tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTotal Control of Her Man

Total Control of Her Man


Mary was bored. How could an active young woman spent so much time inside without going a little crazy? A fiercely independent and spirited woman locked away in solitude because of life's circumstance.

Her breath steamed out of her mouth as she stepped out of her front door, it really was that cold and when would it ever stop being so cold! She was about to walk over to see her uncle in the next village when she caught a glimpse of what looked like something lying on the ground in her yard. That's funny she thought, that thing wasn't there when I looked out of my window 15 minutes ago.

She wandered over to have a look at what lay on her ground. What she saw lying there really shocked her. Lying on the ground in her front yard was a very gorgeous man about her age with lovely wavy black hair. Well apart from noticing his hair she also observed that he looked like he'd been beaten up quite badly.

Carefully, Mary looked more closely at him, he definitely was out to it, and in this weather he was going to suffer hypothermia if he wasn't taken into a warmer place very soon. Mary wondered about the circumstance of a man being in her front yard; perhaps this was some form of con and when she went near him he could grab her.

Still, she reasoned, if she didn't do something he would die. Slowly she moved closer to him. Then standing behind his back, so he couldn't grab her, she used her right foot to prod him gently in his ribs; to see if she'd get a response to her stimulation. Life had taught her to be overly cautious.

The man did not move at all; no matter how many times she prodded him with her foot. What should she do? If she didn't do something he was going to die outside in this weather. So, as much as she hated to take such a risk, she thought she had better drag him back inside her house and get him warm.

She lifted his arms. The flesh on his arms was so soft and his muscles well formed. Strange feelings started inside Mary as she felt the hair on his arms; it was as soft and fine as a merino fleece. Tempting fate, she ran her hands over his arms to feel the warmth of his flesh. Mary knew she was getting way too distracted by his attractive body.

She thought to herself, I'd better get him inside before he catches a cold or worse still. He was heavier than she expected as she dragged him inside. Cutting wood most days for her fire meant that Mary was strong and capable of doing most physical tasks she needed to around her property.

It took her some time to get him into her house and in front of the fire, where she knew the warmth of the fire would slowly warm his body. As she looked down at him she could see the flames from her open fire had created beautiful shadows across his face. Dancing shadows were inside her mind too, much as she tried she couldn't help herself, she stared at him. Mary really loved watching those shadow flames dance across his beautiful face.

She leant over and gently touched his face; she told herself it was to see how warm he was. It was obvious, and she could feel, there was a stubble of about 3 days growth on this face. It tickled her palm as she ran her hand over his face. He was a good looking man, she reflected on how much she like how he looked, and he felt so good to touch too. She continued to run her fingers over his neck and up though his wavy think jet black hair.

It was a long time since she had a man alone in her house with her. Mary reflected that she had never actually had a man lying next to her open fire. Now she was seeing him lying there, it made her feel like she had been missing something. Strange as it seemed, even an unconscious man in her house gave her house a more homely feel to it. All thoughts of visiting her uncle had now evaporated from her mind, and she was mesmerised by the man lying by her fire.

Her dog barking outside in her backyard flung her mind back into her physical world. She went to the back door and looked out through the glass door; as usual there was nothing there and her dog would be barking at shadows again. Mary then considered what she should do next.

I should check that there isn't anything seriously wrong with him she thought to herself, and there was only one way to do that obviously; I had better remove all his clothes to see whether anything is bruised or broken she decided. She slowly opened the buttons on his shirt. It revealed his hairy chest, and his very large nipples which were covered by the hair on his chest.

Oh, she had never seen such large nipples on a man, certainly not a man with a lush growth of dark hair on his chest. Those nipples were a deep pinkie purple colour. So inviting to touch it was really hard to resist the temptation; no she shouldn't touch should she? Well he was unconscious after all wasn't he, and he wouldn't know what she'd done, she reasoned with herself. It wasn't like she was hurting him, was it, so it would be fine she decided.

