tagNovels and NovellasTotal Woman Excursions 08

Total Woman Excursions 08


Spence peered between his legs at dangling boobs, rows of dangling boobs. His down dog yoga stance had him looking backward at his nude yoga session mates on the pool deck of the Total Woman Excursions resort facility. His own hanging appendage read '6 o'clock'. The instructor directed that the practitioners move to an up dog pose and then stand. Spence lost the panorama of breast but was nonplused; there was plenty of session to go.

The instructor said "Now let's partner up for tantric yoga practice." Spence looked over at redhead Ariel and raised an eyebrow. She nodded. They moved facing each other.

"Thank you for the invitation" said Ariel.

Spence grinned back. "My pleasure, I hope."

The instructor said "Face each other and hold hands lightly, practice coordinated breathing. Watch each other's diaphragms."

That was pretty easy for Spence, although the Ariel's diaphragm was a bit lower than where he really focused. Ariel's breasts were almost perfect. Her freckled milky globes were topped with fleshy cones tipped with rouged nipples centered by cylindrical nubs, all symmetrical. They rose and fell with her breaths. Her toned abdominals flexed as she slowly took air in and out of her lungs. Spence timed his breathing to Ariel's. She was more practiced than he and he had to consciously slow his rate.

Spence rarely held hands with a woman. The touch of Ariel's warm fingers interlaced with his was unfamiliar but pleasant. It added a connection. He glanced up and saw her focused on his belly, watching his breathing but also making furtive glances at his flaccid organ.

The instructor said "Now, go down to a knee stand. Do not loose hand contact during the move."

Spence and Ariel continued to hold hands as they leaned in and down, resting on their knees, somewhat closer, or so it seemed. The hand holding helped to stabilize them during the descent; a partnership in balance. After settling, they watched each other's bellies as before. Spence found it easier to maintain his breathing rate in conformance with Ariel's pace, in and out at the same time.

The instructor said "Now, if you have matched your breathing, you may gaze into each other's eyes."

Spence looked almost level while Ariel raised her eyes up. They were close but Spence was taller. Spence's blue eyes met her bottle green ones. The subtle specter of her eyes contrasting with the long wavy strawberry locks got a first twitch in Spence's groin, momentarily interrupting his concentration. Spence recovered nicely without an outward sign.

They held the stare for untold moments before the instructor continued with "Now sit facing each other with knees raised and genitals in proximity but not touching. Interlace the knees but lay them wide apart and relaxed. Female's legs lay over the male."

This required Spence and Ariel to squat and shuffle. They continued to hold hands and settled into a sit with their groins inches apart, skin contacting at points along calves and thighs. They focused again on each other's face and coordinated their breathing as before. The separating inches reduced slightly as Spence's organ showed life and began its protrusion into the intervening gap. Spence's mind was awash in Ariel's liquid gaze.

The instructor's voice intruded on Spence's trance. "You may touch genitals. Be gentle and slow. Then place your arms on each other's shoulders"

Spence butt-walked forward, his tumescence wagging as he moved the few remaining inches. Its swing brushed her Venus Mount. Ariel blinked at the contact. She had been deep inside her mind and only refocused to the external with Spence's new spot of contact. Spence released her hands and glided his past her shoulders, reaching beneath her tresses to interlace his fingers in a light hold behind her neck. Ariel reflected that move and now she and Spence touched at necks, shoulders, thighs and groin.

Their breathing diverged but they concerted it back to a coordinated pace. Spence was feeling his erection grow with the increased touching. As he headed 'north', he brushed her cunt lips. Ariel gave a small Mona Lisa smile and let it fade.

The instructor said "Prepare them for mounting."

Spence felt a touch on his back and Mai Mai and Joan were kneeling at their sides, each with a hand on a partner's back. Mai Mai reached between and lightly grasped Spence's shaft with an oiled hand. She stroked once up, then down, sliding her palm over and past his scrotum. Her finger tips twirled on the perineum. Then she reversed and slid over his scrotum, all the way up his length and completely off the tip. Hollowing her palm, she slid down again all the way, again pressing the spot beneath his balls. This went on for some time. Spence broke his regular breathing pattern. Mai Mai stopped her strokes and pinched the tip between forefinger and thumb, backing him down until he returned to coordinated breaths with Ariel.

