked her hair back from her face. "You are soon sixteen, soon you will find your mate. Promise me you will be careful."

She brought her hands up to hold his wrists then with tears in her dark eyes she whispered her response. "When I find my mate, promise me you will be merciful."

"Wake up." A sharp slap across her cheek jerked her from her sleep and she moaned softly at the pain. Abdiel stood in front of her a hunk of bread and a cup of water in one hand, everyday water was pushed through the door and twice there had been bread. This was the first time she had seen anyone in what felt like weeks. She tried to reach out and take the food but her hands sopped less than a foot from the wall, her hands were now chained above her head on much shorter chains and she whimpered at the pain pulling on them caused her.

"Don't try and move." He crouched in front of her and held the cup to her lips, she drank enjoying the cool water on her chapped lips and dry throat, he took the cup away and she followed mewling like a kitten wanting more. Instead he put the bread in front of her lips and watched as she ate from his hand hungrily.

"Slow down or you'll be sick."

"Like you give a fuck about me." He dropped the bread to the floor and took her face in his hands.

"I have always cared about you Lilith," she yanked her head away and he sighed. Whistling he stood as the door opened again, two more dark haired men entered the room both with glowing golden eyes like Aaron's. "Have her ready and then bring her too me." Her eyes widened as she stared up at him in fear.

"Abdiel please." He said nothing walking from the room in silence, the two men advanced on her, their faces expressionless. "Please don't." One removed the chains attached to the shackles but left the cuffs in place then holding her hands behind her back pushed her forward, the other took a knife from the waist band of his trousers, methodically he cut her out of her dress and bra leaving her naked. Roughly they pushed her from the room and down a stone hallway. The walls were lit with candles and the cold struck her making her shivered and her small pink nipples harden into points. She was shoved roughly through into a large room and the heavy wooden door closed behind her. Abdiel stood at the foot of a large four poster bed his arms folded. She looked at the floor her hair falling forwards to hide her face as she fought tears.

"Gold, a very simple way to make sure you do not cause trouble while you are here, do you know what gold does to a Demon Lilith?" She remained silent still not looking at him. "When you are wearing gold you are as close to mortal as you will ever be, you will age, you will starve, you will feel pain and you will not heal. It is the only time anything other than an Angel could cause you harm."

He moved to stand in front of her and tilted her face to look at him.

"Wow you have grown Lilith."

"Don't call me that." Her voice was filled with venom and her teeth were gritted. "What did we ever do to deserve this? If Ryan killed your mate then go ahead and get it over with don't leave me to rot here."

"Who said your precious Raim killed my mate, all I said was he took her from me. She was just as willing in the betrayal."

"You are not allowed to call him that."

"It is his true name though, isn't it?"

"He has done nothing to you, he is my mate and I am his. There has never been another. Your mate would have been an Angel, why would Ryan go near one?"

"It is possible for a Demon to find a mate in an Angel."

She shook her head. "That's not possible." Her anger began to rise again and she took a step towards him. "Now let me go or kill me, don't keep me here as your personal revenge against someone who has done nothing to you."

Quicker than she could follow he was in front of her pushing her backwards until she hit the wood of the door, holding her hands above her head he pressed himself against her naked body, she struggled and kicked out against him, he growled as her foot connected with his thigh, although weak she was still stronger than any human and her kick bruised him instantly. Raising his hand he slapped her face hard and she bit her lip to stop from making a sound. He struck her again across the other cheek and once more she fought to keep from crying out, wrapping his hand around her throat he squeezed feeling her fragile pulse under his fingers, his other hand released her wrists and moved down her body, stopping at her breasts to violently pinch her small nipples. A weak groan escaped her as her vision blurred and she began to slump against the door, letting go of her throat he tapped her face until she focused on him again the without warning he pushed a finger inside of her and she cried out at the intense burning pain in her stomach.

He pulled at the button of his jeans and kicked them away along with his underwear, pulling his t-shirt over his head he took hold of her waist and slammed into her making her scream in pain.

"Abdiel please, don't do this." Tears ran down her cheeks as she began to struggle against him, her fists beat against his chest but he didn't seem to feel it. He lifted her by her thighs wrapping them around his waist. "Please stop, you're hurting me."

"Now you know a fraction of how I felt," he moved from the door and threw her on the bed, crawling on top of her he pushed back into her tight pussy and she screamed again at the agonising pain, she pushed desperately at his chest, sobbing.

"Please stop it hurts."

He held himself above her on his muscled arms and stared into her face contorted in pain. "No my little Demon, you hurt me and now it's my turn."

His thrusts grew faster and deeper and she screamed again in agony, finally he held himself still inside her and jetted into her ravaged pussy. She cried out again at the burning sensation, he rolled off her and sat on the edge of the bed. She curled herself into a ball clutching her stomach and crying quietly. He pulled his jeans back on and opened the door.

"You can take her back now." She shrank away from the hands that reached for her terrified of anymore pain. She was grabbed roughly and pulled to her feet and she whimpered at the pain that once again shot through her, as she was dragged through the door she caught sight of Abdiel's face, he was smiling nastily at her and she shuddered. "Until tomorrow my little Demon."