She restrained herself from just touching him unreservedly. The urge to touch was hard to ignore but she carefully opened the front of his shirt completely. Oh wow, what a sight she thought, she could see that his whole torso was covered in a magnificent coat of fine dark hair that was thicker on his chest and around his nipples. It was just so beautifully masculine and sexy.

She gently rolled him over onto his front so that she could remove his shirt from his back. As it came off she could see that his back was covered in a beautiful fleece of dark wavy hair too. The temptation was engrossing and she just couldn't resist any longer so she ran her hands over his back. As her hand connected with his body she could feel the soft merino fleece of hair on his back sliding across the palm of her hand. So soft to touch, she let her fingers slide through opening up the fleece, as she combed it with her hands.

Her fingers tingled as she felt the flesh on his back and combine to be touching her flesh, the sensation filling her mind with a lustful longing that she had not experienced in a long time. She felt her body responding, a glowing sensation of heat spread within her, she welcomed the sensation of burning passion and desire that was created in her; as she felt her cheeks burning.

Concerned that he might be injured in the lower part of his body, she steeled herself for slowly removing the rest of his clothing. She decides to remove his pants and underwear; oh so carefully. Mary was wary not to touch too much (for her own sake), so she carefully opened the top of his pants and then pulled down the zipper on his pants.

Never before had Mary felt so able to do whatever she wanted with a man. His underpants were in view, she had exposed them to the world, and she observed that there was the slight natural bulge at the front of his underwear.

Licking her lips she pulled his pants down over his legs and off his body completely. Her pulse was a little fast and she could feel herself slowly losing control of the situation.

Then she noticed that his legs were both badly bruised. To ensure he didn't have any injuries around his groin she grasped his underpants and pulled them down, she was careful to lift the fabric over the bulge so that it did not catch and pull at his cock and hairy balls.

Now he was completely naked and lying in front of her open fire with only her as his protector. She moved closer to him. He wasn't obviously badly injured or bleeding. Mary wondered about how long he had been lying outside in the cold. He did feel cold!

Suppose he was still unconscious because he was too cold? Shouldn't she cuddle up to him to make sure he was warmed up by her body? She had heard that the best way to warm another person was to be naked and to hold them close to you with your skin on their skin.

She enthusiastically removed all her clothes. It didn't take too long for Mary to get naked. It was surprisingly quick; she hadn't been so enthusiastic about being naked for some time. Usually she felt uncomfortable about nakedness but this opportunity to help this poor injured man, who was obviously cold and needing her body warmth, drove her to feelings of lustful empathy and compassion.

She tried to convince herself that she wasn't horny or exploiting the situation. The delusion, her delusion, was nothing more than a lie that she had told herself. Really, deep within her mind, she knew that her devious motive was her unrestrained lust for his beautiful body.

Lying down behind him and close to the fire, she moved herself so that her front was lying pressed against this gorgeous man's back. As she wrapped herself tightly to him, she could feel herself radiating the heat of her desire.

Unusually she was having trouble controlling her desire, she couldn't hold back any longer with the temptation before her. The truth of her desire became apparent even as her horniness took control of her; and her inhibitions disappeared as the lust took control of her.

He smelt so lovely and she just wanted to have him all for herself. Mary could feel the whole front of her lust filled body on fire. Try as much as she could to deny it, she knew her radiating flesh on his soft cool flesh of maleness was hers to exploit.

She had never felt this kind of lustful intensity about a man, it was destabilising. Recognising that she knew she was free to do whatever she wanted; it was a new feeling for her - to know she could do whatever she wanted with this helpless man. Deep inside her mind she felt herself recognise that he was now just a gorgeous big sex toy for her pent up passion that could now be satisfied.

Lust surged through her. For he was hers to play with, a big soft toy to touch and explore, as she warmed his body with her passion captured body. Wasn't it partly his fault she thought, if he hadn't needed to be dragged inside by her, made naked, and warmed up, she wouldn't be feeling like a filthy little tramp.