Meanwhile, Joan worked Ariel. Her finger tips travelled from Ariel's perineum, over her slash and fluttered the rosy lips. Ariel kept her eyes open but they were focused into the distance. Spence tried to swim through and beyond with his own gaze. They both felt the sensations of Mai Mai and Joan's manipulations but found that their synched breathing help hold back their immediate lust. They were in a phantasm of twilight ardor.

The instructor gave the expected command. "Mount!"

Joan and Mai Mai each put one hand behind Ariel's back and the other under her ass. They lifted and moved Ariel over Spence's upright slippery cock and lowered her onto him. The readied and lubricated interconnecting parts fit snuggly. Their nipples touched. Their heads moved pass each other. Spence's face was embedded in strawberry waves and his nose inhaled strawberry fragrants.

Mai Mai and Joan stayed in a dual sideways hug with the partners, hands interclasped behind their backs. Their breath pulsed in the pairs ears. Spence tried to ripple his abdominals to get a genital stroke. He succeeded a little but not much. The four hugged together closely. Spence's efforts did jostle Ariel's breasts and their softness waltzed charmingly against his chest.

Mai Mai and Joan took up the reciprocation task, boosting their hands below Ariel's butt and moving her hips. Ariel locked her arms around Spence's neck, using the leverage to add motion, rippling her abdominals. The strokes were small but Spence was feeling the wet friction on his knob and shaft. He felt a different pressure timed with tiny grunts from Ariel. She was tightening and relaxing her vaginal muscles. Spence was getting more aroused.

Mai Mai monitored his facial expressions. When Spence contorted his jaw, Mai Mai whispered into Ariel's ear, coaxing her to slow and stop. Spence's blood cooled a bit and he breathed deep. Mai Mai signaled Ariel to recommence. When Spence closed in again, Mai Mai let Spence rise further before she directed Ariel to pause. On the third peak Spence groaned, shivered, his groin tingled and he relaxed with a whoosh of exhale.

Spence was a little disappointed; the orgasm was good but not great. He started to release his hold on Ariel but Joan touched his arm and shook her head. She hugged them together again. Mai Mai pecked Ariel's ear through her tresses and the climb began again, small strokes and clenches. Spence was still rock hard and his erection had not flagged an iota. He thought he had cum but now realized his nerves had orgasmed but his prostate had not discharged. Three builds and drawbacks later, Spence orgasmed again, harder, but still did not cum. The women were going to wear him to a frazzle.

"I can't survive another one of those. Please let me cum this time."

Ariel moaned her agreement as Mai Mai and Joan nodded. Spence felt them redouble their efforts. Ariel was giving her all, clenching tightly, letting Mai Mai and Joan add the small strokes. The sheen of perspiration was everywhere, temples dew-dropped and Ariel's damp boobs undulating on Spence's chest. Spence was cosseted in sensations. He listened to Ariel's breathing; it had quickened from her exertions and he worked to reflect its exact pace.

Spence was granted his request to discharge. Enclosed in flesh by three women intent on his pleasure, his body aroused by multiple pre-ecstasy orgasms, he climbed to the heights, then climbed some more, and then even higher. Ultimately Spence's brain spasmed ever muscle, joint and bone in his body. He closed his eyes, fearing they would pop out. He groaned so loud Ariel winced from the blare. She added her own scream when she felt Spence clatter four shots against her cervix. Spence blacked out.

When Spence came to, he was wrapped in moist warm female flesh. The women still hugged him, front and both sides. The sun was setting. The instructor was standing over them on the darkening pool deck.

"Get him into the Jacuzzi so he doesn't cool too quickly. Then help him to his room and don't leave him until you're sure he's okay."

The women unraveled and dismounted, all but carrying Spence to a seat in the bubbly waters. They caressed him and swashed warm water over his head and shoulders. When he was more aware of his surroundings, they propped him on the deck and helped him shuffle to his room. They laid him face up in bed. Climbing in, Mai Mai and Joan each retained an arm, hugging it into their cleavage, heads lying on his shoulders. Ariel leaned over him, sweeping her hands from his neck to his knees, touching as much skin as possible, especially his intimate places. Spence fell asleep in their loving care watching Ariel's breasts stir as she swayed above him.

Spence woke at dawn, alone. He dressed and called for staff to escort him to checkout. He was due to depart. His booking at Total Woman Excursions was over, for now.

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