Summoning what was left of her strength she snarled back at him. "I will never be yours." She was dragged back through the corridors, one man opened the door to her prison while the other keep her upright as her legs still refused to hold her weight, she was thrown against the wall, her hands were held either side of her head as the shackles were reattached to the chains anchored to the wall. She hung her head and prayed that the two men would leave her alone.

"Did you see, the fucking Demon slag didn't even have underwear on?"

"What else do you expect from her kind, they only know eating, drinking, fucking and shitting." They laughed and she raised her head, her face was streaked with tears and her hair was matted around her face.

"I wonder if you would be so brave to say that if I weren't in these chains Follower?"

The taller of the two stepped forward and knelt in front of her. "An Angel made us, we are more powerful than any fucking Demon cunt, chains or none."

She darted forward her teeth sinking into his neck and he cried out, he lashed out at her head and shoulders trying to free her grip. The second leapt forward and ripped the other from her jaws, she smiled her lips and chin stained with dark red blood.

"Next time you insult my kind remember what you are and remember what I could do to you." The first, still clutching his bleeding neck, kicked out violently catching her in the stomach, an almost unbearable pain ran through her but she did not allow a sound to escape her, the second joined in on the beating and she curled herself into a ball as best she could trying to protect her already broken body.

After what seemed like hours they stopped, the taller spat on her naked body before leaving, the second stayed for a second looking down at her before he too left. Only when the door had slammed shut and she heard the locks thud into place did she allow the tears to come. The wrenching sobs only proved to make the pain worse and she took deep breaths trying to calm herself. Unbidden thoughts of Ryan entered her mind and she howled loudly.

The next day was the same, the two Followers came and undid her shackles yet left the gold cuffs around her wrists, she was taken through the corridors and into the bedroom, it was lit by a roaring fire and for a second she relaxed, her eyes closed, feeling the warmth seep into her cold, aching muscles.

A large hand smoothed across her stomach and she flinched at what was about to come, instead of violence the hand was gently, caressing her skin gently he stood behind her and gently kissed her shoulder.

"How are we feeling today my little Demon?"

She stayed looking at the floor. "I told you, I am not yours."

"In time you will be," he hand slid lower and she tensed.

"Please Abdiel, please don't hurt me again."

His hand didn't stop moving and slowly he circled her clit with one finger, she relaxed slightly when she felt no additional pain but still didn't raise her head.

"Why are you doing this Abdiel? Why did you take me from him."

"I would have thought you knew this story." His voice was hushed against her ear and she shivered uncomfortably at the sensations it sent through her.

"I know the story, I just don't know the version that says this is justice." Her teeth were gritted and she balled her hands into fists.

"Then I shall tell you the story," he stayed behind her one finger still rubbing the small nub of flesh, while the other smoothed over her breasts brushing lightly over her erect nipples. "Our God had a wife, one who he loved very much and she him. Ana. Lucifer, your so called God, seduced her with darkness and stole her from the One that is Good and True against her wishes. When our Master found out he broke the spell that was on Ana and banished Lucifer to Hell where he would suffer for eternity never knowing the love of a mate." He kissed her neck gently. "That is why Demons are forced to choose between their life and their mate. As punishment for what he did."

She laughed and jerked herself out of his arms, she looked him up and down taking in his bare chest and the jeans that hung low on his hips. "Is that the fairytale your God told you?"

"It is the truth."

"No, that is what you ancestors would have you believe. In truth there was another, before Ana. I believe you are familiar with the name." She looked up at him her dark eyes glowing in her pale face. "Lilith, I was named for her and she was your Master's first love." His eyes widened and he took a threatening step towards her. She did not cower away from him instead stood a little straighter and tilted her chin in defiance. "She however loved another, the one you call Devil. When your God found out about their love he gave Lilith a choice, stay in Heaven with him and live forever by his side or choose her love and lose her life for it. She chose Lucifer. She would rather die with him knowing she loved him than live forever knowing she had broken her loves heart. That is why we are killed when we meet our mates, we choose death and die knowing that we have been loved truly."

He gripped her neck and pulled her upwards until their faces were inches apart, he toes barely touched the floor and she struggled to breath but she kept her arms where they were, refusing to show weakness to him.

"You lie, that is a story told to Demon children."

"Then why get so defensive?"

He growled and threw her against the bed, bending her over he pushed her chest down onto the mattress then he the ripped his jeans from his body and thrust violently into her, she bit her lips to keep from screaming but a whimper escaped. He placed one hand on her back keeping her against the mattress while the other grasped her hip as he began to move quickly in and out of her. She didn't know what hurt more when the thrust in or pulled out and all she could do was count the seconds until it was over. He grunted each time his hips hit against her rounded ass and she gripped the sheets biting the fabric to hide her agonised shouts. His hips sped up and she couldn't contain her pained scream as she felt his hot cum burning her insides.

He stepped back and she slid to the floor clutching her stomach, curling into a ball she leant back against the bed and stared up at him.

"Ryan will find me, you won't get away with this."

"No my little Demon, the only way he could find you would be through the bond you share as mates, whilst you are mortal that bond is gone. He has no idea where you are and no way to find you."

She hung her head in despair. "Why are you doing this to me?" Her voice was hoarse from screaming and her whole body trembled in pain.

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