She was just running her warm hands over his chest playing with his nipples as she contemplated what she wanted to do with him next. Then her hands wandered down over his stomach feeling the muscles and hair on his belly as her hands explored everything she wanted to, and then she boldly slid her hand down between his legs.

She felt what she had been searching for, and while it was as soft as she had expected, her total control over him, was making her pussy glow with a flooding wetness of desire. She let her hands roam over his softness which lay between his legs, and then exploring what felt like soft eggs. It was now hers and she wanted to handle his manhood as it was her right to do, to feel the rubber of his flesh which fitted so neatly into her hand.

Compared with the other men she had experienced in the distant past, the flesh of his cock was so pliable and flexible, and so completely under her control. It would move whatever way she desired without the owner's consent.

Her conscious was telling her how disgustingly naughty she was, to be taking advantage of this injured man, but she knew deep down she felt she was not going to do anything that would hurt him. And rationalising it to herself, she reasoned that hadn't she been left alone and frustrated far too long? It wasn't her fault that life had left her in a desolate place where her passion could never be easily quenched.

Mary felt that life had now offered her the opportunity to enjoy some unfettered pleasure and that she would be denying a windfall if she did not help herself to whatever she wanted from this beautiful man lying next to her naked body. It had been so long a time for her, and she had desires and lustful needs too! She had lost her battle, her desires were now in accendency.

Mary moved her hand slowly down over her own stomach and between her legs. It was like lightening had struck her there, her pussy was on fire. She had never felt herself so hot and wet. Never before had that part of her body seemed so like a river of molten larva. Yes it was like her pussy was oozing desire. Out from her body was life's liquid of passion, she was now a wild creature who was untamed and on fire, and ready to capture the body of another for her pleasure.

He was hers now. Mary knew what lay ahead for her as she had one hand wrapped around the soft cock between his legs and her other hand was moving over her flesh of her pussy; to the music of lust, and creating a thunderous roar of tearing lust in her mind as she teased herself mercilessly.

Her flesh was ignited in consuming passion, and she started to stroke his cock roughly as she used her hand to play with herself. Inside her lust filled mind, the ocean currents of bliss crashed and the waves of ecstasy soared towards their destination; which was her orgasm. As she ran her hands over his groin, sliding up and down his soft cock, tugging at the hairs between his legs, tickling his balls, and finally placing her hand close to his bottom, she felt herself set free of all constraints. Had she simply become a child in a playground of lust?

Mary focused harder on the pressure she needed on her clit to push herself to the heights of delightful ecstasy that she had longed to feel. As she rubbed herself harder and harder, she pressed her face into his hair, and inhaled his manly aroma; he was all hers to possess. It was the trigger she needed, as wave after wave of delightful intense pleasure (of her orgasm) washed over her.

But was that enough for her; no not likely for this child now running around unrestrained in her playground of lust. Months of frustration had plagued her and teased her senses. Now her blissful passion was released she felt the need for more and more.

Mary let go of him and pushed her fingers inside herself, and she used her other hand to continue to play with her clit. Much as she knew she shouldn't do it, she was now sucking and biting at his neck; all her restraints has flown away and she just a simple animal of lust now.

And as her barriers of restraint lay scattered before her, lust washed into her mind to carry her to another orgasm. And it didn't stop there, the delightful ecstasy came upon her again. She continued her horny attack on his body.

The pleasure was welcomed with delight as Mary maintained the pressure she needed on her pussy and her clit to make herself draw out the pleasure her body was consumed by; and to make herself come again and again. And while her orgasms did last many minutes, they finally subsided and she glided on the pure relaxing pleasure of satisfaction that had captured her.

But after a time she slowly drifted back into reality. Realising what she had done, she smiled to herself. Her wish, a wicked wish, was that this gorgeous man, remain unconscious until she had completely satisfied herself throughout the night. And so, she began her fun once again in her playground, he her toy, hers to enjoy as she desired. For without any capacity for complaint or interruption he was a joy toy, and she intended to take her pleasure adventures well into the depths of the night.

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